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Anymore Magawa
The Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Ezra Ruvai Chadzamira has spoken against corruption saying the vice was a cancer gnawing away at the national vision of development and clean governance.
Addressing people at the stakeholder consultative meeting on the national anti-corruption strategy held last week, Chadzamira said people must be guided by integrity and honesty in all their dealings.
“I urge all corruption perpetrators to stop their behavior because corruption is an enemy to national development and the attainment of our national vision of being the upper-middle income economy by 2030.
“Ending corruption begins with us and we are obliged to keep and sustain the moral campus of our life which is immune to the cancer of corruption. We must uphold the founding principle of Africa which are embedded in the values of Ubuntu whereby an individual is an expression of bigger corrupt-free society,” said Chadzamira.
He also said traditional leaders like chiefs must play a more influential role in fighting corruption as many people looked up to them for guidance.
“Our solution against corruption should be hinged on traditional ways provided by the traditional chiefs who are custodians of our values, customs and culture. They can play a more pronounced role in preserving, promoting and safeguarding transparency, accountability and professional ethics as a founding system of public sector management provided in the Constitution.
“Their duty is to denounce, expose and report name and shame all forms of corruption whenever and wherever they happen,” Chadzamira said.
Speaking at the same event, Mabel Takaripa Hungwe, who is a commissioner with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc), encouraged stakeholders to accommodate diversity of ideas so as to come up with an effective national strategy.
She also encouraged all citizens to stay away from any corruption related behavior and to report and expose corruption issues that might emanate from their areas.
“All citizens must work to curb corruption which tends to further individual interests at the expense of many people,” Hungwe said.
Many participants, however, said the anti-corruption drive in the country was targeting only small fish while the wealthy and well-connected political elite remained immune.
Resolutions made at the meeting included protection of whistle blowers, strong policy or legislation to deal with anyone found engaging in corrupt dealings, the need for Zacc to collaborate with other institutions and the need to have forensic laboratories for investigations.

…prepares to take missed exams
Diana Gondongwe
The father to a Gokomere High School form six pupil who suddenly lost his eyesight when he was due to sit for part of his final examinations, has poured his heart out saying his son will take the missed exams next year.
Innocent Muzvimbiri, who is father to Simbarashe Muzvimbiri, said his son was now fine even though he could not sit for his examinations this year.
Speaking to TellZim News, Muzvimbiri said his son had received medical help and the doctors confirmed that he was now fit.
“Simbarashe is now fine. We took him to more than three different doctors on different occasions and they all confirmed that he is fine. Even though he could not write his examinations this year, he is now preparing to write the examinations next year,” said Muzvimbiri.
He said the family, as would normally be expected to happen when faced with any development of that nature, was initially shaken but they managed to come together and support each other for the sake of Simbarashe’s wellbeing.
The boy could not write his examinations after he went temporarily blind on October 25 when he was scheduled for an examination.
Gokomere High School head Acquinos Mazhunga initially denied the incident when TellZim News contacted him for a comment when the story was first reported.

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                                                        The new pumps

…says councils must not rely on donors

Tinaani Nyabereka
GWERU - Government last week handed over the Amapongokwe Dam water project to Gweru City Council in a move which is expected to improve the water situation in the city.
The project saw the installation of four pumps which were procured by council with help from central government in response to a severe water crisis.
The Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Larry Mavhima said the partnership between central government and the local authority led to the success of the project.
“What impresses me is the level of cooperation which was exhibited between government and Gweru City Council as the two parties came together harmoniously to achieve what we see today.
“The water issue came to our attention after residents knocked on our doors complaining of water shortages in the city. This was after water levels at Gwenhoro Dam reached alarmingly low levels. Let me commend the mayor and his councillors for the measures they took in dealing with issue up to date,” Mavhima said.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Governance, Public Works and National Housing, George Magosvongwe said the collaboration and corporation done was of importance to the Gweru community.
“US$651 000 was approved by treasury at the request of the Ministry for the Amapongokwe pumps. While government may come to assist on some and such initiatives, council must enable the generation of internal funds for the continuous improvement of water supplies.
“Residents must pay for the services given to them because nothing is for free. If this goes well, we expect residents to complement council efforts to improve delivery by paying their bills in time. We don’t expect a move where by local authorities depend on donors for service delivery,” Magosvongwe said.
Gweru deputy mayor Cleopas Shiri said the project’s successful execution will strengthen the city’s position as an investment destination.
“As council, we appreciate government intervention by way of giving us forex to purchase the pumps and this is a great day for us.
“The project will help us as a city to grow our GDP as people will come and invest in Gweru. No one wants to invest in a city with serious water shortages. We therefore appreciate that and hope that such relations will continue to subsist,” said Shiri.

