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TellZim Reporter

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) national executive member and shadow minister of Commerce, Industry, Trade, Small and Medium Enterprises Takanayi Mureyi (pictured) said his party was the only solution to the problems bedevilling Zimbabwe.
Speaking at a press briefing in Masvingo on Workers' Day, Mureyi bemoaned the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy saying it was ridiculous that the Zanu-PF government which talked about the 2,2 million jobs has never managed to create even a single job since 2013.
He said there was no Workers' Day to talk about since almost all Zimbabweans have become vendors.
"There are no workers to talk about in this country. We no longer have employers because we have been reduced to a mere vendor economy. The Zanu-PF government promised 2,2 million jobs but completely failed to fulfil its pledge – in fact Zanu-PF is now known for bringing bogus economic blueprints that do not yield any positive change," said Mureyi.
Mureyi however, said his political party was the only one which can re-open the industries.
"It is pathetic that industries are being converted into classrooms – it defies logic when a university for example takes over a mine. How can you allow a situation where over 40 000 graduates are churned out annually only to find out that potential industries have been turned into classrooms. 
"Schools and colleges are now renting from potential employers in the industrial areas – and that's a sign that those in power who allow such a scenario to take place do not have hope that the industries may re-open soon.
"Zanu-PF has nothing new to offer today," said Mureyi.
Mureyi was optimistic that his party will deliver. He also said victory was certain in 2018 since almost everyone has discovered that MDC-T is a genuine pro-people party.
Mureyi also urged Zimbabweans to stand up and demonstrate against the government.
"We need to be firm and say enough is enough. We need to have peaceful demonstrations every day. The people who are just wandering in the streets are in a way subconsciously demonstrating every day and what we need to do now is to educate them so that they don't walk in different directions – they must be organised so that they start from one point going in one direction," said


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