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TellZim Reporter

MASVINGO – A couple from Mucheke suburb needs financial help for them to go and seek medical help for their five-months-old baby girl who has developed a lump which threatens to shut her right eye.

The family has been to Morgenster Mission Hospital which referred them to Parirenyatwa Hospital where they hope to have the lump, which developed on the child’s upper eyelid of her right eye, removed.

The baby’s mother, Chipo Guruve said the problematic lump just started to develop when they least expected

 “We thought it was just a pimple but it continued to grow even though we were given some medication at local clinics. We even sought help from many prophets and traditional healers but all that did not help,” said Guruve.

The baby’s father Tonderai Tsumele is not unemployed and can hardly afford to provide for his family.

They can be contacted on 0773296255 or alternatively call the couple’s friend and neighbour Godfrey on 0776267284.


Temba Moyo and Charity Chiwamba first wife storms venue

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI - Mkwasine Sugarcane Farmers Association (MSFA) accounts clerk and farmer, Temba Moyo recently fled from Chiredzi Magistrates Court where he was scheduled to exchange wedding vows with his girlfriend Charity Chiwamba after his current wife Georgina Majoni stormed the venue.

Majoni was accompanied by Moyo’s own family members who were also disenchanted by Moyo’s intention to secretly wed another woman.

TellZim News heard that Moyo's clandestine wedding arrangement with Chiwamba was sold out by a family friend who tipped off Majoni.

Sources said Moyo had planned to do a wedding party at Mkwasine Country Club later on after the wedding vows but all that came to nothing as he had to flee with his bride from the impending embarrassment.

Moyo was nowhere to be found when his name was called by Chiredzi Magistrate Simbarashe Gundani as he had already got wind that his current wife wanted to cause a scene.

"You worship, I am Temba Moyo's wife. I heard rumors that he was supposed to wed today, so I came to witness it myself,” Majoni told the magistrate.

Magistrate Gundani then cancelled Moyo's wedding.

When Moyo was contacted for comment, he blamed court officials for blowing up his cover as well as his siblings for supporting his current wife.

"My siblings, Thoko Moyo and Morgen Moyo are forcing me to love my wife who committed adultery. The other two women who work at the Magistrates’ Court are divulging information about my plans because they are being paid to do so," said Moyo.

Meanwhile, Moyo is scheduled to appear in the civil court on October 27 with another woman Gracious Shoko who is claiming maintenance for a six-months-old baby.



Simbarashe Mandishona

TellZim Reporter

The recent visit by a team of land commissioners dispatched by the ministry of Local Government to look into how the City of Masvingo has been handling land allocations has unearthed serious irregularities, TellZim News can report.

The city’s deputy housing director Simbarashe Mandishona is one of those under the spotlight, having allegedly allocated himself an extra residential stand in Eastvale in a dubious manner.

The stand in question, which Mandishona had allegedly convinced council to condemn before taking it over at no cost, sits adjacent to his other regular stand in the same suburb.

This created for Mandishona a double stand twice as big as any other average residential stand in the suburb, an anomaly that raised the suspicions of the investigators who then started to question.

The extra stand which Mandishona is said to have irregularly allocated to himself was repossessed by the council in 2012 after the previous owner is said to have failed to make any developments to it.

When contacted for comment, Mandishona told TellZim News that he could not comment on the matter but said that his detractors were out to besmirch his ‘good’ name.

“This is a very sensitive matter and I am not allowed to comment. Yes, the land commission was here for 10 days and I think people should wait for the report.

“I do not want to put myself in trouble by commenting on an issue which I am not authorized to speak about. My enemies are out to tarnish my image,” said Mandishona.

Sources who spoke to TellZim News said that after council repossessed the stand, which is next to Mandishona’s, the deputy housing director wrote to his boss Levison Nzvura informing him that the repossessed stand could no longer be developed and he should be allowed to add it to his own so that he could have sufficient ground to park his cars.

Nzvura is said to have agreed to his junior’s request and signed all the requisite papers.

“The commissioners visited Mandishona’s house in Eastvale and were surprised by the extravagant size of the stand as well as the elegance of the house he built using the small salary he gets from council.

“The commissioners asked how Mandishona could have a double residential stand in one suburb when council rules do not permit it when it comes to council employees and councillors,” said the source.

Mandishona tried to justify himself when TellZim News pressed him further, but was quick to add that he did not want to pre-empt the work of the commission and that he would rather go down alone than entangle others.

City of Masvingo Housing Director Levison Nzvuura told TellZim News that the matter was complex and could not give a comment.

“This is a complex matter and as you know we have a communication procedure which prohibits us from making comments that affect the council,” said Nzvuura.

