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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Musiso Hospital detains woman for maternity fees

Brighton Chiseva in Zaka

22 Jan 2017 - ZAKA – The Catholic-run Musiso Mission Hospital management is in a habit of detaining patients who fail to pay their bills with some spending more than a week, TellZim News has learnt.
Last week, a maternity patient, Pertunia Gwete from Dahwa in Chekenyere area was detained after she failed to pay US$90 maternity fees.
Gwete was admitted at the Hospital on January 03, 2017 and was supposed to be released on the January 10 but she was detained on bed number 26 in the maternity ward.
Last Saturday, TellZim News managed to contact her at the hospital where she was still detained. 
Gwete said she had no means of the fees while detained at the hospital.
"I do not work; I have no other means of getting the money while I am here. If I go out, I may find other means to get the money," said Gwete.
The matter was criticised by many including the Provincial Medical Doctor (PMD) Dr Amadeus Shamu who said it was not proper for the hospital to detain patients over hospital bills.
"The hospital should find other means of recovering their money that do not involve the detention of patients," said Shamhu.
He also said he will call the hospital management for inquiries about the issue saying that has to stop.
A social worker based in Jerera also condemned the hospital for violating the rights of the innocent newly-born baby who deserves freedom.
"What the hospital is doing is a violation of human rights. The baby is innocent and does not deserve to be punished because the parents are poor," he said.
In November last year another detained maternity patient was immediately released from the hospital after the matter began to receive public

Sex workers threaten council over Chigarapasi bar closure

Beatific Gumbwanda in Chiredzi

22 Jan 2017 - CHIREDZI - Disgruntled sex workers have promised to send an ultimatum to Chiredzi Town Council if the local authority fails to comply with their demands to reverse their closure of the popular beer spot.
The sex workers, who said they are now starving, have threatened to go guns blazing against council if the authorities ignore their pleas to restore their source of income.
They said their lives are now very hard and they can no longer send their children to school as the place that used to give them money is no more.
"We will confront council because things are no longer easy for us. We need to eat, pay our rentals and send our kids to school. They should open Chigarapasi with immediate effect," said one lady of the night called Grace.
Landlords with houses surrounding Chigarapasi area are also facing the same fate as their tenants' source of income have been disrupted by the closure of what used to be the largest beer hall in the country.
The bar was shut down following a council resolution against loss-making council-run enterprises and a directive from the Ministry of Local Government to do away with unsustainable

Health time bomb as Ritz runs without water

Itai Muzondo

22 Jan 2017 - MASVINGO - A health time bomb is ticking in the city centre as one of the biggest night clubs, Ritz has been running without water since October 2016 after council stopped supplies in response to the club's failure to pay bills.
Well-placed sources told this publication that the night club has since shut down its restaurant and, to clean the premises, employees use water drawn from the roofs when it is raining.
The club has also hosted several shows during the festive season in spite of the challenge.
"In October last year, employees were sent to look for water in and around town and they would also get water from civic centre gardens. The rains are a relief as they are now harvesting rain water falling from the roof," the source said.
The operation of public places without running water is a known risk to community health in light of diseases like typhoid and cholera.
Masvingo City Council director for Health Services; Zvapano Munganasa refused to dwell on the issue but said no businesses should operate without water.
"We have not yet received the report from treasury on that issue but in such a condition, we are usually tasked to close down premises. If treasury communicates the development to us, nothing will stop us from executing our duties," Munganasa

Married woman follows rapist for more sex

....asks court to withdraw case

Elliot Jinjika in Chivhu

22 Jan 2017 - CHIVHU – In a stranger than fiction case, a 22-year-old Featherstone woman last week asked Chivhu Magistrates Court to withdraw two counts of rape against a man who raped her, claiming that they were now in love with each other.
Talent Zvenyika, of Plot 1 Tredidon, Featherstone, stunned the court after she asked for the withdrawal of the charge against William Chiocha who allegedly raped her on two occasions last year.
Chiocha (38) of Mudzimba Village, Chief Mutekedza, Sadza, was set free after Magistrate Fadzai Mutombeni withdrew the case after the plea.
Zvenyika claimed that after the rape incidences, she had fallen in love with the alleged rapist as they had enjoyed consensual sexual intercourse on several other occasions and they had asked each other for forgiveness.
It was the State's case that sometime between February 1 and 29, 2016, Chiocha arrived at Zvenyika's homestead with his young brothers around 15:00 hrs and proposed love to her but she rejected saying she was married.
Chiocha later returned around 20:00 hrs on the same day and found the complainant asleep with the door not locked as her husband, Billa Luckmore Gijima, had not yet returned from a football match.
He began to pester the complaint again on his love proposal before going to her bed where he allegedly raped her once.
On another day, Chiocha once again approached Zvenyika around 19:00 hrs in her kitchen hut where she was preparing supper while her husband was at a beer drink.
He then grabbed a screaming Zvenyika by the shoulders and pulled her to the back of the kitchen door and raped her.
The complainant waited till early September 2016, when she divulged the rape ordeals to her husband after realising that her husband's friend, Ozias Dzaramba had not told him as she had asked him to.
On September, 16 2016, Gijima reported the case at Charter Police Base. 
 "I am not the one who reported the case to the police. Although I did not consent on the first and second times, we later on indulged in consensual sexual intercourse on several other instances after we asked each other for forgiveness for previous cases. We are now in love and therefore the case can be withdrawn," Zvenyika told the court.
Nicholas Mabvongodze stood for the

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