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Moses Ziyambi
BIKITA - Bikita Minerals is implementing backfilling as one of the several measures adopted to ensure that mining operations do not leave behind a trail of environmental degradation, TellZim News has learnt.
Among a host of other measures that include recycling waste water, backfilling has seen the lithium miner striking a remarkably fine balance between commercial exploitation of natural resources and the need for environmental conservation.
The mining company recently opened up its operations to media scrutiny and a lot of tough questions were asked, with management explaining that the company was not driven merely by narrow commercial interests, but by the need to protect the environment too.
Of particular interest to journalists who toured the mining operations on Tuesday was backfilling which, as the name implies, can simply be defined as a process of using materials to plug the holes that would have been dug up during extraction of the mineral ore bodies.
Many mining companies around the country have fallen short of the most basic environmental conservation expectations and have been criticised for leaving behind deep gullies as well as polluted and heavily silted rivers.
During the tour, Bikita Minerals quarry manager Victor Simango took a group of journalists from almost all mainstream media houses in Zimbabwe to the company's Al Hayat quarry.
The group was also shown the Bikita Quarry which produces much of the lithium-bearing petalite and lepidolite ore.
The pits – that are up to nine metres deep – are observable largely on a place that an uninitiated eye would never suspect itself used to be a deep pit which was expertly plugged back to solid ground using the backfilling method.
"We used the same soils dug out of the pits to do the backfilling. Ours is a quest for an environmentally-sustainable mining venture. We therefore take all the necessary measures to make sure we do business while maintaining the health of the environment," said Simango.
The backfilled ground, ornamented by pieces of small-sized stones of all shades and luster, would make a collector's paradise.
"We plan to plant trees and grass right here, so that there is little difference from the original state of the ground prior to the beginning of mining activities. This is part of our commitment, as Bikita Minerals, to a safer environment," said Simango.
Elsewhere, the open pits of the mothballed Mashava asbestos mine claimed a victim recently; a Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) student who drowned in a disused quarry last year while many others have reportedly been maimed by wide-open pits.
Mashava is host to many open pits that pose a grave danger not only to human but animal life as very little, if any backfilling seems to have been done prior to the closure of mining operations over a decade ago.
As is to be expected in any place where serious mining is done, considerable quantities of water collect into pits and that, if not taken good care of, could be a hazard.
Bikita Minerals, however, is pumping such water from the quarries to the main dam several metres away. From there, the water is fetched for use in the Dense Medium Separation (DMS) process. Any other waste water generated at this stage is recycled again and again.
Earlier on during the tour, Bikita Minerals Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Grant Hudson had told the media team that the company was also on a reclamation exercise in the old dumps.
The company, which operates a 15 square-kilometre mining lease, is recovering ore which was thrown away to the dump by previous miners in the old days because technology of that time could not detect the relatively low value in them, let alone extract it.
"This is helping us to save on the costs of doing new exploration and digging work. It is easier and cheaper to mine the dump than to explore and dig for new ore bodies from the ground," said Hudson.
The act of mining the dumps is itself widely regarded as a form of environmental conservation and recycling as it helps to reduce the need to break up further ground to extract new ore. Machinery doing reclamation work in the dumps also consumes less energy, which in turn helps to lower air pollution and other cumulative effects of mining on the environment.
Lithium was first discovered on what was then named the Bikita tin field back in the 1920s and the mining business was done by a ragtag of small scales miners until the early 1950s when all operations were consolidated into one company.
The current owners of Bikita Minerals bought the company in 2014, and have made considerable investments to improve production and to improve lives while taking care of concerns on the effect of mining operations on the environment.

Atalia Parehwa
 Tinaani   Nyabereka.
ZVISHAVANE – The Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Kazembe Kazembe is expected to be at YAFM Radio Park on April 07 where gospel artist Ataliah Parehwa will be launching her new album.
The album, titled Ndakasarudza, will be the music sensation's fourth effort; containing 12 tracks that all carry a message of the Lord Jesus Christ as the true source of real happiness and wellbeing.
"I am expecting a successful launch in the presence of multitudes. I have given this album my best and have made good preparations. There is every reason to promise people a joyous moment," said Parehwa.
The Kutongwa kukuru hit maker said some songs on the album are a result of collaboration with other artists.
There is a track called Usachemecheme which features Daniel Mhere, Vachazorora features Kudzi Nyakudya while Maureen Nengomasha is featured on Mwanasikana. I feel very much humbled by the support given to me by those artists," said Parehwa.
Parehwa's manager, Irvine Kapembera told TellZim News preparations for the grand occasion were going on well and promised an electrifying concert.
"We have invited members of our business community and other influential individuals as well as ordinary people to come and help us celebrate an excellent piece of art produced by one of our own," said Kapembera.
The organisers of the event are Hard Labour Promotions, Verenga Empire and YAFM. Talented DJs from the radio station will also grace the event while Admire Nago, Sandra Chirenje, Praise Govera and Anthia Mashungupa will perform as guest artists.
Parehwa joined the music industry in 2006 under the Gospel Revenge group which was led by Japhet Mpofu.
She later formed Echoes of Praise in 2012, leading to the release of their first album, Makanaka Mwari and two others in the following years.local
Zingoma Midlands chairperson Atalia Parehwa Zingoma
Exsto Makunzva
ZVISHAVANE - The Zimbabwe International Gospel Music Arts (Zingoma) will hold its debut seminar in the Midlands province on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Kandodo Hall.
Ataliah Parehwa, who is the organisation's Midlands chairperson for Midlands said the purpose of the seminar was to unite gospel artists and give them training on how to compose, market and distribute their products.
Zingoma was formed in 2015 and the founder and president is Fulton Bhome who is based in Harare. It is a none-profit making organisation which was formed to champion the interests of the gospel music industry.
Music promoter, founder and director of Diplomat Awards and editor of Diplomat magazine, Reginald Chapfunga will make a presentation on music distribution and marketing.
He will also teach on organising successful gospel shows while finance expert and film producer, Leonard Chibhamu will present on financing a sustainable music industry.entertainment

Bvaru Bvaru midfield dynamo Joe Nyabinde
Exsto Makunzva
ZVISHAVANE - Pint-sized yet hard-tackling Shabanie Mine FC defensive midfielder, Joe Nyabinde proved to be too hard for Triangle FC, thwarting many moves made by the visitors in a Premier Soccer League (PSL) season-opener played at Mandava Stadium last Sunday.
Nyabinde, who was loaned back to Bvaru Bvaru after moving to Bulawayo side Chicken Inn, made a remarkable contribution leading to the 1-0 defeat of Triangle FC.
A goal by David Temwanjira in the 52nd minute separated the two teams and Bvaru Bvaru managed to collect their first set of three points on the first day of the 2018 season.
Despite his stature, Nyabinde was able to deal with aerial balls in front of his defence and had excellent cohesion with the rear guard and the wings towards where he spread some impressive passes.
Speaking to the media after the match, Bvaru Bvaru gaffer Takesure Chiragwi was happy with the performance of his team.
"We played as a team and won as a team. With a bit more luck, we could have won by a bigger margin; that is if we had managed to fully exploit the chances that we created in the first half," said Chiragwi.local

