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Cricketer Patient Charumbira is said to be a distressed man after he was reportedly threatened by people who are unhappy with his role in lobbying for tough action against Zimbabwe cricket from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

ICC recently suspended the country in protest against alleged political interference in the administration of local cricket.

Charumbira is said to be a leading critic of alleged government meddling in the management of local cricket. During an interview on CapiTalk Radio on April 12, he attacked alleged corruption and political meddling in the affairs of the Zimbabwe Cricket Council (ZCC).

Several Zimbabwe cricketers in the past have had to leave the country, with others fleeing into exile fearing persecution for speaking out against the government. Among these are fast bowler Henry Olonga, who relocated to the Australia.

Although no comment could be obtained from Charumbira himself, reliable sources said the cricketer, who currently plays for VVV Amsterdam in the Netherlands, fears returning home. 

“Some cricket fans and State actors feel Charumbira is among a group of disgruntled cricketers who have painted the sport in Zimbabwe in bad light and lobbied for tougher ICC sanctions. They believe he deserves punishment,” said a source.

The ICC has withdrawn funding and barred Zimbabwe from participating at any ICC event in the world.
Zimbabwe was due to take part in a T20 World Cup qualifier scheduled for October this year but ICC chairman Shashank Manohar has poured cold water on the ambitions saying a strong statement had to be made against political interference in sports management.

He claimed that the situation with Zimbabwe cricket was a serious breach of the ICC constitution that could not be allowed to continue unchecked.

The ICC made the decision after government’s Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the entire Zimbabwe Cricket Board and replaced it with an interim committee which critics say is illegal.

This decision to suspend Zimbabwe will be reviewed by the ICC in October 2019. The country’s test status was suspended by the ICC in June 2004 after 15 players dropped out of the squad after the then captain Heath Streak was dismissed.

They played eight test matches in 2005 after the suspension was lifted, but could then not play another test match until 2011. Zimbabwe also failed to qualify for this year's just-ended Cricket World Cup in England and Wales which was won by England in a sensational final against New Zealand.
In March this year, former Zimbabwe Cricket director Enock Ikope was given a 10-year ban from the game after being found guilty of breaching three counts of the ICC's anti-corruption code.

Charumbira is a former Zimbabwe A cricketer, who represented Zimbabwe at first class level from 2006 to 2011, and also represented the country at the Under 19s level prior to that.
He relocated to South Africa where he developed into coaching as well as playing but maintained ties and an interest in Zimbabwe Cricket.

The Masvingo-bred cricketer has gained some status as an opinion leader in the field of cricket, working as a freelance commentator for SuperSport, SandSport and Octagon.
He was recently invited to provide commentary on Zimbabwe's last home game against the United Arab Emirates.


                        Bricks molded in 2014 had been lying idle until now

Moses Ziyambi

Gutu South Member of Parliament (MP) Pupurai Togarepi is investing part of the $50 000 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocated to him by parliament to resume work on a clinic project in Ward 28 which will help thousands of villagers to get easier access to health services.
A committee was formed to supervise mobilisation of locally-available materials needed for the clinic to be built, with villagers recently using their scotch carts to transport river sand from a nearby stream.
Ward 28 Councillor Johnson Nhema said he was pleased that work had at last been resumed at the project site which had become a painful heartbreak for close to five years.
“We are pleased that much of the resources needed are in place to build and complete the clinic. We are happy that our MP has realised the importance of this clinic to people of this ward and other surrounding areas.  This is the development we yearn for and the community has pledged to support the MP in his efforts to improve their lives. We all know he could have chosen to use the money elsewhere if he wanted. There are many deserving cases in Gutu South,” said Nhema.
Villagers told Tell Zimbabwe Togarepi had pledged to build a decent house for nursing staff using his own money while the CDF allocation is being spent on the main clinic building.
Toilets have already been built and villagers said they looked forward to all work being completed before the end of 2020.
The closest health centres at the moment are Mukaro Mission Hospital, Chitando Hospital and Cheshuro Clinic, all of which are at least 10 km away.
The project was initiated back in 2013 but work stalled in 2014 as factional battles in Zanu PF claimed the scalp of then Gutu South MP Dr Paul Chimedza.
Chimedza was fired from his government post of Health deputy minister and was also suspended from conducting party activities for allegedly aligning himself with then vice president Joice Mujuru’s so-called Gamatox cabal which was accused of plotting to unconstitutionally seize power from then president Robert Mugabe.
Insurance giant Old Mutual, which had reportedly agreed to bear much of the cost of building and equipping the clinic, beat a hasty retreat fearing the consequences of being seen to be working with members of the ostracised cabal.
Initial designs for the clinic had intended it to be solar-powered as well as to have a solar-powered borehole and a few maternity beds.
There had been no progress at the project site for all those years until now, with many of the 50 000 bricks which villagers had molded and transported getting damaged.