... alleges corruption in Ministry of Local Govt 

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI - Chief Tshovani (real name Hlaisi Mundau) and his subjects demonstrated outside the Chiredzi Magistrates Court to express anger against the Chiredzi District Development Coordinator (DDC)’s office and the Joint Operations Command (Joc) that they accuse of meddling in his wrangle with the recently-revived Neromwe chieftaincy.
Chief Neromwe (real name Clemence Madzingo) was at the court to hear a decision regarding his application for a restraining order against Chief Tshovani whom he wants banned from setting foot on any part of his territory.
The case, which was being heard by magistrate Rogers Mawarire, was postponed to December 06.
Chief Tshovani, who was being represented by a lawyer from Majoko and Majoko Legal Practitioners, raised placards outside the court, attacking the Ministry of Local Government, the DDC’s office and JOC for corruptly helping to resuscitate a ‘non-existent’ chieftainship.
 “DA, JOC yeChiredzi, MP Musikavanhu leave chieftainship issues vukosialihlotiwile tumbuluko Humambo hautsvagwi ndehwekuzvarwa nahwo.
“Ministry of Local Government siyanai nehuori hwekusika humambo husipo munyika yaMambo Tshovani. Tshikani Vugela lakutha tiko lahosi Tshovani,” read the placards.
Neromwe is seeking an interim peace order against Chief Tshovani pending a Supreme Court decision on a permanent peace order.
Madzingo was officially installed as substantive chief by Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Ezra Chadzamira together with Chiefs’ Council at his homestead at Marambakuzara Primary School earlier this year.
Tshovani disputes the new chieftaincy’s legitimacy whose revival came at a big expense to the size of his own area of jurisdiction.
Neromwe was awarded four wards namely ward 17, 26, 28 and 29 in Chiredzi North and Chiredzi West constituencies while Tshovani was left with only three wards.
A few months ago, Chief Tshovani addressed multitudes of Neromwe subjects at Ditoi, angering Neromwe who then applied for a temporary peace order at the local courts.


Elliot Jinjika

BUHERA – Australia-based charity organisation, Lions Club of Angle Vale recently donated equipment to Mumbijo Primary School as a way of helping the school deal with some of its operational challenges.
The donated equipment included solar panels and several computers.
Some bicycles, books and school shoes were given to pupils taking Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes as well as those doing grades one and two.
Parents from the local community went to the school to witness the donation being handed over to school authorities.
Representing Lions Club of Angle Vale was Kennedy Mavunganidze who was the guest of honour at the function.
Other dignitaries who also graced the occasion were Chief Nyashanu and 10 of his headmen, Nyashanu Mission principal Daniel Jeche, Ward 18 Councillor Wisdom Jiri, health practitioners and Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education officials on district level.
Speaking at the event, Mavunganidze said the act of generosity had been made possible by the efforts of the club’s many members.
“I was sent back to my own area to assist with what the club had put together. The idea is to bring transformative change to communities by investing in tangible things that can help build a better future for children and society as a whole,” said Mavunganidze.
He said Lions Club had a keen interest in bridging the seemingly small, yet critical developmental gaps that exist in communities.
In a speech read on his behalf by a representative, Buhera District Schools Inspector (DSI) Godfrey Gumbwanda said the donation was going to lead to key improvements at the school.
“Most of the pupils at this school are not computer-literate but we have now been uplifted. There is a big boost in the ICT department which will now be teaching computers with fewer hassles. This development is in line with the requirements of the new curriculum. We really thank you for this idea and initiative,” said Gumbwanda.
Mumbijo deputy school head, Munyaradzi Nyasha expressed gratitude for the donation, saying Lions Club had shown unprecedented generosity to the school
Local community soccer team Wafa Wafa Footable Club also received a new soccer kit to help motivate the players and its stakeholders.
The town of Angle Vale lies on the Adelaide Plains between Gawler and Virginia in the southern part of Australia.