Addmore Hwarare

Beatific Gumbwanda

- Chiredzi West Member of Parliament (MP), Darlington Chiwa is on a collision course with the Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association of Zimbabwe (CSFAZ) chairperson Addmore Hwarare with both parties throwing damaging accusations at one another ranging from embezzlement of funds to refusing to support First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa.
Hwarare and Chiwa, who have been long time buddies, have stepped on each other's toes after the latter, as claimed by the former, allegedly resigned from his executive position in the CSFAZ protesting against the donation of sugar to the First Lady.
Chiwa, in response, wrote a letter referenced 'Protest against First Lady by resignation' to Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira exonerating himself from Hwarare's claims.
Chiwa blamed Hwarare for embezzling CSFAZ funds soon after he stepped in office in November last year.
"It became clear in that meeting that the current chairman of the association cannot account $160 000 (farmers levies) that was in the associations account when he took over. Procedurally the executive demanded a finances report which the chairman could not produce," reads the letter.
Chiwa also refuted that he resigned in protest against CSFAZ's donation to Auxilia and argued that if he was against donating to her; he would have withdrawn his subscription from CSFAZ.
"The allegation that I chose to resign as a protest to a donation of sugar to the First Lady are false. Resigning from the executive is not resigning from the association. If I wanted to bar the First Lady from receiving that donation I could have withdrawn my subscriptions," reads the letter.
Hwarare who was involved in an accident could not be reached for a comment as his mobile was not reachable.local

From left...MISA senior programmes officer Nyasha Nyakunu, MISA National Chair Golden Maunganidze, Chief Sperintendend Paul Nyati, MISA Masvingo Chair Passmore Kuzipa, Inspector Ndoro and Ass Insp Kudakwashe Dhewa pose for a photo during a workshop at Flamboyant Hotel last week.

Tiyani Hahlani

- The cat and mouse relationship that existed between journalists and members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will be a thing of the past as the law enforcement agency has called for cordial relations between the two parties for the promotion of peace ahead of the forthcoming elections.
Speaking at an Election Safety and Security workshop facilitated by MISA-Zimbabwe Flamboyant Hotel last weekend, national assistant police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi called on the media and the police to work together to ensure that a peaceful environment prevails during the coverage of elections.
Over the years, the police and the media have enjoyed a sour relationship with the former accusing the latter of beating them up in discharge of their duties.
"The relationship between the police and the media is like that of fish and water, we cannot do without each other. We need to work together in the execution of our duties. The police and the media are key stakeholders in as far as the provision of information during the election period is concerned.
"Let us work together to promote peace during the election period," said Chief Supt Nyathi.
He said the cases of harassment are a thing of the past as the police will work to ensure that journalists are given their space and protection in discharge of their duties.
"As the police, I want to assure you that the field will be friendly for journalists. We have urged all our officers to respect you when doing your job. We will provide you with all the information you need from the provincial offices to national," said Chief Supt Nyathi.
Of late, journalists have been caught in the cross fire with the police especially when covering protests, something which the police say will be resolved amicably.
"Journalists covering demonstrations or public disorder situations can contact our ground commanders at respective places of occurrencesso that they will know who is who. Journalists also need police protection during covering protests or any other disturbances hence we should work together," said Chief Supt Nyathi.local

Constance Chigwamba

TellZim Reporter

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) has called upon the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to speedily appoint a substantive chief elections officer in line with Section 9 of the Electoral Act.
In a statement released on March 20, ZESN says such an appointment was necessary to ensure that there was ample time for the successful candidate to adjust to the new position and oversee the management of key electoral processes before the next elections which are expected to be held within the next five months.
The call was necessitated by the departure of Constance Chigwamba who left after falling out of favour with the electoral management body.
"According to the Electoral Act Section 9 (b) and (c), some of the key functions of a Chief Elections Officer are to supervise and control the activities of other employees of the Commission in the course of their employment and to be the accounting officer of the Commission in terms of the Public Finance Management Act [Chapter 22:19] (No. 11 of 2009).
"The CEO position is a crucial office in the administration and management of electoral processes in Zimbabwe hence the need to ensure that a suitably qualified candidate who possesses the right skills, experience and knowledge is expeditiously appointed in order to keep good electoral administration principles which will enable ZEC to implement its mandate of delivering free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe.
"ZESN reiterates its calls for an independent ZEC that safeguards principles of good electoral management such as transparency, integrity, professionalism, competence and fairness," reads the statement.
After the departure of Chigwamba, ZEC appointed Utoile Silaigwana, a retired army officer, to the position of acting chief elections officer but many stakeholders responded negatively due to Silaigwana's alleged association with rigged elections in the past.local
Kudakwashe Bhasikiti

Itai Muzondo

– Former Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti last Sunday showed up at the MDC Alliance rally in Mkoba where he denounced the ruling Zanu PF party and pledged to support the coalition.
When Bhasikiti was given a chance to speak, he took the opportunity to endorse Nelson Chamisa's candidature for the presidency.
Bhasikiti told the fully-packed Mkoba Stadium that voting Zanu PF in the upcoming elections would be tantamount to endorsing 'the junta'.
"I am here to tell you what I noticed about this so-called 'new dispensation. It is not a government for the people by the people but a government of those who facilitated the soft coup.
"I have been in Zanu PF, have tried rejoining them but really, I will tell you from experience that if you vote Zanu PF in the next election, you will be voting in a junta which you will find hard to remove," Bhasikiti said to loud applause.
TellZim News later approached Bhasikiti to seek clarification on his recent attempts to be readmitted into the ruling party.
"It is true, I have tried going back to what I called my home only to realise it was not warm. Those accommodated there are only those from the Lacoste faction. I then wondered if Lacoste alone could develop the nation.
"That is the problem we are facing now; Lacoste trying to run it all by themselves. That can't be," Bhasikiti said.
After being expelled from Zanu PF for links to the Gamatox faction of former vice president Joice Mujuru in 2014, Bhasikiti became a founding member of Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF).
Factional fights in the party saw him going it alone and running as an independent in the 2017 Mwenezi East parliamentary by-election.
He however withdrew from the race citing an uneven playing field and intimidation of his supporters by Zanu PF.
After the ouster of Robert Mugabe as president, Bhasikiti showed up at a Zanu PF Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting in Masvingo where he knelt before Josaya Hungwe to beg for readmission into the party.
"Now that Zanu PF has redeemed itself, we have decided to come back because we have always been Zanu PF. I told Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo that we should dissolve the party and go back to our roots and I assure you that they are all coming back to their home," Bhasikiti said then.local