                                                 Evangelist Mazhara
Clayton Shereni
Going down the memory lane taking a few notes from the roots of our African culture, a woman was not supposed to just speak recklessly and was supposed to “cover up” her body and nudity or vulgarity was morally unacceptable.
It was a taboo for women to be seen half naked by any man and if she was seen, she would be labeled a concubine or a woman of loose morals.
 Many believe that the coming in of digital media has left a trail of destruction on the African culture and has eroded the aspect of Ubuntu especially on the African young women.
We have copied and pasted western ways especially on dressing and we are never shy to walk half naked even in front of in-laws.
However, the raging fight to exonerate women from being viewed as sexual objects still continues, but it seems as if young females are not helping for they are seen promoting issues of sexuality.
Many young women are no longer willing to work hard to become popular and seem to have found a new way of gaining fame by posing for the camera in birthday suits and speak unprintables.
A few years ago, a relatively unknown young woman, Pokelo Nare hogged the limelight after a leaked sex tape allegedly picturing her and Hip-Hop star, Desmond Chideme aka Stunner surfaced on the internet.
However, as if it was going to denigrate her, Nare has lived to become one of the most popular Zimbabwean socialites and “has not” lost dignity, rather she has struck many deals with reputable companies to market their products and is now commonly known as “queen of swagger”.
Although it might be argued that the sex tape leak wasn’t premeditated, it seems this has become a life changing move for many young females who want to make a breakthrough in life as they are seemingly engaging in vulgarities.
In the past few months men have enjoyed free eye satisfaction as songstress Vimbai Zimuto is making headlines for the same wrong reasons after pictures of her showing off her nude body were all over social media.
After that incident the young woman seems to be establishing a name for herself in the music industry and recently held a press conference where she said she was selling her nude pictures privately with proceeds going to her Huya Uone Trust.
However, the story of young women capitalizing on vulgarity will be incomplete without mentioning popular dancers Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and Noleen Sifelani aka Zoey who rose to stardom for dancing at gigs while nude to the much delight of men who constitute a large number of their fan base.
The dancers seem to be earning a living out of it and both have been conferred awards by the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ) for their erotic dance moves.
A few months ago one Lorraine Guyo of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame has grown to become a household name in the comedy fraternity with her comedy skits trending on social media and has struck a lot of endorsement deals which she markets during her skits.
After the leaked “Ndinyengeiwo” video, Guyo came out to claiming that she received thousands of marriage proposals from men from all walks of life in and outside the country.
In 2016, nude picture of Zimdancehall star Souljah Love and his ex-wife Bounty Lisa surfaced on the internet and the Ndini Uya-Uya hitmaker openly said he did not owe anyone any apology over the leakage.
The same year saw another artist Enock Guni aka Nox nude pictures found their way into the public domain after his bitter girlfriend reportedly sent the pictures to his wife but this seems to have had no negative impact to the singer’s career.
He has been widely touted as Urban Groove’s last man standing as the genre seems to have been eroded by the coming in of the Zimdancehall crusade.
The same issue has not spared other African countries as women from other countries are also involved in the ‘immoral’ stunt.
South Africa’s dancer Zodwa Rebecca Libram popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu has torched controversy with her stance of dancing without under garments during her shows in night clubs.
Women advocacy groups who spoke to TellZim News castigated the ‘immorality’ and lack of self-respect being shown by these women.
Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) Masvingo chapter chairperson Joyce Mhungu said it was disheartening to see young women degrading themselves especially in public spaces where they are expected to show good morals.
“The pressure of finding quick solutions in a competitive world has given the rise to trend of fame through vulgarity. The need to become a celebrity has led to moral decay and drug usage has also blunted the performers conscience, having no self-respect and respect for the community” said Mhungu.
However, Mhungu blamed the “misogynist” society as the root cause of the ill behavior being portrayed by young women as they try to break away from poverty.
“Our society, though equipped with laws to educate both sexes, pressure of home care fall on the female side leaving males to focus on their careers. Focus on homecare and male pleasure has covertly left females as sex objects,” said Mhungu.
Women on a Mission Organization (WOAMO) founder, Evangelist Mazhara said her organization is on a mission to mentor women to live according to the Bible and portray a good picture in the community through their good character
“We take focus on the norms and values following what is inscribed in the bible and as for my team which I mentor I encourage them to show charisma in whatever they do and we should initiate change in the society and our characters must show that we have God in us,” said Mazhara.
However, others argued that cyber bullying is another major factor which has contributed to this problem and has given the wrong perception about young women in the society.
The issue has left a lot to be desired as the western culture which has infiltrated the African continent causing cultural decadence and giving a rise to indecent exposure which promotes vulgarity.


