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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


MURRA Resident Reporter.
The province’s biggest residents representative body, Masvingo United Residents and Rate Payers Association (MURRA) on Monday welcomed the sentencing of city council killer cop to one year in jail.
The resident’s body in a statement said the passing of an effective 12 months jail sentence to Jacob Mugova Mutero (58) who crushed its member, Sinikiwe Mutezo’s three month old baby girl to death was fair.
“We would like to welcome the magistrate’s judgment. It was a fair judgment and sends a clear message to city council cops and other employees that no one has the right to take life,” read part of the statement.

The Baby killer municipal cop crushed to death Politie Mutezo while she was lying beside her mom’s vegetable stall during a crackdown on informal traders who sell their wares at undesignated points.

File Pic...Police holding crushed baby
Masvingo Magistrate, Oliver Mudzongachiso slapped Mutero with an effective one year jail after convicting him of culpable homicide and condemned him for negligence driving.
Mudzongachiso lambasted Mutero for taking the law in his hands by deliberately smashing vendors’ vegetables when the by-laws implore them to confiscate until the vendors pay a fine.
Mutero crushed the baby, Polite’s head and died on the spot while he was driving a council vehicle at high speed attempting to smash her mom’s vegetables.
The fateful incident sparked riots and protests by angry residents who eventually set alight the council vehicle he was driving.
A commuter omnibus which was parked nearby was caught in cross fire and set ablaze.
MURRA however hailed Mudzongachiso for being firm and sending the baby killer municipal cop to the galores.
“While we hail the magistrate for being firm and setting an example to rancorous council workers who are in the habit of abusing residents who sell their wares for a living, we call upon the judiciary to give stiffer sentences to such people who cause the loss of lives of innocent residents,” MURRA said.Local

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Council amends strategic plan to incorporate ZimAsset

By Itai Muzondo

The Masvingo City Council (MCC) has ammended its five year strategic plan in order to incorporate some Zim Asset clusters, Tell Zimbabwe has learnt.

According to the documents seen by this publication, a week-long workshop was held in Beitbridge  - about 300 kilometers south of Masvingo last week with city fathers, council officials and some residents discussing on how they can come up with a strategic plan from 2015 - 2019 which aligns to the Zim Asset.

Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) chairperson, Prosper Tiringindi  who attended the workshop in Beitbridge however, welcomed the move by the council to involve residents on issues that affect them.

 “This is a positive step by our council to work with the community as stakeholder participation is critical and as M.R.T we welcome the development and will work towards implementation of such projects”, said Tiringindi.

      Part of Masvingo city's CBD

The plan emphasis on service delivery by council. Specific areas that needed improvement include water supply from 24 to 60 mega liters, road networks from 10% to 15% and accessibility of maternity services from 34% to 99% by year ending 2019.

The City Mayor Hubert Fidze told Tell Zimbabwe that the council will work hard to implement the strategic plan. He however, said financial problems remained a major threat challenge.

“We promise residence that we will work hard to meet these goals though financial problems continue to haunt us”, said Fidze.

The strategic meeting came amid challenges that 90% of residents experience water rationing for 12 hours per day, 80% of the roads are potholed and there has been a delay in implementation of prepaid parking in C.B.D to curb congestion whereas 67% of expecting mothers do not have access to maternity services in their neighbourhood as there is lack of maternity services in new neighbourhoods.

Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayer’s Association coordinator Anoziva Muguti was not available for comment.Local

