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Mapombi can confidently tell you that the opposition has formed a new political outfit which will be formalised soon after the forthcoming elections. Those who attended the MDC Alliance rally would agree with me that Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube are smoking the peace pipe, and obviously looking at life beyond Tsvangirai. The trio has simply agreed to turn the alliance into a formidable political party called MDC Alliance with Chamisa as President, while Biti and Ncube will be the vice presidents respectively.
I know many of you will say Mapombi atanga kupenga but wait until after election mozonditi henyu ndinonyepa. I am seeing a situation where MDC-T vice president Elias Mudzuri achisara nedemhe rinonzi MDC-T but vanhu vaenda neMDC Alliance. Chamisa and company know that Tsvangirai will never return to active politics again so they are already working on life after him. On the other hand, Biti and Ncube have learnt a lot when they left Tsvangirai and they are desperate to correct their mistakes – it is cold out there and mukana wekuti vadzokedzane vagodyawo zvoita vamwe ndiwoyu.
Even if the alliance loses elections to Zanu PF, chances are very high that the guys will remain united and transform the alliance into a political party. On this one, Mapombi will bet with her last drop of blood, party yatoumbiwa iyi and brand raMorgan ratopedzwa nevakomana ava.  The way Ncube and Biti were talking while addressing the Masvingo rally over the weekend was a clear indication that chinhu chaenda ichi and the guys have serious interests. Why would Biti want to talk about Chamisa being the MDC-T acting president when we all know that he has nothing to do with the MDC-T since he left the party and formed his own little known PDP?  Chatova chinhu chavo ichi.
Anyway, Mapombi is slowly but surely getting baffled with this new error. How can a whole President read prepared speech at a rally? Kkkkkkkk panguva yaBob hatina kumbozviona izvi – Mugabe would go for two to three hours achingopaumba asina kana written speech zvayo but achitaura zvine sense manje izvi zvoitiwa nanaED izvi ee-eh hatisati takambozviona.
Mapombi will not hesitate to say this; ED needs serious coaching – vakuru vachiri kurasika chaiko. The biggest challenge is President Mnangagwa's Special Advisor also needs a Very Special Advisor because many-a-times, Mutsvangwa is often offside. Unotoda kubatsirwa chaiko murume uya anonzi Mutsvangwa because he is too excited zvekuti dai ari munhukadzi waienderana naGrace.
The President does not need a whole prepared speech when addressing a rally; maybe a small paper with key points would be the best.  Shuwa murume mukuru kuti tsikitsiki achiverenga speech parally? Mapombi saw it happening pano paMvuma apa recently. Dai zvipo zvaikumbiranwa apa ndopamaimhanya kuna Bob kundokumbira charisma.
President ED, don't read speeches at rallies, please. Spare speeches for official functions. Also don't speak like you are preaching at a ZCC or Mapositori church gathering.  May you find someone who can coach you how to deliver speeches – e-eh hazvinyadzise izvo I remember Tsvangirai was once worse than you but kubvuma kudzidziswa kunobatsira. Not with Mutsvangwa obvious, but with someone who is a professional in the area.  I am sorry to say this Mr President but your special advisor also needs a very special advisor. Kutaura semunoimba handizvopi ba.
Dokora far much better than Mavima
Can someone tell me something; is this Professor called Paul Mavima a real professor?  Mapombi is not that educated but doubts very much if this guy is indeed a professor. Or probably he is the professor of incompetence and confusion.  If there is any ministry which has been blemished, it is the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
It's like jumping out from a frying pan into a veld fire. Mapombi was so convinced that Dr Dofora, I mean Dokora was the worst minister ever to ever preside over the ministry but hey ndaizvinyepera kwakazouya Professor Paul Mavima. Uyu Muvhimi chaiye chaiye and he should have been given a Wildlife ministry zvipedzerane nemhuka ikoko not kuti ave in charge nevana vedu.
Mapombi is still wondering how can a whole Professor decided to nullify O' Level results after three months over a silly allegation that there was overwhelming evidence of cheating by candidates. Is English Paper Two the only paper which leaked if I may ask Mr Professor?  What you have done is even more damaging than dai makatsvaga a way to moderate the results like changing the grading system.
Mapombi heard Muvhimi is related to the president so haabve zvekumhanya but the noble thing is just to resign. Even Esau Nhandara should have tendered his resignation letter by now. Mapombi knows that these guys are desperate to impress ED, especially after given those 100 days but you don't impress him by nullifying one paper. Find better things to impress with.
 I have heard many parents suggesting that Dofora was far much better than uyu professor uyu and I think they are right. The professor is indeed a burden on our education sector – dai zvaibvira maidzora henyu Dofora pane mashura iwaya. Even the new curriculum is something else and parents and teachers were expecting that the new minister would review it vachibvisa zvimwe zviri very unnecessary but he is even worse than Dokora. But what I know is the voice of the people is the voice of God. Kana mada kuita zvehukama itai asi one day is one day, gava richadambura musungo chete.
Auxillia the drama queen
Kkkkkk ko Mwari vanoti tadiikowo nhai veduwe? From Grace Gucci Mugabe the comedian to Auxillia the drama queen. Mapombi is good at spotting talent and I can confidently tell you that our new first lady is a real drama queen. The way she acted and performed at Mvuma rally left Mapombi with no doubt that she could have even perform better the Mai Rwizi character in the drama Mukadota or Amai Azuka of Nigerian movies.
She sobbed during the rally wena after the announcement that she was not going to contest for the Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe constituency in the forthcoming elections. Mapombi would want to believe the tears were just crocodile tears. In fact, the way the other women cried after the announcement clearly indicated that everything was pre-planned and rehearsed. Makamboonepi vanhu vakanyatsokwana chaiko vanoita muchemere wekuzviumburudza pamberi pazere vanhu?  Vamwe kutoshadabura vachingochemera kuti first lady vava kusiya constituency kkkkkkk haaa imi musationa senge tisina kukwana. Chero parufu chaipo Mapombi haasati amboona vanhu vachichema zvakadaro. Stop the dram Amai. Chete Dead BC ndeyenyu these days but know kuti mufaro mwena ukautevedza unoguma. Ask Grace she will tell you that no one is invincible. By the way, kusiya constituency to concentrate on first lady duties kutorevaka kuti muri kuziva kuti muri kuhwina the forthcoming election? It seems like election yakatoitiwa iyi and they know the results. Anyway, let us wait and see but drama ngariite shoma amai.
It's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. This whole week kuvesa moto wacho pane basa because of the rains but kutongoshinga ndingadii otherwise I will pretend to be on hunger strike like Morgan kkkkkkkk. By the way, any latest news about Mphoko? Where is he? Can someone pass my greetings to him muti hanzi naMapombi ndakusuwa wena. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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