Munyaradzi Goche
MUTARE - A Chikanga woman recently appeared in court on assault charges after she allegedly attacked her husband’s lover leaving her nursing serious injuries.
Moreblessing Ngoshi (30) of Number 3499 Chikanga was ordered to perform community services after pleading guilty.
The State charged that on May 23, the accused unexpectedly returned from work and found the two pants down. Out of anger she beat the complainant on the arm several times using a water glass and a knife.
The matter was reported to the police leading to Ngoshi’s arrest.
In passing sentence, the court stated that those found at the wrong side of the law were supposed to be given appropriate punishment, adding that first-time offenders should however stay out of prison where possible.


     The Bere throne is one of the chieftaincies revived in recent months

Brighton Chiseva                                              

MASVINGO – Masvingo Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC) formerly known as Provincial Administrator (PA) Fungai Mbetsa has said newly-revived chieftainships in formerly white settlements have no power to distribute land.
Some of the newly-revived chieftainships in the province are Bere, Nemamwa and Neromwe and Musara.
These chieftainships are in resettlement areas that were created after the Land Reform Programme displaced white settler farmers.
Mbetsa said the chieftainships were there only to uphold cultural values and harmony through solving social and cultural disputes between people in his area of jurisdiction.
“The Ministry of Lands through relevant departments is responsible for giving people land and the chief will only solve disputes among people who were put under his area by the ministry. He has no power to give land because it is feared the resettlement areas will be turned into communal areas,” said Mbetsa
He said the chiefs, however, had power over the selection of village heads and headmen in their area of jurisdiction. He said the village head and headmen will have similar roles to play but only at village level.
“The chiefs can appoint village heads or headmen through the required procedures and they will also bring peace among their subjects through presiding over domestic disputes in their areas of jurisdiction,” said Mbetsa.
Chiefs and village heads in many areas are being reported to be selling land especially those near growth points and main roads.
Village heads around Nemamwa area have been accused of doing so and those around Jerera in Zaka are also said to be selling stands in areas meant for the expansion of the growth point and efforts by the local authority to stop them seem be failing. 


