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It's very difficult to make me regret certain things that happen in life. I have been hiding this all the time - it has been my secret which I did not want to tell anyone, not even my future wife kkk neniwo ndototi future wife sekunonzi kune angadawo mupengo wakaita seni kudai. But honestly I did not want to tell you how I have grown to hate my country. In fact I have all the reasons to also think that even God hates Zimbabwe too.
Chinyika chino chakasekwa wena, this must be a cursed country, I wish I was born in Malawi or any other country because this country has made me the mad man that I am not. I think, I mean it's my own thinking ladies and gentlemen. There are some moments that the owner of this country, I mean the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zimbabwe …. kkk whether private limited or unlimited, must be a bit more serious. I mean if you are dealing with people with genuine concerns you have to relax a little bit and listen to their demands and not just threaten them and go to some summits. We appreciate the need for our President to be attending these 'crucial' meetings but it becomes a problem when isuwo vana Mapombi get to realise that we have more of a visiting President than a resident President. This might be the reason why some of the ministers, I mean ivozve vana Tyson have the temerity and courage to grab all the land and sell it to some prophets. Ummmm but Kasukuwere nyarawo vamwe shamwari. How can you move around, going to all towns grabbing land for yourself and some few Zanu PF youth? Kasi ndikoka kuya kunonzi kugoverana pahukama. Mava kungodya rifa, abusing our resources in a broad day light.
But this is unfair, did I tell you that I spent the past week ndichingodya zvangu rotten bananas because I don't even have money to buy maputi but vamwe I hear they are busy looking for US500 000 yekuzodya zvavo vari mushow grounds medu come December?
You are not even ashamed? Ndati shuwa shuwa hamunyari varume imi vematumbu! Zuro ndizuro makadya makeke paDzimbabwe apo takatarisa, and you spent almost one million dollars on the President's birthday while the nation starved. I don't want to talk about Chingwizi. You know what, as leaders - I mean if you want to pretend to be one, there is need for you to pretend kungonyarawo vanhu so. Are you not able to look at how things are - kungotarisawo mamirire ekunze. Things are tough, everyone is crying and of course I know you are quick to say masanctions - haa tibvirei netuma execuses twenhema. You just need to work hard in changing attitude and start to respect others and see people as people - kuona vanhu sevanhu. You must ask yourself kuti sei vanhu – povo, sei ichipembera after receiving news that the President is dead – is it that they want the President to die kana kuti panenyaya apa. The way you treat isu vana Mapombi is not good at all and I promise that one day kuchamuka kuine makore isu mipengo mukatadza kutidzora. This is the time for the President to listen to the concerns being raised by the people - flying away is not always the solution especially at this moment when the nation is burning.
Mboko akazobva here pa Mboko village apo? Kkkk. Mukadarika nekwaChirimudombo tell them kuti ndirimupenyu kasi ndirikukanga wire.
Mboko imboko!mapombi

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