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Elizabeth Duve Dziva
Ngomalungundu is believed to be a powerful cultural drum with remains resembling it once housed in the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences in Harare. A month ago, Esther Chipashu a curator of Ethnography at the Zimbabwe Natural History Museum in Harare presented about the drum in question at an event in the United Kingdom.
Chipashu said the drum was taken for custody by the Zimbabwean government since it attracted a lot of attention from varied ethnic groups in Zimbabwe and Jewish researchers from outside the country. Apparently, the drum is associated with some intangible spiritual value.
Oral tradition has it that the drum was used during rainmaking ceremonies and other important cultural rituals. In fact, the Ngomalungundu is said to have been a strong magical drum with extraordinary powers. Whatever the myth surrounding the drum is a cause for interest since it involves our very own country and who knows the fate or fortunes it carries.
Ownership of the drum has been a controversial issue among many ethnic groups which want to associate themselves with it. Among them are the Lemba (VaRemba) people who a minority group of the zhou totem found predominantly in Maberengwa, the Venda people in Matabeleland South province and the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) which is the current custodian of the drum.
The million dollar question is who is the rightful custodian of the drum? Is it national heritage or heritage of a particular group of people with intangible aspects that need the rightful people to conserve and preserve? Besides, will the descendants of those who invented the drum and its magic be able to access and use the drum accordingly? Culturally, it does not necessarily mean that the drum has ceased to carry its spiritual value regardless of how worn out it has become. Most people seem to deliberately avoid the subject for, not only because it leads to more questions than answers but also because it stirs acute controversy. It, however, still worthy the discussions and literature since ignorance of one’s distant past leads to stagnation in knowledge accumulation.
The VaRemba people, also known as the black Jews, claim that their ascendants migrated to Zimbabwe with the drum in question. There is a hypothesis that the Ngomalungundu is the Biblical Ark of Covenant which Moses was instructed to build at Mount Sinai as he led the Israelites out of Egypt.
The VaRemba, also known as Mwenye people, are an ethnic group that speak Bantu languages spoken by their geographical neighbours whom they even resemble physically yet they have some religious practices and beliefs similar to the Biblical Jews. They observe practices like circumcision; place a Star of David on their tombstones and many other practices.  The fact whether these people are really Jews, and even more are the actual owners of the Ngomalungundu is more apparent than real  because it seems as if since they are a minority group, maybe they are only trying to draw attention for the sake of greater recognition in the nation. Their Jewish ancestry is controversial since the evidence is only attained from oral tradition which has a number of weaknesses as a historical source. Research shows that DNA in 2000 people of the society did not support claims for a specifically Jewish genetic heritage. Somehow, the stories do not tally, there is something missing and one may ponder their real association with the Ngomalungundu.
According to the Jewish hypothesis, the drum was last seen 2500 years ago in Jerusalem. It was then found by a Swedish missionary, Von Sicard in the early 1940s at Dumbwi Mountains in Mberengwa. It was taken to the by then National Museums and Monuments of the colonial Rhodesian government.
It was rediscovered in 2007 in a forgotten shelf in the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences in Harare by a British Professor Parfitt. In 2010, an unveiling ceremony was held in Harare with that government officials, National Museums and Monuments and some members of the VaRemba ethnic group. The drum has been taken by NMMZ on tours to other parts of the country but it is queer that it has never been taken to Mberengwa where it supposedly belongs, where the black Jews are found today.
The Venda hypothesis has it that the Ngomalungundu, which in their native language is known as the drum of the dead, was brought to its present location by the Senzi people, present day Venda. According to them, the Ngomalungundu was the drum of Mwali, the ancestor God of the Venda and the Kalanga people. It was the voice of the great god (Mambo weDenga). The drum was seen and beaten by no one except the high priest Dzomo la Dzimu and Mwali, the king whom they now regard as their great ancestor. The Venda say king Thohoyandou disappeared with the drum and nobody knew about its whereabouts until something with remains that resembles it was found in Mberengwa.
The puzzle pertaining Ngomalungundu remains debatable though over and above, there is need to preserve it. Apart from conserving and preserving the aesthetic and economic value of cultural objects, their spiritual value should never be ignored for we should consider that such artefacts have their essential role; they are our grounding and they make us who we are.
Elizabeth Duve Dziva is an archaeological and cultural heritage practitioner who presently teaches at Errymaple High School in Zvishavane. The views and opinions expressed in this article are purely the author’s in her own capacity and do not necessarily represent any organisation