Anymore Magawa
MASVINGO – Non-profit health organisation SolidarMed last week organised an E-health hackathon at Charles Austin Theatre where various issues were raised and discussed under the theme, ‘Strengthening Health Service Delivery Through Digitalisation’.
The E-health hackathon is a community-driven initiative meant to help drive digital solutions by strengthening the country’s health systems through digitisation and technology.
Speaking at the event, SolidarMed programmes manager Ronald Manhibi said there were many gaps in the health systems of many African countries and the E-health hackathon was aimed at helping to bridge the gap.
“In low and middle-income countries, health systems seem to be lagging behind for many reasons so the E-health hackathon employs information technology and health experts to make a difference,” said Manhibi.
The initiative explores the health problems that Masvingo community faces and identifies trends to address those problems through a social network platform called Inyasha (Iyi Ndiyo Yedu Aid and Support Health App) which SolidarMed developed specifically for that function.
The application is now used in hospitals like Silveira, St Antony’s Musiso and Mashoko mission hospitals in Masvingo province.
Masvingo Provincial Health Director (PHD) Amadeus Shamu praised the initiative which he said should be supported and developed further.
“In many countries health care services are data-driven so we encourage local health experts and computer experts to interact in their full capacity to enhance vibrant health systems. Technology amplifies people’s intentions and voices, it activates local agency and utilises local capacity,” said Shamu.
Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) philosophy lecturer Professor Munyaradzi Mawere said it was critical for people to think about challenges in the local health systems and be able to appreciate E-health solutions.
“We need to understand African culture and see how E-health initiative can be employed as an intervention against all diseases including the Ebola which is prevalent in Central and West Africa.
Mawere touted Zambia as a success story of E-health interventions, saying the country had developed a national E-health record system called SmartCare.

- -

Conrad Mupesa

The partial rolling of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) migration slated for December 2019 would not be a panacea to limited accessibility of information in the country if government does not subsidise Set Top Boxes, media practitioners have said.

Responding to questions during the recently held Media and Broadcasting Conference organised by media lobby group MISA in Chinhoyi recently, the director of International Communication Services in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Dr Ivanhoe Gurira said government will make sure the products are affordable.
Gurira also stated that the digitisation process was currently hovering slightly above 50 percent towards completion with the current austerity measures militating against faster progress.
Areas such as Kadoma, Buhera, Siyabuwa-Chitekete, Chikombedzi and Tsholotsho had not been equipped by DTT equipment by March 2019.
This will affect accessibility of the television signal should government conducts the expected partial roll-out of the digitisation programme.

In addition to that, some of these areas are currently not accessing analogue signals.

By March 2019, more than US$40 million had been used out of the US$142 million budgeted for the whole exercise. More than 40 percent of work needed to be done to complete the process.

The ministry, through Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and ZimDigital, is expected to roll out awareness campaigns and adverts to market the DTT program thus chewing from the remaining US$100 million budgeted for the exercise.
Adverts aimed at promoting purchasing of Set Top Boxes were ran on state television and various radio stations in 2017 before the government had even planned to roll out the exercise.

Neighbouring countries South Africa, Zambia and Namibia saw their citizen accessing the STB at relatively cheaper prices whereas South Africa made available five million STB for free to poor households. Swaziland managed to subsidize 63 percent of the total price of the STB despite the relatively sound economic conditions there.

Many people said they felt subsidising STBs and speeding up completion of the DTT process would measure the government’s seriousness in improving access to information.

Although it is yet to be seen if the partial rolling takes place by December, the current economic meltdown bedeviling the nation demands that government makes the gadgets more affordable.
This would improve access to television and radio now that the State broadcaster ZBC has failed to repair its dilapidated analogue equipment and ensure seamless service across the country.


