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Upenyu Chaota

Former Energy minister who has now joined opposition politics with the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) outfit, Dzikamai Mavhaire, has lambasted the lack of thinking which has now hit Zanu PF saying they are only concerned with pleasing the First Family's familial needs and are deaf to the plight of the general Zimbabweans.
 Mavhaire, who is the National Organising Secretary for ZimPF, said greed and selfishness have taken over the ruling party and senior members are on a looting spree of the little resources left while they have become bankrupt on how to revive the economy.
The Zimbabwean economy has plummeted over the years with no clear solution on the horizon and the unemployment levels have reached unprecedented heights.
"Zanu PF is now clueless. There is now drought of thinking at all levels of decision making. It is now a sinking ship but they want to take all Zimbabweans with them.
"A minister will wake up and try to experiment with Zimbabweans without anyone questioning him. As ZimPF we say no to that and we are going to save Zimbabwe from sinking with Zanu PF.
"When their ideas fail, they all hide under the sanctions pretext which has led us to where we are today. There are no sanctions to talk about but bad policies and poor governance," said Mavhaire.
This Saturday, ZimPF leader, Dr Joice Mujuru, will address her star rally at Mucheke Stadium where she is expected highlight the developments she has in store for the people of Masvingo.
"Dr Mujuru will address the irrigation issue in the Lowveld. Sugarcane production is under threat since Zanu PF is now grabbing the productive land without any clue on how to use it. Masvingo has the highest number of cattle in Zimbabwe but there is no market. The issue of the Cold Storage Company (CSC) will also be addressed since it's an opportunity to create employment for many people.
"Mujuru will also talk about our policy framework. Zanu PF is doing everything in their power to get votes but we are guided by principles. You cannot wake up and say you want to give people stands on land which could be used for other developmental things. We don't need houses everywhere, there has to be a plan," said Mavhaire.
Mavhaire said Zimbabwe will be great again when relations with the international community have been restored. He said they will engage everyone including the West if they get into power.
ZimPF Masvingo provincial spokesperson, Rtd Col Kudzai Mbudzi, added his voice saying Zanu PF is out of touch and President Mugabe has outgrown his usefulness.
"Zimbabwe now needs urgent intervention for its survival. Mujuru has, therefore, declared that 2016 is a year of the establishment of our party which will be the custodian of the political aspirations of our people. The people and the party shall be one entity, working together for the greater good.
"Rebuilding the nation under Mujuru is not a political statement but a way of life. Through the adaptation and implementation of the Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (BUILD), the hope and dignity of the Zimbabweans can be restored.
"The time to blame sanctions is over. Zanu PF has run down the economy and it is time to rebuild," said


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