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» » » » » ‘Mugabe is an employee, should listen to employer’

Itai Muzondo

– Chiredzi-based Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) national political commissar, Francis Nhando has taken another jibe at Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe saying he is a mere employee of the citizens who should obey if they want to relieve him from office.
Nhando, who was freed on bail after being arrested along with Victor Matemadanda for the 'treasonous and traitorous' communiqué which disparaged Mugabe as a brutal dictator who must go, also attacked Zanu PF supporters who deified Mugabe while the nation suffers.
Nhando is also famous for his 'Mugabe is a hard sell for 2018 polls' jibe.
"Our crime against Zanu PF is opening up that President Mugabe must go. He has failed to step down and name a successor. Naming a successor is not like we are calling for the demise of Zanu PF but we are simply calling for a healthy travel for the revolutionary party.
"We must also know that he (Mugabe) is an employee taken to that position by the people and if those people call upon him to go, he must do that because they are the employer. Even in our work places, we know very much that if a person gets old, they are asked to go and rest. So who is Mugabe to reject an instruction from the employer?" Nhando said.
Mugabe (92) stands as the world's oldest president. He has since expressed interest to stand as Zanu PF's presidential candidate in 2018 despite the fact that he would be 94 years old. If he wins that election, he would serve for five years and would leave office at the age of 99.
"Those who say Mugabe must stay are lying to him; they are pretenders. They fear that if someone comes to power they will not be able to continue with their corrupt deeds since Zanu PF protects them and their illegal deeds. It will be worse if they try to make him face the looming 2018 poll humiliation.
"Those who lie to him go further to take him as a 'god', treating him like a religious sort of thing that has eternal life on earth. No, that's not it. We can't worship a mortal who is not even performing optimally," added Nhando
Nhando is not the first person to be victimised for raising issue with Mugabe's advanced age.
ZimPF Provincial Spokesperson for Masvingo and former Zanu PF cadre, Rtd Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi last month said he was fired for questioning Mugabe's abilities as a leader considering his age.
Nhando said Mugabe's resignation would see the nation's biggest party ever.
"If Mugabe announces that he wants to rest now, all people will gather to thank him. I am not talking of bused congregants, no. I mean hordes of people, even unexpected figures from across the globe will come to witness the event of his official resignation," he


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