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Kkkkkk mukati kamukomana kanonzi Chamisa dzakanyatsoti kwesere? Mapombi still believes this boy still needs to mature beyond student activism politics – izvi zvokungonyepa nepasiri necessary pfira pasi imbwa dzinonge. How can one lie that US President Donald Trump promised to give opposition $15 billion if they win the forthcoming general elections? What's your problem nhai bamudiki tikubatsirei?
Mapombi has always told you that Chamisa is very immature and not fit to replace Tsvangirai, not anytime soon. He has shown that he cannot be trusted at all because how can he deliberately lie that Trump promised such billions. Mudzuri is far much better than this power hungry young man. The much respected Havard trained Engineer Mudzuri is the most suitable to take over in the event that Tsvangirai declares himself unfit to run for the elections.
To my brother Chamisa, please tidzikamirewo, ugotikwanirawo; we want honest politicians not vana Mugabe pano apa. Tell the electorate the truth not kusweroda kutibata kumeso senge tisina kudzidza. We don't want to hear that again.
Anyway, let me divert to the man of the moment; ED. Ehezve we hear you playing loud music in your cars muchiti kutonga kwaro as you pass through Chimusana bridge next to Chitima where I feed on rotten bananas. In December last year, people were very excited with the crocodile as we entered a new dispensation. The man himself promised heaven on earth within 100 days in office and some of us hoped that by now tinenge tabuda mumarara umu matakasiya takandwa na baba Bona tezvara vaSimba. The speeches that ED gave us were very inspiring and I was among the people who were excited that real change had come. I am not talking about the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), no. However, I was comparing ED's government and the inclusive government. Those who were old enough during 2008 may remember that after Baba Chatunga varambira pachigaro, the the unity government that was then formed brought immediate relief into the lives Zimbabweans. Remember that prior to that set up, we had no money, nothing in shops, schools had closed and people were just going to work so that they have offices to do madhiri avo zvavo. It was that worst you could imagine! However, when Chamatama joined the government, vanhu vakatanga kuravira chingwa. It was so instant, but vakuru ve propaganda were quick to claim the glory hanzi Biti was just adopting what the then Finance Minister Chinamasa had drafted. Really?  Soon after inclusive government, we saw the economy collapsing once again. But Zanu PF muromo wayo hauzarirwi nerwizika, they always have a reason and an excuse. Apa they use chavo chiya chi dead BC trying kutikurunga nenhema. Kkkkk hameno zvenyu vane maTV you will be bombarded with propaganda day in and day out. I am sure havanyare those guys. Anyway, let me continue with my story.
Isu vana Mapombi taiti tikataura kuti vanhu vauraya nyika ava taitukwa but we later saw them using even more stronger terms attacking Mugabe and his wife. Vamwe venyu vanoti ndinopenga but I urge you to listen carefully when I speak. I am just poor but not mad, ndodya mabanana akaora because ED has not managed to improve the economy. When these guys booted Mugabe out, we thought within a month things would have improved. It's not that we were over expectant, no, we once saw Chamatama doing it so no excuses on that one. We had all the reasons to expect ED to swiftly change our living standards because hantie Chipanga akambotaura zve 15 billion iya. I am not very good with maths but I know half of that loot can change our living conditions over night. Well, some people in the ED government are saying Mugabe akareva nhema and it was not 15 billion. I challenge Mnangagwa to tell us the exact figure which was stolen. If there was nothing stolen, then tell us how the diamond money was used. Chingotiudzai kana ari maG40 akaba tiudzei kani. Your silence means a lot. Munganopemha mari when someone achiziva kwakaenda ma biriyoni edu? Well, enough of that, how about those who are returning money which was externalised? How about showing transparency through giving us a full list of people and the amounts which have been returned nhai shefu! If you fail to do all this, we say makauya zvenyu kuchechi but hamusati matendeuka kubva muzvivi.
Every day we see drama and for sure ChiMugabeism charamba kubuda mu Zanu PF umu. You know what, last weekend, just like any other vagrand, I went to Polytechnic kumabiko atanga tanzwa. Of course, I was not invited but ndakangoenda nemamvemve angu hoping for a feast but alas, what a disappointment. What I saw there kkkk hakuna party yakadai!! How can you advertise that the party starts at 10 am and you spend the whole day ingori speech after speech till 3 O'clock kkkk inter district ikatova nane. More shocking at the function was the fact that director we CIO was there at Zanu PF party celebrations. Ahhh kkk zvakaoma sure ED must come clean and show us his difference to Mugabe. How can a political party celebrate the appointment of a CIO, iyewo babangu Moyo kutogara pahigh table apa dzakarova Zanu PF regalia. Vana Moyo avo zvakoma, yangova Khaya Moyo, Sibusiso Moyo, Fred Moyo, so and so Moyo well its new dispensation. Mogovana zvenyu pahukama, sekuru Hungwe havanaka secret, vaisumudza hama dzoga kuhigh table Mapombi achida kutofa zvake nenzara.  Vamwe vatigarei muintelligence umu vakatadza kuudzawo former diplomat iro kuti rikatevedzera vana sekuru Hungwe rinorasika? ED must stop that, we know CIO, army and police vanhu venyu but to show it openly vapembererwa zvakangoomawo hazvo panew dispensation apo! Let's differentiate between Zanu PF and government business.
In fact, I think ED needs new advisors apart from Mutsvangwa otherwise he will continue to make more blunders. Hanzi kuDoves vanga vakapfeka flag with wrong sequence of our national flag colours kkkk aah sorry kuDavos but kana musina chamakauya nacho bamboo there is no difference between you going to Davos and someone going to Doves funeral parlour. Marwadzo chete! Someone was talking about mega deals kkkk remember madhiri aiuya naMugabe from China, not even one materialised. Even people like Dangote came to assess investment opportunities in Zimbabwe kkk chii chakabuda? Zero. So we need to be more careful and more serious. I am hearing that now you say 100 days were not enough kkk who forced you to tell us that everything would be good in Zim in 100 days. Chinjai maadvisor mudhara imi musati mabika mbodza. Musazoti Mapombi haana kutaura, last time I warned Mboko when he was refusing to leave Rainbow Towers but nhasi aripi? Listen to my advice, vanhu ndovahwa ini vachitaura they say the higher the monkey climbs a tree the more it exposes its backside kkkk. Muchenjere mudhara your buttocks are exposed! Surely 100 days cannot just be word politics - dispensation yezhara inogwadza.
It's almost lunch time, even in this new dispensation ndichiri kungodya mabanana akoora, things are still tough. Regai zvangu ndikange maputi angu! Those who go to Harare mukaona Mphoko momuti hanzi naMapombi mhoro! Kkkk mboko imboko!mapombi

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