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Itai Muzondo

– Squabbles that are rocking political parties in Zimbabwe have not spared the Joyce Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) party which is vying to demote political firebrand Dzikamai Mavhaire from his post as National Organiser.
The development comes amid internal fights emerging as party cadres jostle for influential positions. 
The internal fights saw the Masvingo leadership striping off Retired Colonel Claudious Makova of his chairmanship position allegedly at the instigation of Mavhaire but the move was reversed by the party leadership at national level.
Mavhaire and Makova have reportedly been feuding since the party's Maungwa rally in May where Makova urged aging party members to only act as party advisers and leave posts for the young and energetic.
It was at this rally Mavhaire spilled the 'Marujata' rant against First Lady Grace Mugabe.
Makova argued that if Zim PF installs aging leaders, it will make no sense in fighting Mugabe (92) since they would be a replica of what they are fighting against.
This was interpreted as a dig at the 73-years-old Mavhaire who is eyeing the vice presidency position in the party.
Zim PF insiders told TellZim News that the ZimPF leadership is not happy with Mavhaire's alleged attempts to propel his loyal supporters to all strategic position so that they would support his ambitions to be in the national executive.
"People are not happy with the fights. It is Mavhaire against Makova and vice versa over differences on how the party should be nurtured at provincial level. The fights are also part of the jostling for influence ahead of the anticipated national congress.
"Mavhaire seems to have made himself too many enemies after he tried to boot out Makova so that he could elevate Dr William Zivenge as provincial chairperson. The issue became tenser when he wrote a letter to President Mujuru asking the party to sustain the change they had been unprocedurally made. Plans are now there to dethrone him from his current post since leadership is of the belief that he is the root to all misunderstandings in the Masvingo structures," said the source.
ZimPF national spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire dismissed any plots to demote Mavhaire but said Makova was still chairperson contrary to earlier pronouncements by Retired Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi that indeed Makova had been demoted.
"I do not know where you guys get these developments from. ZimPF is not making any changes now until the national congress. Only the people have a voice in the party and only if they speak on who should fill what post is when we can talk of changes. Even that Makova demotion, we never resolved on anything like that, he is still the Masvingo chairperson," Mawarire said.
Mavhaire also distanced himself from the squabbles that have engulfed ZimPF and said he is too senior to be involved in petty issues.
"I know nothing about that. Those who try to drag me in those issues do so simply because they want a credible name for their lame issues to be heard. I am the national organiser and Makova is a provincial chair. Would it make any sense for me to be involved in squabbles with my juniors? I am after no one and I am simply doing the party's business as any other devoted party member is doing.
"I think it would be better to ask people down there, the likes of Chirume, Mudavanhu, Makausi or Uyoyo of such issues. They might have a better picture of what is going on. I am amazed that some people are accusing me of trying to demote Makova because when that happened I was in Chinhoyi on party business. Ndezvekwavo kuzasi ikoko and I am not in any way involved," Mavhaire

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