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I like Zimbabweans; they easily get fascinated and they are too desperate for change that sometimes they hardly think of the long term effects of some of their actions.
Not so long ago, citizens were celebrating, taking selfies with soldiers, as Mugabe was put under arrest by the junta and subsequently forced to resign. The majority were celebrating save for the few vakaita sesu vana Mapombi but taitonzi tinopenga. I told them that the whole excitement is short-lived as the junta will soon show its true colours – now I'm hearing all sort of stories about the soldiers hanzi vamwe vava kungorova vanhu zvisina tsarukano while others are looting and stealing.
Kkkkkkkk Mapombi has no kind words for all those crying foul about soldiers behavior now because ndakakuudzai kuti mava kufarira n'anga inondobata amai mukati ndinopenga, manje ndezvipi? Soldiers should confine themselves to the barracks and not venture into government offices. I know many would not have the courage to say the truth about the junta especially after what happened to Chipanga and Chombo but ini ndinofira kureva hangu – nyika inotongwa nejunta haiiteba. Haiite zvachose! Ndopamuchaona kuti Uncle Bob was much better.
Anyway, I think Cde Chris Mustvangwa is soon becoming another Grace Mugabe. The guy is now all over and in many cases not talking any sense. Since Mutsvangwa was appointed Special Advisor to the President, Mapombi thought he would concentrate more on correctly advising the President Mnangagwa on various issues instead of spending much of his time blab-mouthing.
A good advisor spends time with the President giving him updates on various issues and best solutions to arising problems not izvi zvekungoswerowawata fanika Grace. Dai maitaura chokwadi zvaiva nane but in most cases, Chris lies to the whole nation.
We may not understand the coloniser's language that much but the good thing is we have dictionaries' so we can always refer to the Oxford book each time he says those big for nothing words. Maybe Mutsvangwa should swap roles with Charamba so that he becomes presidential spokesperson instead of special advisor to the president. Mr Mutsvangwa tinyareiwo, please. We do not want another Grace, not anytime soon so please stick to your role of advising the president not becoming spokesperson anonyepa kudaro. Zimbabweans are not as dull as you may think; that is the graveyard mistake that your predecessors think kuti vanhu zvidhori.
But Mapombi thinks there is a power sharing deal among the army, ED and war vets. It seems like ED is not his own man at the moment and the blunder to appoint over 10 non MPs is a clear indication that the lawyer-cum-president's wings are clipped. It's a power-sharing deal where the trio is supposed to share things equally. Muchaona henyuzve when VPs are appointed. Ndopamuchati Mapombi unorevesa.
Now to the extraordinary congress – all eyes are on Mnangagwa to appoint VPs kuparty who will subsequently become government VPs. If it's a power sharing deal then Chiwenga is going to be one of the VPs then umwe totiwo maWar Vets atipewo candidate yavo. Mukaona zvaitika izvozvo mobva maziva kuti tiri patight chaipo.
By the way, you heard Josaya Hungwe bragging that Zanu PF will use the army in 2018 elections; murume aitotaura chokwadi uyu.  Hungwe said tanga takundwa neG40 tikatozodaidza masoja kuti huyai mutibetsere kuno. That is the same way they are going to do kana vakundwa election neMDC Alliance next year. Ko kana vakambozviita 2008 chinovatadzisa 2018 chii?
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch and have rotten bananas as desert. I had hopes for a better future pakapinda ED but ndakatozoona kuti makudo ndeamwe; hapana musiyano naBob apa except that kwavawo neteam itsva yava kumbodyawo. Regai masoja nemawar vet vambodyawo.
What about Chipanga and Chombo? Kkk I was shocked to see their picture donning Zanu PF caps written E.D Kutonga Kwaro. Really? Ndiyo here G40 iya yaimbozviti hatibviri iyi? Inga zvinhu zvaoshanduka nekukasira chokwadi. The guys are now on their knees begging for mercy from a person they have been ridiculing in public. Where is Marujata to save you from the jail time that you now face? It is unfortunate for them that it is no longer up to ED alone to decide their fate, but it is up to the courts too because their dockets are now a public affair. We hope the judiciary is independent enough to give them a fair judgement that is not influenced by political factors.
By the way, Mapombi is very worried about Mphoko's whereabouts. I last heard zvichingonzi adzoka munyika from Botswana but I can't really locate him. Hopefully nothing bad happens to him. I really miss Mphoko; I miss the chicks donations, the incubators and stuff. Mapombi is sure his wife misses that stay in a five star hotel kkkkkkkkkkkk tough lucky mada zvinhu zvinoshanduka.
But I heard he is due for a massive payout as part of his retirement benefits so that just like his former boss Mugabe, he can live comfortably ever after. That is if Lacoste decides not to arrest him. Remember he budged into a police station and ordered the immediate release of those Zinara fraudsters, imhosva ka iyo. Kkkk. Mphoko Mboko imboko!mapombi

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