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Peter Chawapiwa

- An acute shortage of safe drinking is seriously affecting some wards in Gutu district with concerned villagers calling on government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to drill boreholes to alleviate their plight.
Scores of villagers from Wards 19 and 21 who spoke to TellZim News said the persistent dry spell in the district had pushed down the water table, resulting the drying up of wells.
"We no longer have access to safe drinking water since most of our deep wells have dried up. Our riverbeds are dry and we now have to walk long distances in search of safe water.
"The few wells that still hold some little water are oversubscribed and cannot provide adequately supply everybody," said Regis Ganyani.
Other villagers pleaded with non-governmental organisations like Action Contre la Faim (Action Faim) to come to their aid.
"We believe that the only lasting solution lies in the drilling of boreholes in the area. We have been faced with the same problem for some time but this time around it has become acute because our wells have dried up and there are no prospects that they will provide adequate water even if the rains come.
"We have continuously deepened our wells and some of them are now in excess of 30 feet deep but they have no water. Only government or NGOs can save our situation now," said one villager.
A survey carried out by TellZim News showed that Ndirwo, Mabhari, Zengeya, Kudzerema, Mupereki and Mutero villages which lie next to each other have had no boreholes sunk in the area.
They rely mainly on their deep wells for safe water and resort to unsafe water from the riverbeds during the wet season.
Provincial Medical Director, Dr Ammadeus Shamu said while drilling boreholes was the solution it would take some time to implement the project.
"At the moment there are no funds available for the drilling of boreholes. Our partners in the NGO community are mainly focusing on the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing boreholes.
"If and when the funds become available we will consider drilling boreholes in the affected areas," said Dr

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