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» » » MDC-T: As good as dead in Masvingo

But mukati Mapurisa edu dzakanyatsoti kwesere imi? Mapombi doubt very much and suspects kuti dzimwe dzakatamba nepwere chete. Imagine a group of over 10 Traffic cops kuswera paOK Supermarket everyday hunting for motorists who cross that continuous line along Hofmeyer Street. Everyday!
Masvingo city council admitted long ago that the continuous line is wrong and motorists should not be punished for crossing it but hey, these fund raisers have none of it. We should pardon them anyway, they have targets to meet. And above all; many of them hardly read newspapers and they are always stark in the past. Kkkkkkkk kukundwawo neni Mapombi anoverenga manewspaper. Yes, I read all the newspapers and I'm always up to date despite staying at the filthy Dr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre kuChitima uko.
Give motorists a break, find somewhere to man your roadblocks not in town. And these traffic cops are now everywhere and hanzi pane dzimwe dzakazobatiwa nemukadzi wemunhu kuWest uko dzikati I was checking if you guys have a fire extinguisher in your bedroom kkkkkkkk. Tikwanirei mutiitire mushe manzwaka? Shefu Chifamba sungirirai imbwa dzenyu, please.
Anyway, Mapombi heard the ever flying President Robert Gabriel Mugabe stopped briefly in the country from Malaysia before he proceeded to Ghana for its 60th Independence celebrations. Hanzi vakangouya kuzoita refill bag remari chete kkkkkkk asi vanhu so ka. But kufamba mazokunyanya Gushungo; may you find time to sort out the mess in the country – people are dying of malaria in Masvingo province while others have been displaced by floods across the country. Maybe the money you used to travel to Ghana could have made a big difference if it had been channeled towards assisting victims of cyclone Dineo. After all, it was a mere independence celebrations.
If there was a strong opposition party in the country, Mapombi would have told Mugabe that your 37-year-rule will come to an end in 2018 but manje nematakanana iwaya mahumbwe atinoitirwa haaa muchatonga from the grave Gushungo as your dear wife, Dr Amai rightfully said.
In Masvingo, MDC-T is literally dead – e-eh kufa kuti mbombombo chaiko. There is virtually no leadership and Zanu PF will win easily in Masvingo province. Can you imagine the whole MDC-T provincial executive stays in Harare and they rarely come to Masvingo.
Talk of Mavetere, Mupindu, Gumbi – they are all in Harare and they are not in touch with the reality on the ground. When they come here they want to apply things that are applicable to Harare situation and not Masvingo pedzezvo moti munga hwinha.
Mapombi really have little to appreciate from Zanu PF but in terms of being organised, vari kumberi kudarika vanhu vaTsvangirai. Asi wati kungongwarira kuzoti we have been rigged hahahahaha tibvirei apa! You are not working and don't expect miracles to happen.
The Sitemere-led MDC-T executive was far much better – in fact the current leadership is the worst to say the least.  Simetere was resident in Masvingo and every weekend had a party activity. Even Tongai Matutu, Jeffryson Chitando, Enerst Mudavanhu and others they were really dedicated and they sacrificed for the party. No wonder why they got 14 seats in 2008.
Manje zviripo rwendo runo hameno. They have no clue how to run this province and Mapombi is very sure they will not get more than 6 out of the 26 constituencies in the province. Kana vakamawana ndodzokera kwedu kwaChirimudombo ini. Musazoti Mapombi haana kutaura.
Anyway, Mapombi is intending to make public her allegiance to Ngwena – regaiwo Mukaranga ambotonga nyika haisi yemaZezuru ega iyi. But Ngwena continues to disappoint Mapombi zvekuti I am having second thoughts – unofira mahara mhani ndozvinobhowa.
At least Gushungo 40 (G40) faction rewards its members but that is not the case with Team Lacoste. Mutsvangwa was fired and Ngwena remained zii. Chadzamira won the provincial chairmanship but G40 ikamubatirira and again Ngwena remained zii. Hahahahaha ndofirei pakadai better to join G40 at least I will get chicks from Mphoko. Kkkkkk but for the whole VP to donate chicks with us saying that is development haaa-a zvonyadzisa izvi.  Dr Amai better she donates second hand clothes (mabhero).
It's almost lunch time guys regai ndiende ndindozvikangira hangu maputi angu for lunch. But can someone tell Mr Mugabe kuti chiringazuva chedu chazotsvuka chikakwata manje. It's high time he passes on the button, and of course, not to his wife but someone else who is more competent.  But what I have realised is that people in Zimbabwe are not quite intelligent; even if Grace takes over from Bob today, no one would question that as long as mudhara achiri mupenyu. We often lie to ourselves hanzi Mnangagwa has the support of service chiefs and stuff, but the truth is that Mugabe is the CEO of this Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd and anoita zvaanoda nayo and no one would dare question him.
Anywhere, we look forward to seeing you soon in Mwenezi East Dr Grace Mugabe. Mapombi knows kuti you will deal with Bhasikiti once and for all – but please don't forget that he is no longer with the Queen Bee party, akaenda nana Mutasa uyu. Mapombi is just advising in case you do not know. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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