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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Four Chingwizi flood victims jailed for five years

Chiredzi - Four Chingwizi flood victims were yesterday sentenced to five years in jail by a Chiredzi magistrate Honest Musiyiwa for burning police vehicle last year.
The four are Mike Mudyanembwa,  Nyengeterai Tagwirei, Samuel Mubaiwa and Patrick Changwesha.     .
 Their lawyer Martin Mureri of Matutu and Mureri legal practitioners said he was going to appeal against both conviction and sentence.

 "I am actually drafting an appeal as we speak. We believe they were not supposed to be convicted," Mureri told Tell Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

Liberty Hove appeared for the prosecuted.Local

Friday, 23 January 2015

ZISMIWU offices burnt to ashes, Hwarare fears for his life

Sifelani Murambiwa in Chiredzi

Barely two weeks after War Veterans and some Tongaat Hullets Zimbabwe employees staged demonstrations against Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers Union executive, the union's offices was burnt to ashes on Friday morning in a suspected arson attack.

The building and property worth US$142 000 was reduced to ashes in the inferno whose intensity is suspected to have been triggered by a powerful explosive.

ZISMIWU Secretary General Admore Hwarare whose continued stay in office hangs in the balance from mounting pressure from workers and war veterans said he was fearing for his life after unknown assailants pounced on his unions office.


Hwarare inspects the gutted offices

Hwarare was fingered in the plot to ouster Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe through a coup plot and this has exposed him to immense pressure from Zanu PF hardliners who are linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"I only received calls early this morning (Friday)  that our unions offices have been burnt to ashes. Its very unfortunate that more than US$ 142 000 worth of property and building has been damaged," said Hwarare.

Hwarare said they will pave way for police to investigate the matter.

"We are giving room for police to investigate the matter. Its Just that our union has been facing a lot of pressure from war veterans who have a habit of coming on board on workers union," said Hwarare.

Efforts to get a comment from Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Ass Inspector Charity Mazula were fruitless as she was yet to get full details of the matter.local

UK based rights activists faces Zim arrest

Tell Zimbabwe Reporter
UK based Zimbabwean human rights activists faces arrest upon returning to Zimbabwe over their activism which was deemed insulting to the office and person of President Robert Mugabe.
According to sources, the activists are Ephraim Chinana, Walter Shoko, Simon Chifamba, and
George Chirakasha.
If convicted of treason the activists could face the death penalty or life imprisonment under the Zimbabwean law. Mbanga who is on the police wanted list also faces the same fate with Chinana upon returning to Zimbabwe.
Famed for their critical views on Mugabe  accusing the nonagenarian of abusing the state security apparatus to kill and suppress freedom of expression and rigging elections the activists join a long list of activists in the state black book.
A relative of Chinana, based in Masvingo, spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity for security reasons said  unidentified men suspected to be members of the dreaded central intelligence organization (CIO) agents have been paying routine visits to the family inquiring about his contact details and his return to Zimbabwe.
“We are living in fear because of these regular visits and harassment and it would be worse for him if he comes back. The inquiries are frightening some of us and we are not sure if he is safe
wherever he is,” he said.
The relative said it was not safe for Chinana to return to Zimbabwe as long as the Mugabe regime is still in power.
He fled Zimbabwe for South Africa in 2003 with some of his immediate relatives fearing for their safety after several threats over their activism and support of the movement for democratic change in the disputed 2002 presidential elections.

Prior to the 2013 election Chinana addressed a number of anti-Mugabe vigils in London attacking the regime for overstaying in power and stifling the rule of law.

The activists ran blog pages where they expressed similar views and also contributed anti Mugabe opinions in the Zimbabwean newspaper that reproduced the Baba Jukwa series in its publications.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Headman accused of penalizing villagers for receiving Presidential inputs

By Tell Reporter

Bikita - Tempers are running high in Zunde village under headman Masasire of Bikita after the headman demanded US$ 20 from each villager who received fertilizer under the Presidential input scheme in December 2014.

Speaking to Tell Zimbabwe, villagers said were supposed to be tried at  the headman's court on 16 January 2015. According to sources in Bikita, their major crime was that they received the fertilizer without the headman's consent.
However, some of the victims who boycotted the trial at the headman's court said Masasire was irked by the fact that he was not directly involved in the selection of the beneficiaries of the input scheme.

" I was summoned to Masasire's court but I boycotted. I dont attend such nonsense... everything was done above board. He is angry because he wanted his close relatives and friends to benefit but professionals from Agritex as well as village heads selected the rightful people. I am sure no one is going to turn up for the hearing," said one of the villagers.

 President Robert Mugabe

However, headman Masasire said he was shocked by the allegations.
"Who told you that ? Give me the names of those complaining ....did anyone told you that he was convicted? They are liars who are set to tarnish my name ...I am going to have a meeting with Village heads on February 3 and we are not going to talk about that fertilizer," said the headman.

Ward 19 councillor Nesibert Chivasa could neither deny nor accept the allegations saying he was going to investigate the issue.
He however, said Zunde was a problematic village which is often in controversy.
"I heard that there were some problems in that village but I do not stay ward is big but I promise to look into that issue. I will also talk to the headman and find out the exact truth but you might need to know that there is a lot of politics at play," said Councillor Chivasa.local
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