                                                    Arthur Masocha
Brighton Chiseva

There is a new investment in Masvingo’s hospitality sector following the establishment of a tourism and hospitality school which will open its doors in January 2020.
The Henryarthur Hospitality School will be offering a number of hospitality courses including a National Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality, National Certificate in Professional Cookery and a National Certificate in Bakery Technology.
The school, which is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education and is accredited by the HEXCO board, offers places for both full-time and part time students.
Enrollment for the first class of 2010 is already in progress, and students will be able to select between day-time learning and evening classes.
The school will also be offering short-term courses for those who may want to enhance their cooking skills for home or professional use.
HenryArthur Hospitality School director, Arthur Masocha said the idea of building the school comes as a way of cultivating new skills for the people of Masvingo and beyond.
“We have put in place measures that enable us to complement government’s education 5.0 targets. We will impart knowledge that is responsive to contemporary global standards in hospitality, catering and culinary practices.
“We want to teach people skills that people may use even at home or at their own places of self-employment. We also want to implement an idea to product system by which students are encouraged to put their imaginations into practice for the sake of innovation,” said Masocha.
He said he was pleased with the location of the facilities, which are a walkable distance from town close to the Masvingo Vehicle Inspectorate depot in the industrial area.


                                                     The late Edson Chauke

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – Ward 15 Cllr Edson Chauke, who died on November 17 upon admission at Chikombedzi Mission Hospital complaining of chest pains, was buried at his rural homestead.
Chauke (51) is survived by his wife Sibongile Nkomo and six children.
He was buried on Tuesday at Edenvale Farm under Chief Chitanga.
Addressing mourners, Mwenezi Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer, Albert Chivanga described Chauke as a development-oriented leader who left behind an inspiring legacy that deserved to be preserved.
“As we mourn our development giant, we should also bear in mind that he has been spearheading several projects which among others include the construction of a clinic and a secondary school.       
“He has left behind good works and let’s all strive to ensure that his ideas did not die with him. We should work together in implementing all his ideas for the good of our community,” said Chivanga.
Speaking at the same gathering Mwenezi RDC chairperson Jorum Ncube also described Chauke as one of the best performing councillors who, during his short period as Cllr, did a lot for his ward.
Chauke was elected councillor on a Zanu PF ticket during last year’s harmonised elections, winning uncontested after other political parties failed to field contestants in the ward.
Prior to becoming councillor, Chauke was a local village head and a farmer. 

Courage Dutiro
MASVINGO – Yavakomana Football Club (FC) which is affectionately known as Ngaa in the Mucheke Social League, recently took the philanthropy route by donating US$180 and R300 to two of its injured fans.
The team’s manager, Kudakwashe Munetsi said the executive and some players forked out money from their pockets and channeled it towards the wellbeing of their two supporters who were injured during matches.
“We have two of our supporters who were injured during matches. One of them, Nangazi Karima broke her hand while celebrating a goal in Mucheke Stadium and the other one is Jephius Mudzimba who broke his leg during a soccer match that was being played in Mucheke.
“As the pioneer team in the city, we have decided to show our maturity by helping these two. The team donated ZW$589, R250 and US$19 to Karima. Another donation of R300 and US$180 was given to Mudzimba. The two are going to use the money to pay for their hospital bills,” said Munetsi.
The team management praised Nangazi for donating soccer kits to the team in the past, saying he was one of the team’s most avid supporter who had nothing but the team’s success at heart.
Nangazi told TellZIm News that the assistance he got from the team will go a long way in offsetting some of the bills he incurred.
 “Money is always welcome. It is a very nice gesture from the management of Yavakomana and its players. I am going to direct some of the funds towards my medical checkups,” said Nangazi.
One of the team players, Chida Mudada said the move towards the lane of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was right as communities looked up to leaders for support and inspiration.
The team’s secretary, Nyasha Mazvimba said they had an affinity to support community members especially those that show love for the team.