                                           Evangelist Mazhara
Precious Marecha

An organisation concerned with domestic welfare has been launched in Masvingo with the objective of finding solutions to some of the most common problems affecting couples and those that lead to gender-based violence.
The Women on A Mission Organisation (WOAMO) aims to improve peace in the domestic set-up while offering effective counselling where it is needed.
Formed by Evangelist Romina Zinyoro Mazhara, the organisation is working to spread its services to all districts of the province.
Running with the motto ‘Women On a Mission Where You Will Never Shed a Tear Again’, the organisation offers counselling to people who feel burdened in marriage as well as those facing various other social challenges.
Mazhara says her personal life experiences in marriage provoked her to work towards peaceful families by addressing challenges faced by couples, single mothers and young people.
“I have faced all challenges in marriage and this inspired the formation of WOAMO. I prayed and fasted and it worked wonders in my life.
This is when I realised that there is no situation that God can never change. With all the experiences I encountered, I realised the mistakes, strengths, dos and don’ts of marriages. I want to share that rich experience with others,” said evangelist Mazhara.
She said marriage was a small entity which however affects a larger space in society. For people to work effectively, they must come from peaceful marriages and for youths to achieve greater goals, they must come from stable families.
She said she believed there was no way one could talk about anything without factoring in the spiritual side.
“We are the result of the spiritual world so our problems must be addressed spiritually if we are to change physically, Hatingatizi kuti kune varoyi kana vanosundira mhepo zvinogona kuparadzisa dzimba dzevanhu (we cannot logically deny the existence of evil spirits that affect the living) and that is why we must address both the spiritual and the physical life,” said Evangelist Mazhara
WOAMO, however, has a broader mandate which spreads to addressing the financial aspect of people’s lives which arguably is the singular most pervasive source of instability in marriages.
The organisation, therefore, addresses financial problems through talent identification and nurturing financial literacy.
One of WOAMO members, Tavonga Marumbei said she was pleased with the rate at which the organisation was growing.
She said she encountered great changes in her family life through Evangelist Mazhara’s counselling.
“My sisters and I have been through a lot of challenges in our marriages but through Evangelist Mazhara’s counselling, we are seeing changes and it’s true that WOAMO is a stress-free zone,” said Marumbei.
A holder of a social sciences degree from Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), Evangelist Mazhara was born at Mukaro Mission Hospital in Gutu. She did her ‘O’ and ‘A’ level at Mwenezi Government High School.
An elder at Saved to Save Elshadai Ministries, she is married to Aaron Mazhara and is blessed with three kids.
The organisation was formed in May 2018 and it operated without offices but is now located at 7150 Bradburn Extension Road between Chitima market and Printflow. 


TellZim Reporter

Zanu PF Member of Parliament (MP) for Zaka East constituency, Caston Gumbwanda has died.
Gumbwanda died today at a medical facility in Harare where he had been admitted after suffering from pneumonia.
Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson, Ezra Chadzamira, who is also the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, confirmed the loss.
“We received reports yesterday that Cde Gumbwanda was admitted at Chiredzi Hospital after suffering from pneumonia.  He was then transferred to Harare where he died. This is a big loss to us as a party,” said Chadzamira.
Gumbwanda is said to have suffered from the disease after travelling all the way from Harare at the back of a pick-up truck.
"He had left his car in the constituency and he decided to hitch-hike back home,” said a source.
Gumbwanda's predicessor, Samson Mukanduri also died last year before finishing his term.
 More to follow...