City of Masvingo Acting Town Clerk Edward Mukaratirwa told TellZim News that the commission did not give him any details of their findings.

“The land commission came and when I had an exit meeting with them, they did not tell me anything about their findings.

“They simply told me that they would produce a report which they would give to Minister July Moyo so we are waiting to hear from the minister. What you are asking is just hearsay for now,” said Mukaratirwa.



Joosbi Omar

TellZim Reporter

The late Mwenezi Member of Parliament (MP) Joosbi Omar is expected to be buried at Lawn Cemetery in Masvingo today in line with Muslim burial practices.

Omar died yesterday evening, October 25, at Makurira Memorial Clinic where he had been admitted after suffering a heart attack.

Family spokesperson, Yunis Omar, who is younger brother to Joosbi, said the family was devastated by the loss.

“It happened all of a sudden. Yes, he had some minor health issues in the past and he was diabetic but we did not expect that it could end like this so early. As a family, we can’t fully describe the loss. He was a family man,” said Yunis.

Zanu PF Masvingo provincial spokesperson Ezra Chadzamira said he was greatly saddened by Omar’s untimely death.

“He was a hardworking MP and party member; very loyal to the ethos of the party and to the President. We are devastated by his death which came when we least expected,” said Chadzamira, who is also the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

Omar, who was born in 1953, grew to become a successful businessman with interests spanning real estate and education.

In 2013, Omar contested in the Zanu PF primaries for Masvingo Urban constituency but lost to Daniel Shumba who went on to become MP.

In 2017, he contested and won in the Zanu PF Mwenezi East primaries ahead of a by-election that year and went on to become MP, succeeding Joshua ‘Mazebra’ Moyo who had died suddenly in December 2016.

Omar was re-elected MP in the harmonised elections of July 2018.

He is survived by his wife, two daughters, one son and eight grand children.







Talliah Kachuta

Colleen Chitsa

HARARE - A three-year old girl, Talliah Kachuta, of Glenview 1 who was born without an anal passage and is using a hole drilled on her stomach to get rid of body waste needs to undergo a colostomy closure operation for her to use the normal excretion organ.

The colostomy operation requires US$7 200.

 The child’s mother Patricia Timire, who is unemployed, said the baby was born without an anus and she underwent surgical operation at Harare Hospital on her belly so that an alternative excretion passage could be created.

She said the child underwent her first colostomy operation soon after birth as she waited for the healing of another surgical operation which had been performed to open up her anal passage.

The anal passage has since healed but for it to start functioning, doctors should close the stomach hole first, a medical procedure which costs thousands of US dollars.

Her family says the child is being stigmatised by other children who do not want to play with her as she is often covered in faeces and flies.

“She is growing up and now she can see and tell that she is different from other children. It hurts seeing her cry everyday because she does not have any friends. Sometimes people look at her and ask many questions about why she is like that and this is makes her feel uncomfortable,” said the mother.

 The family can be contacted on 0713 392 211




Moses Ziyambi

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced two new food security programs, Takunda and Amalima Loko that are meant to help fight hunger in the country.

These five-year programs, which were announced on October 21, will target nearly 490 000 Zimbabweans in Matabeleland North, Masvingo, and Manicaland provinces. 

“These two new programs will build on the United States’ investment in Zimbabwean people and tackle the root causes of food insecurity and poverty by assisting almost a half a million vulnerable Zimbabweans to transition from humanitarian assistance to resilience and self-reliance,” said USAID director Art Brown.

Under Takunda US$55 million will be spent to feed more than 301 000 vulnerable people through CARE International in Chivi and Zaka in Masvingo as well as Buhera and Mutare in Manicaland.

The program is also meant to empower women and youth to create sustainable livelihoods, improve agriculture practices and technology, and strengthen the governance and management of community assets and infrastructure.

Under Amalima Loko, US$75 million will be spent to improve food security for more than 188 000 food insecure citizens in the Matabeleland North districts of Tsholotsho, Lupane, Nkayi, Hwange, and Binga. The job will be done through Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture.

The program will increase access to food, improve nutritional behaviors, and educate communities on sustainable watershed management.

USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, the U.S. Government’s lead coordinator for international disaster assistance, provides life-saving humanitarian assistance—such as food, water, shelter, emergency healthcare, sanitation and hygiene, and critical nutrition services—to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Since independence in 1980, the United States, through USAID, has contributed over $3.2 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe in such areas as food security, economic resilience, health systems and services, and good governance. 




Ratidzo Munembi

ZAKA - An illegal mining expedition turned into a tragedy after a woman from Gachiti village near Perirendava area under Chief Bota died after a mine shaft which she was working in collapsed.

Ward 30 Councillor Fortune Maputsa confirmed the incident and said they were saddened by the loss of life of a woman who was the sole breadwinner of a family of five.