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI – Government is set to compensate families of the victims of a horrific road traffic accident which happened along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway last week killing six people.

The accident involved a head-on collision between a Toyota Hiace omnibus and a haulage truck at the 166 kilometre peg along the highway.

Masvingo's Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC), Fungai Mbetsa said government wanted to compensate the Chipungu, Madzingo, Beta, Zireva and Mazana families to cover the funeral expenses they incurred.

"Government is assisting the bereaved families by repaying all their funeral expenses as a form of condolence," said Mbetsa.

 The six, Taonga Mazana, Vimbai Beta, Rueben Madzingo, Enerst and Farai Chipungu and Delight Zireva were going to South Africa on a business trip when the omnibus they were travelling in collided with the South Africa-registered haulage truck at a bridge.

Basing on the skid marks, the haulage truck is said to have encroached into the lane of the omnibus, collided with it and dragged it for a about 50 metres off the road.

The Chiredzi community showed their solidarity by joining hands to mourn the six victims while others contributed more than $6 000 towards the funeral expenses.

Chiredzi West Member of Parliament (MP) Farai Musikavanhu provided a three-ton truck to ferry the bodies from Neshuro Hospital to Chiredzi.

"I have since consulted Resident Minister Chadzamira requesting for State support and he directed me to Mr Mbetsa, the PDC who said a position had been taken to avail State support for the grieving families,” said Musikavanhu.

Tendai Mange
A pupil from Henry Murray School was last recently crowned the 2019 Masvingo Province’s Miss Disability at the end of competitions held on November 16, 2019.
The highest positions, Miss Disability and first princess were taken by pupils from two different Reformed Church of Zimbabwe (RCZ) schools namely Henry Murray and Copota.
Surprise Makanzire beat Fadzai Marape of Copota School and Dazzy Muzvidziwa of Ratidzo Zimcare Trust who then emerged the first and second princesses respectively.
RCZ educational secretary, Shava said the church was honoured to have two pupils from their schools as the first and second winners of the contest.
He also expressed his appreciation to the funders of the programme.
“We are very proud of the pupils who became winners of the Masvingo Miss Disability contest especially those from RCZ schools. We also would like to show gratitude to the people whom made the competitions possible through financial support,” said Shava.
The programme was founded by Vimbai Chasa with the aim of making it a tool and a platform for fighting stigma and discrimination which people with disabilities face in communities.
One of the funders was Solomon Matsa who said he believed that such programmes were vital to break negative perceptions about people with disabilities.

Exsto Makunzva

ZVISHAVANE – Mimosa Mine has donated two Toyota Hilux single cab vehicles to Zvishavane police as part of the mining company’s corporate social responsibility.
The donation was presented at the Cop of the Year awards ceremony which the platinum mining company sponsors every year to motivate police officers in the Zvishavane Mberengwa Policing District to perform better.
Speaking at the function, Mimosa Mine general manager Alex Mushonhiwa said the company was happy to partner the police in fighting crime.
“We are happy to be working with the police. Our wish is for them to do their work smoothly without any hindrances or limitations, and that is why we have decided to donate these two vehicles and three bicycles.

“We have also decided to reward outstanding officers and this is done annually in order to motivate our police officers’, said Mushonhiwa.
He applauded police officers for continuing with their work regardless of the challenges and limited resources.
Tobias Gwauraya, who is based at Mataga Police Station in Mberengwa, was named Top Cop of the Year, and won for himself $7000 and a deep freezer after making a record 70 arrests.
Some 50 of the arrests were individual arrests while 20 were done when he was part of a team. Gwauraya also won a total of four Cops of the Month awards.
Detective Sergeant Vincent Sibanda, who was named First Runner-up, walked away with a 40-inch television set.
Dominic Shuro, who won Top Cop of the Year 2017 award, this time emerged as Second Runner-up and was rewarded with a microwave.