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                                                                      Felix Mashavele

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI - MDC Alliance’s losing council candidate for Ward 7 in the July 30 elections, Felix Mashavele has been convicted of malicious damage to property and jailed for nine months.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa convicted Mashavele (34) of burning down the houses of his in-laws following a misunderstanding.
Mashavele, who resides in Ranganai village under Chief Neshuro, pleaded guilty to all the three counts but three months of his sentence were conditionally suspended, leaving him to serve an effective six months behind bars.
The State’s case as presented by prosecutor Caroline Pasipanodya, was that on November 26 this year at around 18:00hrs, Mashavele went to Tivahlire village where his father in-law, Isaac Tivahlire resides.
He told Tivahlire that he had come to collect his wife but a disagreement arose and an angry Mashavele used a match stack to start a fire on a kitchen hut before fleeing.
The fire destroyed 5x50kg of sorghum worth $300.
On that same day, Mashavele proceeded to Ranganai village where he torched two houses belonging to two of his brothers-in-law, destroying property as well as some bags of maize and sorghum that were inside the huts.
The value of the property that was destroyed at the two houses amounted to $855. A police report was made at Sarahuru Police Base leading to Mashavele’s arrest.
In the July harmonised elections, Mashavele contested for Ward 7 and lost to Zanu PF’s Killion Murabharari.

                                            Mupfure Mountain is host to a sacred shrine

Peter Chawapiwa
CHIVI - A local man was recently convicted by a traditional leader on his own guilty plea and fined one head of cattle for desecrating a sacred mountain.
Stephanos Mudyanembwa, of Matsveru Village, entered the guilty plea when he appeared before Headman Matsveru charged with desecrating a sacred shrine in the Mupfure Mountain.
The traditional leader's court heard that Mudyanembwa, in the company of his new wife, was spotted gathering firewood at the sacred, something that is strongly forbidden.
Headman Matsveru ordered Mudyanembwa to pay a beast but the accused pleaded with the court and said he had no livestock.
His plea was considered by the court which then decided that he should pay four goats instead.
Local villagers, who declined to be named for fear of victimisation, said until last year there was no shrine on the mountain.
"It was only after Nehoreka held his ceremony at Headman Matsveru's homestead that this sacred shrine was created.
"In fact, Nehoreka himself held part of the ceremony on the mountain and declared part of it to be sacred," said one source.
The villagers said they used to roam freely on the mountain and were finding it difficult to adjust to the new order.
"Old habits die hard. Perhaps with time, we will get used to the idea that there is a prohibited area on the mountain," said the villagers.

                                                                  Zhao Baogang

Shingirai Vambe
HARARE - The China-Zimbabwe relationship is viewed by many as bad because China is said to be enjoying unfair advantages but the giant Asian state has business ethics, acting ambassador Zhao Baogang has said.
He said this during a recent Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) and University of Zimbabwe (UZ)’s Faculty of Industry and Commerce business symposium in the capital.
Ambassador Zhao Baogang said Zimbabwe had faced many challenges for a long time, adding that he hoped the new government will turn things around.
“China saw an opportunity in Zimbabwe and we appreciate our working ethics. We don’t support corruption and we don’t implement policies in the same manner that Zimbabwe does. In China, we first put them (policies) on trial and implement only if they are acceptable,” said Baogang.
He criticised the country’s so-called special economic zones, saying those were only pieces of land with no requisite infrastructure to support their apportioned status.
“We were told of a special economic zone in one part of Harare but the place has no roads, no water, neither is there electricity and you call that a special economic zone. You need to be more serious and transparent,” he said.
One of the participants, Dr Joseph Kanyekanye criticised the ‘Look East’ policy which he said had not benefitted the country since its adoption in the wake of the Land Reform Programme.
“In Zimbabwe we have a syndrome which I have decided to call a slow and stop syndrome. We are not able not move with speed even to create one thing of our own. Accountability and transparency is one subject for which I ask the Parliament of Zimbabwe to play its oversight role with due diligence,” Kanyekanye said.
He said Zimbabwe had nobody but itself to blame for failing to exploit its relationship with China to retool its industry and grow its economy.
China stands accused of taking unfair advantage of Zimabwe and the rest of Africa to loot natural resources through many ways including unfair trade deals, exploitative labour practices and the dumping of poor quality products.

