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Itai Muzondo

MASVINGO – A faction rallying behind First Lady Grace Mugabe, Generation 40 (G40) has savaged the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Masvingo Shuvai Mahofa, a die-hard Team Lacoste faction supporter which pushes for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to replace President Robert Mugabe, describing her as a zombie with nothing but only a knitting certificate.
 G40, which is seemingly in panic mode after the War Vets recently disassociated themselves and publicly announced their dislike for 'Mugabe's dictatorial leadership', hurriedly held a meeting in Triangle recently to plan counter attacks on Team Lacoste before they attacked the faction provincial godfathers Josaya Hungwe, Ailess Baloyi, Titus Maluleke, Francis Nhando, Francis 'Black Jesus' Zimuto and Shuvai Mahofa.
Addressing a poorly attended meeting on Saturday, Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson, Amasa Nhenjana tore into Mahofa describing her as the most uneducated minister ever with only a knitting certificate and hastened to say she is clueless of her duties but was only serving at the mercy of Mugabe whom she now wants him replaced with Mnangagwa.
Nhenjana also said they will reverse all the sugarcane farm allocations that were recommended by Mahofa on factional lines.
"It's now time for confrontation and this is the only way we can expose these people who are against the President. Imagine Mahofa, who only has a knitting certificate, what would have become of her if the President had not appointed her minister? She is now becoming big-headed and is fighting the person who appointed her to become minister – she is forgetting that she is serving at the mercy of President Mugabe," said Nhenjana.
 "We will reverse all sugarcane farm allocations done by Mahofa in Triangle and Hippo Valley and make sure that the fired workers are resuscitated. People forget that they feel warm because they are wearing Zanu PF robes but once they are stripped off, they start shivering with cold. It's cold out there," Nhenjana added.
Chiredzi North legislator, who travels to attend Parliament sessions by a chicken bus, also condemned Black Jesus for openly attacking Mugabe for failing the war vets and the country at large. The little known legislator said Black Jesus has no similarities whatsoever with the Biblical Jesus of the Nazareth.
"Who is Black Jesus to confront the President? He is not similar to Jesus in any way; in fact he is the devil…BLACK Jesus as his name suggests. Team Lacoste is bitter because we exposed their plot to topple President Mugabe," said Mukwena.
Chiredzi West legislator Darlington Chiwa, however, promised to lead the youth in terror attack of Team Lacoste members saying they will disrupt all the faction's meetings in the province.
"My message to Mahofa is very clear, I know all her farms including those registered under pseudo names. I want to urge her to give back one to Tongaat Hulett so that the fired workers can be resuscitated; failure to do so we will use force.
 "All youth present here, you are free to deal with traitors like Nhando, Maluleke, Baloyi and many others we know in any way. Do not be scared because we have to protect the President. After all, it's only $20 bail for an assault charge. I am not inciting violence but we will do anything to protect President Mugabe," said Chiwa.
When contacted for comment, Mahofa said she doesn't want to speak to TellZim News.
Motivated youths in return promised to storm over Team Lacoste members' properties.
"What these guys are doing is simple betrayal and as youth, we know the properties they acquired using the party name and we are going to take everything back. We will start on Nhando, Baloyi then to Maluleke. We will leave no stone unturned," the youth declared.
Masvingo provincial political commissar Jeppy Jaboon who is also the Bikita South legislator supported the youth and said they should guard against vultures from destroying the party.
"Youth are part and parcel of the revolution as they are the leaders of tomorrow so when they say they are bitter, who are we to stop them. Let it be, let them defend the revolution in ways they deem necessary" Jaboon


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