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Chakaona hama hachisekwi vakomana! Asika dindingwe ronaka richakweva rimwe kana rokwevewa roti mavara angu azara ivhu. Mapombi is not used to writing letters but just allow me to scribe one to Savior 'Tyson' Kasukuwere my dear brother, of course from another mother.
The word Savior simply means a rescuer or deliverer - and as you may all be aware that Tyson used to rescue others vanenge vapinda mupfumvu especially those from Gushungo 40 (G40). But from the look of things, he is not a savior anymore; in fact he needs to be saved also because the Crocodile is really after him. Zviya zvekuti garwe haridye chebamba ndezvenhema zviye iyezvino riri kuita zvekuvhima Tyson chaiko. Wish you good luck Ngwena!
Anyway, Tyson I write this to you as a loving and caring sister. I have noticed with despair how they want to sacrifice you now after a tremendous job you did together with Ngwena and others to oust Dr Joice Teurairopa Mujuru that year. That was a job well done! You did it in an artistic way – kubva mati Zimuroyi rekwaDotito. Kkkkkkkk vakomanaka! Zimuroyi?
Those who know English very well say if you live by the sword then you will die by the sword. Hanzi ukatamba nepfumo unofa nepfumo. Tyson, Mapombi is very sure you were in cloud nine when Mujuru was fired gore riye nhasi zvaiwana ngwarati kujaira kufura irere.
They say Ngwena is shrewd; personally I don't know about that but one thing I am certain about is iwe akuda manje. Hanzi zvoto zvine mazera – vanoziva shona vanokuudza kuti Ngwena airevei apa Tyson.  I have nothing against Kasukuwere; in fact I can confess that Mapombi adores Generation 40 (G40) because she turned 41 recently and she believes kuti power ngaimbopiwawo vechidiki.  Ngwena ndomufarira hangu because ndiShumba hanzvadzi yamai vangu chaivo asi sekuru vanenge vakainonokera colgate mazino asati aora ava.
I have heard many people saying the attack on Tyson is unjust but let me be honest with you, Kasukuwere – please carry your cross. Dzungu ramaiita riye muchidzinga Mujuru nhasi zvakuwanawo.
You have been to Masvingo several times muchititonga madiro with your little unpopular boys imposing things on us. You even promised your loyal youths some stands sidelining us because we were not loyal to G40. Manje uchaenda netwuma youths twako itwotwo. I heard Ndavarombe swept bitterly and asked for forgiveness recently. Kkkkkkkkk hanzi ndaingonyengerwawo nevakuru kkkkkkkk vana Ndavarombe imi nxinxinxinxinxiiii. Tibvirei apa! Were you not the one who said we are now going for a bare fist fight with Team Lacoste? So wainyengerwa kutaura izvozvo? Nxaaa vanhu vaKasukuwere monetsa mhani.
Anyway, the truth is that Tyson will be around for a while – don't forget he belongs to the Gushungo 40 faction. The faction belongs to the CEO himself – mind you zvava zvema tribe ka izvi? Mazezuru unconquerable! Really?
But that is the truth anyway, Mazezuru ndoane chinhu and havatodi nacho zvachose. Any average person would agree with Mapombi kuti President Robert Mugabe should be allowed to go home and rest. He served the country with distinction during his time but now nyika yava mamvemve iyi. He is now too old for the job. In fact he overstayed his welcome. Dai vana Mutasa makamurega akenda 2008 manje chionai makatiparira. Pakadai ndopaunoona Tsvangirai achitoti coalition naMutasa, nxaaa kutungana kwembudzi zvokwadi.
Like I said guys Kasukuwere is enjoying Bob's protection and haaende zvekumhanya but the truth ndeyekuti hatichamuda. He must go the Mujuru way – the gamatox way. Even vana Chipanga and other youths have dumped Tyson. But Uncle Bob said no to the demonstrations and now whitehead Chombo has announced stringent conditions to be followed if members want to expel someone from the party. All this simply means leave Kasukuwere alone. Kkkkkk Zanu PF ndisinjonjo chaiyo – there is selective application of the law; some are dismissed without being called for hearing and others are said proper procedures should be followed when you want to expel them. Power so kaa, ma1.
It's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindozvikangirwa hangu maputi angu for lunch ndisiyane neporitikisi idzi hadzina kwadzinondisvitsa. By the way, how is Dr Amai? It has been long – I am sure she is doing fine. Mapombi really miss her rants. Can someone organise a rally ndimbonzwirira zvangu zvituko ini ndigozotukawo vamwe kwedu kuDr Grace Mugabe Trading Centre uku.
Before I go, Mapombi is happy that we celebrated Independence Day commemorations in style. For the first time Mapombi saw Mr President vakagerwa zuda – since 1980 handina kumbovaona vakadaro ini – does this means something? Is it a sign of old age? Those in the inner circles tiudzeiwo tizive veduwe.
Anyway, the shave was really nice and I admired him. But the message was a bit offside hahahaha how could he say Zim-Asset has been a success since its introduction in 2013. How can he boast of improved agriculture and mining productions when the whole economy is decaying? He was mum on the high levels of unemployment in the country. Hahahahaha Mapombi is very sure Mr President is being misinformed chete. Anyway Happy Independence; Long Live Zimbabwe!mapombi

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