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May someone please tell uncle Bob we all know that what happened in November last year is not very far from being a coup but we are happy that it helped to remove a dictator who had been at the helm of this country for 37 years. We could have condemned the action as a nation but because takabvisirwa munhu anga avondonga nyika, we are indeed celebrating that coup – endai kwaZvimba mundorima mbambaira mukweguru.
Also, please don't be misled by your muzukuru Zhuwao that people still need you to be President; if truth be told, hamuchadiwe sekuru vaSimbanashe. You can see it for yourself that even the Ever Obedient Son is no longer obedient – who ever thought that of all the people, Obert Mpofu could dump you just like that? What about Webster Shamu of the Mugabe is Cremora fame?
Everyone is running with ED now, and just like Mussolini, ED is always right. No one from Zanu PF still wants to be associated with Mugabe; they describe him as the worst ever dictator in Africa but not so long ago he was the darling of almost everyone is Zanu PF. It's very simple – people always pay allegiance to where power is, and Mugabe rangova zuru rakapinda nyoka.
Uncle Bob, don't waste your time telling us that ED usurped power from you – we all know that and we don't care. We could be in a different economic situation if you had allowed Tsvangirai to rule this country in 2008.
Of course, we will not allow ED to ruin this country, especially after these useless 100 days. Maybe Mapombi is to critical, tiudzeiwo vamwe pane chinemusoro here chakabuda from Mnangagwa and his government in the past 100 days? Mapombi will only remember the endless trips – regional and international, and of course deals which are not so much different from Mugabe's Mega deals from China.
If there is anything commendable about Mnangagwa, then it is only the well-written speeches emphasising jobs, jobs, jobs and free, fair and credible elections. But Mr President, how can you talk about fairness of the election when you and your wife have monopolised ZBC TV?  Mapombi can easily predict the whole news hour bulletin – It's either Mnangagwa or his wife Auxillia. Mapombi is very sure the first lady is being underutilised – she is a real drama queen and hameno kuti vana Charles Munganasa vanoita zvema drama havamuonewo here? Please recruit that lady.
Kkkkkk ukaona muenzi anosvikomhanya mhanya otobika tea otoita yese yese wobva waziva kuti muenzi akatsveruka iyeye. Mapombi saw the first lady vachimhanya-mhanya wena kubika tea, kuzora chingwa jamhu kkkkkkkk dzikamai vakoma gwendo gurefu ugwu gwunoda manyatera. I still stand to be corrected, Mapombi thinks Dr Grace and Auxillia inongova 50-50. Musiyano ndewekuti umwe haasati adziirwa nehu first lady chete chete but otherwise given equal amount of pressure and boot-licking hahahaha tinopera shuwa. Dzungu racho rinenge rakati wandei.
Mapombi heard a lot of talk around Mnangagwa's first 00 days in office and those with sober minds are saying musharukwa hapana zvaanyatsoti aita zvingafadza ruzhinji rweZimbabwe. This year is going to be very interesting I tell you guys; hopefully Mnangagwa's call for free, fair and credible election is something genuine. Of course there is no fairness because Mnangagwa and wife are dominating ZTV while Chamisa and other opposition leaders is not given any chance to speak.
Kkkkkkk but mfana uya mukamupa mukana chokwadi. Only those with mental problems would vote for ED. Chamisa is charismatic; anotaura muchinda uyu mukamupa mukana. Anyway, I will not say much about the things zvichauya, let us wait and see.
Mapombi is in cloud nine vasikana; I heard Levy Nyagura has been suspended over Dr Amai's fake PhD. I have said this over and over vazhinji venyu vakafunga kuti ndinopenga. I have no kind words for Nyagura. Mapombi heard this guy anobata mastudent rough mhani. Worse akazoenda kujere ndinenge ndichimuvigira some rotten bananas and maputi asina nzungu ikoko.
Mapombi is now doubting these Doctors and Professors – especially after Dr Lazarus Dokora and Professor Paul Mavima unobva waona kuti zvimwe zvinotoda kuti Mwari apindire.  The two Cdes Mavima and Dokora are not so intelligent but Dokora akatova nane kwete zvatakazoitirwa naMnangagwa rwendo rwuno.  A whole Professor ordering a re-sit three months after the paper was written moti dzakakwanawo ipapo?
At least High Court yakazviramba otherwise Mapombi was going to stage a one-woman demonstration paoffice paMavima ipapo. Honestly, I don't have the confidence to call that politician a professor. Chete zvinoitiwa pahukama zvonetsa hazvo but that guy doesn't deserve to be the minister responsible for our children.
It's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But those who have access to Mphoko munapotawo muchindiudza kuti arisei veduwe. I liked the guy during his time as VP; I heard he was the only VP who meaningfully utilised the position of Acting President when he told Mnangagwa to go hang after claims that he was poisoned at Gwanda rally. Kkkkkk Mphoko kuseri. Mboko imboko! mapombi

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