…Chiredzi RDC gets lion’s share of funds
TellZim Reporter
The government has released about $31 million of devolution money to Masvingo province with Chiredzi and Mwenezi Rural District Councils (RDCs) getting the biggest chunk of the money, TellZim News has learnt.
Allocation of the money to districts was done with close attention to various economic considerations including population indexes, poverty levels and unpaved infrastructure size.
Of the $31 million, $9 million has been set aside for the provincial council which is, however, yet to be operationalised.
Masvingo Provincial Administrator (PA) Fungai Mbetsa said he expected money to improve living conditions through improved service delivery.
“We have received our second tranche of devolution money and it was shared amongst all the nine local authorities in the province. The rationale behind the allocation was largely based on population, poverty and infrastructure indexes. We appreciate the work being done by the government and we will make sure that the money is put to good use,” said Mbetsa.
Chiredzi Rural District Council received $3 211 876.51 followed by Mwenezi with $3 044 337.54. Other local authorities received $2 892 547.40 for Bikita, $2 877794.38 for Gutu, $2 931 952.88 for Zaka, $2 726 580.37 for Masvingo Rural and $2 832 894 for Chivi.
Masvingo City Council and Chiredzi Town Council received $1 779 826.58 and $1 870 792.22 respectively.
Mbetsa said $9 million has been given to the provincial council so that its operationalization can finally become a reality.
“The provincial council is yet to be operationalised and the $9 million has been given for that purpose and we hope to see the provincial council sitting soon,” said Mbetsa.


Chiwenga performs a ground-breaking exercise at the site of the intended projects weeks before he staged a coup which overthrew Robert Mugabe

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIKOMBEDZI - A promise made to the Gezani community in Chiredzi South by then Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander and now Vice president Constantino Chiwenga some weeks before he launched a coup that toppled Robert Mugabe seems to have been forgotten.
Chiwenga seconded one of his then juniors, Brig Gen Trust Mugoba to represent him at the funeral of late Headman Gezani, Simon Chauke.
During his speech, Mugoba spoke glowingly about the late traditional leader saying the Gezani family was one of heroism as his late father had also assisted Chiwenga during the liberation struggle.
“General Chiwenga is saddened by the death of Headman Gezani because that’s where he was kept during the chimurenga time,” said Mugoba.
He said the army wanted to pay tribute to the contributions made by the Gezani family to the liberation struggle by constructing a clinic or a school in the area.
“We want the community to identify two or three projects in this area which the ZDF will undertake for you. Give us a school, clinic or anything of your choice and we will send our team of engineers and builders to do it for the community this year.
“We want a team work; we have partners who we are working with at Dumisa Primary School which are CBZ Bank and FBC Bank. Even the community, you must be active so that our development projects will be completed quickly,” he added.
In October of the same year, Chiwenga visited Makhanani Primary School and participated at a ground-breaking ceremony for a new clinic project.
“You made two requests, one, for us to construct a clinic and the need to have mobile networks in this area. I had to recall your contribution during the war and I then saw it fit to have a hospital constructed in this area. I know Headman Gezani is no longer with us, but he would be pleased to see these developments taking place in this area,” Chiwenga said then.
However, nothing has been done on the site of the projects and the issue is not even being talked about despite that Chiwenga is now in government and is arguably the second powerful man in the country, with even greater leverage to influence government policy.
Auspicious Ndlovu, a social activist from Chiredzi South, said Chiwenga should urgently move to fulfil his promises in an area considered to be among one of the most marginalised in the country.
“We still feel short-changed. Since he was elevated from army general to Vice President, he has totally forgotten us and the clinic which he promised is nowhere to be seen,” said Ndlovu.
Headman Gezani’s phone was not reachable for comment.


…. as Govt gets nervous about street demos

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI - First lady Auxilia Mnangagwa was in Chiredzi this week assessing progress in the work being done to upgrade Chambuta Children’s Home into a National Rehabilitation Centre where orphans and street kids will be trained with life skills.

She urged local companies to invest their own resources towards making a success of the project; claiming she alone could not afford it.

The phenomenal increase in the number of children living on the streets has come with both social and political implications, with some of them reportedly being used to front demonstrations against the government.