                                                                Mercy Muganyi 
Cephas Shava
MWENEZI - The adage that justice delayed is justice denied is proving to be apt in a stock theft case dating back to 2017.
The complainants are one man and his wife who decided to take matters into their own hands by going on a cross-border expedition in South Africa where they allegedly kidnapped the fugitive suspect and brought him back to Zimbabwe.
They had long harboured feelings of disgruntlement with the way police had handled the case, and by the escape of the suspect from lawful custody allegedly with the help of complicit police officers.
After successfully ‘extraditing’ the suspect back to Zimbabwe, it is the ‘snail pace’ at which the case is moving at the Masvingo Magistrates Court that has become a new irritant for the disaffected couple.
The complainants themselves are, however, faced with their own criminals charges related to the alleged kidnap incident and the severe assault which their alleged victim suffered.
Many people feel the people handling the case are violating Section 165 (1) b of the Constitution which demands speedy justice delivery. 
The deferment of the matter, which was transferred from Mwenezi Court to Masvingo Court last year owing to its sensitivity, has not only become a big let-down to the complainants but to the five suspects as well.
All the parties continue to go back to court every now and then, but the case seems to be making no real progress.
The alleged cattle rustlers are Clever Mashira, Menius Chihora, Munyaradzi Matibwini, Manatsa Chigova and Talent Moyo, whom the aggrieved couple dragged back to Zimbabwe from his South African hideout.
Their hearing was supposed to continue last week on July 31, with all the State witnesses having shown up for the trial but the case was further postponed to August 22 after the docket reportedly went missing.
Three of the five suspects are out of custody on bail, with Chigova and Moyo already serving jail sentences after being convicted on separate charges of stock theft and escaping from lawful custody respectively.
Chigova and Moyo are alleged to have been complicit in theft of 14 cattle belonging to Elfas Nyatera and his wife Mercy Muganyi.
The crime was allegedly committed in 2017 but the case has been beset with several postponements.
The endless rescheduling of the trial is said to be a violation of Section 69 (2) of the Constitution which stipulates that every person has right to fair and speedy hearing within a reasonable time.
What worries many is that such a sensitive matter which is taking eternity to conclude and will probably be thrown out of court due to ‘lack of evidence’ or missing dockets.
Alleged police corruption in Mwenezi and the interest that this particular case has generated among members of the public has attracted the attention of senior police bosses who last year paid a visit to the district to get a better appreciation of the story.
After hearing of the news of the daring cross-border raid by Nyatera and his wife, the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Ezra Chadzamira met the couple to hear their side of the story. This was after Nyatera, his wife and their co-accused were released from remand prison on bail following their arrest on two charges of kidnapping.
Sources close to the matter told TellZim News that complicating the matter is that the seemingly obvious case against the alleged five cattle rustlers could die a natural death as the police have allegedly done a shoddy investigative job so as to shield their own.
“Owing to the shoddy investigation, the State’s case is unlikely to stand the test of a good lawyer. It is very clear that the complainants’ cattle were stolen but the evidence that is before the courts is unlikely to warrant convictions,” said a source.
Other reliable sources said the couple were likely to be convicted on kidnapping charges as evidence against them was overwhelming.
The cattle theft case was transferred to Masvingo to improve neutrality as it implicates several police officers in the district.
Some police officer were transferred following an internal investigation which was done after complaints were registered that police officers in Mwenezi were clearing stolen cattle and were working with cattle rustlers in exchange for massive bribes.


Cephas Shava
MWENEZI - Sabina Tinorehwa of village Ngwenya under Chief Mazetese in Mwenezi West last Thursday dragged her husband Roderick Ngwenya to the Mwenezi Civil Court claiming maintenance money that is far beyond her husband’s monthly earnings.
Asked by magistrate Honest Musiiwa the amount of money she wanted from her husband who is a village head, Tinorehwa said she wanted a monthly maintenance fee of $462 despite acknowledging that he earns only a $25 a month.
“Besides the $25, my husband also does some piece jobs around the village. For the upkeep of our two children, I want $462 maintenance,” Tinorehwa said.
On his part, Ngwenya argued that although he still loved his wife, she had already left their homestead for her parents’ place. He said he could not afford to pay the money that she demanded as the children were still under his care.
After hearing that the couple’s children were residing with their father’s place, Magistrate Musiiwa dismissed the applicant’s maintenance bid saying the set-up made her unworthy of receiving any money.


