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Friday, 9 October 2015

Journalists urged to be ethical

Leroy Dzenga

Harare- 09, October 9, 2015 -In the wake of a new trend in local journalism dubbed "Prophet Journalism", the Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe (MMPZ) has warned scribes to be responsible when reporting on religion as they risk causing divisions in society.

Speaking at a Press Club discussion on the media coverage of prophetic figures hosted by the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) yesterday in the capital, the MMPZ director Patience Zirima told journalists in attendance that it was of paramount importance that they maintain a sensitive and professional stance when dealing with religious issues as they affect the majority of the Zimbabwean population.

"We have to be responsible with the way we report religion because 89% of the population in Zimbabwe are religious",said Zirima.

She also went on to lament the deviation from the best practices of the profession by journalists as they are developing a tendency of reporting prophecies as fact.

"There is need for the reporter doing a story on religion to have a sincere knowledge of the subject and also separate facts from opinions. Another worrying thing I have noticed is that these stories are single sourced. Journalists now write stories basing on quoting only the prophet in a sermon" Zirima said.

Echoing the same sentiments, VMCZ executive director Loughty Dube highlighted how media ethics are compromised when prophets provide sponsored trips for news reporters to be part of their entourage as they travel to neighbouring countries.

Speaking for the practitioners and media houses Newsday Deputy editor Nqaba Matshazi justified the increasing coverage of prophets saying media houses whether public or private could not afford to ignore the financial benefits the prophet stories generated.

"The prophets have a huge following and they tend to generate more sales than the politicians. The media are simply outlining a reflection of our society," said Matshazi.

People First releases jingles

…praises Mujuru for seeing light

By Itai Muzondo

Masvingo ,09 October 2015 – Former Zanu PF youths who are now proud members of the Mujuru led People First have released their first jingles titled Mauya Mauya Amai praising the former Vice President for seeing the light.

In the jingles, Mujuru is encouraged to soldier on despite all the hurdles as the nation is eagerly waiting for solutions from her.

                   Joice Mujuru

The reggae jingle which explains the former Vice – President as Soul of Tarsus has of now had its way through social media networks with the composers' patron Kudakwashe Gopo disclosing that the group has an upcoming six track album which focuses on simplifying the BUILD clauses through music.

"In politics, anyone would need different ways of communicating their message to their supporters and music is one of them. I have worked with a group of youths to release our first single and we are yet to release a six track album that simplifies BUILD in an entertaining manor.

"We are also looking to submit our jingles for airplay. If we fail to have that airplay, we will definitely do all we can to be granted space since the law entails that all political parties should be equally be represented in the media," said Gopo.


Parts of the lyrics sing, "Amai mapenyerwa, makore makumi mana tiri mugwenga, taitopona ne manna. Amai mapenyerwa kunge Sauaro, masiya zvekare kunge Pauro, mave nevanhu pamoyo, tonange Canaan, kuzere mabasa nemari inotenga…)".politics

Mangoma in trouble

…as provincial chair is forced to resign

By Itai Muzondo

Masvingo - The Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader Elton Mangoma is in trouble as he tries to unite warring factions within his political outfit amid revelations that youths in Masvingo province are calling for the ouster of the party's provincial chairperson Mathew Eston Mutero.

The fight which has since found its way into social media networks has reportedly forced Mangoma to embark on an emergency journey to Masvingo  on Sunday where he is expected to address the problem.

But Mutero has since posted on the party's WhatsApp group named Masvingo RDZ Youth Group that he is stepping down.

"All protocols observed. I write to inform all that after considering posts sent on this group by some unruly youths do hereby resign from the post as I am against whatever form of violence, physical or verbal. With immediate effect I shall not accept reference to my person as the chair of RDZ Masvingo Province. I wish and hope to see the party growing at that supersonic speed as wanted by those youth," read Mutero's resignation chat.

Elton Mangoma

In interviews conducted by Tell Zimbabwe, RDZ youths from across the province said they called Mangoma to come and officially dismiss Mutero who is accused of being aligned to Biti's People's Democratic Party (PDP).

 "It is us who ordered the president (Mangoma) to come and deal with this rot once and for all. We want Mutero out," said Darlington Tata.

Mutero's phone was not reachable while Mangoma refused to comment as he just said not now before hanging up.

"Not now," said Mangoma.politics

Chiefs vow to fight HIV/AIDS in communities

By Moses Ziyambi

Chiefs in Masvingo province have thrown their weight behind efforts to tackle the HIV / AIDS pandemic in their communities, committing themselves to actively encouraging their subjects to go for testing.
Speaking at a recent engagement meeting organised by the Community Based Aid Programme (CBAP) at Masvingo District Administrator (DA) offices, chiefs admitted they can play a central role in shaping attitudes and fighting for behavioral change as well as campaigning against the stigma.

"We want to be involved in the efforts to fight the spread of the disease and work to encourage men to go for testing with their pregnant wives. We don't want a situation where only women go for the testing, while their husbands remain," said Chief Chikwanda.
Many chiefs who participated said it was high time for them to complement the work being done by civic groups like CBAP and government through coming up with local based solutions to stop the spread of the virus.

"Let us restore morality and the innocence of children. Let us look at how we can delay our children's exposure to sexual matters in these days of smartphones," said Mugaviri Shumba who is Chief Shumba.
Headman Gurajena, Mangwanya Gurajena called on chiefs to be involved in matters of community mobilisation against HIV, saying they are the centerpiece of their communities.
"When relief organisations come, they stand a better chance of success if they rope us in because our voice carries weight," he said.
Director of CBAP, Samuel Mhungu pleaded with chiefs to use their influence and authority to stop gender based violence and child marriages.
"We are certain that if our chiefs take a stand against gender based violence and child marriages, we will see a change. With your authority, you can use every public gathering to campaign against the stigma while encouraging couples to go for HIV testing and treatment," said Mhungu.
Meanwhile CBAP, a Christian organisation with close relations with the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) is expanding its Community Mobilisation for Improved Access to Care and Treatment.
Among other programmes, the organisation is also promoting the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMCT) by giving material support to health institutions    

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