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Peter Chawapiwa in Gutu

04 Feb 2017 - GUTU
- A Grade 3 pupil was recently abducted allegedly by a woman in the Mazuru area and went kept for more than 24 hours and forced to have sex with two goblins.
Maria Mweneziko appeared before Chief Mazuru, One Mukandatsama, on January 26 facing allegations that she locked the minor into a room where two goblins molested her.
The Chief's court ruled that the matter was above its jurisdiction and advised the girl's parents to approach a higher court.
The girl went missing on her way from school on January 18 and was only rescued the following day in the evening by members of the Runyararo RweVapostori Church.
Mweneziko, who was later accused of abducting the girl, joined in the search of the missing child as she lives in the same village with the girl's parents.
The following day, one of the members of the apostolic church fell from his bicycle near Mweneziko's gate while riding from a prayer meeting.
He seemed possessed by the Holy Spirit and informed others that the missing child was at Mweneziko's homestead. He further stated that they had to do something immediately as the child was about to die.
"Mweneziko however denied that the child was at her place but the possessed man immediately went to summon the village head.
"He came back and pointed at a room at where he said the girl was being kept. After Mweneziko refused to open the door, villagers forced entry into the room and found the distressed girl," said a villager who was part of the search team.
The villager claimed that after being released, the girl narrated how she was fed sadza and milk in the company of two very short but bearded men who sexually molested her.
The matter was taken before the village court where it was agreed that Mweneziko should leave the village. It was later referred to Chief Mazuru's Court where the matter was considered to be above the court.
TellZim News was informed that the matter has since been reported to the police at

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