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» » All Zaka school heads face dismissal

Beaula Shambambeva

…DSI vows she will not go down alone

Brighton Chiseva

–The Acting District Schools Inspector (DSI) for Zaka Beaula Shambambeva is reportedly threatening school heads with dismissal or demotion for allegedly signing an explosive petition which accuses her of belittling and harassing them.
The petition was addressed to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education permanent secretary Dr Silvia Utete-Masango, the district President's Office and the district Public Service Commission manager Euvencio Hungwe.
Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Lazarus Dokora said he was yet to get the report from Masvingo.
"I am not yet aware of what you are talking about so I can't give you a comment for now," said Dr Dokora.
However, TellZim News is reliably informed that Shambambeva recently addressed scores of school heads where she lashed out at them for petitioning against her alleged misdemeanors.
The meeting was held at the district education offices where Shambambeva tore into the pensive crowd, fuming that their conduct had seen her being summoned by state security details.
In an audio clip in possession of this publication, an aggressive-sounding female voice – purportedly that of Shambambeva – could be heard exploding, all the while threatening the floor that if she were to go down, she would take others with her.
"I am the one who deserve suspension, you are right (but) how many cases have I buried under the carpet? What you have started is opening the Pandora's Box. When I am asked to reply, I will not spare anyone.
"I will take everybody with me even those who are doing well for it will be survival of the fittest. I want to survive as an individual and you want to survive as Naph and Nash and that is not a health competition," Shambambeva could be heard saying.
She was referring to the National Association of Primary School Heads and the National Association for Secondary School Heads, the two organisations under which the anonymous petitioners coalesced.
An emotional Shambambeva could also be heard declaring war, shouting that the school heads did not have the tangible evidence needed for them to win against her.
She also tells the school heads that she had files of many of them that contained enough damning evidence to warrant their dismissal.
"I will take the issue of your under performance and that you are misusing school fees to the perm sec so that we see who is going to be demoted. If I'm transferred, I don't care because where I will go I will be an asset," she says amid murmurs of disapproval from the floor.
In the petition, which does not bear any individual signature but was collectively signed NASH/NAPH, the school heads seek the immediate removal of Shambambeva from the district, complaining of verbal abuse, long monotonous meetings, centralisation of power and poor communication among other grievances.
"She calls us names and denigrates us as she pleases with phrases like hauna njere gara pasi, uri dununu, or wakakwana here.
"…the DSI would then confront them while they were standing up on BSPZ affiliations harassing and shouting at them, ndoda mari yangu munozvinzwa here imi,...munobetserana kudya mari yechikoro nemaHeads, manje ini hamundizivi zvakanaka. Moda kunditadzisa kuwana promotion," reads part of the petition.
Shambambeva was recently in the media after a letter was written by the Nhema Primary School SDC for allegedly protecting the school head whom they accuse of squandering school resources.
Reached for a comment, Shambambeva could not be drawn into shedding light over the issue saying she was yet to see the signed petition.
"I did not see their petition   so I cant comment on something that I never saw. Ask those headmasters for a comment, they wrote their petition and I was not among those who received the purported petition. I don't know anything even the meeting or threats that you are talking about so I am not in a position to comment," said news

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