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The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has restored water supply at Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital after a lawsuit by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

The water situation had become so dire that inmates at the psychiatric institution had to bath at the nearby Magwagwaza River.

Zinwa had attributed the problem to power shortages which crippled their pumping capacity.

Former Masvingo West legislator, Tachiona Chiminya (MDC-T), through his lawyer Martin Mureri of the ZLHR, had taken Zinwa, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) and the ministry of health to court to force them to provide water at the hospital.

After water supply was restored, the ZLHR withdrew their urgent chamber application before Masvingo High Court judge Justice Sunsley Zisengwe.

Ngomahuru Medical Superintendent Parirenyatwa Maramba confirmed to TellZim News that water supply had been restored.

“Our water supply has been restored. We are grateful to everyone who has had an input in making this possible.

“The situation had deteriorated,” said Parirenyatwa.


Hosiah Chipanga

…says he has to deliver God’s message

…if Mugabe could unite with Nkomo, why not ED and Chamisa

Upenyu Chaota

Musician-cum preacher and politician Hosiah Chipanga has revived efforts to meet and have a conversation with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying that he has to deliver a message from God which will save the country from turmoil.

Chipanga told TellZim News in an interview that the country has derailed from God’s path and was now isolated in a wilderness marked with endless suffering.

He said the country lost its direction beginning from the days of former president Robert Mugabe to the ‘new dispensation’ which has done nothing to remedy the ‘curse’ that has befallen the country.

“For the past 40 years I have tried all means known to me to meet the President of my country both the late and the current one to no avail.

“It is true that those with access to tell the President of whoever would want to see him are, for some reason, or due to the evil spirit of the devil that wants to see suffer, not conveying the request.

“In brief, I would tell President Mnangagwa of God’s spiritual advice on how Zimbabwe can change itself and the world at large for the better,” said Chipanga.

The Kwachu-kwachu hit maker said he knew exactly what is needed to be done to get the country back on track on which the economy will flourish. 

“Imagine we are millions of people in Zimbabwe but we each have a different talent altogether though some may appear similar. Each country has its resources though on the same planet.

“My point is we as a people did not give these resources to our country but the country gives them to us and we benefit.

“So by nature the creator has given different things to different nations. So, if a nation has been chosen to follow a certain path and through disobedience decides to deviate, there is no way they reach their intended destination but just lost forever.

 “The country won’t come out of the wrong track because it has new people. I know exactly what needs to be done to remedy all these ills begotten our country,” said Chipanga.

He said there is nothing other than pride and selfishness that is stopping President Mnangagwa and opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa from having a dialogue for the betterment of Zimbabwean lives.

“From God's point of view, whoever for whatever reason refuses to associate with others for the betterment of the people's lives would upset the creator of mankind.

“If men like baba Nkomo (Joshua) and Robert Mugabe would join hands, who are we not to be united,” said Chipanga.



New Gweru vehicles

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru City Council has come under fire as residents are demanding that the local authority must sell the new Toyota VX Land Cruiser bought for the office of the town clerk and channel the money towards service delivery.

The top of range car, which was commissioned last week, was set to be used by the former town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza before she got fired last year on gross incompetence and corruption charges.

Council also bought two Isuzu KB single cab trucks from Casas and Wackdrive at a price of US$26 200 and U$30 500 respectively.

Residents who engaged some city fathers in a residents-controlled WhatsApp group expressed concern over the state of service delivery in the city.

"It's not fair for council to continue being operated like a tuck shop. Bills have been hiked to sponsor luxurious lifestyles of individuals in council. Your Worship (Mayor Josiah) Makombe, we want a listening council despite our different political thinking. It seems we have moved from being a city of progress to a retrogressive one,” said one resident.

Eve Mapurisa Nyikadzino, another resident, said council was supposed to prioritize service provision especially water which is a basic right.

"How can they buy such expensive vehicles yet they cannot provide water to their residents. Water is a basic right and we have been deprived for too long," she said.

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) director, Selipiwe Conerlia told TellZim News that they have always been against the purchasing of the vehicle.

"As residents representatives our position is very clear. We don't want the new vehicle to be used as a pool car. Let that car be sold and be replaced by three utility vehicles that the city needs.