Victor Matemadanda

War veterans who gathered for their provincial meeting at Masvingo Poly last Saturday questioned their representative in the politburo Victor Matemadanda's sanity after he reconvened the meeting in order to speak in front of ZBC cameras.
The ZBC news crew arrived after the meeting was over. Upon realising that the ZBC news crew had arrived, Matemadanda called the house to order once again and started the deliberations for the second time just to accommodate the ZBC cameras.
War veterans who came from far away districts such as Mwenezi did not take Matemadanda's move lightly.
"This is madness, how can he do this when he knows that we have a long journey going back home. Some of us are going to use Masvingo-Beitbridge highway which is very dangerous after this meeting," war veterans could be heard saying as Matemadanda addressed them for the second time.
He literally repeated what he had said before the ZBC TV news crew had arrived.
Some said Matemadanda could have just summarised what happened in the meeting as a side interview to ZBC rather than re-starting the whole process just for the love of appearing on TV.local

Victor Matemadanda

…vow to stand as MPs in 2018 elections

TellZim Reporter

War veterans in Masvingo province are demanding the return of Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Jabulani Sibanda, Claudious Makova and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti among others back to Zanu PF.
Speaking at a meeting held at Masvingo Polytechnic College last Saturday, the war veterans unanimously agreed that it was high time Zanu PF allowed former party bigwigs to re- join the ruling party ahead of 2018 harmonised elections.
Secretary for war veterans in the politburo Victor Matemadanda, while presiding over the meeting, assured war veterans in attendance that he was going to lobby the party leadership so that they re-admit the former party big wigs whom he said were unfairly dismissed from the Zanu PF.
"I will take your plea to the politburo, I will make sure that your voices are heard and these comrades are allowed to re-join the party," said Matemadanda.
Matemadanda encouraged the war veterans to seek public offices in the upcoming elections, saying people without liberation war credentials were leading Zanu PF astray.
"It's your time comrades, take those positions from councillors to MPs. Don't allow people without liberation war credentials to take those leadership positions – we know that you are capable leaders. I want to see you in parliament and in councils," said Matemadanda.
Matemadanda took time to castigate former President Robert Mugabe whom he said was worse than Ian Smith, the last Rhodesian Prime Minister.
Less than 24 hours later, however, Bhasikiti attended the MDC Alliance rally in Gweru where he castigated Zanu PF and vowed never to vote for the ruling party again.local

The contentious dam wall built by Marapira

…as Runde catchment council sits to decide on controversial dam

Upenyu Chaota

Masvingo minister of State for Provincial Affairs Josiah Dunira Hungwe, who has been waiting for the deputy minister of agriculture Davis Marapira to return from his foreign trip so he could explain his controversial dam on Mucheke River, has said he is going to visit the site and make his own assessments before speaking to the deputy minister.
Hungwe told TellZim News that he has received calls from various stakeholders for him to intervene on the dam built by Marapira with much fear on the safety of the surrounding community and people downstream.
"I have been told about Marapira's dam and have wanted to engage him on the matter but he has been travelling a lot. I want to visit the site before I talk to him so I know what I will be discussing with him.
"Once I go there, I will summon the minister and we will talk," said Hungwe.
TellZim News has been informed that the Runde catchment council will convene on March 28 to discuss the issue pertaining Marapira's dam after the Mutirikwi sub catchment council forwarded their recommendations on the matter.
A close source privy to the developments spoke on conditions of anonymity saying the whole issue is political and requires a political solution and the Runde catchment council is likely to rope in minister of Environment Water and Climate, Oppah Muchinguri to either force Marapira to demolish his wall or pay for the water he is using.
"The Runde catchment council is going to sit on March 28 on the issue and discuss the recommendations send by the Mutirikwi sub-catchment council. Minister Marapira uses his political muscle to evade paying for the water he is using.
"We have engaged him on numerous occasions but he seems to be too busy to pay attention to the details. We hope after the meeting, the recommendations will be binding," said the source.
Marapira operates two centre pivots for irrigation at his farm which draw water from his controversial dam.
Marapira was not immediately available for comment by the time of going to print as his mobile went unanswered.local

Kabasa demonstates how they used to steal before he turned to Christ

Brighton Chiseva

– An ex-convict from Mutoko who frequented the courts to answer to 70 counts of such serious crimes as rape and robbery has turned to preaching and is currently in Masvingo town where he is spreading the word of God and exposing his evil past.
Forty-three-year-old Christian Bvunzawabaya Kabasa said he spent most of his time behind bars having started stealing at a very tender age.
Kabasa said he was initiated into criminal activities bythe late notorious robber and murderer,Stephen Chidhumo, days after meeting him in Nyamapanda.
"When I met Chidhumo, we had an eye contact and there was a demonic bond. I just liked him though I didn't know who he was. We met for three days and never talked. I then went to look for him at a club where he had booked a room. When I entered his room, I saw guns and other tools and he taught me how to use them," said Kabasa.
His first mission, as instructed by Chidhumo, was to steal a car belonging to another man who had also booked a room at the same place. He was however arrested by the police while trying to drive the stolen car into Mozambique and was later sentenced to three years behind bars. He however received strokes of the caneinstead of being sent to jail due to his age.
He was to be caned again seven more times due to different criminal offences he committed as a juvenile.
After his conviction on the car theft charge, Kabasa moved to Murewa and finally to Harare where he got involved in all sorts of criminal activities that saw him spending no more than three months outside of police cells.
"Hapana mhosva yandisina kupara in my life, hapana chandisina kuba kusiya kwemunhu chete. I did armed robbery, rape, cattle rustling carjacking and any other criminal activities you may want to think of. I stole cars with alarms and tracking systems," said Kabasa.
Finally, he was arrested in the year 2000 and was charged with 70 counts and was convicted on 50 of them. He was sentenced to 36 years but was later released through a presidential pardon following a long illness while in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.
"After serving seven years, I started experiencing fits attacks (pfari) and that it could not be treated. I later underwent a CT scan of the brain and was diagnosed with a diseases called toxoplasmosis which the doctors said could not be treated and the condition could not be reversed," he said.
Kabasa said he owed his repentance to Mai Pazvakavambwa, Pastor Mufema, and a Sister Angie of Faith Ministries International who came to preach at the prison.
"They would come to preach to us and they will bring some goodies with them to help get our interest. I was baptised, but simply so that I could receive the goodies more often. One day, however, they gave me a small booklet but I spent six months before reading it. When I finally decided to read it, I did so for 77 times before understanding what the story said. When I finally understood, I was inspired so I took the story to be mine.
"There is communication which happens in the spiritual realm of demonic forces before two potentially-evil people meet. That is what happened between me and Chidhumo," said Kabaya.
He said he invited God and asked to be blessed and be freed from prison as he was terminally ill. He was then advised to put a request for a presidential amnesty in writing, which he did, leading to his release in 2012.
The ex-convict then started preaching to other people and visiting jails where he preached to inmates. He also began seeking donations from the people he would have preached to and sending those donations to inmates.
He said he had committed himself to travelling around preaching the gospel of the Lord and spreading his own testimonies. In Masvingo, he is staying with in Majange with Pastor Paul Mandala of the Life Revival Ministries.
Kabaya's story and testimonies as well as the work he is doing is available on Facebook and he can be contacted on 0771 387 262 for audio discs.local

