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Moses Ziyambi

- Pastor Patrick Mugadza of the Remnant Church has predicted drastic changes in the political and economic fortunes of the country, saying he foresees woe to some members of the government who are blamed for perpetuating the current crisis.
The outspoken Kariba-based clergyman, who shot to fame with his solo demonstration against President Robert Mugabe during the Zanu PF conference in December last year, has just completed his 40 days of prayer and fasting dubbed #Mugabe Must Fall.
"It was after the realisation that everything has to start in the Spirit and so we realised that the best way to see RG (Mugabe) standing down is by way of praying to God. We were so much assured in prayer that the prayer was answered and it was just a matter of time," said the charismatic pastor.
He said he was foreseeing a major shake-up which will leave some senior officials in the country's leadership in dire straits.
"I foresee a high profile resignation or dismissal with (Vice President Emmerson) Mnangagwa being one of the casualties. He will literally be a vendor by the roadside for survival," Pastor Mugadza said.
He said during the 40 day campaign which began on July 1 and ended on August 9, God showed him a vision of women who were painstakingly driving cars over a seemingly insurmountable ascent.
"All of a sudden, I saw a horse-drawn carriage with a white man inside. I then saw the American flag and the horses were galloping but I wondered how horses could gallop and scale such steep terrain when cars were struggling. But suddenly I saw a sign written 'Welcome to Zimbabwe' and I then realised how close the end was," said Pastor Mugadza.
On the numerous protests rocking the country, Pastor Mugadza said any form of political activism against the current government should be spontaneous and citizen-driven.
"The regime does not want to give in to pressure from rival political parties but they will be left with no choice if the whole thing is citizen-driven. Let all civic groups and hash tags come together. There is no problem with receiving external support as the regime would want us to believe.
"During the liberation struggle, they thrived on external support and just recently, Patrick Chinamasa was in London begging for support. We need all the support we can get because we want to dismantle the system because they do not have the capacity to deliver," Pastor Mugadza said.
He criticised church leaders who hide behind the 'all leaders are appointed by God and 'we must pray for them' bandwagon.
"The church is the voice for the voiceless, if she remains silent at this critical moment in time, she then makes herself a partner in crime," he

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