“We know that the car will end up being an exit package for some top official and that is not acceptable. We will therefore not rest; we will approach all relevant authorities including the Minister (of Local Government).

On his part, Makombe said all the three vehicles were going to be used for council duties

"It will not be fair for residents to be shortchanged by having the vehicles used for other jobs not set by council. I urge those in charge to put these vehicles to good use. The vehicles are meant to ensure the provision of service delivery

"The Isuzu trucks are part of the contractual obligation with these companies (Casus and Wackdrive) to service Mkoba 21 and Randolph suburbs. We hope our partnership will yield positive results for Gweru," said Makombe.






It has been long since we last heard from Covid-19. Nhai Covivi, Covildo ukasha hwako hwakatopera here. You had embarked on a long walk to freedom and you were striking the right chords, knocking on the right doors and sending shivers down the spines of the lootocracy. Zimbabweans were patiently waiting but unfortunately the wait has come to an end because China Virus vaccine is here. Yes, they created the virus and are now donating the vaccine to others so that they can see its efficacy. I hear many Zimbabweans expressing concerns over the China vaccine saying heee ko kana tikachekereswa what what but let me tell you something, the vaccine is not being forced on anyone okay. If you want the vaccine just go and get jabbed, the rest we will deal with it later.

Of course Mapombi will not be receiving the Chinese jab because my immune system is ok plus eating maputi and rotten bananas has saved me from a lot of diseases including Covid-19 iyoyi. I cannot afford hand sanitizers or soap to wash my hands but Jehovah is my shepherd and I shall not want. Mwari haangambondipi nhamo mbiri bodo. I hear some people saying that the vaccine is safe because they saw VP Chiwenga getting jabbed, the first Zimbabwean to be administered with the Chinese jab. Ini saMapombi I only saw Chiwenga getting injected but I am not sure what was in that syringe. Do you guys honestly believe that Chiwenga akabaiwa iyo vaccine yakabva kuChina? That was just a kiss the baby moment meant to hoodwink gullible Zimbos. China vaccine nekusava safe kwayo kuya yotopihwa a whole VP pasina akana kumboitwa any efficacy tests kkkkk.

I want you dear readers to get me right on this one, I am not saying people should not get vaccinated against Covid-19 but we should be sure of the vaccine we are giving to our people. How can we just trust the Chinese and administer their donated virus ahhh sorry vaccine to our people without carrying out the efficacy tests. Remember this vaccine being donated by the Chinese is not the vaccine of choice in China. The Chinese are using inonzi Sinovac yet isu vari kutipa Sinopharm isingadiwi kwavo. Is everyone following me here? Now, why would Zimbabwe risk Chiwenga into taking the vaccine which is second guessed from its country? I smell a rat here but again a beggar is not entitled to a choice. Chiwenga akatobaiwa imwewo vaccine isiri yamuri kupihwa iyi. We need to see evidence that the jab administered to Chiwenga on that day in indeed the one donated from China. If they have so much confidence in the donated jab then we expect to see President Mnangagwa, his wife and his children taking the jab followed by cabinet ministers, Zanu PF MPs, the judges, all Zanu PF supporters then isu vana Mapombi kana tagutsikana tozopindawo pamamonya ipapo. Rest in Peace Soul Jah Love.

I do not understand why they declared this man a liberation hero but that is a discussion for another day. What outstanding thing did Soul Jah Love do zvekuti anopihwa hero status yakanyimwa Tsvangirai? Saka vana Van Choga atori mahero kana vafa kkkkk. A precedence has been set here and it is going to be very difficult to deny some of this hero status. Ini Mapombi kana ndafa munotondikandawo pachikomo ipapo because mukarega ndinomuka chipoko. I think I also deserve a mausoleum kkkkk. Iyo yakazodii mausoleum yaMugabe iya. That old man was something else. Akatambisa varume vakuru nhova even in death. I have nothing against Soul Jah Love but I think the man was hyped so much in death than when he was alive. That being the case, I think Zanu PF benefitted largely with Soul Jah Love’s death chiefly because he was the ghetto champion. The youth vote was being targeted hence the reason why we have a liberation hero in Soul Jah Love. Zanu PF knows perfectly well that they have failed the youth and what better way to endear themselves to the disgruntled population ahead of 2023 than getting intimate with the youth ambassador’s dead body.