Brighton Chiseva

MASVINGO – Many Masvingo-based organisations appear on the list of alleged externalisers that was published by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday, March 19.
The list – which was attacked by many experts laughable and non-comprehensive – puts the alleged offences into three categories; funds externalised through non-repatriation of export proceeds, funds externalised through payment of goods not received in Zimbabwe and funds externalised to foreign banks in cash or under spurious transactions.
In the first category appears G.T Tavaruva / ta Mhunga; alleged to have externalised US$31 728. Doczine Investments is in the second category with US$36 778, MFS Group P1 has US$32 141 while Tsungai Trading Pvt Ltd has US$62 656.
Mtilikwe Financial Services had a total of US$12 577, Malilangwe Conversation Trust US$39 276 and Hippo Creek Lodge externalised US$13 563.
In the third category there is musician-cum politician Elias Musakwa, who hails from Bikita, is said to have externalised a US$9 million to Portugal
Other known businesses on the list with branches in Masvingo includeTranserve Manufacturing with US$41 424 andHerentals College with US$25 536.
NetOne, Zaoga Multi Projects, Puzey and Payne, BhoraManzi Drilling PVT LTD, Doves Funeral Assurance and Munenzwa Bus Co/L are among other known businesses in Masvingo that appear on the list.
The list was released following the lapsing of the 104 day ultimatum given by Mnangagwa to cash externalisers and looters three months ago.
Financial experts like DrTapiwaMashakada and sound legal minds like TendaiBiti have described the list as defamatory, saying many of the alleged offenders were wrongly named.
They also accused Mnangagwa of omitting the 'known criminals' in his administration from the list while targeting small companies struggling to make honest business in a tough economic environment.
They also contend that there is no law in Zimbabwe by which the alleged offenders can be prosecuted and convicted.

An irate Chanyau (right) and Chigaba prepare to leave after their vicious diatribe against TellZim News staff

…seething party executive members storm TellZim News
…Matutu, Fidze will never represent our party

Upenyu Chaota

Irked by a story published in TellZim News last week exposing a clandestine plot to oust all the sitting MDC-T Masvingo urban councillors through imposition of new candidates, the district chairperson Murangamwa Chanyau and provincial administrator Peter Chigaba stormed the newspaper's offices and threw a fit of rage, accusing the paper of peddling a Zanu PF agenda.
Chigaba and Chanyau took turns to fire expletives while demanding to see who had written the story headlined 'MDC-T Masvingo plots coup on sitting councillors'.
The duo drove an Isuzu truck which was emblazoned with party colours and logo into TellZim News' premises, with a visibly drunk Chanyau, without bothering to provide the slightest sliver of proof, claiming that the newspaper is being bribed by Zanu PF to fight MDC-T.
The two went into overdrive accusing the paper of doing the bidding for former MDC-T legislator for Masvingo Urban, Tongai Matutu while disparaging his rival Takanayi Mureyi. Much of their theatrics at the offices was captured on video.
"Munoda change here imi? Change yacho inouya sei kana muchinyora muchidai. Muri kutengwa neZanu (PF) imi. (Do you want change in this country? How can change be possible when you write stories like this? You are being bribed by Zanu to write this trash) We expect Herald kuti idaro kwete imi (We expect Herald to write such negative stories, and not you)," charged Chigaba.
In his tirade, Chanyau, who was the most vocal, accused all in the newsroom of receiving bribes from Matutu whom he claimed was buying beer for them.
"Manje Matutu wenyu haatongi even (Hubert) Fidze wacho. Matutu is not MDC (Matutu and Fidze will never represent the party)," charged Chanyau.
Fidze is the current City of Masvingo mayor and councillor for Ward 6, but his position, as well as those held by four other sitting MDC-T councillors, has been earmarked for somebody else who is favoured by a faction of new comers.
"Munotadza kunyora about Zanu PF; hamuna kudzidza mose imi. Manje MDC ichangotonga chero mukainyora zvakashata (You are writing bad about us instead of Zanu PF. You are not educated at all – we are going to rule this country)," said Chanyau seething with anger.
TellZim News editor Passmore Kuzipa managed to douse the fire by telling the duo that the paper did not pander to the whims of any political party; whether MDC or Zanu PF, but was guided by the journalism principles of non-partisanship, balance, fairness among many others.
Kuzipa, who is also the Masvingo provincial chairman for the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) said the media must not have sacred cows.
"We have people who want to be politicians and journalists at the same time; such people must go to journalism school first before they cause chaos in newsrooms. We do not have sacred cows but we are guided by journalism ethics of non-partisan reporting, balance, fair and accurate among many others. We pardon these overzealous politicians but we encourage them to go to school so that they may have an appreciation of how the media operate," said news

Part of the Gehena Harina Moto cast; from left is Pah Chihera, Millard Katuri (producer), Patience Musa, Donovan Takaendesa (director) Talent Manditsera and Tinashe Musarurwa

Caroline Magenga

Afro jazz music sensation Pah Chihera real name Pamhidzai Tracy Mbirimi is set to join a lo-cal star studded cast in her debut appearance in the much anticipated movie Gehena Harina Moto.
The movie set to be premiered by early April was written by Johannes Mike Mapisa and is being directed and produced by Zimbabwean Warrior writer and directors Donovan Takaendesa and Millard Katuri.
The 'Runonzi Rudo' hitmaker will play the youngest wife in a polygamous marriage.
She will have her work cut out for her, going head to head with local celebrated TV veteran actor and actress Patience Musa, currently playing the lead on Maoko Matema, and Courage Murambadare, who is currently starring in Chikwambo.
Chihera said this film was her way of diversifying and fully exploring her artistic nature.
''This is my first act and I have decided to diversify into film and acting as a way of tapping into my artist nature, being an artist is a broad word and acting is another part of being an art-ist and I want to break into it,
''My character in this film is that of a third and young wife in a polygamous marriage with a total of three wives loved by the husband and of cause hated by the other wives. It will be an opportunity for my fans to see another side of Pah Chihera off stage in terms of music but speaking a story in a different way,
''It will be a pleasure to work with my other fellow artists because these are people I have so much love and respect for. I actually look up to Patience as my big sister and I admire her tal-ent, said Chihera.
The plot of the film brings to light the social challenges associated with polygamous marriages as depicted through the chaotic family of Nyevere played by F.Shumba. Takaendesa said the film will be a trail blazer as their cast was on point and his production team was going all out to ensure fans are not disappointed.local

Brilliant Mukaro

– A man who was angry that his sister's bride price had not been paid was brought to court where he pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting and seriously injuring the elderly go-between (munyai).
Magistrate Caroline Tafira slapped Makuzha Takasiiwa (24), of Village 6 under Chief Budzi, with five months in prison with an option to pay a fine of US$250.
The State, led by Japhet Mapakame, convinced the court that on February 17, Takasiiwa assaulted Enock Makaya (70), who resides in Makondo village, for failing to go and demand bride price from the in-laws of Takasiiwa's sister.
The accused had approached the complainant at his homestead and demanded to know why he had not gone to demand lobola from the in-laws.
A misunderstanding arose between the two, with Takasiiwa striking the complainant with booted feet three times on the ribs and once on the left cheek, once on the mouth and once on the forehead.
He also picked a stool which he used to strike the complainant several times on the head.local

