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Monday, 23 May 2016

Council to sponsor Masvingo City FC?

Itai Muzondo

Masvingo City Council has pledged to finance the fledgling Masvingo City Football Club to the tune of over US$30 000 to enable the club to sail through the upcoming soccer season.
A recent full council resolution seen by TellZim News indicates that the council has made a   commitment to give a US$34 850 grant to the football team for the 2016 soccer season.
However, proposals by the Mayor, Hubert Fidze, that council lease Farai Beerhall to the club for the generation of income for its activities did not sail through after it failed to garner the support of the relevant committee.
The committee instead suggested that funds saved from the slashing of travelling and subsistence allowances for councillors be channelled towards sporting expenses.
The Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing last year issued a directive that councillors should not carry out study tours or workshops outside the council area and that senior employees' salaries and allowances be slashed.
Masvingo City FC needs US$45 000 to complete the season and council has committed to honour their initial requests for just over US$30 000.
Meanwhile indications are that towns like Karoi are funding their local football clubs to the tune of US$100 000 per


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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

ZIMRA garnishes $100k from council account

Upenyu Chaota

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has garnished over US$100 000 from the Masvingo City Council bank account in reaction to the local authority' failure to pay the money it owes the taxi collector.
Even though the exact amount of the debt owed to ZIMRA could not immediately be ascertained, Masvingo Mayor, Hubert Fidze said service delivery has been compromised by this latest setback.
"I am currently away and haven't been given the finer details as to how much we owe ZIMRA which led them to take such drastic action. I believe though that the money we owe runs into millions.
"Our account has been emptied and we are worried because the money could have been put to good use and improve service delivery," said Fidze.
He said council is facing liquidity challenges owing to non-payment of rates, a problem which has been compounded by the current cash shortages in the country.
"We cannot operate optimally because and service our debts in time because residents and government departments are not paying their bills at all yet we have to pay salaries so this garnishee order is a blow to us," said Fidze.
Asked what measures council will take to force long defaulting government departments to pay, Fidze said they are considering employing the services of debt collectors against all defaulters.
"A motion has been moved to give names of all defaulters to the debt collectors but nothing has been finalised yet. At the moment, we plead with residents and institutions to come and make payment plans with the city council so that we may avoid any inconveniences," said Fidze.
Last year, it was revealed that council was owed in excess of US$30 million by government departments with the police, army and prison services constituting the biggest defaulters.
Masvingo Town Clerk Adolf Gushsa could not be reached for comment by the time of going to


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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

Masvingo upcoming artist honours Zivhu

Tafadzwa Nyikadzino

Masvingo's upcoming Zim Dancehall artist Brian Nyangombe popularly known as Yellow Tom has composed a song called Baba Vauya to honour Chivi Rural District Chairman and philanthropist Dr Killer Zivhu for the charity work he has done in the country, helping orphans and vulnerable families.
Nyangombe who himself is not a beneficiary of any of Zivhu's philanthropic work, said he was inspired to compose the song after learning from a friend whose family Zivhu had rescued from hunger by donating food to them. 
Speaking to TellZim News, Nyangombe said he wished to see Zivhu extending his generous hand to help disadvantaged youths resident in the ghettoes develop their talents and build their lives.
"Killer Zivhu is like a father to those who are in need of help as shown by the non-profit work he has done for some time now. This is my way of thanking him and encouraging others who might be taking philanthropy work lightly. I would like to shoot the video of this song with him," said Nyangombe.
He called upon other more privileged people in Masvingo to emulate Zivhu in helping the needy and disadvantaged people in the

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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!

Mr President tinyareiwo!