Speaking during a briefing at Chambuta, Mnangagwa said she was on a mission to decongest street kids from the streets of Harare.

"We need to move in about a 1000 street kids and provide them with projects they can live on. So we are upgrading Chambuta to a national rehabilitation centre. I am aware that it will be a mammoth task to move street kids as some will refuse but we will focus on those that are willing," said Mnangagwa.

Chiredzi East Member of Parliament (MP) Denford Masiya welcomed the move, saying he was also working hard to make the project a success.

"We are really behind your projects and we welcome those children. Let them come and be kept here since you want to upgrade it to a national rehabilitation centre," said Masiya.

However, a source privy to the developments said the project was part of broader plans to prevent civil society and the opposition from using homeless children during demonstrations.

"It’s all about dealing with demonstrations since street kids are thought to be so reckless and fearless that they would not mind participating in demonstrations right from the front,” said the source.


Tendai Mange
An elderly Bikita man recently appeared before Masvingo magistrate Dambudzo Malunga for allegedly raping his 15-year-old sister-in-law.
Erasmus Mudadi (82) of Muredzi Village, Chief Ziki pleaded guilty to contravening Section 65(1) of Criminal (Coordination and Reform Act) Chapter 09:23.
He was remanded in custody until June 27.
It was the State’s case, as presented by Richard Nyaruomba, that sometime in January, the complainant started living with her sister who cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity.
One day, Mudadi called the girl into his bedroom where he raped her.
After committing the offense, he threatened the 15-year-old minor against revealing the offence.
The abuse became habitual from that day onwards, with the abuser continuously threatening her against speaking up.
The matter, however, came to light when an adult relative questioned here after noticing some strange behaviour in the child.
The juvenile was referred to the hospital for medical examinations and the results were presented in court as evidence.

                                             Mark Saunders
Stephen Ephraem

CHIPINGE - A call has been made to adhere to Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (Campfire) principles in order to benefit tourism.

This came out at an Environment and Tourism Indaba that was organised by the the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Campfire is a concept in which communities surrounding wildlife areas are given 15 percent of revenue generated from tourism. The funds are managed by rural district councils on behalf of CAMPFIRE Association. The communities are then given their dividents by the end of each financial year.

Presenting the challenges that tourism is facing in the South East region of Zimbabwe, the Director of Malilangwe Conservancy, Mark Saunders said Campire helps communities to reap benefits from their natural resources.

"The region is losing 409ha of forest per year due to encroachment. This should stop so that people protect their landscapes so as to attract tourism investors in the communities. When people are benefitting from Campfire the people might also stop ttrekking to neighbouring countries to seek employment," said Saunders.

He also revealed that Gonarezhou National Park, which is Zimbabwe's second largest public park after Hwange, has an excess of 11 000 elephants and that the excess has a negative bearing on Gonarezhou environment.

The Malilangwe Conservancy director challenged the ministry to consider having an international airport for the Lowveld.

"In 2015 Malilangwe and Tongaat Huletts refurbished Buffalo Range Airport so as to increase air traffic to the region. We ask for the airport to be given international status.

"The region has all what is needed to have international tourists come directly to the Lowveld. We have the Save, Runde and Limpopo rivers in addition to all the beautiful landscapes and wildlife heritage found here. The region can compete with Victoria Falls if given the same level of attention," he added.

From the mid 1980s when Zimbabwe adopted the CAMPFIRE concept, it was mainly biased towards consumptive tourism that promoted spot hunting in safari areas around national parks. A decade later, green groups through Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (Cites) advocated for the abolishment of consumptive tourism in favour of consumptive one which means the animal must be shot by a camera trigger than the bullet.

This saw the African elephant categorised as endangered and could not be traded. Debate is still hot whether consumptive or non consumptive tourism is the in thing for Zimbabwe.


