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CHIREDZI – Government has hailed the state of the art Koala Park Abattoir as an example of excellent entrepreneurship and a good ZimAsset vehicle which stands as model for rural development.
This was said by deputy minister Paddy Zhanda of Agriculture (Livestock) in a speech read on his behalf by Acting Principal Director of Veterinary Services, Doctor Josphat Nyika while addressing delegates during the official opening of the facility last Tuesday.
Zhanda said the establishment of Koala Park Abattoir represents progress in the developmental goals set by government through ZimAsset.
"Projects of this nature complement government's development efforts in a number of ways and are a good ZimAsset vehicle needed to stimulate rural development by creating jobs for the surrounding communities," said Zhanda.
He said the facility was strategically located as it will aid the control of cattle diseases such as foot and mouth in Chiredzi and surrounding areas by reducing the movement of cattle to faraway abattoirs.
Zhanda hailed the Koala Park director, William Swan for coming up with an impressive set-up which separates the abattoir and the feed lot.
"I am impressed with the setup here, the separation of the feedlot and the abattoir is highly remarkable because it controls the spread of diseases," said Zhanda.
He said the abattoir stands to benefit from the growth of the local beef market and tap into the international market due to the high mechanisation work processes which aid efficiency.
Koala Park Abattoir is well-known for supplying high quality beef both nationally and internationally and the abattoir slaughters more than 50 000 beasts every year.
The abattoir procures cattle from surrounding communities in Chiredzi that are fattened at the feedlot before

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