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» » Minister Hungwe: Mnangagwa’s joke of the year for Masvingo

Mapombi once told you that vazhinji muchandofarira n'anga neinobata mai zvino chionai zvamava kuitirwa naiye Mnangagwa wenyu uyu. I know it's now risky to say more truth about Mnangagwa because he is now the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Unosungwa kana kunyangariswa zvakaitiwa Itai Dzamara gore riye.
But Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanzi zvangu ndinofira kureva ini. Mapombi has been on record saying our new president is somehow being overrated – the blunder of appointing eight non-constituency MPs (technocrats) to his cabinet is enough evidence kuti zvinozikanwa chaizvo zvishoma. Thank God those who know better advised him and recalled vana Dofora, Dokora I mean and few others.
Mnangagwa was the leader of the house since 2013 and has been in government since 1980 but making such a silly blunder leaves a lot of questions kuti was the blunder genuine or deliberate? Deliberate in the sense that they wanted to test people and see reaction, and if there was no reaction, they would go on and breach the constitution. Zimbabweans should be very careful with this new leadership because it has the potential to do unconstitutional things.
Mapombi, however, is happy that Dokora is gone. Murume uya waindiitisa heart burn – chirungurira chaicho. There were wild celebrations again in the country when Dokora was recalled – murume wendebvu uya wanga asingachadiwe chokwadi zvanga zviri take take nabob pakusachadiwa. Mapombi even doubts his doctorate; is he really a doctor (PhD)? Or ndezvedu zvana Dr Gire zvekumuka wangopiwa? Kkkkkkk but Grace so mahwani; that lady probably needs more help than we think because I doubt if she is mentally stable.
But naiye Nyagura anazvowo futi; how can he reduce our education to that level? How come he gave Marujata a doctorate (PhD) in just three months? Honestly, that degree must be revoked as soon as possible or else Nyagura must fall. Takaresva here kukuita Vice Chancellor weUZ zvawava kupa maPhD in just 3 months? Kana takaresva tikudonhedze mangwana chaiye.
Anyway, there are more critical issues to attend to than wasting time talking about history – I mean Grace is now history! We now have Auxillia as the First Lady. Kkkkkkk but Mapombi heard ndopamwewo pane nyaya ipo paye hanzi kwake uko vanotomuti Okusurira instead of Auxillia kkkkkkkk. Hameno regai tione but the best advice I can give to the President is that madzimai ngaasiyane nepolitics vangofamba vari parutivi imi muchiita basa henyu.
Very few new Grace was such a nuisance before she joined active politics but paakazodzijoina ndopatakaona kuti hapana nezvemukadzi. In fact mudhara Bob vanga vari patight paya or shall I say vachitori patight nekuti Marujata is one of a kind. Anyway, the simple point is Auxillia ngaachisiyana nepolitics aiite zvekufamba nababa. Period.
But Mr President I heard you said you have hit the ground running but I want to say take it easy please because speed yacho muri kuita too many blunders; mind you kumhanya handiko kusvika hamba pole pole! We all want to see some positive changes especially in the economy – we want cash in the banks because the queues are just too many.
Mapombi however, disagrees with some of the appointments you did – they have nothing to do with improving the economy but securing your position and furthering your personal interests. How can you appoint Josaya Hungwe to be the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs? Hungwe of all the politicians in the province? This is purely rewarding a loyal cadre than looking at merits. There are quite a number of able politicians, young and energetic but Mnangagwa decided kutiisira hake kamudhara kaye simply because he is a top ally. Hungwe takes bootlicking even to a higher level when he was appointed Minister of State recently. It is the same Hungwe who has been governor for Masvingo for 17 years akabva asina kana chaamboita chinorangaririka. The guy is just too old. Mapombi can confidently tell you that the late Shuvai Mahofa was far much better than Hungwe – ndoanonzi mashura atakaitirwa naMnangagwa aya.
In fact, Mnangagwa has dampened people's hopes. His cabinet sums it all kuti hapana zvinombonyanyozikanwa apa. He just inherited Mugabe's cabinet and blended it a bit which is a clear indication that very few things, if there is any, will change for the better. Obert Mpofu allegedly indulged in gross corruption when he was minister of Mines but Mnangagwa gave him the Home Affairs ministry nonetheless. The self-proclaimed obedient son is not obedient at all. In fact he was not supposed to be part of the new government.
And to Christopher Mutsvangwa – please don't ever make a mistake of thinking that everyone is dull. Your behavior of lying to the public cannot be tolerated anymore. Initially, you lied and celebrated while in South Africa that Mugabe had resigned when in actual fact, he had not. Few days ago you lied that MDC-T and other opposition party leaders demanded to be part of the government and that they threatened to recall their MPs if they were to be appointed ministers by Mnangagwa. MDC-T has since distanced itself from your statement and even challenged you to name the person who said it.
Please Mutsvangwa hatisi vana vako isu vaunonyepera like that. I wonder what kind of a Special Advisor to the President will you be if you have the guts to mislead the whole nation like that. You once said that you doubted the speech that Mugabe gave when he was under house arrest and suggested that it originated from Professor Jonathan Moyo.  The past few weeks exposed what kind of a leader Mutsvangwa is; munhu anofunga kuti vanhu vese vakapusa so they should be fed with lies. You are wrong Cde Chris, very wrong!
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch ndizvidyire ndigoseredzera with rotten bananas. Ko ngoma ndiyo ndiyo nothing has changed on my menu anongova maputi and rotten bananas – I thought things would immediately change kubva Munangagwa zvaakaita take over from the Zvimba old man but hapana hapana. By the way I heard Mphoko came back from self-exile in Botswana. Kkkkkkkk that guy Mphoko kkkkkk. Anyway, it's of no point talking much about him because I heard neVPs will be appointed soon and Chiwenga hanzi ari kutokwanakwana ipapo. Ko chinhu chavo mungavadii? Hapana zvatingakuitai asi pana Hungwe tipeiwo maserious, please. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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