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» » Of Chiwenga, wife and Command Vote

Ummm some prophesies mahwani. Prophet Makomichi tinokumbirawo mutiitire mushe -  we have a heard  a lot about you and seen a lot. We will appreciate if you do the noble thing and stop it. Stop it! We have heard cases of vana Peri nana Bheji so don't provoke Mapombi to say much.
We want prophets who can separate predictions from prophecies – I don't think that Mahwende's election victory is a prophecy at all but just a prediction. Anyway, the best advice I can give to Wellington Mahwende is do not associate yourself nezvimwe zvinhu zvemangamanga, please.   Mapombi can tell you that Makomichi is not the best brand to associate with – ask Bheji or Peri they will tell you.  Chati homu chareva!
Now to the best couple in the country – the Chiwengas. Mapombi really wonder kuti zvakambonyatsofamba sei apa because usually they say zviuya hazviwanane. I still believe that too kuti zviuya hazviwanane. A good example is Bob was a gentleman but his wife Dr Gire was something else. Dr Amai is the kind of a rural woman anoti akatsamwa anokwira pamusoro pechuru achipopota.
But Mapombi thinks VP Chiwenga and his beautiful wife, Mary is a unique couple – vese vanoda kubatsirwa! Yes, they need help. Honestly, how can a respected model be alleged to have grabbed Arda farm? Why? What for? Since when did Mary become a farmer? We know you as a model and not farmer ko manje zvekutora mafarm eArda zvava kubva nekupi?
Is this what you mean when Zanu PF says Zimbabwe is open for business? Mapombi is very sure no one would like this kind of business (grabbing farms) no matter how open the business is. I thought VP Chiwenga would whip his wife into line but eish – young wives are troublesome and uncontrollable. Bvunzai uncle Bob kana muchiti ndinonyepa.
Mapombi would like to advise the nation kuti varume roorai vakadzi vezera renyu siyanai nepwere because kana machembera you won't be able to control them.  We have a case study – Bob and Grace. You can also use Chiwenga and Mary if you like. I will not say much otherwise ndinotumirwa zvangu masoja kuno kuChitima Market ndikaswera ndaita saKudzie Chipanga gore riye.
I still enjoy rotten bananas and maputi angu asina nzungu so I rest my case, but of course I was not coerced nor forced to say varume roorai vakadzi vezera renyu young ladies are difficult to control.
But Can someone tell VP Chiwenga that civilians operate differently from junta. Can someone remind our VP that he is no longer the Army General but now is Retired General so he must stop commandeering or using force.
Command is only used at Barracks and not to civilians, nyaya yacho hamufe makaihwina generari. Nurses are demonstrating over genuine plight so to threaten them kuti you  will fire them all and replace them with retired nurses and those who graduated from nursing schools is misplaced.
You may say that at Barracks mukabudirira but uku kwamakazouya uko hatidaro. We respect the electorate and the voice of the people is the voice of God.
With the way Chiwenga is behaving I can tell you that people should brace themselves for Command Vote. Yes, I mean it. That guy is so obsessed with commandeering that he will force people to vote for Zanu PF. Mark my words.
I think we made a big blunder by cheering and applauding the army for forcing Mugabe out of office because come elections they will force the electorate not to exercise their right to choose a leader of their own choice but will be forced to vote ED. #Command Vote thanks to VP Chiwenga.
But honestly why threatening nurses? I mean the poor nurses? Why why?
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch but VP Chiwenga imbomirai kutyisidzira vamwe. People do not fear you anymore especially now. People will vote you out, try it. By the way I want to applaud Nelson Chamisa for attending the Independence Day Celebrations at the National Sports Stadium on Wednesday. That is what all opposition leaders must do – don't allow Zanu PF to monopolise national events.
I have no doubt that on that decision to attend the celebrations Chamisa's special advisor out-matched President ED's special advisor. Kkkkkkkkk by the way is he really a special advisor? I mean Mr Chris Mutsvangwa? Is he? Kkkkkkk Mapombi heard Mutsvangwa akangoudziwa kahwani naVP Chiwenga kuti dzikama patakatora nyika kubva kuna Mugabe you were in South Africa kkkkk haaa musadaro special advisor vakomana. Ko Mphoko akazopihwa here pension? Kkkkk Mboko imboko. mapombi

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