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» » » » » Who says Tsvangirai moves with open zip and shut mind?

Mapombi is slowly but surely beginning to see some sense in Morgan Tsvangirai. Chakangwara ichi Tsvangson! Mapombi almost believed Zanu PF when it said Morgan had an open zip and shut mind. Kkkkkk kuchinyepera Tea Boy chinofungisa.
After all who has an open mind and shut zip in Zanu PF? Not even one. Even the so called doctors and Professors. They are doctors with PhDs in ignorance and they know nothing more except corruption and misrule. And to ascertain that hapana zvinozikanwa they always find someone to blame kkkkkkk hanzi Pastor Evan Mawarire is being send by US and Britain; Beitbridge Border strike was caused by South Africans, corruption in government is because of sanctions, hee-ee France blah blah Kkkkk baba vangu iwe! 
Kkkkkk Zanu PF cannot be trusted with anything; some are rapists and thieves while others are greedy and corrupt. They can't be trusted – they take Shabani and Mashava Mines look what they did; they take over Chiyadzwa diamonds mine and guess what happened? $15 billion went missing. Hey not Zim dollars but $15 billion United States Dollars. They cannot just be trusted! Wherever they lay their hands they leave trail of destruction. 
Anyway, Mapombi wants to salute Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai – the only sensible Dr in my view. And of course Dr Amai – she has a PhD in kutukirira. Amai vanotuka ivava vakomana Mapombi is very sure they now know her by name in Singapore. Imagine vachipopota muzukuru wavo atadza kubaiwa BCG in time kkkkk Marujata! By the way it's not Mapombi who gave her that name ndiMavhaire.
Mapombi can confidently confirm that Tsvangirai is now one of her allies and together with war veterans we are forming a Tripple Alliance against…. E-eh nhasi zvangu ndinoswera ndava kunzi Mapombi is being send by his handlers, the US and British to push regime change agenda. Kkkkkk kaparty kanonzi Zanu PF ka! But this time havalume, with these triple alliance we are forming kunyepa. The war vets now mean serious business and Tsvangirai too. He appointed Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri his vice presidents. That was a brave and wise decision Tsvangson. Solving succession issues whilst you still have the energy kwete senge zvinoitiwa kukaparty kamwe kaya. Mapombi is very confident that young Chamisa will take over reigns from Tsvangirai. Makaranga pfee! 
Mapombi just feel sorry for Mwonzora; mind you he who laughs last laughs the longest. Kekekekeke tough lucky mukoma Dougie! Mwonzora keep your Secretary General (SG) and Chamisa will keep the presidency.  Mapombi mentioned it achiri kwaChirimudombo uko kuti Chamisa will take over from Tsvangirai vamwe vakati ndiri murwere wepfungwa zvino nhasi ndezvipi? Viva Chamisa! 
Anyway, Mapombi is irked by the behavior of some comrades from Public Service Commission – they went around rural schools demanding attendance registers before they threatened all teachers who were absent during last weeks' stay away. Be warned comrades! Munombohora yakawanda seiko imi munoda kutoshungurudza vamwe kudai? Haa tiitirei mushe manzwa!
Why threatening teachers in rural areas? In urban all schools were closed but none of you went and demanded attendance registers asi kumhanyira kumusha. Nxaa! Kungwarira paguyo sembwa.
Mapombi is very bitter especially with people who want to cause unnecessary trouble to civil servants. Someone is protesting because he or she is not given salary on time but rimwe boorangoma rotouya roti wavepi blah blah. Nonsense! These people give Mapombi some rotten bananas each time they come to Dr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre to buy tomatoes, cabbages and Matemba. Ndoraramirepi ini kana mava kutsindira mwena unobuda neishwa?
The month of July is almost folding and government has not yet announced salary dates for civil servants kkkkkk even the uniformed forces kkkkkk inga zvinhu zvinosanduka akomana. Government is no longer afraid of your guns anymore – mapurisa nemasoja mangofanana nemateacher wotoshaya kuti black boots yairoverei vanhu when they were demonstrating against this government's maladministration. Gore rino muchatambiiswa zvihuta chete kekekeke. Anyway, let us join our hands to welcome the police and army to this poverty league where salary has become a nightmare. In this league we have teachers, nurses, parastatals, government departments and the private sector. Mucharohwa nenhamo kusvika mati baba nemuridzo kuno. You have to join the demos and stay away or else you will be relegated. Period.
By the way, who is the police provincial boss? Is there anyone of that sort? Mapombi doubt very much because the level of lawlessness in this province is just too much. Murder cases, robbery, rape and theft are on the increase. Things were not like this during the time of 
Anyway, what more can we expect from this organization except roadblocks. Please mount more roadblocks and collect every cent that motorists have. In fact, go ahead and search their pockets and take every cent. Hapana kana pressure!
Aa-ah it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch because rotten bananas are hard to come by these


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