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Itai Muzondo

– Homes are the most comfortable places for one to relieve self but the story is different for education officers and teachers who visit the provincial education offices as they are reported to be relieving themselves at an open space at the back of their offices following water disconnections by Masvingo City Council a few weeks ago.
The open space between Masvingo provincial education offices at the Wigley House and Africa Bet shop has since become an eyesore as teachers who had come for business at the offices relieved themselves in the open since the flash system at the education offices was not 'usable' following water disconnection by council.
Various concerned stakeholders have since raised complain over the matter and urged council to force closure of all public offices that are running without water.
"Having that office running is a pure violation of the city's by-laws. Why can't council close those offices as they do to businesses when they face similar challenges? As a result, Ministry of Education staff are messing up the backyard which separates Wigley House and Africa Bet shop since they have resorted to using the backyard as a toilet," Masvingo United Residents Alliance (MURRA) coordinator, Anoziva Muguti argued.
Former Masvingo Central legislator Jefferson Chitando said; "Disconnecting water for unpaid bills is a noble idea but I still have another area which I would love council to seriously consider, that is, health issues after the water has been disconnected at a public office. I suggest that City Fathers take a walk to the Ministry of Education backyard behind Wigley House and see the mess there."
"Workers at the building or visitors have resorted to use the backyard to relieve themselves. Using the 'mukoto' as their public toilets does not guarantee paying off the debt but rather affects loyal ratepayers and other residents' health. Council should therefore enforce their by-laws and close this office until they have running water," Chitando added.
When contacted for comment, Masvingo Provincial Education Director Zedias Chitiga dismissed the allegations that teachers and education officers were responsible for the mess saying they were equally worried with waste.
"We are also concerned about the open defecation; I would want to believe it's the street kids who are doing it. I am certain it is not any of our education officers or teachers who visit our offices. We have been talking about this issue for quite some time and we hope council will help by cleaning the area," said Chitiga.
Masvingo Acting Mayor, James Chiwara also lashed out at the government employees and said they are threatening the city's sanity and health.
"What they are doing is very dangerous. Open defecation is very bad especially practicing it in the city centre. It is just a clear reflection that they do not care about people's health. Council's policy on such actions is clear, people should not defecate everywhere. We have been sincere as council because we would have closed that office upon disconnecting water but we had pitted them because of the nature of their work," said

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