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TellZim reporter

Elias Chingoma, popularly known as Gwauya, has become a source of relief to people suffering from various illnesses through his combination of prophecy and traditional healing methods that are bringing people from as far away as Namibia and Malawi to seek treatment.
The 62-year-old healer and prophet says he is possessed by spirits that tell him the solution of any ailment and social problem; be it HIV and Aids, herpes and cancer.
Gwauya has also helped people recover their stolen property and has the ability to help people recover the money there are owed in debts.
His homestead in Chivamba in the district of Zaka has become a hive of activity with people seeking Gwauya's remedies.
"Ndinosvikirwa nemashavi anokwana kuita 15 kusanganisa Bob and Tendi, Magwamuse, Muronjerei, Dickson na Kingdom. Vanhu vanoda kubatsirwa vanosarudza kuti vanoda kubatsirwa nemudzimu upi," Gwauya says.
The renowned spiritual healer says it is Kingdom, a white man's spirit, which is most powerful and, therefore, popular with patients.
When one chooses Kingdom, the healer ceases to understand Shona and will start communicating only in English with an interpreter handy to help those who don't understand the language.
For those who prefer prophecy to traditional spiritual healing, Gwauya can easily switch to prophecy to find the right solution for patients.
"It is a fusion of both traditional methods and Christian ways of taking care of the health needs of our people.  Ndakatorwa nenjuzu mupani kuChiredzi muna 1992. Baba vangu vakanga vatorwawo nenjuzu muna 1986 vakadzoka muna 1992. Ndakazotanga kuita zvekurapa izvi muna July 2015," Gwauya says.
He spent three months with the mermaid and people began to think he was already dead but were surprised when he came back.
The healer, who gets advice on the required treatment through visions, says he previously worked as head of the HR department in the Chiredzi Town Council until 2000 before joining the security department.
Although never went to school beyond Form 1, Gwauya says he miraculously did well at his workplace and also served as a general council member of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). People would be excited by his wit not knowing that he would be reading through visions when he spoke.
"Ndinobatsira kana vanenge vabirwa nekuti hatifariri mbavha. Anenge aba anomanya achidzosa zvanenge akaba nekuti kuba kwakashata. Tinoda kuti vanhu vagarisane zvakanaka vasingaitirani zvakashata," Gwauya

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