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Kkkkkk Zanu PF is something else. Mapombi do not like Zanu PF for the simple reason that the party stole my future. As beautiful as I am, I could have been married to a fairly stable man and would have a decent job but look at me; I stay at Chitima market feeding on rotten bananas and maputi asina nzungu zuva nezuva.
Some talk of a balanced diet but for me that is luxury; kudya sadza nemuto wenyama it's pure luxury because that opportunity comes once after a while in my life time - the last time I remember was when Zanu PF held its conference at Masvingo Show grounds in December 2016 ndipo pandakatombodyawo nyama and Gushungo ice cream and yoghurt kusvika ndaita manyoka.
I am fairly educated but have no job; as bright as I am, I cannot afford to buy a brand new underwear and I rely on second hand clothes (mabhero). I cannot afford decent accommodation let alone a decent meal all thanks to Zanu PF. Those who have a fair memory would agree with me that one of my resolutions this year was to have, at least, decent accommodation but nanhasi ndiri kungogara pano paChitima Market.
I became hopeful in November last year when Chiwenga and his guys staged a soft coup but little did I know kwaiva kufarira n'anga inobata amai. These guys are worse than Mugabe.  I thought they would tell us what happened to our missing $15 billion. I thought people like Mpofu would rot in jail but wotoona kuti Chombo ndiye wotofira zvivi zvevanhu vese.
But were these guys serious when they said they were targeting criminals around Uncle Bob? Why then are the criminals not arrested up to now? We only saw Chipanga, Chombo and Machaya vachishungurudzwa for a while iyezvino zvakatonyararwa hazvo. Are these only three the criminals who were targeted? Maybe plus Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere - so just these five? Zvimwe muchiti munotamba varume all you wanted was to grab power and you hide nekuti criminals. We know there are more criminals in Zanu PF than just those few who were arrested.
Anyway, I will not talk much about that because zvinondiitisa BP. My biggest worry is that we do not have a strong opposition and Zanu PF is likely to extend its rule for the next five years because they are more likely to win the forthcoming election.
We want a vibrant opposition which is not so excited by the number of people attending its rallies but with the number of people in its structures and its grass root support base. There is one thing I like about Zanu PF - it deals with statistics while MDC-T deals with assumptions.
MDC-T assumes that Zanu PF will lose in Mashonaland because Mugabe was kicked out but Zanu PF has exact figures of people who are likely to vote for Mnangagwa. MDC-T and its alliance assume that all youths will vote for Nelson Chamisa yet Zanu PF knows the exact number of youths that are going to vote for Mnangagwa. Zanu PF makes use of its statistics - the number of people in structures against the number of registered voters per ward as was released by ZEC. MDC-T must wake up!
Zanu PF strategies are statistical based while MDC Alliance use rally attendances to fool itself. Comrades, if you do not change your approach Mapombi can tell you that you will be very disappointed after the election.
Be realistic. Work with figures released by ZEC of registered voters per constituency or ward, not to assume that ZimPF or NPP or NPF will divide Zanu PF vote. What if they do not divide the vote?
I am still young and beautiful but I'm not certain if I will vote for Chamisa. Of course I like the fact that he is still young - we are almost of the same age but I don't like the idea of just assuming. All along, I thought there were a lot of learned people kuOpposition but I have since realised that hakuna zviriko. They cannot even analyse a single ward in Masvingo Urban kkkkkkkk kungwarira kundotuka maBoss angu kunewsroom kkkkkkk nhamo. In fact they do not even know how many registered voters are in Masvingo Urban so far asi kungongwarira kuti takahwina kare.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, Mapombi heard Mphoko naED zviri kunetsana heavy nenyaya yepension kkkkkkkk. I heard Mphoko ikuda pension yayo wena. Ofcourse, he deserves it because the guy was so hardworking that he crisscrossed the whole country donating chicks and incubators. Ndoinonzi development ka iyi. Wohodei? Mphoko, penga kusvika wapiwa pension yako mudhara. Mboko imboko.Mapombi

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