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Moses Ziyambi

17 Feb 2017 -
Wonderlife Herb, the multi-purpose herb renowned for its medicinal properties, has received probably its biggest boost so far after clinical studies by the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) confirmed the herb as an effective remedy for various ailments.
The herb, which comes in capsules, was developed by Australia-based Bishop Israel Muzari of the Family of God Church.
In a document released recently titled 'Confirmatory studies on the efficacy of Wonderlife Herb', HIT Department of Pharmaceutical Technology classifies the herb as an alternative herbal remedy.
"A total of 50 patients inflicted with HIV and AIDS, diabetes, High Blood Pressure were given the medication. In general 80 % reported improvement in the health conditions and some (15) reported possible total cure of their condition (though still to be confirmed by using standard confirmatory tests).
"In 5 HIV and AIDS cases with baseline CD 4 counts of 100, after taking the herb for a month the CD4 counts went up to an average of  650 and reported general improvement in their medical conditions," reads part of the document.
One such case is that of Lungile Nyathi whose CD4 count almost dramatically short up a few months after he began taking the herb.
"When he started on Wonderlife Herb, his cd4 count was 333. Eight months later in July 2016 his count was 1,037. It is in respect of HIV cases that Wonderlife has made some of the most dramatic impact. The case stated above is only one of many such cases," the paper reads.
Prior to the HIT studies, many trials on people suffering from eczema, arthritis, HIV, ulcers, diabetes, dysmenorrhoea, skin diseases among other infections had shown good results.
Monica Thandiwe Mutyasira of Nyazura in Manicaland tested HIV positive in 2008 and had become weak with a very low CD4 count.
In 2014, she started taking the capsules and some eight months later, she found her CD4 count rising from 103 to 1057 and her viral load had become virtually undetectable.
Another woman from Mount Darwin said Wonderlife Herb completely cured her of ulcers that had given her a hard time since 2006.
Clinical trials of wonderlife Herb began in 2016 after Bishop Muzari entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HIT for scientific research to establish the effectiveness of the herb.
The findings that have been made are set to give more people confidence in herbal solutions to infections and terminal illnesses at a time when non-communicable and lifestyle diseases are on the rise in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.
The research at HIT also confirmed the herb's detoxification properties after trials on a Mr Makoni who suffered from a fiercely swollen leg after he got injured in 1999.
He had "23 screws and 2 long plates" inserted into his right femur and "because of the aggressive infection coming from the metal foreign bodies inserted into his femur bone, his legs were swollen extraordinarily since 1999. He was unable to wear shoes because of that," the document also reads.
It was only in 2016, some 17 years later, that Mr Makoni's leg became normal again after one month of taking Wonderlife Herb.
Meanwhile, further studies are still being carried out on the herb, and HIT has appealed for urgent funding "to continue with this very important study."health

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  1. Wonderlife Herb Coordinator's contact details:
    Artwell D Muzari
    +263 772 894 106 (cell & WhatsApp)
    +263 714 204 678 (cell & WhatsApp)

  2. It is good to know that there are people that are people oriented. May the good Lord continue to give you wisdom and more resources to get this project and more up and running. Let no one still this research or let alone claim it to be theirs.

  3. It is good to know that there are people that are people oriented. May the good Lord continue to give you wisdom and more resources to get this project and more up and running. Let no one still this research or let alone claim it to be theirs.

  4. Thank you Bishop Muzari. God bless and keep you. Toni from Bermuda

  5. Wonderful to know Africans are initiating solutions to African problems. The problem of 'a diseased Africa' cannot end if we continue relying on Western funds and remedies. Aids means big business for multinational pharmaceutical corporations and they wouldn't be happy to see HIV being defeated. They just want it to be manageable.

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  8. What beautiful exploits! God has chosen to use you in such a huge, life transforming way! It is my prayer that He continues to guide the whole team for greater exploits until all diseases get cures. God bless!