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Paida Mukono

CHIREDZI - Despite the hot temperatures in Chiredzi many people braved the hot weather and trooped to health centers that are dotted around the town to seek prevention from the second world killer disease, Lymphatic Filariasis.
 Lymphatic Filariasis is a tropical disease and the second leading cause of permanent and long term disability in developing countries. This is the disease that the government had embarked to eradicate hence the introduction of the programme.
Resident's quid up to get treatment recently and the treatment was free of charge so as to make sure everyone get treated.
"The medication is for free and open to everyone and not suitable to baby feeding woman, also given to people above age of 15 and it is also a national practice. The medication was supplied by the government to ensure health protection of its people", said Chiredzi Council Poly Clinic nurse in charge.
"We have also managed to visit and give medication to local primary and secondary school pupils," she said.
Many people however complained of some side effects after taking the drug, varying from vomiting and diarrhea in young children and dizziness in adults.
The disease is caused when a mosquito bites an infected person. It picks up the parasite and the infection spreads to other people through mosquito bites. It is also caused by parasitic filarial worms that lodge in the human lymphatic system producing millions of immature microfilaria that circulates in the blood.
Complications of Lymphatic Filariasis include swelling or elephantiasis of the limps, swelling of the genital organs, welling of breasts in women and damage to the kidneys and the lymphatic system.
Prevention of the disease include integrated vector management  which include spraying houses against mosquitoes ,use of treated mosquito nets and avoiding mosquito bites by use of repellents creams ,wearing long sleeved clothes and avoiding being outdoors at

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