Siyabonga Sayi

- The Shamrock Park Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church in Mambo suburb last week went on a clean-up campaign and cleared some thick bushes and tall grass that residents said had become a hideout for criminals.
The church also sought to promote a healthier environment by donating four rubbish bins. 
Khumbulani Mlambo, an elder at the congregation said the SDA was responding to the need to contribute in the fight against litter and the rise in crime levels in the community.
 "We are doing this programme to help the community prevent crime. It is pointless for us as members of the community to repeatedly report issues of violence and robbery to the police when we have not done our part to prevent the crime," said Mlambo. 
Ward 7 councilor Stanford Mukotami, who gathered protective clothing used during the programme, said he was pleased by the initiative which he said should be replicated in many other areas by all church denominations.
"I am happy to see the SDA church making the initiative to take a leading role in safeguarding our communities and promoting a healthier environment. We also wish to partner the church so that we can clear illegal dumpsites and other areas with large heaps of garbage," said Mlambo.local

Brighton Chiseva

– Varaidzo Changa (23) from Changa village in Chief Nyajena will live to rue the day she snatched another woman's husband as she is now lying at Morgenster Hospital nursing a gruesome injury inflicted on her by her love rival.
Changa was hacked by a hoe on her right leg by Memory Maribha who had discovered the illicit love affair between Changa and her husband Eddy Makwinya.
The incident happened at Matongo Farm in Mushawasha where Changa worked as a house maid at a certain village homestead.
Masvingo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and warned people not use violence to solve disputes.
"We urge people not to use violence when there is a misunderstanding. People should engage leaders to help them solve disputes," said Ass Insp Dhewa.
Sources said Maribha (25) from Muzenda village saw some racy messages and pictures in her husband's phone and she armed herself with a hoe before heading to the victim's place.
She found Changa busy at work and she savagely attacked her while accusing her of seeing her husband.
Changa was rushed to Jena Rural Hospital (Muchibwa) with an almost hacked-off leg but she was later transferred to Morgenster. A police report was then made at Renco Mine Police Station leading to Maribha's arrest.local

Luthando Mapepa

The Chipinge community last Thursday received a major boost after the local chapter of Rotary Club International donated a building and books meant for a community library.
The community library will be located at St Albertina's Primary School in the town.
The move is expected to help hundreds of people in Chipinge as the district has had no functional library ever since the closure of the council library many years ago.
Speaking during the handover of the doantion, Chipinge Rotary Club's Mekias Gwamanda said the new community library will cater mostly for primary and secondary school students.
"I'm excited that we have finally set up a community library in Chipinge. The Rotary Club has also donated furniture and books which will be used in the beginning of the project.
"Now we have the community library we are appealing the business community, former students and parents to come on board and donate books for the benefit of our children. We will ensure that the library will have new books which will match the needs of today," said Gwananda.
Tinashe Kuzuwazuwa, a librarian based in the town, thanked Rotary Club for the donation, saying libraries played an important role in the impartation of knowledge.
"The situation in marginalised communities such as Chipinge is worrisome as there is no functional library. Many students here lack access to the digital technology so we are calling for the establishments of community libraries which will help the community in accessing books.
"In Chipinge urban, there is no library and many people rely on a high school library. We have been engaging the local authority but to no avail hence we appealing to all stakeholders to come on board to revive the culture of reading books. If there is no urgent intervention, community libraries will face extinction," said Kuzuwazuwa.
The government established community libraries in both urban and rural areas countrywide soon after independence as a way of addressing colonial imbalances.local

Munya Rutsatse, ZiMSA

Sleep is an essential requirement for the normal functioning of the human body. Sleep plays an important role in ensuring the wellness of the human body both physically as well as mentally. Though scientists still do not understand how exactly it works, there is a unanimous understanding that we cannot do without it. Newborn infants sleep approximately 70 percent of the day, but that usually declines with age to about six hours per day in adults. It is not just sitting idle in bed for a third of our lives. While we sleep, the body is working; working very hard to prepare us for the next day. Certain hormones essential for growth are released mostly during sleep.
Most of us might say night time is when we do most of our best work and being awake at 8 am is not really their favourite part of the day. A small part of you might wish they did not have to sleep at all but when you do sleep, you definitely do enjoy it.  But the body doesn't really rest when you are sleeping. Have you ever suffered from a headache and then you sleep for some time to wake up with the pain having vanished? This is the effect that a good night's rest has on your body. The need to sleep is one of the strongest biological urges we have and one of the few that we really cannot control. And the fact is mammalian species will actually die from a lack of sleep before they die from thirst or starvation.
It does not take long for the brain and body to feel the effects of sleep deprivation and the problems increase with time.  Just go one night without sleep and your brain quickly starts to crumble, beginning with the amygdale; that part of the brain that prepares the brain for danger. Short term sleep deprivation throws the amygdale into overdrive which, in turn, shuts down the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that controls logical reasoning among other things. So a single all nighter will put you in a state of panic. When signals bypass the prefrontal cortex, the sleep-deprived brain connects instead to another part that evolutionarily is very old and primitive, the locus cerulos which makes you respond instinctively to stress and panic. Only problem is it can interpret anything as a threat, a swerving car, a bad joke, bright light. This leaves you very anxious and suspicious. The longer you go without sleep the worse things get, memory and speech control are the next to suffer but after several days it gets really weird. General paranoia gives way to increasingly vivid hallucinations (Some theories that this is your brain actually forcing you into a waking sleep).
The big question now is can a lack of sleep actually kill you. The answer to this is YES!!! Sleep is closely tied to immune health. Studies have shown a 50 percent decrease in antibodies in test subjects who were only moderately sleep-deprived for one week exposing them to a host of illnesses. A famous study from the 1980s conducted by Alan Rechtschaffen in which a group of rats deprived of sleep all died within two weeks. The cause as far as the researchers could tell was simply exhaustion. Nothing physically was wrong with the rats.
You probably now want to know how long can you go without sleep. I do not have an exact answer but the longest documented case of a person voluntarily staying awake is of 17-year-old Randy Gardner who in 1965 spent 264 hours which is about 11 days sleep.
Gardner emerged relatively unscathed physically but was described as being cognitively dysfunctional at the end. While awake, he experienced blurred vision and involuntary eye movements.
Rutsate is a second year medical student at UZ. He is a member of the Zimbabwe Medical  Students Association (ZiMSA) and  the current National SCOPH director.local

Siyabonga Sayi

- Talk of excellence and hard work, Lower Gwelo Adventist High School (LOGAHS) has done just that; recording an impressive 84 percent pass rate in the November 2017 'O' level examinations, beating their 2016 mark by three percentage points.
Their most outstanding pupil emerged with a whopping 16 straight As.
When contacted by TellZim News, deputy school head Jabula Sibanda said he was satisfied with the pace by which the school was progressing in terms of improving the quality of passes.
"We did well and our parents are happy especially those with children who are on top the list of our best performers. Our best pupil has 16 As and the runner ups have 15, 14 and 13 As respectively. We have managed to beat our previous pass rate of 81 percent and that is a sign of hard work on the part of our staff and pupils," said Sibanda.
The SDA Central Zimbabwe Conference, who are the school's responsible authority, said the perfor-mance was reflective of the excellence that all SDA institutions espouse.
The conference's education director, Pastor Lambat Ncube said he was proud of the pace that has been set by the school.
"We are pleased by the hard work that is being done at Lower Gwelo. Those results speak for them-selves but there is still a lot of more hard work to be done in order to make sure that the excellent pace is maintained. 
"The other schools that we run as the SDA church have also done well at both 'O' and 'A' levels so this is a sign that both teachers and pupils are working hard. Most importantly, it shows that God is guiding all our efforts," said Pastor Ncube.local