Moses Ziyambi
Superintendent Phillip Ncube of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Masvingo Central District has retired after serving the force for close to 32 years.
Ncube officially left office on June 17 after reaching the mandatory pensionable age for members of the security forces.
He joined ZRP on January 13, 1988 as a patrol officer and was posted to Nyamandhlovu in August 1988. Between 1991 and 1994, he was posted to ZRP Mbembesi before being transferred to Nkayi where he served from 1994-1996.
In 1996, Ncube was promoted to assistant inspector and he worked as Member in Charge ZRP Gwelutshena until 2000. He was posted to ZRP Hwange as Member in Charge Crime from 2000 -2001.
From 2001-2002, Ncube served at CID Hwange and left after being promoted to detective inspector to serve as Officer in Charge at CID Marondera in May 2002.
In August 2002, on request, Ncube was transferred to CID Masvingo as Officer in Charge, and was promoted to detective chief inspector in 2004.
 In 2005, he was promoted to superintendent and was posted at CID Serious Frauds Squad investigating such high profile cases that of the State vs Charles Nherera and Bright Matonga (the ZUPCO Saga).
In Dec 2006, Ncube was transferred to Mutare as Officer Commanding CID Law and Order Manicaland province but was transferred back to Masvingo Central District the following year but this time to work as Supt Crime. In 2008, he worked as Supt Admin, in 2010 as Supt Operations and in 2012 as Supt Crime.
In 2015, Ncube served as Supt Admin, as Supt Crime in 2018 and later worked as Supt Admin (Masvingo Central District) before his retirement.
“I have no plans after retirement but I am still fit to serve as a security practitioner for the next four or five years. I will also be doing farming since I benefited from the Land Reform. I have a four-hectare A1 piece of land at Sanangwe Farm,” Ncube told TellZim News in an interview.
When asked about his impression of the police force in the ‘new dispensation’, and whether or not it was fulfilling the expectations of citizens, Ncube said there were notable achievements to note.
“I applaud the new dispensation because there is an improvement in the public’s perception of the police force. Government is also doing its best to improve conditions of service and create a world-class police service,” said Ncube.
Ncube, however, said government should seriously look at providing more resources to capacitate the police to provide better services.
“Some stations like Masvingo Rural which cover farming areas have no motor vehicles. All the five bases; Farmers Hall, Zimuto, Chidzikwe, Nemanwa and Bondolfi are poorly equipped. Most of the time, members use their own resources to accomplish organisational tasks.
“Supervision needs to be enhanced by commanders and supervisors to ensure operational efficiency. There are no vehicles for senior officers and officers-in-charge. If police could be allowed to retain a certain percentage of revenue accrued and channel it towards operational efficiency, we would be able to have a police force that is more responsive to the needs of citizens,” said Ncube.
He said a poorly-remunerated police force was a breeding ground for corruption hence the need to improve salaries to create a sense of honesty in police officers.
“Police members interact with the elite and rich people yet they earn low salaries thus creating a fertile ground for corruption. There is also need to improve accommodation so that such staff as disaster management officers can be found at one place. There is need for continuous training and for the Client Charter to be followed to the letter.
“The corporate world can also assist by coming up with such initiatives as business against crime forums and crime consultative committees. The community must take more interest in such initiatives as neighborhood watch committees, crime watch committees and anti-stock theft committees,” said Ncube.

