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Monday, 29 August 2016

My war vets, our pride!

If there is anyone who makes Mapombi very happy then truly it's the War Veterans. Waal, my war vets! E-eh my war vets muri kushamisika nei? They are mine! Ko imi pamunoti vanhu vangu takambojamuka here isu? Nhasi zvangu handibvire kujamuka kwe #Tajamuka/Sesijiki please ndiri kungorevawo kujamuka as in kujamuka in its innocent sense. Please please get me right munondiurayisa nemapurisa akomana. Are you forgetting what they did to Stern Zvorwadza recently? It is the same police which is used by government to thwart anyone who engage in peaceful demonstration against maladministration. Are you forgetting that Mussolini is always right and no one has right to demonstrate against his misrule? Kkkkk this iron fist rule will take us nowhere. We cannot tolerate this government's brutality anymore. Rovai kusvika mabaton stick atyoka, matear gas apera uye imbwa dzenyu dzava kunzwa mazino nekuruma vanhu. People will continue to demonstrate. People will continue to demand jobs and better living standards chero mukarova. Kkkkkk asi kahurumende kazogumirwa aka. No wonder why jails were emptied through Presidential pardon. . . anozara futi manje manje and this time they will be filled with war vets and those who are anti-Mugabe. Watch the space!
But maWar Vets ishasha manje. Mapombi is very happy that the war vets have remained defiant. I mean my war vets varamba kudzora tsvimbo. They have been threatened, arrested, bailed, fired, recalled and even their farms invaded but still they are buoyant hanzi ngaende ngaende-ee. Kkkkkk these are real war vets. Ndovarwi chaivo chaivo ava kwete some opportunists like Chinotimba and uyu wembanje uyu. Is she called Chimhene, Chimheni or Chimene? Whatever! Wati kungodherera Mnangagwa hakozve!
Mapombi however has a clear message for these fly by nights war vets. I mean that clique of opportunists who were born before independence who are now masquerading as war vets. Zundu kugara mundove hanzi ndava mombe kkkkkkkkk kusaziva kufa shuwa. Some of you were sell-outs during the war and now mava kuda kungwarira paduri sehuku. Haaa mutiitire mushe imi!
Mapombi heard a group of self-styled war vets gathered at Gutu turn-off paRoy apo over the weekend hanzi tava kuda kupanana minda kutoisa nekaflag kkkkkkk this flag? Aah sorry not that flag ya Evan Mawarire – zvinhu zvizhinji zvichatinetsa kutaura pano pamba. Muchakura rinhiko nhaimi? Is this not the same place other genuine war vets were kicked out a few months ago? Let's wait and see.  Muchapadzingwa futi.
Anyway, Mapombi will not waste time speaking about these useless self-styled war vets vanonyengetedzwa netuminda twenhando utwo. I am happy the genuine war vets have remained resolute. They want the CEO of this country to retire. For the good of the country of course. They want Mngangagwa to replace him but eish, the Crocodile seems to be in deep sleep. Wake up Croc! Kkkkkkk pamwe muchatinyepera kuti ingwena muchiziva henyu kuti igwavava!
Anyway, whether it's a genuine or fake Crocodile it does not matter. Mahiya, Matemadanda, Mutsvangwa and vana Chinoooneka they want him to be given a chance ambotongawo. Mapombi want to commend these cdes for their unwavering support for Mnangagwa. Even ana gogo Mahofa and Josaya Hungwe they also support Mngangagwa to take over. Nhaka kunofiwa isu tichirova zvedu some rotten bananas kuno kwa Dr Mhamha flea market. But Mapombi has one issue with Mnangagwa – baba musangoita sedhakisi kani. Kkkkk I rest my case.
I like the spirit our Cdes have; they have people at heart. In fact they want to save Zanu PF from so called gay gangsters and the Gushungo 40 (G40) faction which seems to be destroying the party from within. Go Mahiya go. Go Mutsvangwa go. Go Nhando go!
It's almost lunch time, let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, I heard Mboko yakazotya kuuya kuMasvingo. Unorotswa wena because you were going to rue the day you were born -  Mapombi heard there was a team from Team Lacoste yange yakamirira to embarrass you. Kkkkkk hameno maipinda pai nenyadzi nekureba kwese kuya. But haude kubuda muhotera here iwe?  Have you come to think of it that there are some people like Mapombi who are surviving on rotten bananas every day and sleep in the open at Dr Grace Trading Centre? Kurarira maputi when Mphoko enjoys tax payers' money at a five star hotel? Haaa zvimwe muchiti munotamba handiti. Munotiona sekuti takanyonyopusa handiti? Zvorwadza where are you? Haaa tazojamuka manje.
Anyway, let me go and have maputi angu for lunch but toda kuona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. Mboko imboko!.mapombi

