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Thursday, 30 October 2014

GZU to honour Tuku

By Itai Muzondo

Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), is set to honour music superstar Oliver Mutukudzi with an honorary doctorate degree at the university’s eight graduation ceremony this Friday.

GZU Vice-Chancellor Professor Rungano Zvobgo confirmed the development and said the university will give Mutukudzi an Honourary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Ethnomusicology and Choreology.

“We will honour him (Mutukudzi) with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ethnomusicology and Choreology this Friday. He is Zimbabwe’s ambassador of culture and heritage. His music is rich with our cultural values and norms; he therefore is not an ambassador only in Zimbabwe but also abroad,” said Prof Zvogbo.

Oliver Mtukudzi

Tuku, as he is known by his adoring fans, is a super star in Africa and a house name throughout the world. His music is a blend of traditional Zimbabwe and East African genres and modern subgenres of Afro - pop including chimurenga and JIT, which is dubbed ‘Tuku Music.’

Tuku’s music frequently tackles social issues, particularly poverty and HIV and AIDS that is responsible for so much misery in Africa. He first recorded in the 1970s when Zimbabwe was still known as Rhodesia and under white control; his music hails African cultures. He has so far released over 60 full-length albums. Tuku was born on September 22, 1952 in Harare.

It is against this background that GZU saw it fit to acknowledge Tuku’s artistic work and his ambassadorial role of promoting African culture and heritage by giving him PhD.

President Robert Mugabe is expected to cap Tuku and other graduands on the day.Local

Friday, 24 October 2014

Zhangazha calls for unity in media industry

By Moses Ziyambi
Political analyst and media consultant Takura Zhangazha yesterday bemoaned disunity in the media industry and called on journalists to put interests of their profession first by shunning factionalism if they are to gain the respect of politicians and the public.
Addressing delegates at a workshop on democratisation and constitutional reporting hosted by the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) in Masvingo, Zhangazha urged journalists to embrace the highest professional standards and fight for the cause of their industry.
“The media and journalists have a role to protect their interests. You must be involved in advocating and arguing for your side,” said Zhangazha who also called for journalists to push for the realignment of media laws to the provisions of the new constitution.
“You must continue with re-engagements for the realignment process and fight for the democratisation of the country,” said Zhangazha.

Takura Zhangazha
He also encouraged journalists to familiarise themselves with the new constitution, saying it was only through reading and understanding the supreme law that they will then fully know their rights and argue their cases.
“It is compulsory for you to discuss the new constitution, to read the constitution from cover to cover,” added Zhangazha, encouraging the media to spread awareness and to publicise the document.
Hurumende yeZimbabwe kubva 1980 inotya vatapi venhau, nekutapwa nekufambiswa kwemashoko (the government of Zimbabwe since 1980 is afraid of journalists, the gathering and dissemination of information). You guys must fight in your own corner,” he said.
“You are not defending your profession. That is why politicians have been treating you with contempt,” said Zhangazha.
Speaking at the same occasion, veteran journalist and media consultant Tapfuma Machakaire urged journalists to aim for excellent constitutional reporting, saying a lot still needs to be done in terms of monitoring the progress of the implementation of the new constitution.
“When you come up with a story idea, you have to think outside the box. The idea is to come up with relevant stories that you may then develop to reflect on what is happening on the ground,” said Machakaire.
The country’s media industry is governed by more than seven laws, most of which are in conflict with Sections 61 of the constitution which deals with freedom of expression and Section 62 which guarantees journalists’ right to access information. These laws include the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), which, among other things, requires the registration of media houses and journalists, and the highly contentious Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Amendment) Act which has often been evoked of late to convict journalists for petty offences.Local


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zaka MP launches ICT center

COTRAD commends progressive support that has seen the Zaka Central Constituency Member of Parliament contribute towards the state of education facilities in his constituency. The MP Paradzai Chakona in conjunction with Net one donated 40 computers to Zaka High School as part of a plough back program initiated under the auspices of COTRAD community engagement meetings in the aftermath of the 2013 harmonized elections. 

The Member of Parliament Mr Chakona was key and instrumental in the construction of the information center block. The event was attended by the Information and publicity Minister Webster Shamu among other dignitaries representing most government departments in Zaka district as well as 7 Councillors drawn from the 9 wards of Zaka Central constituency.  The construction of the block and donation of computers to Zaka High School is part of a success story of the responsive leaders program started by COTRAD after the 2013 harmonized elections.

As from 1980 to date elected leadership has been criticized for failing to respond to citizen and community needs.  Community engagement activities by COTRAD are aimed at entrenching a culture of responsiveness, approachability and accountability of local leaders and service providers.

Technology has become a spring board of development worldwide and it has become a prerequisite for all the young people in the job market. The introduction of technology in the rural areas goes a long way in bridging the gap between rural and urban schools while introducing a new concept of E-learning to the Zimbabwe Curriculum.

The establishment of the ICT center comes at a time the government has ceased to disburse Community Development Funds thereby neglecting constituency developmental issues in the rural communities which widens the rift between rural and urban education systems.Local

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

38 get free eye treatment in Chirumhanzi

By ItaiMuzondo

St Theresa Clinic in the Midlands province was the nation's host of
this year's World Eye Day Celebrations amongst the two centres which
hosted the celebrations across the nation.
Speaking at the event, the Member of Parliament for Chirumhanzu
Constituency, Pedzisai Mnanzvi expressed the 10th of October as an
important day for the nation as whole and further highlighted his wish
that the programme be far reaching to other provinces.
"This is an important day for the nation as a whole as we wish this
programme grows to reach all provinces so that eye sight problems
"I thereby give those home a challenge to bring the young and elderly
to the nearest hospital upon events like this so that they get free
Mnanzvi further added that such programmes must be fully supported as
they are for the betterment of the nation.
"These are good programmes, they help our parents so that they receive
health care without payment. It is different from a situation that our
parents become blind.
The sponsors must also not target one hospital as medical health is
key to everyone.
Representing the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Lilian Muchena
advised the locals that healthcare problems should be in most cases be
dealt with at tender ages.
"Measles must be treated and vaccinated as it may lead to blindness
and currently our statistics note that 1.4 mil children have
irreversible blindness. Also be very cautious about your diet as
Vitamin A helps much in countering eye sight problems", said Muchena.
The celebrations saw the clinic giving eye operations to 38 locals and
were still encouraging more to come for treatment. World eye day is
annually celebrated on the 10th of October every year.
This year's celebrations went under the theme, Universal Eye Health:
No More Avoidable Blindness.Local
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