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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Chivi councillor urges Mahofa to speak truth

… minister equates Chingwizi to Sodom and Gomorrah 

By Itai Muzondo

Chivi rural district councillor and Zimbabwe Cross Boarder Traders Association of Zimbabwe president Killer Zivhu has challenged the newly appointed Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuvai Ben Mahofa to consistently speak the truth and fulfill her promises so that her term will see considerable development for the province.

In his speech at the welcome celebrations hosted by his association for Mahofa in Chiredzi recently, Zivhu urged the minister to hold on to her promises so as to bring relief and development to the province.

“We as cross boarder traders felt that we should welcome you to our province. Our biggest hope is however that you fulfill the promises you have given to the beloved people of Masvingo Province. We also hope that your contributions will bring development and relief to Masvingo as a whole,” Zivhu said.

              Shuvai Mahofa

However, Mahofa said her task as a minister was very challenging. She said her first mission in the province was to make sure that she puts to rest the issue of Tokwe-Mkosi flood victims. The victims were relocated to Chingwizi last year but Mahofa equated Chingwizi to a biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. She promised to further relocate the people to Chiumburu farm – about 200 km south of Chingwizi.

“I accept the plea from Zivhu that I should speak the truth all the time. I want to promise you that we will be together all the time – I have an open door policy. Soon after my appointment, I immediately addressed the Chingwizi problem and the victims are soon going to Chiumburu farm,” said Mahofa.

However, investigations by Tell Zimbabwe reveal that Chiumburu farm is worse than Chingwizi since there is no source of water.

Some prospective beneficiaries of the development said they were not going to accept the offer since have since managed to build permanent structures.local

ZSP permits' late release unsettles expatriates


By Moses Ziyambi

Zimbabweans working in South Africa have accused the country’s Department of Home Affairs of delaying the release of permits applied under the Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) dispensation, saying such delays are affecting the daily lives of applicants.

In an telephone interview recently ZSP Permits Forum Director of Projects, Gift Eglone said his organisation had received numerous complaints of applicants who were called to collect their permits long after their issue dates.

“We are trying to engage the Department of Home Affairs to get at the bottom of the matter. We think there is no good reason to explain why permits bearing issue dates of as long back as November last year are only being issued now.

“People are being inconvenienced in their everyday lives due to hassles of not having their permits timely,” said Eglone.

The ZSP programme was launched in October 2014 to replace the Zimbabwe Dispensation Permit (DZP) launched in 2010 but many Zimbabweans claim they have been suspended at work or had their bank accounts frozen pending the release of the new permits.

However, the permits that are being issued now were applied for in October 2014 and they bear issue dates of November.

The government has however defended the time frame, saying administrative protocols take up the time between the print and issuance dates.

The difference in date of print and date of issuance is informed by administrative processes from when the Visa is printed to when it is collected. These include administrative processes by VFS,” said Home Affairs Spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete in an email to Tell Zimbabwe.

The Department of Home Affairs has made arrangements with financial institutions through SABRIC (South African Banking Risk Information Centre) to avoid unsettling the daily lives of affected Zimbabweans. While affected Zimbabweans await their Visas they should be allowed to continue working, conducting business, studying, financially transacting and receiving medical treatment,” he said

The Department of Home Affairs while adjudicating the permits applications, has outsourced the administrative processes to VFS Global, a worldwide outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and governments.

Meanwhile, those who have not yet booked an appointment with VFS for interviews have been given until the 31st of March to do so or risk losing their right to the permit if they miss the deadline.local




Thursday, 19 March 2015

MP Shumba attacks council over chaos at Chitima market

By Itai Muzondo/ Upenyu Chaota

Masvingo Urban legislator Dr Daniel Shumba has attacked Masvingo City Council (MCC) over chaotic situation at Garikai Flea market popularly known as Chitima due to its location which is adjacent to railway line.
Shumba said the council was ignoring vendors who are ‘genuinely pleading the slashing of daily tax which the pay to the local authority’.
Currently vendors are charged $2 to run a stall on daily basis but they are requesting the council to reduce the amount to $1.
“This MDC council is anti- development. I know they want to turn this city into an ungovernable community. We are going to stop them. I am sure the MDC guys will enjoy seeing Masvingo in shambles but we will swiftly chip in to immediately stop the rot,” said Shumba.
If the council fails to reduce the tax, Shumba said he will assist vendors by paying part of the money.

                             Masvingo Urban MP Daniel Shumba
“I have since informed the council that I can pay half of the money instead of them continuing with milking residents who are not making huge profits at Chitima,’’ added Shumba.
However, Masvingo mayor Hubert Fidze rubbished Shumba’s attack saying the issue was none political. Fidze said his council was professionally run. He however, said it was impossible to reduce the tax overnight since there were many other factors which needed to be considered.
“We had a meeting today (yesterday) and we agreed that we are not going to reduce revenue collected from the market. Shumba has never approached the council and we are not aware of his intention,’’ said Fidze.
Early this week, the police arrested six Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) members who were part of vendors who protested against paying $2 on daily basis.   Prosper Tiringindi, Godfrey Mudhumo, Mapfumo Mativenga, Tarwirei Chisikandieyi, Richard Mapedza and Jesina Gwabvira spent the whole day on Monday in the police cells at Masvingo Central police station and they were released upon paying $10 fine each.
Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuvai Mahofa together with Zanu PF provincial leadership addressed vendors on Monday afternoon and assured them that they were going to pay US$ 1 but the council officials laughed at their decision saying it was not proper for Zanu PF members to make such crucial decisions at a rally.

                                  Mayor Hubert Fidze

Meanwhile, Director of National Vendors Union in Zimbabwe Samuel Wadzai condemned the chaos which saw MRT members being arrested. He also condemned in strongest terms the unleashing of riot police on vendors. He said it was gross human rights abuse for the police to harass and arrest vendors who were peacefully expressing their views.
“We condemn the police for interfering with council business. As a union, we still feel that the council should reduce the tax to R5. Where can a vendor get $2 to pay on daily basis? There might be infrastructure development but that should not invite exorbitant tariffs,” said Wadzai.local

Masvingo prepared to tackle cholera outbreak - Dr Shamu

By Tell reporters

The cholera outbreak recently reported in the Chiredzi and Beitbridge are isolated cases that do not pose an immediate threat to the rest of Masvingo province as measures are in place to counter any eventuality, Deputy Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamu has said.
An outbreak of cholera was reported in Chiredzi at the beginning of this month while other cases reported in the border town of Beitbridge, putting authorities on both sides of the border on high alert
Speaking to Tell Zimbabwe on the cholera scare gripping the province, Dr Shamu said medical institutions have been put on high alert to deal with any possible spread of the contagious disease.

“Community mobilisation and sensitisation programmes have always been in place to deal with such issues,” said Dr Shamu encouraging people to practice good personal hygiene to prevent the disease.
On the preparedness of medical facilities and whether they are adequately equipped to treat cases, Dr Shamu said he was confident any possible case would be handled well.
“Yes, I am confident our hospital and clinics are well prepared to treat any cholera case should any other cases are reported.
Meanwhile the two Chiredzi victims have reportedly been discharged from hospital where they had stayed in isolation.
South African authorities have meanwhile sealed off the Sikwalakwala border post with Zimbabwe to prevent a spill over of the disease.
Lack of basic sanitation facilities and access to clean drinking water coupled with poor personal hygiene have frequently been cited as causes of cholera both in towns and rural areas.local

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