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President Mugabe

Upenyu Chaota

- Opposition political parties have lamented the devastating impact that Zanu PF's brutal rule has had on Zimbabwe saying it is worse than cancer and that the revolutionary party will not let go of power until they destroy and loot every resource left in the country.
Zimbabweans, the critics say, had high hopes for a better life at the attainment of independence from the British but were hit with a harsh reality that sometimes it is better to hug and kiss a hyena than be friends with a wolf in sheep clothing.
Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) national spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire said Zanu PF has looted from the people and robbed future generations of a brighter future.
"Zanu PF is a disease which has affected many Zimbabweans and I tell you it is worse than cancer. They have no remorse whatsoever for corroding the welfare of the general populace.
"The people in Zanu PF are looting the little resources left in the country with a passion. They are well aware that they have no future in politics hence they are scrambling to steal and secure their future," said Mawarire.
He said the people thought that the regime will open up gates of opportunities but rather it opened up its pockets and they started distributing wealth amongst themselves.
"Zanu PF has a conference in December in Masvingo and they managed to raise $3.5 million in just three hours while it takes them forever to raise funds to complete the Tokwe Mukosi dam. It just shows the lack of seriousness and commitment to the people.
"Maybe it is the $15 billion that went missing which is just being pumped out," said Mawarire.
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) spokesperson Obert Gutu said Zimbabweans never attained total independence because they are still being held captive by their fellow countrymen.
"What pains the most about the current state of affairs is that the people we thought liberated us are the ones who are suppressing us the most. They have ruined and rundown everything in their path.
"They have looted and stolen everything within their reach. The money which is being spent by Zanu PF in just one week is enough is enough to feed the whole drought stricken province for two months.
"While the Zanu PF elite will be feasting, wining and dining during their conference, about two million hungry villagers in Masvingo will be scavenging for their next meal. Greed and selfishness has taken over Zanu PF and are sucking the life out of ordinary people," said Gutu.
Meanwhile, the war veterans led by Christopher Mutsvangwa have given President Mugabe a final chance to mend fences with them by dumping G40, a Zanu PF faction which they say is a cancer waiting to inflict further damage onto the country through massive

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