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Friday, 29 April 2016

ZANU-PF cadres in fist fight over food relief in Bikita

Itai Muzondo

There was drama in Bikita recently when Zanu-PF Provincial Youth Chairperson, Nobert Ndaarombe Bikita District Coordinator Isaac Mashanda teamed up to fight Munyaradzi Kereke's constituency coordinator Simon Muchafa after a misunderstanding over the distribution of donated food.
The fight reportedly erupted when Ndaarombe and Mashanda disagreed with Muchafa who had demanded Bikita West's share of 200 bags of donated maize that was stored in the Zanu-PF Provincial Political Commissar, Jeppy Jaboon's Highway Shop.
"It was real drama as the trio engaged in a fist fight in the presence of their boss Jeppy. The issue they fought over was Muchafa's request of maize belonging to his superior, Munyaradzi Kereke's constituency which was being stored at Jaboon's shop.
"Before the misunderstanding degenerated into a fist fight, there was a harsh exchange of words with Muchafa saying he suspected Jaboon, Muchafa and Ndaarombe were selling the relief supplies," a source said.
Muchafa confirmed the incident but avoided getting into detail about the fight.
"Yes, I was attacked by Ndaarombe and Mashanda. Nothing was reported to the police and I can't give more details as the issue is still being looked into by the party," confirmed Muchafa.
Jaboon however denied any knowledge of the fracas and said he was surprised there was a fight at his shop before offering contact details of the involved parties for further clarification.
When contacted for comment, a fuming Mashanda refused to comment on what led to the row, saying the press had nothing to do with the issue.
"Listen now young men, that issue doesn't involve you and you have nothing to do with it. I urge you to even delete my number from your contact list after this call and you should also know that I do not talk to newsmen," replied Mashanda angrily.
His colleague, Ndaarombe also denied being involved in the fight, saying he only warned Muchafa not to act unprocedurally.
"I never laid a hand on Muchafa. All I did was warn him that if he doesn't observe party protocol, there wouldn't be any harmony. I told him that being Kereke's coordinator doesn't make him the Bikita West M.P. That's all I said," Ndaarombe

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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

Man torches villagers’ houses to get wife back

Memory Rasa

'Hell hath no fury like a scorned man' sound like the best words to describe the situation of Gutu villagers who are living in fear after a garden boy working for one of the villagers stole his former boss' wife and eloped with her, leading to reprisal arson attacks against many villagers.
Sources say the garden boy ran away with his boss, Andrew Muchemwa's wife to his uncle's place in Makanda Village under Chief Gutu.
In a fit of rage, Muchemwa followed his garden boy and burnt down a house belonging to Lazarus Makanda, who is uncle to the garden boy, accusing him of harbouring the two.
Muchemwa is also said to have destroyed vegetable gardens belonging to Makanda's neighbours after launching an axe-attack on Makanda's nephew leaving the victim with severe leg injuries.
Though TellZim News could not get hold of Makanda, a neighbour whose vegetable garden was destroyed said she was shocked to wake up at night to see Makanda's house on fire on 20 April at around 2300hrs. 
Makanda escaped unscathed as he was sleeping in a different house when the attack happened.
Muchemwa allegedly went ahead to burn a house belonging to Thomas Makanda and another to one Chirimuhanzu, who are both neighbours to Makanda.
"Everyone is now fearing for their lives and property because Muchemwa does not care if you are involved or not. He has destroyed vegetables in our gardens and he lit my neighbour's house shouting that everyone would suffer if they did not show him where his wife was," said the neighbour.
"The whole village is being victimised now. We are having sleepless nights because anyone can be the next target. The police came but they could not get him but I think he is staying in the forests. 
"Some people here are now leaving their cars in Mpandawana fearing that they may be torched as well," said a villager who identified himself as Chibisa.
Acting Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident but could not give further details.
"A case of malicious damage to property was reported on the 20th of April and the suspect is Andrew Muchemwa. We however do not know the cause of this behaviour since the suspect has not been arrested. We are currently looking for the suspect," said Assistant Inspector


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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

Mugabe corners Hungwe

Itai Muzondo

Following rumours that some Masvingo Zanu-PF executive members were mooting passing a vote of no-confidence against President Robert Mugabe and block his candidature in the 2018 elections, the nonagenarian leader has confronted the party's most senior member in the province Josaya Hungwe, seeking his assurances that the restive province was still behind his continued leadership of the party and country, TellZim News can reveal.
Speaking to this publication soon after the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting at Masvingo Polytechnic College on Sunday, Zanu-PF Masvingo Provincial Chairperson Amasa Nhenjana confirmed the development saying the President recently called Hungwe asking whether it was true that some provincial executive members had unanimously agreed that they no longer want Mugabe to lead.
"The purpose of this meeting was to confirm if all the districts are behind the President and rallying behind him for the coming 2018 elections as we agreed at the December congress and all assured me that they are still in support of him (Mugabe). 
"The consultations with the districts came soon after Hungwe was called by the President himself to confirm whether the message he heard, that Masvingo no longer rallies behind him, was true," Nhenjana said.
Nhenjana said since all districts had pledged their support for the president, the provincial leadership has a job to find who was behind the messages in question.
"We are therefore in a process of finding out who those people are since we have stood with one voice as a province that President Mugabe is our leader at our December congress. 
"The messages are being communicated via texts and it's these texts that we wish to use to find the culprits and follow disciplinary procedures as given by the party's constitution in dealing with the issue," Nhenjana added.
Also present at the Sunday meeting was Josaya Hungwe, Pupurai Togarepi and Lovemore Matuke.politics


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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

Determination spurs fashion designer

Patricia Makubaro

A self-made fashion designer in Zvishavane is making waves designing clothes and school uniforms, refusing to be limited by her lack of formal education in the field of garment designing.
Faith Nyengeterwa (51), who owns Onai Fashion, has made a number of impressive designs of both formal and informal wear as well as school uniforms.
"I never had a chance to study fashion and fabrics at school and I don't have any formal qualification in a related field,' said Nyengeterwa. 
A qualified mathematics teacher, Nyengeterwa resigned from her job in 2013 after 25 years of service, opting instead to fully concentrate on her dream of being as fashion designer.
"My parents encouraged and gave me the motivation to become who I am today. Our family is made up of innovative people who do their own things, my father being a self-employed carpenter of note," said Nyengeterwa.
She opened her business in 2010 while still employed as a teacher, operating in the open before pulling together some resources for a place to rent. "I have been passionate about designing for a very long time and I will hang on in the industry despite the challenges I face because this is where I find the pleasure of work," she said, adding that she sometimes has to go to Harare for cheaper material and a bigger market.
On her bigger plans, the talented Nyengeterwa said she wishes to build a private designing college that will give talented designers a chance to unleash their talents.
"I believe women should create an identity for themselves and must not rely on men for everything" she said.entertainment


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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!
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