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Upenyu Chaota
Masvingo city council has once again refused to give in to Zanu PF's demands money to fund party activities as they recently turned down the request for donations towards the national conference slated for next week in Masvingo.
Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze

Early this year, the city fathers turned down another request to fund the 21st February movement celebrations but the persistent Zanu PF tried its luck again for the conference but to no avail.
Mayor Hubert Fidze confirmed that the council received the letter asking for donations towards the Zanu PF conference from the Minister of State, Shuvai Mahofa's office.
"The letter came but as the council we have been very clear on our position of not getting involved in political party activities," said Fidze.
The Finance committee had an urgent meeting last week to deliberate on the letter but they agreed to stick to principle.
Ward 4 councillor Godfrey Kurauone who is on record for defending the council's stance on political party activities and almost came close to a fist fight with Ward 10 councillor Lovemore Mufamba over the 21st February movement celebrations donations, said they will not be influenced to blow the ratepayers' money.
"The council has and will always stand guided by principles. We cannot temper around with people's money by giving  donations to a political party.
"Imagine if we do that with all the political parties in this country, we will be left with no cent for service delivery. People need accountability for their money and how will they react when they find out we give their money as donations to political parties while service delivery suffers," said Kurauone.
He added that the council is struggling to settle salaries for their workers hence they do not have a single cent to divert.
"We do not want to set a bad precedence by giving money to political parties. There are other pressing matters that need more money and we are struggling to make ends meet. We are also struggling to pay salaries for our employees so it is better to channel the little we have to service delivery," Kurauone said.

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