…as Byword Motors donates new kit

Clayton Shereni

Calls for the Masvingo’s corporate world to fund the high-flying Masvingo United Football Club (FC) in their 2019 campaign seem to be reaping fruits, with a few companies and individuals in the city recently making some donations.
Byword Motors, owned by businessman Stanley Kondongwe, unveiled a new Kappa-branded kit to the club at Mucheke Stadium on Monday, June 17, 2019.
Byword manager and representative at the kit handover ceremony, Ephraim Museva said the company’s wish was for the team to get promoted to the topflight Premier Soccer League (PSL).
He promised that Byword will increase support for the team in the future.
“We wish your bid for promotion bears fruit so that we have premier league action in Masvingo and we will make sure we scale up our support for the team. Despite the economic challenges, our aim is to have a PSL team in Masvingo and we want to be associated with such kind of success,” said Museva.
Masvingo United Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Phillip Shumba expressed gratitude for the donation and promised that the team will fight to bag maximum points in their upcoming replay match against Grayham FC in Ruwa this Sunday, June 23.
“Byword motors are our all-weather friends and the company’s director Mr. Kondongwe is a man of his words. He has set himself apart from others who have not been accommodating to us.
“We want to dedicate our upcoming match to Byword Motors so we are going to Harare targeting maximum points. It is also our wish to get promotion at the end of this season,” said Shumba.
Other donations presented at the ceremony included match balls donated by former Una Una forward Martin Vengesayi, cones from Thorglot Investments and RTGS$1500 which was channeled towards players welfare.
Zifa provincial chairman Nobioth Magwizi also donated RTGS$1000 which paid players winning bonuses for the game against Ruwa Pro Group a few weeks ago.
Una Una has been on a good run under new coach Ezekiel Mutoda and are currently on fourth position, a mere nine points shy of log leaders Tenax with a game in hand against bottom-placed Grayham which is set to be replayed this Sunday.
Zifa this weekend suspended PSL and Division One action to allow football fans to rally behind the Warriors who are currently in Egypt for the Afcon finals.


Clayton Shereni
Efforts by Masvingo City fathers to increase rates by over 200 percent have received a major setback after residents in the city’s 10 wards largely refused to endorse the plans, TellZim has learnt.
The city recently went on ward supplementary budget consultations but residents expressed dissatisfaction in the city’s dismal service delivery record which has seen some areas going for weeks without garbage collection and poor water supply.
Speaking at a consultative budget meeting, one Ward 9 resident said the city fathers should have proposed a reasonable percentage which ratepayers could afford.
“The city fathers should have at least proposed a 50 percent increase, a 200 percent increase in unheard-of, what the council is offering does not meet the kind of money we are paying, above all our wages are very low and have not increased,” said the resident.
Masvingo United and Ratepayers Alliance (Murra) spokesperson, Godfrey Mtimba told TellZim News that the local authority seemed ignorant of the hardships being faced by residents.
 “We are extremely against the idea of increasing charges at a time residents’ sources of income remain stagnant. Masvingo city council is one of the few urban councils that increased rates by 60 percent during the 2019 budget and why a supplementary budget barely a year of adopting it.
“We are happy that Residents have spoken, loud and clear, they rejected the hikes during the consultative meetings held around the city. We appeal to the city council to respect the residents’ wishes and we warn the city fathers that an attempt to go against residents wishes will be disastrous,” said Mtimba.
In November last year the local authority had difficulties in implementing a proposed 66 percent rates hike after residents said it did not match the kind of service delivery being offered.
With the local RTGS dollar continuing to devalue, local authorities who had their 2019 budgets drafted using the local currency have since  moved to supplement in order to improve service delivery in their respective towns putting another burden upon struggling ratepayers.