Adventist College of Education

Siyabonga Sayi

- The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Develop-ment, Professor Amon Murwira on Saturday last week officially opened the first building of the Adventist College of Education and reiterated government commitment to help the institution.
The building comprises a lecture theatre, six lecture rooms and two offices and will enroll its first batch of students this year.  
Murwira, who was accompanied by the permanent secretary in his ministry Dr Desire Sibanda and other dignitaries, assured the SDA church that government will give any kind of support possible.
"As government we have already started mobilising resources to assist all tertiary institutions and this college will not be left out in that programme; you have our support," said Murwira.
He challenged the SDA-run college to formulate a good curriculum, saying there was no better way of fighting the country's developmental deficiencies than education.
"We don't have a brain to waste; our education should be inclusive and empower our people. We don't want a curriculum that produces people who speak fluently yet remain unproductive. This institution, therefore, should have a responsive curriculum; one that enhances us as the people of Zimbabwe", Murwira said.
SDA national leader Dr Micah Choga said it had always been the goal of the church since the 1990s to have a college of education.
"We have always wanted to build a college that trains teachers. It was actually a misnomer that we did not have a college of our own when we have so many schools," said Choga.
SDA education department head Dr Felix Njini said the church will work to produce God-fearing professionals.
"We want to thank government for the support they have been giving us since 2015 when this project was initiated. The government took this project as theirs and pushed us towards the suc-cess we are celebrating today.
"This college, like all our institutions of education, will produce teachers that are not only highly qualified, but are God-fearing. Our approach to education is holistic and is one that empowers the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of an individual," said

Cephas Shava

- A 26-year-old Harare man was last week convicted by magistrate Honest Musiiwa for possession of 2 999 bottles of Broncleer cough syrup and 36 bottles of Stilpane syrup.
Charles Kakomwe, who resides at House Number 472 Mbare, Harare, was convicted on his own plea of guilty for contravening Section 38 (3) of the Medicine and Allied Substances Act Chapter 15:03, 'found in possession of unregistered medicines'.
Asked by magistrate Musiiwa what he intended to do with the medicine, Kakomwe pointed out that it was destined for sale so that he could earn a living.
Magistrate Musiiwa strongly admonished Kakomwe before sentencing him to 10 months be-hind bars. From the 10 months, four months were conditionally suspended leaving Kakomwe with an effective 6 months to serve.
Led by prosecutor Angelinah Makonya, the State's case was that on February 28 at around 13: 30 hrs, Kakomwe boarded a commuter omnibus from Beitbridge to Harare. Upon reach-ing a 174 km peg towards Masvingo, at around 1520 hrs, the omnibus was stopped by traffic officers who were manning a roadblock.
Upon conducting a search, police officers arrested Kakomwe after finding him in possession of 2999 x 100 ml bottles of Broncleer syrup and 36 x 100 ml of Stilpane syrup.
The net value of all the syrup amounted to US$7 308.local

Cephas Shava

- A man who reportedly impregnated a married woman and allegedly instigated her husband's arrest on charges of unlawful entry has been left disappointed after the magis-trate court acquitted him.
Freddy Mandebvu was the complainant in a case involving brothers Joseph and Godfrey Hlanga both of whom were set free by magistrate Honest Musiiwa.
The two brothers, of Plot 17 Altornburg under Chief Chitanga, pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful entry into premises.
They argued that they were framed by Mandebvu and his wife Evelyn Madya because they had reported him to Chief Chitanga's court for impregnating Joseph's wife.
On her part, Madya blamed Joseph for his wife's infidelity, saying she was bound to have extra-marital affairs since Joseph had spent a long time away from home.
"You went to South Africa for three years and did not return and how would you have ex-pected your wife to get love and a livelihood?" said Madya.
She said her husband Mandebvu had started to see Joseph's wife who was now doing piece jobs for them to fend for herself as Joseph had neglected her.
It was the State's case, as presented by prosecutor Willard Chasi, that last year on October 6 at around 21:00 hrs,  Godfrey approached Mandebvu and his wife who were at a church ser-vice.
He began to threaten them, taunting Mandebvu for impregnating Joseph's wife.

The court heard that Godfrey was later restrained by other congregants and was forced to leave but he later teamed up with Joseph and went to the complaint's homestead where they destroyed property including a TV set, speakers and cups valued at US$393.

They got away with US$300 cash which they found in the room. That same night, the com-plainant saw the duo leaving her homestead after committing the offence.
A report was made to the police leading to Joseph and Godfrey's arrest.local

Cephas Shava

– A police detective with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is in trouble with the law after he allegedly accepted a bribe from two suspects who had been caught with fake money, TellZim News has learnt.
When contacted for comment, Masvingo provincial police acting spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he had not yet received the report.
Reliable sources, however, confirmed that the detective (name supplied) was under investigation and a criminal case had already been opened against him.
Vandirai Mhoya and Pressmore Dziva from Rineti 8, village Sithole under Chief Neshuro are said to be now demanding their bribe money back from the detective.
They were arrested sometime in January this year after they reportedly used fake R1000 to buy beer at Gumbo Night Club at Rutenga growth point.
The two were later released but were arrested again last week in connection with a similar offence allegedly committed at Maranda Business Centre.
"Dziva and Mhoya claim that they paid the then investigating officer after they were arrested for their first offence in January. When the two suspects were arrested yet again, the detective didn't want to meet them, knowing too well their previous deal," said a source.
Other sources also claimed that the detective was indeed paid a big bribe to quash the case.
"He demanded a total of R10 000 to facilitate the release of Dziva and Mhoya so their families sold some cattle to raise the money. He was then paid R8 000 and he assured them that the case was now history.
"They were, however, surprised to hear that the case was still pending and that the two still had a case to answer. They now are demanding that he should pay back the money," said a close source.local

Albert Chivanga

Cephas Shava

- The Mwenezi Rural District Council is implementing tough measures to rid the streets of illegal vendors and unregistered taxes commonly known as mishikashika at Rutenga growth point.
The exercise has seen vendors who used to operate day and night along the main highway to Beitbridge being ordered to demolish their structures and leave.
Mwenezi RDC chief executive officer (CEO) Albert Chivanga told TellZim News there was sufficient designated space for all those who want to do their business legally.
"We are definitely going to succeed in driving vendors to designated points. We are not alone in enforcing this operation. We have the support of other stakeholders from the security sector.
"Transport operators should operate from the official terminus. For vendors, we have also enough proper markets to accommodate all of them," said Chivanga.
Many informal traders, however, slammed the operation which they said was inconsiderate to their plight.
"We have been making good business here but we are now being forced to go to less lucrative market places. Our clients are mainly the travellers using this road so I don't see how we will survive selling our products away from the road," said one informal trader.local