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Junior golfers shine in Zvishavane tourney

Moses Ziyambi

Sixteen junior golfers from Masvingo last Saturday travelled to Roland Golf Club in Zvishavane where they met twelve other players from the mining town for a Junior Tournament meant to promote the development of the sport.
The tournament accommodated children between the ages of 11 and 14 and is one in a series of events that Masvingo Golf Club has initiated to nurture young golf talent.
The young golfers played off 24 to 36 handicaps with the A division comprising players from 24 handicap to 30. The game format was stableford played over nine holes with nine players participating. All the top four winners were from Masvingo Golf Club
A Division results
1. Nyasha Dziwori - 30 handicap, 15 points        (Nyasha won the game after a two holes play off)
2. Cephas Ngwenya jnr - 24 handicap, 15 points    3. Raza Ibraham - 30 handicap, 14 points.   
4. Jerry Mudzikisi - 24 handicap, 13 points.        5 T. Mukono 30 handicap, 12 points            
6. G. Floyde - 30 handicap, 11 points.        7. Ifan Surtee 30 handicap, 10 points.
8. J. Phiri 30 handicap, 9 points.            9. C.Marira - 30 handicap, 8 points.
B DIVISION Played 6 holes
 1. T. Muguta - 36 handicap, 7 points.     2. T. Masvinge - 36 handicap, 6 points
3. M. Masiya - 36 handicap, 4 points.
C DIVISION played 3 holes
1. N. Polite - 3 points.             2. R. Dirwai - 2 points        3. A. Eaton - 2 points.
4 B. Matingwina - 2 points.             5. M. Muyambo - 2 points.
"Many thanks go to our coach, Richard Masiya for working hard to nurture young stars to the sport. The kids enjoyed the trip and everyone ended with a prize to take home," said the club's Cephas Ngwenya.
Meanwhile, Masvingo is preparing for a return match at home turf on September

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Gwede vies for YALI Regional Advisory Board post

Moses Ziyambi

Development communications expert and socio-political justice activist, Vivid Gwede has set his sights for a position at the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI)'s Southern Africa Regional Advisory Board.

The advisory board forms part of plans to improve the coordination of YALI; which underlines the United States' many programs to invest in the future of Africa and was created out of a recognition of the critical role that young Africans play in strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa.

Gwede was recently at Duquesne University, Pennsylvania, under the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship, YALI's flagship programme which takes outstanding young Africans for six weeks of leadership studies at top American universities.

In his years of activism, he has developed and implemented media strategies for big civil society organizations like the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

A former university student leader, his contribution to Zimbabwe's educational rights movement is documented in the book, Solid Impact Stories.

His work is also documented in Oxford University UK Doctoral Research by Dan Hodgkinson titled, 'Hardcore' Student activist: The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), State Violence and Frustrated Masculinity, 2000-2008.

A fervent writer and media commentator, his commentaries have appeared in national, regional, continental and international publications.

His passion for social justice and development of Zimbabwe began when he was young and the passion strengthened when he became a leader in the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

"My vision is to support democracy, human rights and governance in the region. My hope is to help protect the social standing of minorities in the region. We have great young entrepreneurs in technology, agriculture, energy, arts and other sectors upon which the turnaround of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and Africa could be anchored," says Gwede.

"I think Africa is at the cusp of growth if it takes responsibility and face its own weaknesses, rather than blame the past," he says.

Mandela Washington Fellows, Gwedu says, need all the support they can get so that they can continue taking responsibility and transform their communities.

"I am passionate about transnational consensus among young leaders in Southern Africa and on the continent. This should happen through improved networking, servant leadership, innovation and closer collaboration among countries. This is the vision and spirit that I will bring to the Southern African Regional Advisory Board.

His lobby for educational rights at a tender age saved the dreams of many students from humble backgrounds. He currently works in projects aimed at achieving social justice and fighting for human rights in marginalised communities.

Meet young African leaders doing amazing work in their countries

During my stay in the United States of America (USA), I had the privilege to spend most of my time interacting with young African leaders from all over the continent. Like me, the fellows were invited to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship Programme under the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and I took that opportunity to listen to their unique stories.