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zanu PF owes us an apology

Opinion by Golden Maunganidze

We have been talking about political developments in Zanu PF and MDC-T for a couple of weeks now. Some people were however saying that the chaos is our revolutionary party is a calculated move by veteran politicians in that party to divert our attention from bread, butter and jam issues!
I almost bought that idea but as I see it ladies and gentlemen, we have reached a climax in terms of divisions within the party. Some people are saying that we have interesting times ahead...referring to developments likely to take place just before and after Zanu PF congress pencilled for next month.
As I see it ladies and gentlemen, if indeed Zanu PF was trying to divert us from real challenges affecting us on daily basis, then someone should remind them that they are overdoing it. In fact all politicians in the revolutionary party certainly owe the nation an apology. Before or after the congress, sooner or later, I think that at some point, the noble minds in Zanu PF should come out and say sorry to the nation. When people voted for you last year, they never thought it would turn up to be this chaotic. However, as I see it nhambetambe inoregwa ichanaka, this is the time to sit down and see how you can convince the nation that you have people at heart otherwise since you were voted in to power, all you managed to show us is your selfishness -uku kurovana kuti mudye moga here nhai veduwe?
This reminds me of our own Garikai Sithole who tried to launch his political party here in Masvingo early this year. Sithole has been seen as a political joke by many and as a result his political party Zimbabwe Empowerment Movement (ZEM) might struggle to attract even two people to a rally but I like Sithole for one thing - at least he can open his mouth and tell the nation what he thinks. Get me right, I am not saying you just have to open your mouth and say something kungowawata for nothing. No. I am talking about people who can say a fact at least once in their life time. For those who do not know Sithole or Gari as his is affectionately known in his circles, he is an ex-soldier who claims to be the late hero Edison Sithole's son. He sued Ian Smith 10 years ago. His political party's motto is Ngatidye tose (Lets all benefit from national resources) He goes on to say that takarwa hondo tikahwina todyei? These are critical questions that are being ignored. I am not campaigning for this man and for a record, I am not interested in becoming anyone's campaigning manager!

If you closely follow events taking place in our revolutionary party, surely you can say Sithole is justified.  Someone, I mean mumwewo munhu said "If you show me a politician who is not corrupt in Zimbabwe, I will show you a virgin prostitute". I laughed my lungs out but upon thinking about the statement, I realised that as a nation we really have to rethink the way we play the game of politics. Some people maybe for reasons best known to them believe that they are clever than the whole country because they are politicians.
I did not want to talk about politics and sad developments in this country today but you know sometimes you are really forced to talk about things which are affecting every Tom, Dick and Marry.
Apart from the drama we are witnessing, there are other various issues that need our immediate attention. Last week I talked about the need for everyone in Masvingo to participate in budget formulation. However, I am shocked to discover that still people are not interested in attending these meetings. I am referring to a story carried by on Monday which highlighted that some meetings by the council were attracting less than seven people...ma1 chaiwo. We are talking of this very important exercise and still people dont want to participate, saka musazochema kana conzuru yoita zvayajaira. Dont plead with me to elaborate because your guess is as 'bad' as mine kkkk!!
Let me end here for now lest I be accused of yep yep or speaking too much or yep yepping if you like!!!!
Golden Maunganidze is a journalist and a media trainer. He writes in his own capacity. You can send feedback or comments to

Friday, 14 November 2014

Masvingo Residents Trust urges council to shift dumping site

By Shingirirai Chinondo

Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) has urged Masvingo city council to shift the Runyararo West dumping site which has become a health hazard to people living in the area.
The dumping site was established sometime ago before the residential area expanded to the area.
MRT chairperson Prosper Tiringindi said it was high time for the city council value the health of the residents.
"People are sitting on a health time bomb.  The dumping site is now very close to the people thus why you see a swam of flies everywhere in Runyararo West suburb," said Tiringindi.
The dumping area is about 100 meters away from the residential area.

Tiringindi said he was very angry because the council was ignoring a very critical feature. He also said the dumping site was also a threat to the environment.
"The council is burning radios and TVs at the dumping area which emit dangerous gases which are hazardous to our environment," added Tiringindi.
Meanwhile, MRT is working on creating another organisation the Masvingo Recycling centre which will take care of all the dumped rubbish.
“Next year we will establish an organisation called Masvingo Recycling Centre... this organisation will provide empty bins for societies as well as collecting or empting the bins and above all the organisation will create job vacancies for about 80 people from the squatters since we saw that those people are well experienced in recycling  rubbish," said Tiringindi.Local
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