Cuthbert Chuma

Clever Taperamoyo

– Some members of the National Association of Secondary School Heads (NASH) in the province are fuming over what they say were controversial elections held during the organ-isation's Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Civic Centre last week.
The elections were presided over by the organisation's counterpart; the National Association of Primary School Heads (NAPH) and the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) to choose a new executive.
The process, however, nearly stalled after representatives from some districts raised objections and protested that the nominations were improperly done, leading to the disenfranchisement of many prospective contestants.
Such districts as Masvingo, Chivi, Zaka and Gutu appeared to be totally unhappy, with indica-tions that they were given insufficient time to fill nomination forms and submit their nominees.
The anomaly meant that there was little, if any real opposition to the current executive, led by Cuthbert Chuma of Mwenezi High School, which won back power uncontested.
TellZim News later caught up with Clapos Chauraya of Mapanzure Govt High School, Masvingo district, who admitted that the elections had left many people unsatisfied.
"We were only given three days to collect and fill the nomination forms. It was hard to get offi-cial information on the process so everything was like guess work.
"People feel they have been denied their rights as Nash members to contest in the election. How come the whole board could be elected back into office without any contestation?" Chiuraya quipped.
Emmanuel Chavarika of Zaka blamed the NASH constitution for the anomalies, saying it was silent on many critical areas thus giving people the latitude to act the way they want.
"This is what we have now and we have to go with it. Some people are definitely not happy but the problem is in our constitution which is weak and silent in many respects. That would have to be corrected if there is to be greater consensus and harmony in the future," said Chavarika.
Other heads from Chivi said the nomination process was rigged in favour of the sitting execu-tive and all prospective contestants were shut out of the official communication channels.
"That was not a credible election at all. The nomination process was opened on Wednesday and quickly closed on Friday before some people had even had about it. Our presence at the elec-tions was just used to provide a façade so that it appears everybody was involved when in actu-al fact, the process was exclusionary. It's difficult to see how these guys can claim legitimacy based on such a defective process," said one head.
In his remarks after the elections, Chuma, however, said he was satisfied by how the process was ran.
"We would like to thank you for the support and we appreciate the confidence that you have in us. I can assure you that where there are issues of disgruntlement and we will attend them am-icably," Chuma said.
He later told TellZim News in an interview that in every process of that nature, there is bound to be some disagreements.local

Desomnd Maringwa president of FUZ in red then Labour and law consultant Eliah Zvimba in white

Clayton Shereni

- Footballers Union of Zimbabwe (FUZ) recently held a one-day workshop at Bikita Minerals where the message of professionalism in the country's football fraternity was emphasised.
The workshop was attended by executive members and players of Bikita Minerals FC who engaged in a dialogue concerning the welfare and conduct of both active and out-of-contract players.
While addressing players and stakeholders who attended the workshop, FUZ labour and law consultant Eliah Zvimba urged clubs and players to be more professional in their day-to-day activities.
"Clubs should honour what was agreed on contract and not deprive players of their rights. On the other hand, serious football players know that the game is actually their job so they don't involve themselves in the use of drugs. Rather, they use their natural talent and are always disciplined," said Zvimba.
Speaking at the same event, FUZ president Desmond Maringwa, who played for Dynamos and the Warriors in the midfield, said the organisation was in the process of lobbying the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) so that it becomes an obligation for every club to have an up-to-standard pitch.
"I would like to applaud Bikita Minerals authorities for putting up a state-of-the-art stadium with one of the best surfaces you can find in the country. We want to engage Zifa so that they make it compulsory that all teams have good pitches. Such a move would protect players from life-threatening or career-damaging injuries," Maringwa said.
The Players' Representative Union, which works with Fifpro – a world football union – enjoys a membership of 1 200 players.
FUZ is currently on a nationwide tour targeting almost all clubs in division one before the commencement of the new season in
Ndeya Nyede

Brighton Chiseva

– The Mutonhori family, one of the houses with a stake in the Nyakunhuwa chieftain-ship, last week petitioned the District Administrator (DA) Ndeya Nyede to register their dis-pleasure with their acting chief, Courage Mashavave whom they say has overstayed.
Representatives of five branches of the Mutonhori family; namely Chikara, Muchokwa, Matem-budze, Mashongera and Chivasa visited Nyede last Wednesday to seek an audience with him over the issue.
In a letter seen by TellZim News but addressed to the DA's office, the Mutonhori family said Mashavave, who is from the Machingambi family, had surpassed the two year gazetted period that an acting chief should hold office pending the selection of a substantive one.
"We, the undersigned are concerned rightful heirs to the throne following the untimely death of the former Chief Mashavave Jerera. We urge the responsible authority through the ministry of Local Government to act now by initiating the selection process.
"Mashavave Courage has been acting Chief for around 3 years following his father's death which is against the regulation period of two years. This has led to serious unrest in the royal family hence (we are) seeking the intervention of the responsible authorities," reads part of the letter.
They also said a wrong precedence had been set by Jemias Bangamuseve who reigned for seven years on an acting basis.
When contacted for comment, Nyede confirmed having had an audience with the Mutonhoris and the other families on the issue.
He said Mashavave will remain acting chief until such the time when the selection of a new chief is done in consultation with all the involved families.
"We have not yet been instructed to choose a new chief but when the time comes, they will be told. What they are doing now is just about rushing around. All other families are doing the same and it's normal in as far as chieftainship issues are concerned," said Nyede
The Machingambi family, which is the youngest in the Nyakunhuwa clan, has held the throne for a record three times.
Other families with a claim to the Nyakunhuwa throne include Mutsvangwa, Murembwa and Mututuvari.
The Mutsvangwa family has sat on the throne two times while the Murembwa and Mututuvari have held it once each. The Mutonhori has never taken the throne.
The Machingambi family is however itself divided over the eligibility of Mashavave to sit on the throne, with others claiming that he is an imposter who only appeared after his 'father's' death.
He has been reported to the DA several times on allegations of abuse of office and the wrangle is said to be unsettling the nearby Nhema and Bota chieftainships.