Although Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Charity Mazula said that the report had not yet reached her office, TellZim News established that the woman’s name is Mavis Jakata who left a three-year-old child.

Maputsa told TellZim News that Jakata was working in a three metre deep shaft when the tragedy occurred.

“Witnesses said the woman had turned down a request by another miner to work on her ore which she had dug out. It is not clear how the ore ended up falling back in the pit in which she worked,” said Maputsa

He said other miners reportedly fled from the scene only to come back some time later to dig her out of the pit.

“Those who were close ran away when they heard what had happened but later came back and started digging. They found her unconscious and rushed her to Bota Clinic where she was pronounced dead upon arrival,” he said.

Maputsa said a team from Environmental Management Agencies (EMA), Zaka Rural District Council (RDC) and the police visited the scene after the incident to assess the area.

“Representatives from EMA said the area was fit for mining but those who intend to do the mining should register and regularise so that they be helped to adhere to safety measures,” said Maputsa.

He said three more people had escaped death at the same place before the recent incident, with one of them yet to fully recover.








Colleen Chitsa

Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (Murra) has written to Masvingo City Council threatening legal action if mining activities on a hill which hosts the city’s main water storage tanks are not stopped within seven days.

The residents’ organization claims the miners are utilizing dangerous chemicals above Hillside Extension and Taget Kopje suburbs thereby posing a serious risk to the city's water reservoirs.

Through its lawyers Mutendi, Mudisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners, Murra has demanded that all mining in the area be ceased.

“Some houses in Target Kopje now have cracks from the explosions occasioned by the illegal mining and the continued digging will lead to the collapse of some houses. If the illegal miners are not stopped, the water reservoir tanks may end up bursting which will culminate in flooding and destruction of structures.

“They are utilizing dangerous chemicals like cyanide, mercury and explosives near water reservoirs tanks that store water supply for the whole city of Masvingo and the use of dangerous chemicals is risky in that it is only a matter of time before it contaminates the water meant for domestic use by the residents, exposing the residents to a myriad of diseases which will culminate in a catastrophe for the whole city,” the letter reads.

Murra argues that that if the ongoing mining activities are not stopped, many lives would be lost in the eventual floods and the whole city will go for a lengthy period without water supplies.

Although Masvingo City Council had not responded to the ultimatum by the time of writing, it is understood the mining activities happening in the area are not illegal as all requisite papers were acquired, albeit dubiously.

Recently, the city’s engineering department recommended to council that new applications to exploit the hill be turned down, arguing that council was failing to effectively monitor and hold to account those who are already mining there.



Colleen Chitsa

Muringani garage worker in Masvingo recently appeared at the Masvingo Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stealing 40kg of Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) copper cables.

It is the State’s case that James Masomere (32) of Mucheke A, who worked at Muringani garage as a security guard, was arrested for possessing copper cables which belonged to the ZETDC.

The court heard that at around 09:00hrs, police officers patrolling Mucheke Light Industry intercepted the accused who was carrying a sack which appeared to be containing heavy contents.

Asked how he had acquired the copper, Masomere failed to give a satisfactory answer leading to his arrest.

The copper cables were identified as ZETDC by loss controller Abel Mundondwa.

The copper was weighed in the presence of a ZIMPOST Masvingo official at the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) and had a total mass of 40kg and was valued at US$800.

The accused was further remanded to a later date for further trial and was ordered to bring a lawyer.

Nixon Chamisa represented the state.


The now late Julius Rushambwe

Brighton Chiseva

Renco Mine - A 47-year-old man from Rupike area near Renco Mine under Chief Nyajena last week committed suicide by hanging after stray cattle belonging to his nephew ate his thatch.

Julius Rushambwe hanged himself in a Mushavhi tree near his nephew Ananias’ (56) homestead after the latter’s cattle feasted on the former’s thatch which he wanted to roof his hut with.

Masvingo Provincial Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident saying the number of people committing suicide over trivial matters is worrying.

“We received the report that a man committed suicide at his nephew’s home and the scene was attended by Renco Mine police who took the deceased’s body for post-mortem,” said Mazula.

Sources close to the two said the now deceased had piled his thatch at his homestead intending to thatch his kitchen hut.

One evening, sources say, the nephew’s cattle strayed into the deceased’s yard and ate some of the thatch and the following morning the now deceased is said to have confronted his nephew over the incident.

The two are said to have exchanged words before the now deceased retired to his place. The next evening, the same nephew’s cattle strayed again to the now deceased’s yard and ate his thatch.

Infuriated, the now deceased went to his nephew’s homestead in the middle of the night and hanged himself to a nearby tree.