Can someone tell me what role VP Sexmore-hadi is playing in this government? While we are grieving over the loss of liberation hero Chibababa and national hero Griffith Mpofu, VP Sexmore-hadi vari busy kutsotsonya, kusvasvanga, kukondovota vakadzi wevanhu muoffice yehurumende. What is wrong with this man? At 71 years here akomana kkkk. VP Sexmore-hadi atova mucheki mukuru and all ladies are not safe. That is gross abuse of office and the silence from the government says a lot. I heard musoro bhangu Nick Mangwana trying to defend the actions but he was embarrassing himself in the process. There are some actions which cannot be defended. How do you justify a whole VP sleeping with a married woman in the office? Ko ukangonyarara zvinodii nhai iwe Mangwana. Kutungamirwa nemabachura kunonetsa, our women are not safe at all.

Something has to be done because vakadzi vanopera with this pervert. VP Sexmore-hadi havana base zvekuti vakutoshandisa office yehurumende kkkkk. I know our beloved VP havana mukadzi kumba but why would he want to go after married women? There are plenty of single women out there who would give anything to be with the VP though utano huchiratidza hahwo kuti hwakatarangana. Discretion is very important when playing this game. I hear the three boys running this country are all bachelors. Ehe ED is included ipapo kkkk. Auxillia makambomuona achigara pasi here. She is always travelling around the country running away from her husband. Nekufamba kwaanoita kuya munoti ED anobikirwa nani? The only difference here is that ED and Chiwenga are more discreet and vanoita madeals awo from hidden corners. I think most man are found wanting on this issue but what separates them is the ability to do so discreetly.

VP Sexmore-hadi has failed in this regard and has brought shame upon the office of the Vice Presidency. The only thing left to do here is resign. Why continue to stay in office after such transgressions? President Mnangagwa must demand VP Sexmore-hadi’s resignation otherwise we will view him as an accessory to this treachery. Women should be respected and not abused. Using the office to get your way and destroy other people’s marriage’s is the worst sin ever. We know that resigning is not the way we do things here in Africa but sometimes we just have to say it so that they know that we see what they are doing. VP Sexmore-hadi please tsvagai base musiyane nekuabuser our office unongomisa mazigirazi. I have said enough regai ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. Mboko imboko.

ZIMPRIDE- Job vacancy advert



…fellow prisoners made to remove body without PPEs

Clayton Shereni

MASVINGO – A male inmate recently died under unclear circumstances in a prison cell at Masvingo Remand prison after spending some days battling an undisclosed illness, TellZim News has learnt.

TellZim News has it on good authority that the inmate spent some days in the cell after being discharged from Masvingo Provincial Hospital although he had not fully-recovered.

Information in possession made available to TellZim News by confidential sources pins the death on an infection which could not be verified by the time of writing.

Other sources said the inmate had displayed Covid-19 symptoms although he might have harboured some underlying conditions.

When contacted for comment on the cause of death and identity of the deceased, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Masvingo Public Relations Officer Stanslous Sanike said he was not in office but promised to look into the matter and provide finer details after an hour.

“Let me investigate and make some calls because I am not at work these days so give me an hour so that I can give you accurate information,” said Sanike.

A follow up on Sanike was futile as his mobile went unanswered up until the time of publishing the story.

Sources said the now deceased was a mental illness patient.

They said when the man died, no proper Covid-19 protocols on dealing with the dead were followed, with fellow prison inmate being made to carry the body from the cells into a ZPCS vehicle which waited outside.

The prisoners did not have Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) when they handled the body, making them vulnerable to possible infections.

“Other inmates were forced to carry the body from Cell 16 using a blanket and what was even scarier was that they didn’t have any protective clothing despite fears of Covid-19,” said a source.

Zimbabwean prisons have been ravaged with Covid-19 and over 70 inmates tested positive at Mutimurefu prison last month.

Some prisoners who have been detained at Masvingo Remand Prison in the past have said the place was suitable for animals perhaps; with unkempt toilets and bathroom cubicles that are hardly scrubbed.

In many instances, up to 30 prisoners are forced into one cell which has one dirty toilet cubicle that is never washed with disinfectants.

