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Black Jesus did not want bond notes - Mahiya

TellZim Reporter

Outspoken war veteran leaders Victor Matemadanda and Douglas Mahiya have said Zanu PF is at its weakest point since its formation and have predicted a defeat of the party in the 2018 elections.
The war veterans leadership said Zimbabweans are fed up with the ruling party's bad governance, corruption and poor service delivery.
Speaking to this publication at the side lines of the burial of Francis Zimuto, popularly known as Black Jesus, in Gutu last weekend, Mahiya said it will be very difficult for Zanu PF to win any election without the support of war veterans.
Mahiya, who claimed to have served Zanu PF for the past 46 years, said the party had allowed itself to be infiltrated by selfish individuals who are only there to loot state resources.
He castigated the current dishing out of stands to the Zanu PF youths saying that was a sign of a failed government.
"I have never seen such shallowness of mind and desperation…the party has hijacked the duty of the local authority. It is Kasukuwere who is enriching himself – there is nothing like youth empowerment," said Mahiya.
"We have lost the Norton by-election because the party has been hijacked by thugs and arrogant people who are after looting state resources….I can confidently tell you that Zanu PF will lose the next election if the commissariat continue to side-line war veterans.
"They continue to kick people out of the party so that they loot resources without reckless abandon but one day, the party will follow the people and Zanu PF will lose," said Mahiya.
Turning to President Robert Mugabe, Mahiya said the veteran leader has allowed himself to be corrupted by the commissariat.
"You have seen that the party is failing … the people expect a lot from the government but it is unfortunate that there is bad governance and corruption in the government. Under normal circumstances, the CEO of a poorly performing company must just resign," added Mahiya.
Mahiya who described the late Black Jesus as 'a fearless man who did not tell the king what he wants to hear', said Zimbabweans must be firm in rejecting the bond notes.
"We must be united in rejecting the bond notes. Even Black Jesus called me and told me that he was against bond notes. We still stand with the view that the proposed bond notes are coming to enrich the few individuals in Zanu PF," added Mahiya.
Matemadanda, who also predicted Zanu PF's demise in the next elections, said it was unfortunate that some few individuals had hijacked the revolutionary party.
"I can tell you that Black Jesus' death has come as a very heavy blow to us…he stood for the truth and he could not hide whatever he wanted to say. We need such people for Zimbabwe to move forward, however, it is unfortunate that war veterans are being ill-treated on daily basis," said Matemadanda.
Matemadanda reminded Zanu PF that no one had the right to claim ownership of the revolution.
"No one owns the revolution, we have been telling them that we do not want corruption in Zimbabwe…how can we celebrate our freedom when others are suppressing the people. We shall continue to fight.
"Zanu PF has a tendency of blaming the West for everything instead of self-introspecting. It is us who are failing, we can't continue blaming the Western countries for everything," said

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