Rugeje (in black cap) and Chadzamira (green cap) at a ruling party meeting in Bikita earlier this year

Upenyu Chaota

Zanu PF national secretary for the commissariat, Engelbert Rugeje has kept at bay those harbouring ambitions to remove Masvingo provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira, saying the new Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs will retain his influential party post.
When Chadzamira was appointed minister, some bigwigs started to position themselves to take over the provincial chairperson post, claiming Chadzamira could not simultaneously hold both posts as that would make him ‘dangerously too-powerful’.
Speaking at a Zanu PF inter-district conference at Masvingo Polytechnic on Tuesday, Rugeje warned those eyeing Chadzamira’s job to back off.
“We hear there are people who have been campaigning to replace Chadzamira but we say it is not yet the time for that. Restructuring will be done next year and the commissariat will give you the date.
“Right now is the time to work and unite the party not to create divisions. Let us work to bring more people to the party and not chase people out. Labelling people along factional lines will not help anyone but will destroy the party,” said Rugeje.
Some party members, however, have been whispering accusations against Rugeje himself, alleging he was fronting a secret bid to make Bikita West legislator Elias Musakwa the new provincial chairperson.
At the same event, Chadzamira also got a seal of approval from Zanu PF national chairperson and Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri who praised Chadzamira as a dedicated party cadre.
“Chadzamira has seen it all and has won elections twice. This shows that the man is loyal and has the people at heart,” said Muchinguri.
The provincial youth league also resolved that they would want Chadzamira to remain provincial chairperson, pledging to defend him ‘with our blood’.
“As the youth league, we have resolved that Chadzamira should remain our chairperson and we rally behind him and we will defend him with our blood.
“Chadzamira has proven to be loyal to the President and he defended him during the fiercest fights last year when the G40 faction vilified him.
“He is a tried and tested leader and he did not waver when heavy punches were thrown his way. He led us through the trials and tribulations and we believe in his leadership,” said provincial youth league chairperson Brian Munyoro.

… ‘we will amend law to squeeze opposition’
… says MDC Alliance supporters were paid $10 to demonstrate

Upenyu Chaota
MASVINGO - Zanu PF bigwigs that are annoyed by pressure from the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa are agitating for the ruling party to use its two-thirds parliamentary majority to amend the Constitution and limit political freedoms.
Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri, who is also the Zanu PF national chairperson, told a provincial inter-district conference at Masvingo Polytechnic on Monday (December 3) that the ruling party will make laws to stop ‘the opposition madness’.
“I want to thank you Masvingo for voting Zanu PF and giving us 25 out of the 26 parliamentary seats in the province. You contributed so that we have majority in parliament and we can change any law in our Constitution to fit our needs.
Zvakuita manje tava kutonga nekuti ndimo munodiwa kuti tichinje mutemo (It’s now possible we have to change some laws). Zviri kuitika izvi imi wee-e wanhu wakufarisa, iwo maopposition members aya akufarisa (These opposition members are enjoying too much freedoms),” said Muchinguri.
He words were soon followed by calls from war veterans secretary general Victor Matemadanda to amend the Constitution and raise the age of eligibility to contest a presidential election from 40 to 52 in a move seen as an specifically targeted at eliminating Chamisa’s chances of contesting President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2023. Chamisa will be 45 years of age in 2023.
Buhera South Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Chinotimba first mooted the idea some few months ago but the plan is said to be facing immense opposition not only from citizens but from the Zanu PF youth league.
Muchinguri bemoaned the ruling party’s poor showing in urban areas claiming that was the reason why Chamisa was ‘causing so much trouble’.
“We won resoundingly in rural areas but we suffered heavy losses in all urban areas. Harare boosted Chamisa’s votes because he got over 500 000 and we got about 200 000. The same trend was seen in Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo, Gweru and pretty much all the urban centres.
“We have a lot of work to do in all urban set ups. This is what is giving Chamisa all this madness and he has to be stopped. Chamisa has been so stubborn.
“He has refused to accept the election results even though all other countries have endorsed them. We had free and fair elections and President Mnangagwa was declared the winner. Chamisa refused and made a Constitutional Court (ConCourt) challenge where our President was again declared winner. Despite all this, Chamisa still remains adamant and is doing demonstrations,” said Muchinguri.
Muchinguri mocked MDC Alliance supporters saying organised people will not be led to their ‘deaths’ because they would have ‘better things to do’.
“When people have something to do and are organised, they don’t go into the streets to demonstrate like what we are seeing with MDC Alliance supporters led by Chamisa. People were shot and died in the streets all because they shun the ruling party’s developmental initiatives and subject themselves to poverty. They are paid $10 to get into the streets and demonstrate,” said Muchinguri.
Chamisa has been on record saying they will defend their ‘stolen’ vote through peaceful protests and that President Mnangagwa is no Father Christmas who dishes out rights as they are given by the national Constitution.

