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Tinomutenda Midzi

MASVINGO - Commercial sex workers have embraced the introduction of bond notes saying they are making cash readily available and customers now in a better position to pay for services. 
"We have passed hard times for sure. Our customers used to complain that have no hard cash while others would beg saying, 'please can you lower the price a little bit since there is no money these days.'"
"Things are no longer the same. With the introduction of bond notes and coins, cash is readily available and business is back on fire," said one sex worker who identified herself as Chihera.
Others had a special praise for bond coins which they say are making change to be readily available.
"The introduction of new bond coins has made it easier to get change. Things are tight so we have to negotiate. If my customer pleads with me saying he has only US$5 yet he wants a quickie and still remain with money for transport back home, I will just give him back a 50 cent bond coin and both parties will benefit," said another who chose to be called maMoyo.
Other sex workers, however, think bond notes lack durable features saying that alone can disturb their business.
"Mari yavo inobuda ink and isusu basa redu nderehusiku. Just imagine ndashanda husiku hwese ndobva ndanaiwa nemvura ndaakuenda kumba ink yese yobuda. Ndobva ndadzokera futi pazero here. Dai vakamaita macoin ese zvaive nani," one of the sex workers at Marry Me Club in Rujeko said.
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, John Mangudya introduced bond notes and coins after the realisation that Zimbabwe's cash-starved economy needed a quick fix with the hope that the new surrogate currency will solve the liquidity crisis.
Public opinion, however, seems to be vastly against the notes and they have so far failed to end the long bank queues and delays in paying civil servants salaries and

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  1. Is it like prostitutes are different from the rest of Zimbabweans who have embraced Bond notes,including the idiotic and deluded opposition and its army of imperialist funded and run NGOs?Very stupid reporting.Why not reporting that even the idiotic opposition politicians and their equally stupid supporters have embraced Bond notes

  2. Is that one of the bond note embracing prostitutes in the picture?