Ananias' daughter is said to have discovered the body early in the morning and alerted his father who is said to have been at a nearby irrigation scheme.

The family ordered Ananias to foot all the funeral expenses and pay two cattle and three goats.


Some villagers in Zaka have complained that pfumvudza is being politicized

Clayton Shereni

ZAKA - Some villagers have claimed that they are being denied access to free agricultural inputs under the pfumvudza programme on the basis that they are opposition MDC supporters, TellZim News can report.

Under the pfumvudza programme, farmers are required to prepare their fields for the farming season by digging holes and filling them with manure before the onset of the rains.

Government has pledged free maize seed and fertilizers for everybody who meets that condition, but some villagers say only those associated with the ruling Zanu PF party are benefitting.

During the Heal Zimbabwe Trust coordinated International Day of Rural Women celebrations held in Zaka last week, villagers said the programme was being run in a partisan manner.

Mercy Muziri, a villager from Zaka Central said some people were being denied the inputs on the basis of their association with the opposition MDC party.

“We were told there was maize seed and fertilizer for everyone but when went to register for the inputs, some individuals told us that we didn’t qualify. This is despite the fact that we had done everything that should be done for one to receive the free inputs.

“Agritex officers taught us about Pfumvudza but when it came to the distribution of inputs, the Agritex officers got sidelined and the process was taken over by political players,” said Muziri.

Zaka Central Ward 19 Councillor Peter Imbayarwo, who is a member of the MDC Alliance, blamed Zanu-PF party youths were for hijacking the processes.

“This is a government programme which we supported but the problem is that we have some people who came and disturbed the distribution process for political motives. Some 200 bags of fertilizer were delivered here but distribution was not done fairly,” said Imbayarwo.

When contacted for comment, Zaka Central’s Zanu PF Member of Parliament (MP) Davison Svuure said he received complaints to that effect, saying he was disappointed by reports of politicization of the programme.

 “I haven’t received any formal report but yesterday (October18) I just heard something related to that issue from Zanu PF members when I visited Jerera Growth Point. They said they were not happy with the way the inputs were being distributed.

“I told Cllr Imbayarwo to tell his people especially those who think they are being victimized on the basis of political affiliation to come forward. They must be free to talk to me. I am a Zanu PF MP but if they feel they are prejudiced one way or the other, they must be free to talk to me,” said Svuure.

Svuure said he was also looking into complaints that some of Zanu PF members had looted inputs and gave them to their children.




NHB Section, Sakubva.

Felix Matasva

MUTARE - Redevelopment plans for substandard houses in Sakubva have sparked fears that several dozen families will be left without a place to call home, TellZim News can report.

One such family is the Muradzikwa family which has been notified by council to vacate its old two-roomed house in the NHB Section of Sakubva.

The Muradzikwas, are just but one of 71 more families who face displacement so that new blocks of flats could be built to replace the colonial era housing units.

In September, council sent eviction notices to tenants; meaning that Tapiwa Muradzikwa, his wife Gracia Musanyera and their four children have to find alternative accommodation or risk being out on the streets.

After the notices, council established a perimeter fence around 71 NHB Section households.

"We were almost evicted like dogs by the Mutare Housing Department but the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) came and fought for us. My late parents were allocated this house through a lease agreement several decades ago.

“I was shocked when the town clerk said they will give us money to secure other houses to rent but he had never consulted," said Muradzikwa.

His wife Musanyera said the family could not afford alternative accommodation since other houses available demanded more in monthly rentals.

"Our earnings are not enough to cater for our current family needs, let alone pay for alternative accommodation in better places. Even when they put up new structures, I doubt we will afford to live there," said Musanyera.

Doubt Hambira (32) who inherited an NHB house from his uncle, urged council and government to uphold human rights when evicting them.

"The redevelopment plans must not be a burden to us and authorities must not infringe on our basic human rights. Development must not be a disadvantage to residents. I feel an alternative piece of land should have been found for the new project, rather than evict," said Hambira.

Mutare City Council spokesperson Spren Mutiwi said the lease agreements signed between tenants and council were still valid and will enable tenants to get accommodation in the new flats.

"They must look for temporary accommodation while construction is done. The bank which is financing this project will foot the bill for temporary accommodation for all tenants. The project seeks to dignify our people’s living conditions," said Mutiwi.

United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust (UMRRT) official, Edson Dube said housing was a human right and council ought to commit to providing alternative accommodation to tenants.

“The relationship between council and residents is informed by suspicion, mistrust and negative perceptions so authorities must reverse this by putting it in black and white that they will pay for tenants’ temporary housing," said Dube.

President Mnangagwa toured Sakubva in December last year and lamented the squalid housing units he saw, pledging support for the renewal project.