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Cdes, let us accept that we have a leadership crisis in Zimbabwe. Mapombi is not seeing anyone with the capability and qualities to lead this country – it seems like all the prospective presidential candidates have dictatorial tendencies; from Mugabe, Tsvangirai to Mnangagwa wacho.
Of course Mapombi will not waste her time talking about candidates like ana Joice Mujuru and Egypt Dzinemunenzva because it will take them more than a lifetime to win the hearts and minds of the electorate.
But hey pane akaonawo here video yemukuru yakaonekwawo naMapombi? Kkkkkk asi munodarireiko vakomana? Chokwadi kana denga ririko vamwe vanhu vanondotongwa chete because that is total abuse. How can they abuse our dear leader to that extent? Abusing and embarrassing Mr President like that – but ko kuchizorora zvodiiko nhai Gushungo?
Mapombi saw the President struggling to walk kuita zviya zvinoita kacheche kuti dhedhedhe-dhee with hands being moved swiftly kutsvaga balance. I have to be honest ndakanzwa tsitsi veduwe and I asked myself kuti ko kuchizorora zvodiiko nhai Gushungo?
But Mapombi heard that Gay 40 (G40) haitombode kuti mukuru azorore hanzi ngaafire pachigaro – I am sure this is punishment chete hakusi kudiwa uku. Mark my words!
It, however, seems like the whole country is indeed in a serious leadership crisis. The opposition was looking forward to Tsvangirai as their presidential candidate but the man is not feeling well. Mapombi can tell you that Tsvangirai might not be fit to contest 2018 elections and MDC-T must start to plan for a life without Tsvangirai.
Please get me right, Mapombi is not saying Tsvangirai will die soon but I am saying Tsvangirai might not have recovered well enough to contest the 2018 elections therefore, it is important to have someone to replace him in the event that he indeed fails to recover in time.
Mapombi will not hesitate to suggest that Chamisa will be a better candidate but chete mufana wacho anoda kudzikamiswa hana because speed too much.  Chamisa is charismatic but sometimes he lacks leadership qualities. He engages in petty factional wars – a true leader must unite people handizvo here nhai Chamisa?  But for now, let the opposition rally behind Chamisa because even for the youth, ndobhiza rekumhanya naro iri.
Anyway, let us all pray for Tsvangirai first and wish him a speedy recovery because ndiye ane grassroots yese. The former Chamatama anodiwa nevanhu and Mapombi hopes that he recovers well in time ahead of 2018 general elections.
For Mugabe, Mapombi can only wish him well; unfortunately I cannot wish him a speedy recovery because old age is not a disease. Mukuru haasi kurwara asi wakwegura chete and there is no cure for old age.
And all along, Mapombi was thinking that Mnangagwa is intelligent enough to take over from Mugabe but zvimwe zvacho zvaava kuita makes me doubt his qualities.
Mapombi knows that Mnangagwa has been frustrated a lot by the Gay 40 or is it Gushungo 40 (G40) but a true leader is not expected to react in that manner.
We all know that Prof Moyo presented a dossier accusing Mnangagwa of plotting to topple Mugabe from power and that was when issues like the Godfrey Majonga saga emerged – where Mnangagwa was accused of forcing Majonga to jump from second floor or so after they clashed over a woman.
Mnangagwa denied the allegations. I don't know where the idea of pressing US$3m defamation charges against Prof Moyo came from. Mapombi doubts even Mnangagwa's advisors if they are indeed intelligent at all. Fighting is only for those with weak minds and those who are intellectually strong will argue and defend themselves not trying to silence someone by threatening a massive lawsuit.
The lawsuit exposed Ngwena that agumirwa manje. I know his allies will say it is a strategy but hapana hapana musada kutinyepera hakuna strategy yakadai. Imagine the whole vice president suing a mere junior minister over issues that were presented in politburo? Kkkkkkk hahahahaha ndokugumirwa ka uku.
Mapombi heard Mnangagwa was given chance to defend himself against the allegations and that he was also preparing his dossier; why not then kungopedzerana kupolitburo kwenyu ikoko and stop stooping so low to that extent of suing a mere minister?
If one can be so emotional to that extent of suing their junior, what more ava president vasina power vakamutadzira? Chokwadi majeri anozara tikazvirega.
Anyway, Mapombi would like to urge Mnangagwa and his advisors that makasika kuratidza kugumirwa vakomana. Don't allow emotions to overtake everything; relax and prepare a strong dossier and fight back Prof Moyo in the politburo kwazvakatangira ikoko and not in the courts.
Unless if you want to show us that you control the courts since you are minister of justice. We know that things that are discussed in the politburo remain a secret; if Mnangagwa really wants to sue then Mugabe is the man to sue because he was the one who publicly announced what they secretly discussed in politburo.
If Mugabe remained quiet then no one would have known about the allegations raised but the media captured it because Mugabe and Grace publicly talked about it.
Mapombi haana kunyanya kudzidza zvake but zvimwe zvacho anoonera manje. Mnangagwa should learn to control emotions and show that he is indeed a good leader.  He must argue and fight back intellectually and not physically. Mazvinzwa Shumba shoko harivhikwi!
Anyway, it's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, Mapombi would like to congratulate one of her bosses Golden Maunganidze for being elected MISA Zimbabwe national chairperson.
I heard some few selfish and arrogant individuals especially in the media industry turned red with rage kkkkkkkk mukarwadziwa nesu hamupore vakomana.
It's not easy to block a good leader cdes! Anyway, I rest my case. By the way Mapombi heard Mphoko did a commendable job in Angola where he had gone to witness the inauguration of the new president. Hopefully Mphoko will urge Mugabe to step down so that others can take up the challenge like what happened in Angola. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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