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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Varsities don't understand ZimAsset - Minister

Tell Reporter

The Deputy minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Dr Godfrey Gandawa had no kind words for  universities on Friday afternoon saying institutions of higher learning were failing to understand the demands of the government's economic blue print - the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

Speaking at the official opening of the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) Masvingo Regional Center where he was guest of honour, Dr Gandawa said he was more interested in few graduates who can address the problems of tomorrow than thousands who are being churned out by universities today who are stuck in the past.

He said universities should be leading in researches that inform government policy.

"I am tired of people who want to sound as if they understand ZimAsset as they often refer to it at any single gathering and yet they are far from comprehending that document. ZimAsset is not cheap talk...our people don't understand ZimAsset.

"I am not impressed by the way universities are being run today. They (universities) are worried about numbers hence they train thousands to address problems of the past. Universities are dishing out PhDs that are not helping the nation," said Dr Gandawa.

                                                     Godfrey Gandawa

"I want  PhD holders who provide solutions to the country. I want degrees that create industries for their graduates," he added.

Dr Gandawa said academics should not shy away from policy formulation.

"Research on areas that propel ZimAsset and produce. Stop approving studies that concentrate on past and present problems. Universities are glued in their past - and that will never help in transforming the economy," added Gandawa.

Dr Gandawa also took the opportunity to urge the Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (Zimche) to avoid bureaucracy  in dealing with matters that call for urgent attention.

However, Dr Gandawa thanked ZOU for showing dedication to educating the nation but he was quick to say the institution has not yet exhausted all its potential.

"We expect ZOU to be a university of Africa. Just like UNISA, we want ZOU to build its own home and get recognized throughout the continent," said Dr Gandawa.



Hope for small-scale miners

... as new bill is set to go before parliament

Upenyu  Chaota

Brighter days could be looming ahead for small scale miners whose plight to operate formally and legally could come to a reality this Tuesday when the Mines and Mineral amendment bill will be put before the parliament for debate to be law.

If this bill is passed, it will be able to repeal the current 1963 bill which criminalises small scale mining.

Addressing different stakeholders a National dialogue on sugarcane cutters, farm workers and artisanal miners hosted by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZimRights) at a local hotel recently, Mines and Mining Development deputy minister Fred Moyo said they are going to present the bill before parliament so that it can be debated to be law.

"This Tuesday, we are going to present the Mines and Mineral amendment bill to parliament and hopefully it will be passed into law so that we can do away with the 1963 one which we are currently operating under.

"The President (Robert Mugabe) told us to decriminalise or formalise artisanal mining with immediate effect so we decided to look into the matter because the current law criminalises artisanal mining," Moyo said.

Moyo also vowed to deal with the irregularities which arises from the registration and acquiring of mineral claims.

                                           Fred Moyo

"We know there are instances where people falsify documents guaranteeing that they are the owners of the mineral claims found by the others. We want to create a computerised system so that no double allocations will occur," he added.

Moyo said that small scale miners need to be engaged so that they can carry out their activities without doing harm to themselves and the environment.

He added that they are going to decentralise the school of mines to provinces so that small scale miners will get all the knowledge they require to safely exploit






Thursday, 20 August 2015

Vendors hospitalised after clashing with municipal police

Upenyu Chaota/Lloyd Shunje

Two vendors were hospitalised yesterday after they clashed  with button stick wielding municipal police officers who wanted to arrest them for illegal vending in the Central Business District (CBD).
Injured vendors who sustained serious injuries are still being treated at  Masvingo General Hospital.
Eyewitnesses to the incident said when municipal police arrived near N. Richards Wholesale, they started beating vendors who were refusing to have their potatoes confiscated.
 "They accused us of interfering in their duty but they were the ones who arrived and started pushing us around. In every action there is bound to be a reaction.
"We had to defend ourselves from the barbaric council officers. They even attacked a woman who was coming from doing her shopping," said an airtime vendor who identified herself as Mai Tino.

 Vendors clashing with vendors in the CBD yesterday
The council officers managed to handcuff one man facing heavy resistance from the vendors leading to the cuffed man breaking away.
Feeling threatened, the council officers drove off to regroup before coming back after about twenty minutes, this time unleashing button sticks on everyone in the way.

        Vendors clashing with vendors in the CBD yesterday

The officers randomly attacked everyone including passer-byes which triggered heavy emotions leaving many people baying for municipal officers' blood.
The people fought back and they outnumbered officers were left without option besides taking to their heels. Some officers had to seek  refuge in the nearby Steward Bank before the police came to calm the storm .
Two municipal police were arrested for beating people. two council officers at the scene.
The police could not be drawn into commenting about the incident.local

Mahofa approves 68 000 hectares bio – diesel project

Itai Muzondo
Masvingo – In a recent development that has been portrayed as a ray of light to implementation of the Zim – Asset blueprint, the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuva Mahofa recently approved a 68 000 hectare project for bio – diesel project in the province, Tell Zimbabwe can reveal.
In a telephone interview, Mahofa confirmed that they have since had a solid deal with an investor after a series of interviews conducted from her Benjamin Burombo offices and are currently awaiting implementation of the multi-million dollar project.
                                          Shuvai Mahofa
"Among many projects we are doing in Masvingo, we recently approved a 68 000 hectares bio – diesel project to be set downstream Tokwe – Mkosi Dam and Chingwizi area. As we speak, we are just awaiting implementation from the selected investor as I assure you that we did thorough interviews with possible investors for the project until we came up with the most suitable one," confirmed Mahofa.
"These projects are geared towards regurgitating the nation's economy," Mahofa

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