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» » » » » Zanu PF Provincial chair bashed before Mnangagwa arrives

Amasa Nhenjana

Upenyu Chaota

Bikita - Zanu PF Masvingo provincial acting chairperson, Amasa Nhenjana was last week beaten up at a provincial executive meeting in Bikita ahead of Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa's visit for a rally to drum up support for their candidate for the January 21 Bikita West parliamentary by election.
The meeting was exclusive to provincial executive members only but the driver of Senator Annah Rungani, Obvious Madzivanyika gate crushed the meeting apparently 'to report an illegal meeting' which was being held by children of war veterans.
Nhenjana then told Madzivanyika to go and report the illegal meeting to the police since he had no power to handle the matter.
"We were having a meeting prior to the Acting President's rally in Bikita. The meeting was for the provincial executive members only. It was not open kune chero huku. Then Madzivanyika came with his hands in his pockets and wanted to get into the meeting.
"He said there was an illegal meeting being held by the war veterans' children and I told him to go report to the police because I did not have any authority over that. I chased him away from the meeting," said Nhenjana.
He said Madzivanyika refused to go far from the venue of the meeting and was roaming around making some phone calls but charged at him soon after the meeting.
Nhenjana added that Madzivanyika was send to provoke him so that he would beat him up and get arrested.
"At the end of our meeting, Madzivanyika charged at me and started pocking me in the face and I felt sorry for him because he was drunk otherwise I would have done a lot of damage to him.
"I restrained myself because I knew the guy was send to provoke me. I am a boxer and no ordinary person can stand a chance at a fight with me. He was send by my opponents in the party so that I could beat him up and get arrested," said Nhenjana.
"This would have been strategic for them because they would tell the Acting President that the chairman is in prison for violence. For all I know the guy is a no body and is not in any of our structures. I heard he is just a driver of senator Rungani.
"I reported him to the police but was not arrested. He is walking free in Bikita because he has some big names protecting him. That was political violence and an assault to the chairman," Nhenjana added.
He said if the police fail to arrest Madzivanyika he would takes matters into his own hands.
"They think they are clever but I am going to deal with him personally. I am going to damage him and see who will get arrested. The law cannot be applied selectively.
"I will not tell you who these politicians are but I am sure you know the politics of Masvingo. These people are looking for a perfect moment to strike at me but I will not give them the pleasure. Every small thing I do, they report to the superiors," Nhenjana

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