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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Croc chases grade two pupil for 2km

TellZim Reporter

ZAKA -A seven year-old child from Zaka ran for dear life for about 2km with a giant crocodile in pursuit before villagers rescued him by killing the reptile before a local police neighbourhood watch ferried it to Zibwowa Primary School where it was locked in a room for two days.
Business came to a halt at Zibwowa Primary School last week as pupils and teachers partially suspended their lessons to get a glimpse of the dead reptile.
Masvingo police provincial acting spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhehwa could neither confirm nor deny the incident as he insisted that he was still verifying facts.
Teachers from Zibwowa who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the development and said the reptile was brought to the school by a local police neibhourhood watch.

When predator becomes prey. Prune Makovore a teacher at Zibhowa Primary, holds the carcass off the crocodile that was killed by villagers in Chiromo area last week.

 "The crocodile was killed in Chiromo area near Murerezi river. We were told that the reptile chased a child from the river for about 3km. The child screamed for help and the villagers came to his rescue and killed the crocodile before a local neighbourhood watch ferried it to this school where he asked for a room to keep the reptile while he contact the police at Zaka. He later said he was instructed to bury other parts of the crocodile except for the head which he took to the police station," said one of the teachers.
Teachers and pupils however, enjoyed a lifetime opportunity to have photo sessions with the crocodile.
Efforts to get comment from the National Parks and Wildlife Management were fruitless by the time of going to the press.

Mavhaire says Mugabe did not kill even a bird during war

Political Reporter

Firebrand politician and probably the most senior member among the sacked Zanu-PF cadres in Masvingo,  Dzikamai Mavhaire,  of  the Mugabe must go fame opened up recently and discredited his former boss President Robert Mugabe saying he never killed even a bird during the liberation war.
Mavhaire who has been in and out of government since 1980 due to his sharp tongue said he was no longer interested in going back to the revolutionary party describing the President as a man who shunned advice until he became useless to both the party and the country.
Although Mavhaire was very vocal in denouncing President Mugabe openly, he said it was not him alone who wanted Mugabe to rest while he was still commanding some respect from the people of Zimbabwe.

     Dzikamai Mavhaire

"It was not myself alone…a lot of people wanted the President to retire then. It is only that I had the courage to say it in parliament in 1998 and they perceived me as an enemy and I was fired from the government.
"I bet you that had he (Mugabe) cared to listen to my advice in 1998, today that man was going to be a small god on earth …look now rangova bepa (he is just a paper)," said Mavhaire.
Asked whether he harbours ambitions to bounce back into the government as was the norm in previous times, Mavhaire said he was already fed up.
"No no I will not go back, enough is enough. I was with them for 35 years and I think we have parted ways for good," said Mavhaire.
Although he was not clear on the exact political path he was following, Mavhaire said no one will take away the fact that he went to war and fought for the liberation of the country.
Turning to people who believe that it is often cold outside Zanu PF, Mavhaire said it is only those who have never been out who think that life outside Zanu PF is difficult.
"Ask all those who are out…they are happy with their lives. I am satisfied outside than inside. It is warm here and very cold inside. I have since gained weight," added Mavhaire.
Mavhaire said under normal circumstances, political life should be very short. People must have the habit of joining politics and pass on the button so that others can take over.
"We should not be concentrating on active political life without ending. Political life should come to an end so that we do other business... the major problem that we have is that we have politicians who do not have any skill or some kind of expertise hence these people fight to hang onto political positions for life.
"We should thrive to have politicians who add value to the country…we should discourage a situation where people campaign to be get political posts in order to earn a living," added Mavhaire.

Chiredzi businessman constructs shopping mall

Increase Gumbo

Prominent Chiredzi businessman Simbarashe Chikonzo is constructing a mega shopping mall just across Zuva Service Station at Tshovani township.
The shopping mall, Chikonzo said, will comprise a supermarket, hardware and stalls.
Cikonzo who owns Chlosteel hardware in Chiredzi said the construction which started in July this year is expected to be complete early next year.
"The shopping mall is a two storey; we will have various outlets ranging from hardware, supermarkets and clothing shops on the ground floor while the first floor will be used for offices. There will be 16 offices. We started construction in July this year and we expect to complete before year end. If all goes well the mall will open its doors to the people early next year," said Chikonzo.

The 41-year-old businessman however could not be drawn into disclosing the total cost of the mega mall but a rough estimate indicated that Chikonzo invested over $380 000 on the project so far.
"I have so far used over $380 000 on this project and it is difficult to estimate how much is needed to complete the mall. We are now into final touches and we hope that will not gobble much," Chikonzo said.
Chikonzo has managed to construct a number of shops in Chiredzi town over the past few years.

Knives out for Chivi boss

…as he is elected Zanu-PF chairman

Upenyu Chaota

CHIVI - The assistant District Administrator for Chivi, Wafios Hlavati, has come under fire from the main opposition, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), calling for his immediate resignation from the public office since he is now ZANU-PF Chivi district ward 30 chairperson.
Hlavati could not immediately respond to the questions from TellZim News last week as he remained mum for a while before saying that everyone is involved in politics in one way or another.
After being quizzed on whether it was proper for him to occupy Zanu-PF top post in his ward, Hlavati was quick to say that people were out to tarnish his image. He further suggested that it was not bad for a public officer to occupy a political position since Zanu-PF was the sole ruling party.
"Are we in inclusive government? Everyone is involved in politics… aah but no I am not the chairperson here. Zanu-PF ward 30 chairperson is one Knowledge Mashandu not me," said Hlavati.
However, TellZim News is reliably informed that Mashandu is the vice chairperson and Hlavati is ward 30 Zanu-PF chairperson. This is not the first time that Hlavati has assumed a political post.
Reliable sources who attended the district elections in Chivi recently said Hlavati was very excited when he won the elections.
MDC-T national spokesperson, Obert Gutu said the situation in Chivi is unconstitutional and Hlavati must either resign from public office or relinquish his ZANU-PF post.

                                        Wafios Hlavati

"The situation in Chivi is unconstitutional. As MDC we condemn that and we call for the resignation of Hlavati. The constitution makes it clear that a civil servant must not hold a political post because there will be a clash of interests.
"Hlavati is a senior civil servant and we do not expect him to hold any political post hence he should choose whether to be a public servant or a politician, not both,'' said Gutu.
He added that ZANU-PF should not violate the constitution hence the MDC-T will fight for its implementation.
''ZANU-PF has a tendency of stepping over the constitution. We want it to be implemented religiously. Imagine one is a judge and they hold political positions, how will they be able to deliver without being biased? , '' asked Gutu.

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