Blankets are filthy and lice-infested.


Livingstone Mtetwa

CHIPINGE- A 36-year-old Chipinge man from of Makotopeya village under Chief Mutema left many people outraged after it appeared that he raped his own 12-year-old daughter.

Elias Gavhumende who charged with rape as defined in Section 65(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) Chapter 9.23 when he appeared before Chipinge magistrate Franklin Mukwananzi on February 18.

He was remanded in custody pending investigations.

Allegations as presented by prosecutor Timothy Katsande are that on February 15, 2020, the complainant was at home with her father in the absence of her stepmother who had gone to Chipinge town.

The accused took advantage of absence of others and lured the complainant into a spare room where he ordered her to sit on the bed and went on to close the door.

He held the minor complainant by the throat and ordered her to keep quiet and went on to have unprotected sexual intercourse with her once without her consent.

After the act, the accused went to the fields and leaving the complainant who went on and reported the matter to the police resulting in the arrest of the accused. 


Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Dr Takavafira Zhou

… ‘schools opening long overdue’

Wayne Ncube

Teachers’ unions under the Federation of Zimbabwe Education Unions (FOZEU) have called upon government to plan and engage them ahead of the opening of schools for this year.

FOZEU demands several measures to be set right by government before schools can be safe zones for learning.

These include the restoration of teachers’ salaries to US$520, cooperation among all stakeholders within the education system, placement of Covid-19 response plan and initiation of plans to monitor the progress being made in schools in providing safe learning environment.

This comes in the wake of the calls by some parents for the unconditional opening of schools as sentiments grow that pupils risk losing all they have learnt which will make it difficult to catch up with what they have not yet learnt.

With regards to vaccination, FOZEU demands that government must vaccinate teachers on a willing basis.

Every teacher should keep a Covid-19 score card and ensure a smooth flow of learning and limit the spread of the corona virus.

The organisation also demands that all students should be tested first before they are admitted into the school environment.

In an interview with TellZim, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Dr Takavafira Zhou said any failure to plan properly will see grade seven pupils producing poor results come the 2021 final exam time.

“It is the failure to plan and prepare for opening of schools during pandemic which caused disastrous grade 7 results for 2020 and if not dealt with it will happen again.

“The education sector is one of the key pillars of our society and every society globally and its welfare should be a top priority for the responsible governing authority, teacher incapacitation should be addressed testing of all school staff and students should be prioritized and vaccination of all will teachers and government of Zimbabwe should desist from making unilateral and uninformed decisions as it has become their norm, it is necessary to consider input from all stakeholders,” said Zhou.

On his part, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Orbert Masaraure government has to make sure that schools are opened quickly without further delays.

“Government should urgently address the salary crisis and institute safety measure and go on to open schools so that our learners don’t continue to lose learning time. Schools have to open under the right conditions. The opening is long due,” said Musaraure.


Colleen Chitsa

MASVINGO - The Institute for Community Development in Zimbabwe (Icod Zim) has called upon government to prioritize people with disabilities in its Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan, saying the group represented some of the most marginalised communities in the country.

The rollout plan which was released last week by the Ministry of Health and Child Care does not include PWDs as a priority.

The country received 200 000 doses of SinoPharm vaccine from China on February 15, while 1.8 million more doses are expected to arrive from Russia.

The organization says any potential neglect of the disability community in the vaccine rollout exercise would result in deprivation of the group from realizing the right to health as enunciated in Section 81 of the Constitution.

In a statement, Icod Zim implores government to ‘immediately provide on the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines with emphasis on the possible implications to persons with disabilities especially those with mental challenges and others already battling other chronic illnesses.

The organisation says it is government’s responsibility yet again to promote, protect and facilitate the realization of constitutionally provided rights for persons with disabilities in accordance with Cection 83 of the Constitution.

The organisation also calls for ‘an urgent engagement of institutions of, and persons with disabilities to deliberate on how they can be included in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan.’

The organization also expects the government and other stakeholders in the frontline Cocid-19 responses to timely disseminate correct and reliable information in disability-accessible formats like Braille, large print, videos with captions and sign language.

Icod Zim is a non-partisan woman found and led non-governmental organization for women operating in Masvingo and Midlands provinces of Zimbabwe. It targets women and girls with disabilities in rural, commercial farm and mining communities.

