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Daniel Shumba

…Jaboon suffers mild stroke
. . . I will personally deal with Shumba - declares Gumbo
… chairmanship elections re-run set for May 6

Itai Muzondo

- Zanu PF Masvingo provincial interim chairperson Jorum Gumbo has vowed to personally deal with Masvingo Urban Member of Parliament Daniel Shumba whom he accuses of circulating messages discouraging party members from attending Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meetings.
Gumbo was speaking during a PCC meeting held at Victoria Junior School last weekend after other members complained their work was becoming difficult due to Shumba's interference.
"We have a problem with the Masvingo urban legislator chef. Shumba is up to no good as he disputes everything the province says. We also see him coordinating events with people he used to work with when he was still an opposition leader. I think Shumba came to Zanu PF to destroy it as we are often told that if you want to destroy Zanu PF, do it from within," said one youth.
Gumbo was also told that Shumba was disputing his (Gumbo's) legitimacy as provisional leader of the province, with a 'rehabilitated' Norbert Ndaarombe alleging that Shumba was using social media to divide the party.
 "I want to confirm what my colleague has said. I have a message which Shumba circulated yesterday (Saturday) calling this meeting unconstitutional. He wrote on a G40 WhatsApp group that a PCC meeting can only be held with a directive from (Zanu PF national secretary for administration Ignatius) Chombo. The people who are not here must not even be blamed because it is Shumba behind all that," said Ndaarombe.
In response, a beaming Gumbo urged party members to leave it to him to deal with Shumba.
"I will not take what he is doing lightly. Leave him like that and leave me to handle him. He is Dr Daniel Shumba and I am Dr Joramu Gumbo, tichasangana pahu doctor ipapo.
"How can Shumba say all that when I was sent by the President? If he told people that I have been removed as interim chair, is there any circular saying so, or is there any circular which says I have been re-assigned? " said Gumbo to loud applause.
He also said suspended provincial political commissar Jeppy Jaboon had approached him asking for forgiveness.
"I didn't want to say this but because of your concerns, I will tell you. Jaboon has visited my office asking for forgiveness saying he wants to work well with others.
"I however instructed him to talk to all other colleagues he worked with and come back with a report on who is willing to come back on-board. I think we must give those who have realised their mistakes a chance. It is however unfortunate that Jaboon suffered a mild stroke and couldn't finish the assignment I gave him by today," Gumbo said.
He announced that the much anticipated provincial chairmanship election will be held on May 6.
  "After lengthy discussions, the party finally resolved that Masvingo holds elections to choose the provincial chairperson on May 6, 2017. Cain Mathema and I will preside over the election and members of the PCC will help. No outsider will come to intervene. Tinoda kuti mubike mbodza yenyu moga," Gumbo said.
It was also resolved that provincial secretary for administration Ailes Baloyi be appointed acting vice chairperson with Jevas Masosota replacing Jaboon also on an interim basis.
The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) also announced that an interim disciplinary committee chaired by Baloyi had been set with other members being Masosota, Chamisa, Robson Mavhenyengwa and Brian Munyoro.politics

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