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Brighton Chiseva

- Local chiefs last week blasted Zaka Rural District Council (ZRDC) for what they claimed to be a blatant failure to give them due respect and turning to them only when their cooperation is needed.
The matter arose in a full council meeting last week after the District Administrator (DA) Victor Zinanga and the chiefs  present were asked to encourage villagers to pay the development levy.
Incumbent Chief Nhema, Rangarirai Bwawanda said council management often disregards the position of chiefs and only recognise them they want to use them.
"Ndakauya pano ndichida macheya ndikanzi naChatikobo uyo agere apo (pointing to the council admin Rambisayi Chatikobo) akati hazviiti kuti ndikupei, asi zvino mava kuda kuti tikubetserei kuwana levy iyoyo. Munotidherera asi muchitishandisa," fumed Nhema.
Upon hearing that, council chairperson Sebastian Musundire warned Chatikobo not to disrespect chiefs and to accord whatever help they need.
Chief Nhema's claims were supported by Chief Nyakunhuwa, Courage Mashavave and Chief Bota who both pointed out that councillors seldom consult councillors on many issues.
"It is these councillors who bypass us and work directly with village heads that we don't even recognise. That is causing confusion among the people," said Chief Bota.
On a different note, Zinanga accused Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Majaura of overlooking him and not reporting many important issues to him.
"I only hear some of the important developments which take place here by rumour but yet we have a CEO who should brief me. Sometimes I have to call him to get information which he is supposed to bring on his own in the first place," said Zinanga.
Majaura, however, accused Zinanga of lying saying nothing like that had ever happened.
"This issue is now being personalised I guess, the DA has never come to my office or called as he is saying," said Majaura.local

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