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Ezra Chadzamira

Itai Muzondo

– Generation 40 (G40) faction is far from being overpowered by its rival Team Lacoste faction in Zanu PF Masvingo province amid reports that the suspended political commissar Jeppy Jaboon and fired provincial chairperson Amasa Nhenjana stormed the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting which was then abandoned half way at Masvingo Poly on Sunday.
Both Jaboon and Nhenjana are said to be G40 sympathisers and the former was last month suspended by Team Lacoste for allegedly taking orders from under fire national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.
Newly-elected Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira, who is believed to be a Team Lacoste member, seems to have realised that his faction was about to be overpowered and immediately announced that the PCC would not proceed soon after the arrival of Zanu PF national youth chairperson, Kudzai Chipanga.
Chipanga is known to be a key G40 member and had come to organise President Robert Mugabe's Meet the Youth rally scheduled for June 30 at Mucheke Stadium.
The G40 faction is rapidly opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa's ascendency to replace the 93-years-old Mugabe.
"It is unfortunate that we can no longer smoothly proceed with this meeting; we will have to continue from where we left in our next PCC meeting," Chadzamira announced.
Chipanga went on to address the youth you were gathered in the other wing of the room on the progress of the rally preparations.
Sources said Chipanga deliberately provoked the Masvingo executive knowing that it is dominated by Team Lacoste faction members.
"Chipanga could have waited until the PCC was over and then address the youth but the move was meant to provoke the other faction. He and G40 emerged winners because the PCC meeting was then abandoned half-way," said the source.
The meeting also witnessed the surprise appearance of sacked provincial commissar Jaboon who said his suspension is null and void.
"That suspension they are talking about is nothing. I am still the commissar and very soon you will see how tables turn against those who are unprocedurally firing people from the party," said Jaboon.
The dethroned Nhenjana did not have kind words for the Chadzamira-led executive saying he is not afraid of anyone and will soon be back to fight 'injustices' in the party.
"I am a warrior and I don't easily give up. I wouldn't be here today if I am not that strong and aggressive. They wanted me to join and support them to unjustly fight Kasukuwere," said Nhenjana.
Chipanga also told the provincial executive before the meeting was adjourned that the youth will support Mugabe only and no one else.
"It must also be noted that we ought to respect you as leaders but not to support you because we only support one person, President Mugabe," Chipanga said.local,topnews

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