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Mapombi can confidently tell you that the Dead BC has mutated into First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa Reality TV. Whenever you tune in, it's either you watch Auxillia during news hour or on current affairs. If one wants to know more about the first lady, then he or she has to tune in to the Dead BC.
Mapombi has no doubt that very soon some of the people in management there will be shown the exit door because they really don't know how a public broadcaster must operate. Imagine a former Prime Minister died last week and to them it was not newsworthy at all and they decided kutitaridza zvaAuxillia again and again.
If it's not her on the Dead BC, then it's her husband; President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mapombi is very sure the comrades at Dead BC need to be schooled; too much of anything becomes boring and no one would want to watch that trash. Muri kuuraya company mega muchifunga kuti murikugonera Zanu PF nepropaganda isina njere iyo. Ko kutozodadawo kani nezvima findings zve ZAMPS, hanzi ZBC leads the pack. Which pack if I am to ask? There is no pack in the TV broadcasting industry neither is there any meaningful competition in radio broadcasting. It's a one-horse-race. Munyare.
Anyway, let me not waste my precious time talking about something which is dead already, which has very little viewership kutokundwawo neni Mapombi ndoverengwa neMasvingo yose.  Mapombi was saddened by Tsvangirai's death – may his Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.
But I didn't know that Morgan Tsvangirai could command such a huge crowd especially in death. Bob must be ashamed kuti akanyima murume uya power but vanhu vaimuda vakawanda kudarika iye. But Zanu PF never seizes to amaze; hanzi naMuchinguri and Madiro we want to go and capitalise on Tsvangirai's funeral to campaign for Zanu PF. Shameless politicians!!
How can you say that; such undiplomatic utterances are uncalled for and not expected from seasoned politicians like Oppa and Mike – hamunyare makaita seiko. Sometimes we must forget about getting political mileage tomboitawo hunhu chaihwo – where is the spirit of Ubuntu/Unhu nhai? I was baffled!
And Mapombi was surprised that our government honoured Tsvangirai that much but ari mupenyu vaimutsvinyira vachimuti Tea Boy. Chiwenga even vowed that the army will not salute Tsvangirai chero zvodii but now they have totally changed wena wotoshaya kuti inyasha dzeyi tsvimborume kubvisa mwana wemvana madzihwa.
Mutasa told us that Mugabe lost 2008 elections and he wanted to hand over power to Tsvangirai but Mnangagwa and Chiwenga vakatsika madziro but now they are trying to cleanse themselves by sponsoring Tsvangirai's funeral expenses.
As a former prime minister, Tsvangirai deserved all those benefits therefore, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga should not appear like they have done him a big favour. They have simply given him what was rightfully his. Zanu PF should not claim to have assisted Tsvangirai; even if it was Bob achiri panyanga he was going to do the same because Tsvangirai is entitled to all the benefits as former PM.
Mapombi, however, is worried about the fissures in MDC-T; the power struggles are just too much. We all know Chamisa commands a huge following compared to Mudzuri and Khupe but they should find each other for the sake of unity. Unity is key, even the Bible says come let us reason together!
Anyway, Mapombi is not an MDC-T supporter so she will not lose sleep over the current fights. Kkkkkk I heard the little known Gutu watsamwa akati ndava kubuda muparty Kkkkkkk mwana wamai usaita kutsamwa kwegurwe kana hwiza inoti ikatsamwa yozvitushura dumbu kana kuzvigura makumbo. You will not survive outside MDC-T – it's cold out there ask Biti and Ncube they will tell you.
In fact, it is very cold out there and that is the reason you Biti and Ncube on the forefront endorsing Chamisa as Alliance acting president; they want relevance because vanga vapera kuti pepepeeee-eeh. Anyway, Mapombi would like to warn Biti and Ncube that they should not cause confusion in MDC-T simply because they are fighting for relevance.
It's all most lunch time guys, let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. I heard Mphoko akabura imwe new one again recently – I heard he stormed a certain hospital in Bulawayo and threated the management after the salaries of his daughter, who was a medical doctor at that hospital, was seized after she failed to report to duty during the period yeOperation Restore Legacy. The Legacy which never was saw Mphoko's daughter fleeing the hospital for her dear life kusvika management yati mubvisei paPay roll, and now she is back but salary hakusisina.
KKKKKK Cde Mphoko, you are no longer as powerful as you were five months ago. Things have changed and now Lacoste ndoyava nepower and they are showing it by arresting all Gay 40 (G40) members. The best Mphoko can do is to shut up and praise the Lord that he is out of jail. But Mr Mphoko, may you continue with the good work of donating chicks and incubators that you were doing during Dr Gire's leadership? Kkkkkkk by the way, Mapombi heard Levi Nyagura zvakazomuwana this time – he was arrested over Dr Grace's fake doctorate. Dai zvikafira mujeri mhani. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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