                          Genesis chairperson Trust Chikohora with Phiri at the event

Tinaani Nyabereka.
GWERU - Stakeholders have praised Genesis Learning Centre for creating excellent learning standards through the building of magnificent learning infrastructure and the use of advanced learning equipment.
Genesis Learning Centre, which is conveniently located right in the Gweru CBD, recently organised a concert at which the enormous strides that the school has made in the development of school infrastructure was laid bare.
The early childhood school has also partnered Mes Clothing to make good quality uniforms for the many ECD pupils who learn there.
Genesis Learning Centre principal, Yvonne Chikohora told TellZim News the school was founded on strong Biblical principles that made it the school of choice for parents who want the best education and spiritual uprightness for their children.
“We are premised on a strong Christian background and we want to nurture the best out of our children. I am happy with the progress we have made in creating the right conditions for our children. Parents are appreciating our efforts and we are confident the future is very bright,” said Chikohora.
The event was also graced by Mes Clothing executive chairperson Michael Phiri who expressed admiration for the school’s glamourous facilities and equipment shipped from overseas.
 “I am amazed by the progress which Genesis has made over the past six years. I am convinced there is no other centre of education that can match the standards that are found here. There are state-of-the-art equipment and magnificent learning facilities,” said Phiri.
He said his company was happy to be in partnership with a school of excellence which stood as an example for all else.
“It is the parents and every other stakeholders who have built this school. As for us, we will continue to make quality uniforms for the children here so that the whole Genesis brand can shine brighter,” said Phiri.
Mes Clothing later made a $1 000 donation to help meet the schools’ other developmental goals.

                                                                               File pic

TellZim Reporter

A Bikita Minerals employee died late last night (December 05) after being trapped by a running conveyor belt which he was trying to adjust.
The victim’s name has been given as Kudzai Manjonjo who worked in the milling plant.
Bikita Minerals has since released a press statement, reaffirming its commitment to a safe working environment.
“Bikita Minerals regrets to advise of an incident last night (5 December 2018) that claimed the life of one of its valued employees. Circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation by both the authorities and mine management. Meanwhile, the mine management led by the Chief Operating Officer Dave Saunders, and the mine Manager, David Mwanza has met with the family to express the mine’s sincere condolences,” part of the statement reads.
The incident comes as a shock for many people as Bikita Minerals has had a largely unblemished safety record for over a decade.
The company also adheres to a strict safety regime by which workers are drilled every morning, with a quarterly newsletter being one of the other measures taken to spread the message of safety and security.

Sandon Academy has moved with lightning speed to establish a primary school which will help make the academy a place of complete quality education at all levels.
Sandon Academy Jnr will open its doors for the first intake in January 2019, barely three years after the seniors’ side became operational.
School principal Svodai Kutadzaushe (pictured) said the objective was to give parents an opportunity to have their children completing the whole cycle of primary and secondary education at with the same strong Sandon brand.
"We have deemed it fit to establish a primary school so that children can begin from grade one right up to form six at the same convenient school. Ours is a brand that’s growing in leaps and bounds so we are prepared for the responsibility of looking after a child for 13 years or more of primary and secondary education. Why should a child suffer the instability of a new environment all the time when they can still remain at the same school of their choice throughout?” said Kutadzaushe.
She said just like Sandon Academy Secondary, the primary side will be equipped with equally sophisticated infra
structure and services to allow high quality learning.
“Young minds are the most delicate; they require all the care and nurturing they can get. We want to give our primary pupils the support they want to excel because if you get the foundation wrong, it’s definite you will have a defective structure.
It is better to build your own structure from foundation level right to the top, than to be made to carry over with the work that somebody else would have begun. You want to be responsible for the whole thing not just for part of it.
"The primary school will feed our secondary side and everything will be smooth sailing. Let parents know of this critical development and entrust us with their young children starting this very coming years,” said Kutadzaushe.
Classroom blocks and other structures needed for a full-fledged primary schools are already in place with some minor touch ups due to be completed soon.

PED Zedius Chitiga

Staff Reporter

Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED) Zedius Chitiga has praised Sandon Academy for its visible commitment to quality education and for introducing a primary school which would serve the local community and beyond.
Chitiga said Sandon Academy, which is located in Gutu district some few kilometres from Mpandawana along the highway to Chivhu, was a model school which should inspire the kind of infrastructure that an ideal education sector must have across the board.
Chitiga said the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education welcomed private enterprise in the education system as long as all government requirements and standards are adhered to.
"We welcome such developments, because the ministry’s responsibility starts at Early Childhood Development (ECD) right up to ‘A’ level so if one brand offers all that education at one place, then our worries would end," said Chitiga
He said having both primary and secondary levels at one school could be helpful in creating continuity and shaping required behavioral patterns among children.
"If a pupil starts from ECD to A level at the same institution, bad behaviour could be curbed at an early stage and the child will get used to the same standards and pace that has been taught to him/her since beginning from the elementary stage,” Chitiga said.
He added that it was easier to take care of a secondary pupil who has been with the institution from infancy since the rules, policies and methods of that particular school would become familiar.
“I urge other privately-run schools to do more by creating the right learning environment for the benefit of our pupils. The idea is to produce a fully-equipped child who will be ready to deal with the challenges of the future," he said.
Sandon Academy began as a High School three years ago but doors will be opened for the first batch of primary pupils in January 2019.
Staff Reporter

