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Someone told me that the second Vice President will be here, I mean in this ancient city tomorrow (Friday). The Second VP… kkk aa nemiwo morega ndichiti second, I had just forgotten he rejected that demotion.
He refused to be called second VP when sekuru Hungwe tried to call him VP number two sometime ago apo pa GZU. Ivo veMasvingo vanenharo, shuwa shuwa mungati rume rose riya with his gigantic body Second?
Ko is it true that he is very tall that he cannot fit in a normal house? Hanzi Mboko aah sorry, wanted to say Mphoko lives in a hotel because he can't fit in any house in Zimbabwe…even if you build a multi-million dollar house, Mboko would still say handidi , haiite imba iyoyo and he goes to a hotel. Inga vamwe zvenyu makagarika, kunonzi kudya nyika rutivi, when your government fails to pay its workers, you have the guts to abuse public funds like that.
We welcome you here in Masvingo Mboko but you must know that no one is happy about your behaviour. Your arrogance exposes you as a selfish person who is not a leader, a person who does not have people at heart.
Ini Mapombi ndokuudza chokwadi chausingadi kunzwa… you are just serving as VP because the one who appointed you views you as a place holder…hapana, just ceremonial uchingodya mari yenyika living in hotels.
Nemiwo ve city council, why would you invite this arrogant man to officiate at this ceremony…apa ndopandinoti chero mbuya Mahofa vaive nani. Kkkk zvatinomboitirwawo ne Zanu PF so, I can imagine mbuya vachidonha zvavo muma trenches. But ndovadii zvavo mbuya, I heard her boss vakongodonha wani gore riya… dzava hari dzofanzirofa! But on a more serious note, why did you invite Mboko zvayo, haa ini handidi zvangu, residents must unite and give him a message – if the council was getting grants from government vanhu vangadai vasingashaye mvura and other basic services. Now you invite someone who is anti –people to come and try to tell us that he cares when he believes that he is the only one who should enjoy in this country.
Shame on you Mboko! Ko vana Zvorwadza vaya vatinongohwa nembiri varipiko, this was going to be a good time to confront this man and tell him kuti people were fed up by his behaviour. Hatidi vanhu vakadai as leaders.
But God must help my nation Zimbabwe! In fact, Dofora or Dokora or whoever crafted that pledge was supposed to come up with a national prayer. Ini zvangu kuno kwaDoctor Grace I do my prayer every morning – God rescue Zimbabwe from this kind of leadership, talk of Mboko, Chimene, Mahofa and company. I shall not talk about their leader and other useless and very old place holders in government.
Ko ndakahwa kuti mbuya Mahofa vakazopedzisa tour of some cultural festival in Chiredzi vagariswa mungoro yemadhongi? Kunzi garai mbuya …with her CIO body guard in that scotch cart – and Mugabe is smiling kuti zvirikufaya paMasvingo? Next time when we invite you kwedu kwaChirimudombo toda kukuisai mubhara mbuya…lol.
I am sure this country is cursed, when we survive on rotten Bananas hoping that tomorrow would bring better leaders only to be given this crop of zvihuta leaders who know nothing besides corruption, nepotism and self –enrichment.
They only become energetic when you talk of factions. Haa ukangoti Lacoste or G40 hanzi vose vanomuka kumhanya, they are just like that…never expect them to work for development.
Talking about factions, some people were saying Kasukuwere is coming to Chiredzi…bva G40 haisi kurara nhai , when are you dishing out residential stands to youth aligned to your faction.… iko mukasadaro na Hungwe hamupabudi he is a very good schemer. Sando dzako Hungwe since 70s, waingovaridza pamunyati chero zvenyu musina kuwisa ndege Chasura you know how to play your cards.
Mukadarika nekwaChirimudombo muvaudze kuti Mapombi is still alive but he is living like a vagrant. Some people now think that I am a mad man, munoti ndinopenga?
Let me look for some food from mabin! Mboko village, #Mboko hotel!!

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