Kkkk gogo Shuvai Mahofa muri shasha ndibatei ruoko. That was impressive gogo Mahofa! Ndokunonzi kufadza boss ka – Mapombi heard makaita zvinorova paGutu apa – hanzi kufamba musina kana anokubatsirai mukabva mataura makamira zvenyu. Mapombi never knew you can and you are still able to walk alone without even the aid of a walking stick and, again, you can address while standing.
Inga vana Mapombi hatigone kufadza maboss edu shuwa – I mean those guys who give us rotten bananas at Dr Grace Trading Centre uko. At least I should learn to clap hands each time I'm given some rotten bananas because gogo Mahofa vanogona kufadza boss wavo vakomana. Mapombi is very sure President Mugabe vakabva vagutsikana kuti Shuvai kachiri kamhandara zveshuwa. Haa ndibatei ruoko mhani gogo Mahofa kuvhara muri shasha. So munosidherera nhai? 
Anyway, zvagogo hatingazvipedze. Mapombi heard our life President was in the province last week paying condolences to his uncle who died some three or so years ago. Kkkkkk kuzobata maoko kwapera makore matatu? Kkkkkk aaaaah kuchiKaranga hazviko izvi – maybe when the person is in diaspora hake not when one is just 300km away. A 30 minutes flight kana tikada kushandisa chikopokopo. Yes, why not when our Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa used a helicopter kuenda kurufu rwaSilas Hungwe kwaChivi uko. Haa kutonga kunonaka vakoma. Power is sweet. But Mapombi wish if these Cdes could one day use our roads and see how bad they are maybe they will understand when people say our roads are in a sorry state. People are dying every day in road accidents and Zinara is busy collecting tollgate fees every minute. Kutoudzawo vari panyanga it's a waste of time because language yacho havamboinzwisise since they can fly to any place, anytime. Anyway vangazogona zvemigwagwa here ivo vakatadza kuziva kuti $15 billion yakaendepi.
That was not the case anyway, Mapombi heard President Mugabe was in Gutu last Friday paying condolences to the Masanganise family following the death of Chief Gutu some three or so years back. Mapombi heard the late chief was President Muagbe's sekuru chaivo chaivo – haa Mapombi is a gentleman guys kuvanza handigoni. Ndokunonzi kubatwa kumesoka uku – where were you all along Mr President? KwaZvimba kukafiwa mungaita three years musina kundobata maoko? Sekuru venyu chaivo chaivo? Haa Mr President tinyareiwo!
I know people like me Mapombi zvangu we are not being taken serious mutown umu because of dressing yedu yemamvemve iyi but pamwe tinotaura idi. You cannot tell me kuti sekuru vanofa tozondobata maoko afta three years? Inga basa rinokuwandirai zveshuwa. By the way he is the Head of State, Commander In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Chancellor of all Universities and First Secretary of the ruling party – yaaah basa rakawanda zveshuwa! 
Anyway, I am a nonentity in this country and no one would listen kumunhu anopfeka mamvemve asi apa makativhara apa. I hope makasiya henyu mari pamakauya and you also managed to campaign since 2018 is fast approaching otherwise zvehukama chaiwo chaiwo handihuoni ini. And you were not even aware that ambuya vakazoshayawo futi – haaa basa rakaoma vakomana. Now Mapombi knows that President is really a busy man and I'm sure that is the reason he also does not know where our $15 billion is? 
Mapombi is sure this is why the President is not aware that our roads are in a sorry state, our clinics do not have medicines and our economy has taken a nose dive. We should understand the President, Cdes. Don't mind that he sacrificed to get time for war vets or his birthday celebrations at Great Zimbabwe Monuments – which is just 100km away from Chief Gutu's homestead. At least Mapombi is happy that vakazowanawo time vakauya kuzobata maoko asekuru vavo.
Mapombi however, has a message for President Mugabe – vamwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa vakamushora asi dai mambonditererawo. Masvingo is a big province with quite a number of people who are registered voters – please don't take them for granted.  There is no development to talk about in Masvingo; Tokwe Mkosi dam is still under construction since independence and nothing more. People need development and nothing more, nothing less. Mapombi knows that the Mazezuruland – aah inonzi Mashonaland zviyaka, is well developed ndokune zveseka kuno vanhu vachidya nhoko dzezvironda. Mapombi anongokumbira one thing – tinyareiwo!
It's almost lunch time guys let me go ndimbondonhonga chibage chakadonha panjanji apo ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. If you pass through my home area kwaChirimudombo please tell my relatives kuti Mapombi arimo mutawendi asi ari kukanga waya. Gogo Mahofa muri sei sei. Mboko imboko!Mapombi Adonha

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He who said it can not be done must not disturb the one doing it!
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