At least 40 000 young people from all over Africa applied to be admitted in this program but only 1000 were selected - and that made me curious to know the uniqueness of the projects being done by the selected fellows.

YALI is part of the United States' wider commitments to invest in the future of Africa and was created out of a recognition of the critical role that young Africans play in strengthening democratic institutions, spurring economic growth, and enhancing peace and security in Africa.

TellZim News caught up with some of the participants:

Bethlehem Kiros Haileselassie from Ethiopia

Bethlehem Haileselassie has four years' experience coordinating a street-child rehabilitation project in her home city; Addis Ababa. Currently, she works as a freelance writer but she also volunteers in two organizations that work on child care and education. In addition, she is in the process of establishing a social enterprise which produces leather handicrafts to create jobs for impoverished single mothers. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Bethlehem plans to launch the social enterprise and establish its social wing, which will initially comprise a community day care and after-school program for children of the single mothers who are trained and hired by the business. Eventually, the project will reach out to other children in the community who live in difficult circumstances.

Samuel Gibba from The Gambia

Samuel Gibba has over two years of experience in various fields in community development, in particular designing and facilitating educational programmes and building eco-villages. Currently, he works as a marketing manager at Sandele Eco-Retreat and Learning Center. He also volunteers as assistant coordinator with the Peoples Coast Ecovillage Network, where the main focus is on working with 11 coastal villages ranging from southern Gambia to southern Senegal, building resilient communities with good livelihoods. Samuel holds a diploma in Marketing from the West African Insurance Institute in Gambia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he will continue to work with the Peoples Coast Ecovillage Network and strengthen the ongoing projects in his community.

Grace Chinonye Ihejiamaizu from Nigeria

Grace Ihejiamaizu is a Social Entrepreneur and Educator working to promote quality education and empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. She is a Lecturer at the University of Calabar as well as the founder of iKapture Networks (formerly known as RYPE Initiative), a youth development organization strategically focused on providing afterschool services to students and out-of-school youth in Nigeria using creative learning methods and ICT. She is also the founder and chief editor of Opportunity Desk, one of the largest online platforms with over 500,000 visits per month, which shares relevant global opportunities for youth.

Her outstanding leadership skills have earned her multiple national and international awards and recognition including being named one of Google's 12 Brightest Young Minds in 2011. The change maker joined 59 other youths for the British Council Global Changemakers' Summit in Brussels, Belgium 2012 and was one of 11 outstanding speakers at the TEDxYouth event at Bukoto, Uganda, same year. In 2013, she was one of the Honorees of the Future Awards Africa Young Person of the Year Prize and has been recognized by many other organizations in Africa for her work.

Stephen Ofori from Ghana

Stephen has interest in biodiversity and environmental conservation and keen to see people act responsibly to conserve nature. Stephen has over 7 years training and working experience in the field of conservation and ecosystem health. As a Research and Conservation Officer for A Rocha Ghana, and Co-founder of EcoCycle Ghana, Stephen designs and implements innovative conservation projects at the grass-root, regional, and national level, all of which underpin Africa's environmental sustainability. Stephen holds Natural Resources Management Degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Professional Certificate in Environmental Science (University of British Colombia) where he studied more about the nexus that exist between man and nature. Stephen is passionate about investing in the capacity of several young and/or dedicated environmental stewards to achieve environmental sustainability particularly in Africa. Importantly, Stephen envisions promoting his Culturally Sound Conservation Protocol (Conservation Evangelism) via scientific research; environmental advocacy and sound science with the goal of helping Africa achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.

Anne Eboso-Okongo from Kenya

Anne has over seven years of experience working with communities in areas of culture and literacy promotion. Anne is the founder of Chula Cultural Foundation, an organization which promotes and aims to preserve the Suba culture which is listed as endangered by UNESCO. She focuses on creating and designing programs, resource mobilization and production of an annual cultural festival in Rusinga Island. She integrates this cultural pursuit with literacy promotion through reading initiatives such as the boat library. Anne is also the CEO of All For Cars Ltd, a company that deals in genuine automobile spare parts from the world's leading OEM brands. A percentage of profits from this company is dedicated towards promotion of literacy, health, art and cultural initiatives. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Anne plans to continue her work in cultural pursuit through empowerment of the youth and women with a focus on the creative economy.



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