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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Zimbabwe and her President!

So where are we going? Ndati ndivhunzewo zvangu ini Mapombi. Ndodavo kuziva kuti kanyika aka kakatarirepi? You know what, there are a lot of things taking place in this country. It's happening very fast and before we ask any question, the President is already out of the country. Haa manakigwa nendege mukadai neiko nhai Gushungo.
You know what, there are a lot of things and issues that really demand genuine responses from the man himself bva mungamuwanepiko, he is now globe-trotting, kuita Zienda nemudenga chaiko ivo vari Gushungo zvavo. In am sure dai ari mazuva aya ekunotora mitupo, kkk dai vamwe vavakunzi Zienda nemudenga because yangova ndege after ndege. Anyway, maybe ndozvazviri when you become… chipedzisaiwo moda kuzoti makahwa naMapombi.
Is it true that there is a graduation ceremony for ECD pupils in a certain country near East? Kkkk this is just a question but don't let him know about this event, munganzwa yava phone atobhururuka because these days he does not to miss anything pertaining some fyling.  Mukavaudza hameno zvenyu, he can fly and leave you mega pa conference iyoyika yatinongonzwa ichaitirwa muno iyi. Nhaka zvedu vekutaurisa, gore rino tichaonerera vana Lacoste vacho ne Gushungo 40 yacho.
But excuse me Mr President, ini ndonzi Mapombi straight from Dr Grace's Trading Center apo patinodya some rotten bananas. Ndingavhunzewo zvangu, are you really happy with the state of the nation? Zvakatokunakirai so? Ndimiwo munomboenda kunyika dzevamwe how do you rate our state of affairs? Maybe you will talk about sanctions blab la kkkk but how about corruption? We hear you are a no nonosense person but sei pasina kana umwevo zvake who was arrested because of corruption? Can we buy the argument by some war veterans that you are also involved? Hanzi zvima G40 zvinomanya nemari kkkk. Nhasi zvangu!
But we end up saying this neshungu President, handisini ndakazvida zvekugara muno mumisika umu. Izvozvi ndahwa nekunaiwa, I have no accommodation. Apa gore rino ndo anonzi ma1 chaiwo. My mother down there kwedu kwaChirimudombo is waiting for me to send some money so that she buys mbeu, vangagodii – every mother believes that her child is the best ende futi I don't tell her that I am a destitute here. In her mind, Mapombi lives in town and therefore he is working afterall she remembers the 2,2 million job promise so she is very sure that chero Mapombi akaita munyama haangatadzi kukwanavo pa2,2 million vanhu. I will have to tell her hangu kuti so far kwakangobuda only 2 jobs kkk hameno vakazvibvuma. Apa mbeu inotodikwa because this is a command year! It's now command this, command that and command (corruption). Hapana kana tsanga ye command yakarasikira kwedu, varikupanana pachavo. They are distributing that among themselves and surprisingly, they do it in a broad day light!
Ndakazombovasvikira vachigovana zvavo pahukama hwavo – ko inhema here? It's happening here in town near the National ID registration offices – apozve apo paMudzviti pazvitupa apo. They were not following any guidelines kungotarisa faction wotopa and nothing else. Saka nyika ino yavakutofambiswa nemafactions? This country has been reduced to nothing by these people. Even if you phone the visiting President to assist, he will never give you any kind of advice ..anoiwanepi when he will be busy looking for the next international gathering outside Zimbabwe.
You know that Mapombi haanyari so I will ask a simple question. Kunenge kuchidyiwa here chikafu ku Show grounds because if my memory serves me well, gore rakapera minister wedu was poisoned at a similar event. Saka mbuya Mahofa munovaitira special food yavo here because last year makapotsa mavaurayaka pa Vic Falls apo! This time we propose that you keep Chikoforo chedu kure nezvinokuvadza. Mbuya ava tinovada these days because mazuvano varikurova inonzi cash talk … hatidi kuhwa kunzi mavapazve chikafu chine poison.
But kasi muneshuwa here vanhu imi? Are you really serious that you will be feasting here when the rest of the country is starving? Ngaisiye matambo, ndichataura nemi next week for now regai ndikange zvangu maputi angu for lunch.
Mukaenda kwaChirimudombo mondiudzirawo vanhu kuti Mapombi arikukanga waya!
Mboko imboko!news