Exsto Makunzva

- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in the Zvishavane policing district say they will continue with their operation against pirate taxis until total order is achieved.
Speaking during a campaign organised in partnership with Zvishavane Town Council, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the traffic section, Assistant Inspector Brighton Nzima said police wanted all cars in the passenger business to be registered.
"As traffic police and the responsible authority of Zvishavane town, we are not going to tolerate any mushikashika in town. The council has allocated you proper pick up points for different destinations.
"Make sure your cars are registered to do the job and make use of the designated pick-up points you have been allocated. Whoever is going to be found wanting in this regard will face the wrath of the law," said Ass Insp Nzima. 
The town council has come up with six different pick-up points for passengers from different destinations.
Machipisa was named the official pick-up point for Zvishavane - Rutenga travellers and touts were warned to observe orderliness by not to invading the road to look for passengers.
Macarios was officially pegged as another pick-up point and the necessary signs are set to be put in place.
Number 1 was deemed the most suitable pick-up area for passengers travelling to Mberengwa.
Taxis plying local routes were allocated Madeira as their pick-up point and were urged not to invade the road as it would lead to disorderliness and accidents.local

Nyasha Marumbi

- Roy Ndlovu, a pastor from Oasis of Life International Ministries based in Harare, on Wednesday appeared before magistrate Peter Madiba to answer charges of culpable homicide in connection with a car accident which led to the death Philemon Vambe.
He was sentenced to 90 days in prison with an option to pay US$500 fine.
It was the State's case, as presented by Fidelicy Nyamukondiwa, that on December 12, 2017, Ndlovu was driving a Toyota Noah registration number ACP 4202 towards Harare with five passengers on board.
Upon reaching Mushagashe business centre, the pastor lost control of the vehicle, swerved to the left and veered off the road.
The vehicle hit a culvert and rolled twice before landing on its left side.
The now deceased was thrown outside of the vehicle and he sustained a swollen face and painful ribs and was rushed to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where he died on admission.
Ndlovu was asked to pay the fine after the magistrate had considered that after the accident, he bought a coffin for the deceased and he also ferried his body to Bindura for burial.
The accused also bought Vambe's family groceries and he gave them US$180 to pay rentals.local
Golden Maunganidze

Clever Taperamoyo

The Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa) Zimbabwe recently wrote a letter to the South-ern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU) complaining over the lack of progress in the media reforms.
After the 2013 general elections, the AU Elections Observer Mission (AUEOM) made recom-mendations to the effect that the country's media environment ought to be reformed.
In a letter signed by Misa Zimbabwe national chairperson Golden Maunganidze, the body high-lighted the AUEOM's recommendations on improving the state of the media in Zimbabwe.
These recommendations would complement the media rights enshrined in Zimbabwe's Consti-tution, and gazetted shortly before the 2013 elections.
"Five years later, the Zimbabwean government is still to implement the envisaged media re-forms. This indeed is cause for great concern, especially in light of the fact that Zimbabwe is expected to hold general elections sometime this year," reads part of the letter.
Misa-Zimbabwe cited some grey areas that it said needed urgent attention if the country is to conduct free, fair and credible elections this year.
Issues raised include the need for alignment of media laws with the constitution, the continued partisan reporting by the public broadcaster ZBC, the need for liberalisation of radio and televi-sion ownership, the lackluster safety and security of journalists as well as the dual regulation and or accreditation of journalists.
The submissions, Misa says, will assist the AU and Sadc missions to hold the Zimbabwean gov-ernment to account based on its repeated promises to implement the long overdue media re-forms.
"Media reforms are of paramount importance and urgency ahead of the 2018 elections, which the government has repeatedly promised will be free, fair and credible," the letter reads.local

EU Ambasador Philippe Van Damme

…condemns intra, inter party political violence

Itai Muzondo

– The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Phillippe Van Damme has warned civic society organisations (CSO) against what he called was a tendency to wait to be spoon-fed by donors without making any initiative of their own towards self-sustenance.
Speaking to representatives of many civic groups during an EU - CSO Roadmap meeting held at Gweru Memorial Library American Corner recently, Van Damme said the EU did not wish to have organisations that work only to please the union but wanted them to formulate good ideas for the benefit of the country.
"Civil society mustn't be dependent. They should have self-sustaining programmes or initiatives that will help the nation to develop outside funding. We also don't encourage people to come here and try to please us instead of generating ideas that have a long term life span.
"We don't want and won't accept a dependent civil society but would accept that which eman-cipates itself from dependency and improve the society," Van Damme said.
He also said the donor community was trying to harmonise funding processes in a bid to redirect funds towards sustainable projects.
"A situation by which one organisation gets funds from different donors for different pro-grammes has also been a challenge when it comes to accountability. I will accept that harmonis-ing donor processes will be hard but donors will try work on that.
"Once this challenge is dealt with, it will help improve CSO technical capacity and deal with in-ternal governance challenges," he added.
Van Damme who also spoke on how the EU was looking forward to a free and fair election, condemning political violence at all levels.
"We know Zimbabwe is currently in a transition and is going for an election under a new admin-istration. It is our hope as the EU that the political landscape is made free and fair before, during and after election.
"We also condemn intra and inter-party political violence at all levels and political parties should really work hard to achieve a violence-free election in few months to come. We have seen what has been happening in the MDC-T and we condemn that," Van Damme said.local

Francis Moyo

…rivals trade insults as fight for Chiredzi West gets dirtier

Beatific Gumbwanda

- Intra-party tempers flared last week after Chiredzi Town Council chairperson Francis Moyo, who is vying for the Chiredzi West parliamentary seat on a Zanu PF ticket, was attacked at Batanai business centre in Section 28, Triangle.
Late last year, Darlington Chiwa, the sitting MP who is working to retain the seat in the up-coming elections, had his own meeting disrupted at the same venue by what are suspected to be the same thugs.
They used stones to attack Moyo's vehicle, a Toyota Vigo registration number ACO 5921.
Speaking to TellZim News, Moyo's trusted lieutenant in Section 28, Zimwenje Zimwenje said they were suddenly attacked by what he alleged were Musikavanhu's thugs as they drove by the business centre.
"There were men who were drinking at Batanai and as we tried to overtake a Fun Cargo that was ahead of us, they ran towards the road and waved us down.
"I instructed the driver not to stop because I had noticed they were Musikavanhu's allies. They began to throw stones at us and the case was reported to the police but I failed to get the case number," said Zimwenje.
On his part, Chiwa indicated he was aware that dirty tricks were being employed in the cam-paign. He however said he was unstoppable as he had obtained a court order against those who seek to disrupt his activities.
"I am now in possession of a court order which bars anyone from disrupting my meetings. Last time I was disrupted by the same people at Batanai where I was addressing a meeting," said Chiwa.
When Musikavanhu was contacted for comment, he distanced himself from the attack and blasted Moyo for constructing graves in Section 28.
"What was he doing there? Do I live there? I'm not murondatsimba who follows somebody's footsteps like what he does. That's what the police are being paid for, he should report it.
"For that matter, I'm not aware of the place in question. Ivo ndovangatotiudzeka vari mu-business rekuvaka makuva, we read about him on Bulawayo24 on murder issues ngaazive zvaari kuita," said Musikavanhu.
He was referring to a damning article that recently appeared on the news website alleging that Moyo was involved in an unresolved murder case and many corruption cases.
At the height of the Land Reform Programme in 2002, Musikavanhu, who was then working for Tongaat Hulett, allegedly sent scouts to hunt down poachers and evict land invaders some of whom were reportedly thrown into Jiri Dam.
Moyo is said to be now taking advantage of the incident to besmirch Musikavanhu by build-ing graves for the departed land seekers and politicising the matter.
Section 28 has proved to the hunting ground for Zanu PF aspiring candidates in Chiredzi West, with both Chiwa and Musikavanhu having built two classroom blocks at Batanai Satel-lite Primary School.local