File Picture

... 'we risk being used as guinea pigs'

… ‘we should use your our own zumbani’

… ‘rather fight malaria, bad governance and poverty’

Beatific Gumbwanda

Former Chiredzi General Hospital District Medical Officer (DMO), Doctor Tungamirai Rukatya has said there is no reason to take the Covid-19 vaccines as the benefits of taking them are outweighed by the attendant risks, TellZim News can report.

Zimbabwe received the first consignment of 200 000 SinoPharm Vaccine from the People's Republic of China on January 15, 2021.

The vaccine doses came as a donation and the country is also expecting another batch of the same type of vaccines which it has procured.

While making a review of the Zimbabwe National lockdown last Monday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said they expected more vaccines from Russia, India and the United Kingdom (AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines).

AstraZeneca’s vaccine was condemned by South African scientists after trials showed that it was not effective  against a new Covid-19 variant which now accounts for over 90 percent of new infections in that country.

In an interview, Dr Rukatya said there was no ample time to scientifically prove the efficacy and side effects of all the Covid-19 vaccines available.

"It takes at least 5 to 10 years, scientifically, to conclusively say a vaccine works. In Zimbabwe, coronavirus has been there for some time and the mortality rate has largely been below 5 percent, meaning that there is no justified reason to risk taking the vaccine," said Doctor Rukatya.

Rukatya also said it was more prudent for Zimbabweans to fight other growing problems like malaria, poor governance and poverty and also use local remedies like zumbani in fighting against the virus.

"The benefit of taking the risk is outweighed by negative effects of the vaccine. This is not the case in Europe and America where the mortality rate was way above 15 percent which makes their case much different from ours.

“We have climate on our side. Let's focus on our problems namely malaria, poor governance and poverty. So let's use zumbani for now and prevent being guinea pigs for no benefit," said Rukatya.

SinoPharm Covid-19 vaccine is a type of inactivated (verocell) vaccine to protect individuals against infection from SARS CoV 2 (the virus which causes Covid-19 Disease). It is given as a dose regimen, 2 to 4 weeks apart, through injections in a muscle (typically upper arm).

The jab is recommended for adults aged 18-60 years including those with chronic illnesses that are well controlled and is not recommended to those below 18 years of age.

The vaccine is not advisable to women who are presently pregnant or breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy within the next six weeks and to anyone with a history of serious allergy (anaphylaxis) requiring emergency care.

The jab is also said be not good for people with conditions that suppresses their immune systems for example those that are HIV positive, persons on steroid medications or receiving chemotherapy as well as people with uncontrolled epilepsy or other neurologic conditions.

It is also not recommended for people with uncontrolled chronic conditions for example uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension, uncontrolled heart failure, late-stage kidney disease and uncontrolled asthma.

Government says the vaccine will be administered to those who want them and nobody will be forced to take it.




Vengai Defu

By Vengai Defu

The 2020 -201 season has seen the country receiving more rainfall which is normal to above normal in many areas and this has seen some places  being affected by flooding.

In low lying areas, famers were affected by too much rainfall and are likely not going to harvest enough even to eat with their families.

However, there is still time for farmers to act and make sure that plants being affected by the rains survive the worst of the problems.

When there is excessive rainfall, the soil becomes over-saturated and this results in roots of plants rotting away.

Fertilisers to use

Maize plants turn yellow and top dressing fertilizers like Ammonium Nitrate (AN) and Urea are recommended in such a situation.

Crops like beans do not like too much rainfall and farmers are urged to start preparing to plant beans as there is a possibility that the rains will start decreasing.

Farmers are urged to use herbicides to control weeds as it is difficult for to weed using hoes in most areas because of too much rainfall.

Farmers can use herbicides like Glyphosate, Atrazine, Ascort 40, and Stella star.

Common pests

A number of pests are attacking the little that most famers have and pesticides like Ambligo, Lambda, Ecoterex, Carbaryl 85, Amamectin-benzoate among others.

Since the soils are saturated due to excessive rains, these chemicals need to be mixed with stickers like Agriwett so that they will not be washed away when it's raining.

