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Itai Muzondo

– Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri attacked United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa saying his church is full of harlots as was witnessed by the number of used condoms that were found at the venue of Judgment Night 4 held in Harare recently.
Addressing church sermon at Glory Temple in Masvingo on Sunday, Chihuri described both Makandiwa and Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries leader, Walter Magaya as fake prophets.
Referring to Makandiwa and Magaya as 'Makandigaya', Chihuri said Makandiwa's annually held Judgment Night is not Godly since many used condoms were found at the venue. He also attacked Magaya's anointing water saying God cannot be found in a water bottle.
"Why do you talk of spiritual fathers when God is there to help everyone with the holy anointing we all need? If God offers us all spiritual packages on the table, why then resort to Nigeria and Ghana for spiritual anointing. As a Christian, I am really surprised.
"Now you hold sermons in the name of Judgment Night. Who are you to judge when we are all aware that judgment is withheld by the Lord himself. When we visit the venues you hold that event, we find used condoms and empty beer bottles yet you claim to have been praying," Chihuri said.
"When you return from those spiritual leaders of yours, you put your gods in bottles of water and sell them to innocent believers. Who duped you to say God stays in a water bottle? We should really shun unfounded ways of prayer and kneel down to ask God of our needs, that way, we will be blessed in abundance," he added.
Prophets Magaya and Makandiwa have spiritual fathers, Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua and Ghanaian Victor Kusi Boateng respectively.
Efforts to get comments from Makandiwa and magaya were fruitless by time of going to print.
Judgement Night has become an annual gathering at which UFIC members gather for prayer, deliverance and worship led by Makandiwa. International religious figures such as Victor Kusi Boateng and locals such as Uebert Angel have featured at the religious gathering in recent

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  1. Im sure the prophets were sent to preach to sinners yet you preach to prophets who do work of God willingly without being forced

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i am suprised as a christian kkkkk wy are you duping people chihuru,you come ku mt hampden and throw your condoms with your prostitutes and you condemn the prophet, the God of prophet emmanuel makandiwa will strike very soon for defoming the character of his servants

  4. Chihuri the cop come preacher my foot. I am deeply amazed that bishop Mhlanga can actually invite a man who is mentally disturbed to preach in his church, who even went all the way to attack the Bishop of the church who had invited him. The bishop's spiritual father is Pastor Chris of the Love World fame a Nigerian as well. What does the mad cop know about things of the spirit later alone Spiritual Fatherhood? Only a mentally challenged person like Chihuri will foolishly attack Prophet E Makandiwa later alone Judgement Night, only fools do that. Prophet E Makandiwa is God's general, God fearing, a man of integrity, straight forward and clean before man and God. If Prophet E Makandiwa does fit the jacket a genuine Man of God then we are saying there is no genuine Man of God under the sun which will be the greatest level of foolishness.


    1. The pulpit was defiled big time, what a shame !!! What was the good Bishop thinking amana

    2. Hehehe benzi raona Hondo Amana! Vamwe voti hanzi kwahi heeee anorwara! Forewarned is forearmed!

  5. independent thinker22 September 2016 at 12:54

    Makandigaya kkk! Talk of these two dupsters masterminding gospel commercialization and misleading the mass! One is a harlot, the other prophecies zvekure kure without spiritually detecting the adultery and prostitution happening right �� where he is!!! Lord have mercy...and oh, yah PCG Augustine Chihuri sir,,,God revealed to you what the others won't see not necause they can't but out of mere naivety. Joshua can't even see (spiritually) how his illegal building would collapse and KILL people hameno iyeyu VK Boateng wacho akamira sei. Wotonzwa kuti spiritual father waBishop ndi Chris,,,,MHOMBWE zvayo yakazvigarira kuti tende and what's this talk cheap about spiritual fathers being earthly mortals anyways when the Lord taught us to say Our Father who art in HEAVEN! We could well commit sin by revering fellow men and or women to deities (demigods). Wotonzwa kuchitaurwa zveannointing water,pens,stickers and worse still condoms and then wonder who annoints these and for what???Then they go on to sell at very high prices foot! After all the office �� of prophet is one that is archaic,irrelevant and obsolete in today's era c.f Hebrews 1:1ff...this is the age of the power of personal prayer and faith through the enabling of the Holy Spirit! God bless the believing soul and save the skeptics at the same time!!!!!!!

  6. Why defile the pulpit? How many people want to get born again but cant because of evil preachers like these? How many verses are there in the bible? You cant find just one to deliberate on and prove the love of God to his people? You come against those that are doing the work of God better than you? Why pervet justice? Why contaminate the kingdom of God? Why sway the sheep away from the shepherd? And why continue beating protesters killing political activists stealing peoples hard erned cash at roadblocks and you dare stand on the alter teaching people on what God wants and what he does not want who he has called and who he hasnt called? Repent Chihuri repent

  7. Independent thinker inspired by lucifer no doubt. Who in Zimbabwe can match what Prophet E Makandiwa and his wife is doing ? Looking after more than 3000 orphans with everything that they might need. Independent Fool.We dont have time for lucifers' woofing dogs !

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