….as Gweru youth demand more affordable social amenities
Tinaani Nyabereka
GWERU - Youths in Gweru recently engaged duty bearers on service delivery and governance issues, highlighting major issues affecting them in their communities.
The engagement, which was initiated by Nkabazwe Community Radio, was held under the theme ‘Constitutionalism, Human Rights and Service Delivery’.
Nkabazwe Community Radio programs manager, Takaedza Tafirei urged youths not to shy away from participating in decision-making process as most youths were lagging behind in socio-political matters.
Midlands Arts board member, Dumisani Ndlovu said most youth were deprived of access to recreational facilities by the costs involved.
“It’s unfortunate that policymakers don’t know the importance of sports facilities. We need recreational facilities as youth because they are good for us. We interact and engage in decision making-processes that concern us at such places.
“It is unfortunate that the halls and theatre are now being used for business and church services. This doesn’t please us, do justice and don’t charge us exorbitant prices on facilities which were built for us. Last year we did our drama production in the park and it was rainy yet the facilities are there. We applied and we were denied use,” said Ndlovu
Ward 8 Councillor Notai Dzika said youth were entitled to enjoy and use facilities without any hindrances.
“Denial of such facilities won’t happen in our tenure in council. It might have happened with the previous council but know that it’s your right to accesses them so we will work with you. It is important for us to have engagements like these with you as they help us share ideas.
“Service delivery affects you as youths, be it water and other services. The committee of inquiry on service delivery did a report and it will be ready so that you access it I urge you to be active and demand your rights where you feel they are being infringed,” said Dzika.
Gweru Urban Member of Parliament (MP) Brain Dube said work was in progress on establishing an arts gallery for youths.
“We will soon begin to work on a face lifting of Mutapa Hall and on the theatre. We also want to revamp the arts gallery for use by our young people who want to exhibit their artistic work and stage concerts and exhibitions among other activities. I engaged the mayor and he said the partnered investor will soon come and work will begin,” said Dube.

Tendai Mange
After several weeks of no progress, Masvingo City Council has resumed work at the Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company road project which was paid for way back in 2016.
The life released US$43 000 to council to connect its offices to Bradburn St with a 200m tarred surface but council misappropriated the money and did not do the work for three years.
Council abruptly began to work on the road this year after the matter was extensively covered by TellZim News but work suddenly stopped when nothing much had been done.
The city engineer Tawanda Gozo once told TellZim News that they could not give a time frame as to when the project will be completed, only promising to work as fast as possible.
Work at the project resumed last week, with priming work being done as well as the laying of aggregate stone.
In 2016, Nyaradzo proposed to tar the 200 metres dusty strip of road on its using its own equipment and personnel but the then council led by former mayor Hubert Fidze turned down the offer and demanded that Nyaradzo give the money to council instead.
Nyaradzo surrendered the money but nothing happened on the ground, with a stammering Gozo, after being asked to explain the scandal, lamely blaming rainfall for stalling the project over the previous three years.


