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Mapombi still believes Mnangagwa is the only hope for a better future though the guy is not so intelligent zvake. There was a time I was forced to think that Mnangagwa did not go to a proper law school; maybe ane certificate or diploma in Law, if there is anything like that, because degree chairo I doubt. Probably a certificate coupled with over 40 years of political experience would make one behave and think like a well-learned lawyer – I'm just thinking hangu judging from how Mnangagwa reacts to issues. He is more of a slow learner. Or someone from a Special Class!
Anyway, whatever his case might be; the truth is he is far much better than colleagues from MDC-T. I mean the likes of ana Morgiza, Chamisa, mukoma Doug and Gutu. Those guys are just useless! Clueless. I have been going around Masvingo province since ZEC started its BVR blitz and I have noticed only Zanu PF is actively mobilising people to go and register to vote, while MDC-T is nowhere to be found.
The guys always spend their few resources on wrong things – just a few weeks ago, they were busy suing ZEC over BVR instead of using those resources to mobilise people to vote.  The majority of MDC-T Masvingo provincial executive members is busy in Harare with their private lives and no one is giving leadership to the people here. Many of them think everyone is on Facebook and they just post saying people should go and register. The messages are not even well-packed.
It's not everyone on social media and it's not everyone who would read the message. People should go out there and mobilise just like what Zanu PF is doing. Don't cry foul kana madyiwa neZanu PF mozoti makabirirwa because you are not doing anything. Zanu PF is actually having statistics of its members and they are making sure everyone is registered. Rural areas have the largest populations so one can reach those people using Facebook. Ndokurashika zve ikoko. Ngwarai mhani makaita seiko imi.
Mapombi thought MDC-T would capitalise on the current situation in Zanu PF – the ruling party is at its weakest – but instead ana Chamisa nana Khupe vatova busy kurwira chigaro chaMorgiza. Nxaa! Munoodza moyo imi.
It's high time the opposition gets organised, go to rural areas and mobilise especially the youths to go and register to vote. Ko door to door campaign yamaimboita kudhara zvakapera nepi? I don't see opposition winning 2018 elections unless they start to be serious now and do the right thing. Their methods of mobilising the people to go and register are only for urban and probably peri-urban settings, which I'm sure is a sign that they will lose. Social media yakanaka asi vanhu vanodawo kuona vatungamiri vavo. That is the reason Mugabe has been going around meeting the youths. Instead of imitating, many of MDC-T supporters kungwarira kutuka Mugabe chete chete.
At least I have told you point blank that given a chance I would choose Mnangagwa ahead of opposition because MDC-T is fractious at the moment. Mapombi's wish is that Tsvangirai recovers so that he can campaign otherwise chiparty chatopera ichi. But for now, my focus will be on Ngwena but he should be more aggressive kana achida kuti tiwirirane.
Because if he continues to be quiet then he will be slaughtered like a lamb at the extra ordinary congress come December. Say something ED; I mean show grip mhani kwete kuswera kujairirwa nevana vazuro uno vana Kasukuwere. All along, I thought you are intelligent; don't be just a ceremonial VP; don't be VP known for command agriculture only. Start implementing Command Respect now! Just now. Command Respect.
But Grace is so cunning hey; in fact Marujata is just too ambitious. Mapombi doesn't see anyone stopping her from becoming the vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe – whether first, second or third VP. All I know is that she will force her way into the presidium. Ndokungwarazve uku. Mapombi heard there was once a man from Zaka East who used to call himself 'Rumerakangwara' Tinos Rusere – may his soul rest in peace!
Grace ius 'Gadzirakangwara' for sure. She is almost getting there vana Ngwena vakangoti vava. Dai ndaive ndisiri mukadzi zvangu shuwa maindiona.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch apa ndakatozvimbirwa zvangu with some rotten bananas I ate. And it's too hot these days zvekuti chero imbwa dzava kuswera mumadziva medu maMucheke River umu.
By the way, do you still remember what I told you about Mphoko kkkkkkkk I told you kuti mukaona akanyarara paataura chete anenge ari mafireworks ega ega. Kkkkkk Mapombi heard that Mphoko, so far, is the only person who effectively used the position of Acting President when he issued a press statement calling VP Mnangagwa to order kkkkk Mboko imboko!mapombi

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