Candidates for Bikita West by-election speak out

Chabaya, Gopo and Shoko

Upenyu Chaota

With the stage having already been set for the Bikita West by-election, ground work has already begun with all the three candidates showing optimism of a clean sweep victory.
President Robert Mugabe chose January 21, 2017 as the date on which the by-election will be held.
The nomination court will sit tomorrow (25 November) to decide on whether Zanu PF's Beauty Chabaya, Zimbabwe People First's (ZimPF) Kudakwashe Gopo and an independent Heya Shoko are eligible to contest in the election.
The election will act as a yard stick for ZimPF since it will be their first election in opposition politics.
Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) have remained glued to their shrewd "No Reforms, No Elections" campaign but have pledged support for any candidate outside Zanu PF.
TellZim News talked to all the three contestants to hear about their state of preparedness and what they have to offer for the people of Bikita.
Former MDC-T Bikita West legislator  Shoko who is contesting as an independent candidate claims the people of Bikita have approached him saying they wanted  a real leader of his calibre.
"I have once represented Bikita West when I was with the MDC-T. The people saw what I did during my tenure of office and they feel I am the rightful candidate.
"They have already given me their support and who am I to deny a calling from the people that I worked with for a long time. I have already met with most of the electorate and have liaised with the traditional leadership who have given me overwhelming support," said Shoko.
He said he is perfectly poised for a landslide victory because he has no competition.
"Zanu PF panicked when I announced my candidature because they know I am a big threat. I am well experienced for this job and the rest of the candidates should compete for second and third positions because the first is already taken," said Shoko confidently.
TellZim News spent two days failing to get in touch since her mobile number was reachable as she was reported to be holding a series of rallies in rural Bikita.
Zanu PF Masvingo provincial political commissar Jeppy Jaboon said his party was in charge of Bikita.
"You can talk to Chabaya sometime later because as we speak, she is having a series of rallies in the constituency. I can tell you that we have never witnessed such huge number of people coming to our rallies. Even those from other opposition political parties are coming back to Zanu PF. There is no way Chabaya can lose in this by-election," said Jaboon.
Chabaya of Zanu PF who defied all odds in the primaries and outwitted heavy weights like Elias Musakwa said she was an experienced politician who participated in Zanu PF activities well before she even knew that Sadza was the staple food for Zimbabwe..
"You know what, I am a seasoned politician …even Minister (Shuvai) Mahofa can be my witness. I started participating in politics when I was a toddler before I even knew how to eat Sadza - I was already in politics," said Chabaya.
"We are going to prove a point that Zanu PF is the only party in the country and its popularity will extent to the 2018 elections. We have begun campaigns and I tell you people cannot wait to cast their ballots," said Chabaya.
"I urge those in opposition parties to come home to Zanu PF. We have witnessed people from ZimPF coming back to Zanu PF because I am a better candidate," added Chabaya.
Gopo of ZimPF said when it comes to popularity and appeal to the voters in Bikita West, not even one of his competitors can even come close.
Gopo is moving with the campaign slogan, "Let's Make Bikita West Great Again".
"Ever since Munyaradzi Kereke was having his days in the courts, I have been campaigning in the constituency and believe me, when I say I have covered every corner and people are happy.
"If elections were held last week I would be a legislator by now. Even if Zanu PF comes to drill boreholes on every house, they will not get any votes. We have done a lot of projects in schools and we are still doing more.
"Together we will make Bikita West great again," said Gopo.
The candidate for National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Mudorck Chivasa could not be reached for a comment as his mobile phone went unanswered up to the time of going to print,
The environment remains peaceful and no acts of violence have been reported

Friday, 25 November 2016

Six candidates approved for Bikita West by-election

Upenyu Chaota
MASVINGO – At least six candidates have been approved by nomination court this afternoon to contest in Bikita West by-elections slated for January 21, 2017
.Image result for heya shoko
Heya Shoko

Zimbabwe Electoral Court (ZEC) provincial electoral officer Zex Zirabada Pundurai together with two assessors Maxwell Ncube and Maxwell Mashavave presided over the nomination court and approved six candidates.
The candidates include Beauty Chabaya of Zanu PF, Kudakwashe Gopo of Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), Madock Tatirai Chivasa of National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Tanyaradzwa Terrence Makumbo of Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe (PDZ), two independent candidates Heya Shoko and Innocent Muzvimbiri.
The seat fell vacant after former legislator, Munyaradzi Kereke, was slammed with a ten year prison sentence for raping his 11 year old niece at gun point. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Grade six pupil graduates as pastor

Pastor PraiseGod Kiwiti receives his certificate during the graduation

…receives best student award at graduation

Exsto Makunzva

- A grade six pupil at Belvedere Primary School has made history when he graduated on November 13, 2016 after completing a two year theology diploma programme with Africa Multi-nation for Christ College (AMFCC).
PraiseGod Kiwiti (11) said he was happy that he managed to respond to the calling of God without wasting time.
The young boy surprised other graduates when he received the best student award, beating his classmates who were old enough to be his parents.
AMFCC Evening School coordinator, Dr Charles Mbisa said Praisegod was the youngest graduate to ever make it through the college.
"He is the youngest graduate to pass through our hands. Just like the Biblical David who got called at a very tender age, Praisegod has done the same. We wish him all the best in carrying out the Lord's work," said Dr Mbisa.
Praisegod made it clear he was ready to go into the field and start to do the work of God.
"I am happy that I managed to respond to my calling, God started calling me when I was even younger than what I am today. I kept on telling my parents about how God was speaking to me through dreams until they encouraged me to enrol with AMFCC Evening School," said PraiseGod.
His father, Virimai Kiwiti, a pastor with United Family International Church (UFIC), said he was happy that his son had followed his footsteps.
"My wife and I are happy parents today. I cannot believe it. We have accompanied the young boy to his graduation and I also graduated here at AMFCC two years ago. The boy used to tell me his dreams and I realised that God was calling him.
"I then encouraged him to enrol with the same college that moulded me and look, here we are today witnessing the youngest graduate ever," said Kiwiti.
He said the young boy is intellectually gifted as he receives prizes each year at his school, and is expecting four units when he sits for his Zimsec Grade 7 examinations next year.   
AMFCC is a Bible College that was founded by Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti of ZAOGA Forward in Faith and it trains pastors from any
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