Someone posed a very difficult question to Mapombi and to be honest I took my time scratching my head in search of an answer. It was not an easy question and I wondered why someone would ask me that but once I found an answer to it, I realised that there was no hope for an ordinary Zimbabwean. I was asked if given that one chance to change anything in this country, what would it be. Ndakakwenya musoro ndikashaya kuti ndopindura ndichiti chii nekuti pane avinhu zvakawanda zvandinofunga kuti need to be changed for our people to hope again.
I then realised that this country has only one problem which has multiplied and affected every sector like a disease. If Mapombi’s answer is anything to go by, my fellow countrymen would have a taste of Vision 2030. Vanhu vakangwa nenhamo vakomana. Ikozvino usaita hako mistake yekudenha vanhu kunyanya uchitaura zveZanu PF unogona kukaruka wagarwa nechibhakera kkkkkk. Zanu PF chiwororo shamhu ine munyu and imagine 2030 tinenge tichinayo kkkk.
I ask God to give Zimbabweans power and strength to accept things they cannot change. The more time we waste in trying to fight fate the worse it becomes for us. After all, it does not matter who is at the State House whether Dambudzo or Chamisa because if you do not do anything to change your situation right now no one will come and do it for you. We have to accept the bitter reality that Zanu PF is a tried and tested brand panyaya dzekusada kubva pachigaro. Iye ndiani angada kubva pahuchi nemukaka. They make you poor so that they can buy you easily and vote for them. Zanu PF thrives on our suffering and they do not want us to prosper because they would no longer use their vote buying techniques on us.
Vana mbuya vangu vari kwaChirimudombo uko havadi kana kunzwa zvaChamisa because they were told kuti Zanu PF ndiwo musimboti weupenyu. Zanu PF is popular kumusha jealous down kkkk. They invest in the rural electorate and kutown hauvaoni because they know havadikwi. Vakasiira Chamisa matown ese ivo kwakunoti zete zvavo kumusha kune the deciding vote. Ndakazonzwa Biti choti we need a strategy to lure the rural vote after Zanu PF yarakasha vanhu kuma by-election uko kkkk. KuMDC hakuna strategy kana imwe ask Mthuli Ncube.
Mthuli ikozvino ndiye chief strategist kuZanu PF. His mission is simple: make them suffer. And we are suffering. Mthuli atisveta ropa vakomana. Chingwa, sugar, mafuta muchazviviva here. Zanu youya hayo with their community bakeries and hakuna anoda kusarira on those projects. Who wins? It is Zanu PF because they create problems and they come up with stupid solutions which will appeal to many stupid people. I say stupid because the majority of people you see walking around formally dressed have a missing fifth sense or a misfiring one.
Then we have a whole nation both young and old who are looking up to Chamisa to be their knight in shining armour kkkkk. Chamisa wenyu uyu I don’t trust him hangu ini personally because he lacks the aggressiveness needed to confront musangano unotonga. Musangano uyu unoyera, uchatonga ugotonga vanovukura vachingovukura. Talking of strategy, how can MDC repeat the same mistake over and over again? Demonstrations against Zanu PF dzakamboitwa but hapana chakabuda. Zanu PF izhou haingatadziswi kufamba neimbwa yavukura.
The last time we had protests people were shot dead at 40 degree angles. That is when I realised that Dambudzo is as ruthless as they say, they don’t call him crocodile for nothing. Now Chamisa wants to lead our peace loving Zimbabweans into the jaws of the crocodile again kkkk. Ini hangu Mapombi handiuyiko. Matemadanda akati kana mukangopinda mustreet tinokudashurai and hakuna zveminimum force. Hameno havo vanoda kunzwira pamuviri setsvimbo yarova dapi. You can call people into the streets but at the end of the day we need results. Zanu PF is way ahead of you imi vanhu veMDC. Why do you think the police did not have any problems with your protests and rushed to clear it? You will do the demonstrations with police security and you will deliver your petitions and you will go back home. Then you think Zanu PF will fear that. If you become violent the army will be on stand-by to crush you.
Think of another strategy which has not been used before because the people are tired of being disappointed in the end. We all know the endgame if we go into the streets. Ini Mapombi zvakatondiomerawo but I am smart enough to see pandinoda kunochekereswa. People may come to the MDC demonstration on the first day but if it fails to yield any positive result that will be the end of Chamisa. Chamisa should not make a dangerous assumption that the current economic hardships are affecting everyone in the same way. We are all affected in different ways which makes our anger towards the system different. Good luck to all those who will go into the streets, Mapombi will be watching from a distance. It’s not a crime to be a coward but I would rather be that than a dead hero.
Before I go, I heard Khedha is in serious trouble maybe ndiyo ngozi yevaya vekupfurwa at 40 degrees angle kkkk. Justice inouya in varying ways amana inga zvakaoma. Let’s pray for our beloved VP sechikumbiro chaED. Ko iye Khedha vasipo kudai varegerei havo kumbodana Mphoko asana kubatira? Inga basa anotrigona wani Kkkk. Regai ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch kana kudya mabanana akaora zvangu. Mboko imboko.