Are we sure this country has leaders who have people at heart. I hear our beloved President ED wakes up early in the morning and is in office by 07:30 and often times leaves office late but Mapombi wonders what the man will be doing because life for an ordinary Zimbabwean is getting difficult with each sunrise.
I heard that ED has appointed Mr Bin as Air Zimbabwe board chair kkk. Somebody should have advised the President kuti AirZim is under administration and there is no board there, it was dissolved long back. I do not know who is advising the President these days but pana Bin Man mukuru makabika mbodza. Tuku akaimba wani kuti Mapakura mbodza, kkk mbwezhu chairo. What magic will Mr Bin he pull from his sleeve to revive an airline which is now officially the world’s most unreliable.
Although I don’t like Chinamasa, I must accept that he was a better Finance minister than chimuchinda chekutiunzira austerity measures which are not yielding any results. Mutuvi should remove those glasses because I believe they are giving him an optical illusion on what is happening.
I would like to advise Mutuvi that his austerity measures are targeting the wrong people. Why should a teacher wekwaMuchekayaora keep taking pain for the rich and powerful to enjoy while the country burns? Ini Mapombi ndiri kutoshinga kudya mabanana akaora kuno kuChitima for our President to hire those luxurious planes to go on his begging trips where he comes empty handed.
I like ED, make no mistake about it, but he is surrounded by criminals who want to see him fail. Imagine ini Mapombi ndouya kwamuri ndakapfeka a nice tailor made suit and driving a yellow Lamborghini ndichitsvaga rubatsiro? Would you take me seriously? Iyo imbori yaniko Lamborghini iya? Hanzi ndeye mupfana weku Nembudziya. Ndikunzwei futi muchiwanzira Gokwe kkkk.
But varume I need you to balance me here real quickly, kamuchinda kaya kanonzi keku Gokwe kakawanepi mari yekutenga that supercar and I heard hapana kana duty rakabhadharwa. Zimra muriko here uko? Muri kutii nhai vateresi?. A Lamborghini cost 200 000 real American dollars not bond notes is allowed into the country duty free yet muri kunetsa madzimai anohodha mabhero kuJoni.
Iye mufana Mayor (not Maboke) anomboita nezveiko chinomupa mazimari akadaro? I heard Themba achipopota about the issue and I am very proud of him. Hanzi hee rebate hee what what but ini Mapombi ndikanzi ndawana mari kuhope ndikanotenga kaFunCargo kanoita US$2 000 unoona Zimra ichitoda duty ipapo. This is a rotten system and we are cursed for real.
A country without forex but unoona munhu achikwanisa kunotenga mota inodhura kudaro akaiwanepi forex yacho. Then Mayor comes out bragging saying the car costs double the price being speculated and he told Themba Parliament that he should not be jealous. And guess what, the opposition MDC parliamentarians were all seated there like zombies. That Parliament is truly a waste of time no wonder why a group of baboons is called a Parliament.
That Lamborghini ladies and gentlemen is one of a kind and you can actually count them on the African continent. I wonder why the transaction for that car was not affected by the so called sanctions. Varume vanotinyepera ava. They are sucking the life blood out of us and we are living by God’s grace and we are taking the pain for them. Enough with the austerity measures because we cannot keep on sponsoring the executive’s lavish lifestyles.
What is more painful is that people are now fighting to join the system than to cleanse it. Maybe it has dawned to many that there is no strategy in the opposition to remove Zanu PF from power and the opposition has become so comfortable in remaining just that. The only hope is that ED goes the same way he came but the man is clever, he is a calculative man and I see him winning or rigging again in 2023 and he will get away with it.
I am afraid to say anything bad about my beloved President ED because many people who have taken a stand are either dead, missing or sleeping with one eye open. Mapombi would like to send prayers to one brave man Chiwenga (not VP). This man used the cross to challenge the powerful but is now battling for his life right now. Zvakaoma zvekutaurisa izvo. Mukanya vakanga vazviona pavakati Jojo siya zvenyika. Asi ka zvakanzi naMwari shandisai matarenda enyu, zvino kana Talent akanyarara zvozotaurwa nani? Akasashandisa rake tarenda anobatwa opotserwa kunze kuruma uko.
I hope both the Chiwengas will be well soon so that they can continue with their work. We need them to keep challenging the man at the top. But they must remember tThe crocodile rules the waters and you have to tread carefully nekuti Zanu chiwororo. Rest in Power Morgan Tsvangirai but pamakatisiira ndipapo, tichingori nayo Zanu.
By the way ndine urombo VaRugeje! Ko kwahi maita Seiko nhai vedu? Ko inga makashanda wani maerection tikahwina. Nyarai zvenyu Cde, tiri kudzora tsvimbo manje manje. Chine vene vacho chinhu ichi. Hachingaiti chevanhu veGokwe voga zve. Kuti umwe Lamborghini, umwe commissariat. Ko isu todhlepi wo isu?
Anyway my time is up. Regai ndidzokere kumusika kwangu ndinokanga zvangu maputi angu. Iwo akati anonakei muchando muno kudai.
But before I go let me ask, how does Khaya Moyo survive just like that? The man has more lives than a cat kkk. He announced the ouster of Mnangagwa, the ouster of Mugabe, the return of Mnangagwa and still announces the fate of many. Asi achaenda hake ndozviziva. Kana Mphoko akaenda iye ndiye anosvikepi?
Mboko imboko!