Unlike many politicians who join the government with a selfish objective of squandering State resources without shame, Lovemore Matuke, who is the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, has a different script altogether.
As a top government official and senior Zanu PF member, Matuke has managed to lead an exemplary life-style and has established a state-of-the art private school which has set new standards on how secondary and primary school pupils should be educated.
Matuke is the most immediate former Member of Parliament (MP) for Gutu Central and the work he has done in that regard is there to see.
Matuke, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sandon Academy, said he wanted to see the college growing to become the best primary and secondary education centre of excellence in Zimbabwe.
“I did not look for an urban settlement or leafy suburb to establish a school but as you can see, pupils from all over the country are coming to Gutu to enrol with us. We are just a new kid on the arena but already our impact has been felt all over the country. I do not doubt that constructing this facility was a calling and I am sure generations after another will benefit from this project,” said Matuke.
The soft-spoken Matuke, who has a strong passion for the development of the country’s education sector, said it was high time that private schools set standards that allow parents to get the full value for the money they spend educating their children.
“Parents must see the value of sending their pupils to our schools. We must meet international standards so that in the near future, pupils should be flocking from the SADC region to enrol with us,” Matuke said.
Sandon Academy is a registered centre for both Zimsec and Cambridge examinations and so far, the school has recorded 100 percent and 95 percent pass rate in ‘A’ and ‘O’ level exams respectively.

For a school to be ranked among the best, many issues are factored in, most notably the presence of qualified teachers, quality learning facilities and security of children and their property.
In all these respects, Sandon Academy is found at the top, having built its infrastructure, staff complement and other services on a strong background of excellence.
The school has grown in leaps and bounds as an educational institution where children are safe, and where they do not lack anything that is critical to learning.
Sandon Academy principal, Svodai Kutadzaushe said teachers were working very hard to keep on improving themselves.
“We set some monthly targets that teachers compete to meet. They don’t compete amongst themselves but with the target and in that way, teachers improve themselves daily.
“We always encourage our teachers to prerecord their lessons and present them to the class while they sit with the children for self-evaluation. This helps them to see areas that need improvement,” said Kutadzaushe.
She also said the teacher-pupil ratio was low, with the use of interactive boards and videos aiding clearer understanding of issues.
“We thrive on two approaches; the first one being encouraging open discussion on our weaknesses and the second one the conviction that no child is a failure; the belief that children have different learning capabilities but that can all learn nonetheless. A success story for one is a success story for all and the same goes for obstacles,” Kutadzaushe said.
She also said she was satisfied with the school’s security systems that have gave real time protection to pupils, teachers and property all along.
Besides fencing, the school has night security patrols, visitors’ entry registers that all help to strengthen safety.
Health-wise, the school has a resident nurse who is always ready to help where she is needed.
“Our resident nurse does interviews with pupils especially form ones and new comers to find out if they suffer from any illness or allergy. Once that has been established, the parents are then engaged to find a solution,” she said
The school is not affiliated to any particular church but it uses an interdenominational approach where different pastors are invited to give devotions and teach on different religious topics.
                                                                        The late Duve

TellZim Reporter
An Airforce of Zimbabwe pilot based in Gweru who, on November 25, allegedly killed his girlfriend after accusing her of dating his workmate, has been given bail and his case will proceed by way of summons.
The accused, Tashinga Musonza (29) is being charged with murder as defined in Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23, was released on the ruling that the detention of the accused for 53 hours instead of the stipulated 48 hours recognised by the law was  a violation of his Constitutional rights.
He was represented by Pepukai Mabhundu of Mabhundu and Ndlovu Law Chambers.
It is alleged Musonza assaulted his girlfriend Lucy Duve (32), after accusing her of cheating on him with George Mangwenjere, a flight lieutenant with the Airforce.
The alleged murder was condemned by many people and organisations including the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).
It is said Musonza accused Duve - with whom he cohabited in Windsor Park - of being unfaithful, but she denied the issue.

Musonza then took her to Josiah Tongogara Airbase to clarify the issue with Mangwenjere, who also denied the issue.
Musonza then began to brutalise Duve and Mangwenjere, who had tried in vain to restrain him, rushed to seek assistance from a colleague.
When they came back to the scene, they found Duve unconscious and in severe pain, a team rushed her to Claybank Clinic where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
They were then referred to Gweru Provincial Hospital where the sister-in-charge phoned the police station to report the case.
Andrew Marimo appeared for the State.