Again it is this is the right time to start preparing and plant onions because the rainy season is going to an end and excessive rains will decline

Cattle farmers are urged to make sure that cattle are dipped more often during these rainy days because of tick and other parasites thrive in the long grasses that are associated with plentiful rains.

Cattle are dying in most parts of the country with diseases like January disease, lumpy skin among others. If they are affected by any of the diseases, farmers are urged to consult the vet and use anti-biotics.

For more information on farming contact Mr Vengai Defu on 039-226424 0r 0772137202 or visit him at Masvingo Farm and City Centre.

Pamela Jiri outside the hut with the two children

…16-year-old daughter impregnated for piece jobs, gets dumped

…Pamela Jiri initiative mobilizes for vulnerable family

Clayton Shereni

CHIVI - With rains pounding daily in the mountainous area of Dimbiti, under Chief Shindi, a family of six crowds every day and night in a leaky grass-thatched hut which they call home and the only place they have known for the better part of their lives.

The rooftop which has been rethatched countless times is giving the family all sorts of problems during this rainy season and they have given up on mending it. The last time they tried to do so, other villagers’ cattle feasted on the thatch while they were out looking for piece jobs.

The hut, which is used as both kitchen and bedroom for Senzeni Makuleke and her four children and one granddaughter, is cracking and can give in at any moment given the adverse weather conditions.

On approaching the home, one begins to sense grinding poverty all over.

The crops on their small piece of land which they till for subsistence is this year a write off due to excessive rains and, more often than not, the family has to go out to find piece jobs for survival.

On one such piece job search in 2020, Makuleke’s daughter Sharai Matowe was taken advantage of by a village delinquent who impregnated the then 16-year-old girl and disappeared soon afterwards, leaving her to face more hardship as a teenage mother.

“I don’t know where he went but some people tell me he is now in South Africa. He has never contacted me with regards to my welfare when I was pregnant. He has also not supported the child in any way,” Sharai told TellZim.

In 2018, Makuleke became widowed when her husband Jimson Matowe drowned while fishing in a flooded Musaverema River.

This left her with all the responsibility over the four children including two sons with serious physical disabilities.

The disabled children cannot walk, talk or do anything for themselves without help.

The two sons; firstborn Maxwell (21) and Laiton Matowe (8) are living with a rare condition which makes them unable to speak and walk.

They have to crawl if they want to move around; and they cannot go to the toilet on their own, meaning they need constant care and cleaning whenever they soil themselves.

However, the children often lack such care and cleaning because the able-bodied adult members of the family are often out looking for means to survive, leaving the disabled children under the care of minor sister who is 10-year-old.

 “I often have to leave my two physically-challenged sons here alone when I go to find some menial jobs to help us survive. We are suffering a lot and this has always been our life although things got worse when my husband died in 2018.

“We hope that we will one day be able to find help to build a proper house and that my two sons will live under better conditions,” said Makuleke.

Traditional leaders in the area are aware of this family’s problems and are pinning their hopes on the government and well-wishers for assistance.

Chief Shindi, born Mudumbwi Muperi, said the family faced more misery this year going forward because their crops were largely a write-off due to excessive rainfall.

 “There are many problems in my area and due to incessant rains, it is going to be difficult for many families including the Matowe family whose crops were affected. I am not happy with what I see at this homestead and I appeal to government and well-wishers to help this family have a proper home and sustainable livelihood,” said Chief Shindi.

The family recently got a small reprieve when Pamela Jiri of the Pamela Jiri Initiative, visited the family and donated some food stuffs, clothes and a blanket.

The last born daughter to the late renowned philanthropist Jairos Jiri, Pamela had come to know about Makuleke’s family through people who knew their misery.

Jiri, who is following her late iconic father’s footsteps in charity work, said she was moved by the sad  situation at the homestead and called upon the corporate world to help this family.

“I heard of this family and I thought about what my father would have done to help this family whose living conditions are dire. Their living conditions make them more vulnerable to Covid-19 as well as any other infectious disease you can come to think of than any other average family.

“This is a critical situation and I had to find a few stuff for them but it is not enough. We hope even the corporate world will come aboard to help the Matowe family,” said Jiri.

Jiri also donated food hampers and clothes to six other People with Disabilities (PWDs) in the area.