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» » Zanu PF primaries: The day Mapombi was waiting for

By the way what happened to our nurses? Mapombi heard they took VP Chiwenga head-on and dragged him to the cleaners, the High Court. That was the best decision by the nurses; we cannot have a whole VP running government like personal tuck shop. Chero mutengesi wemutuck shop akapihwa warning or notice wani kana atadza.
One cannot just fire people like that. Instead of creating more jobs VP Chiwenga is busy firing the few who are employed. Mapombi is sure that our learned VP will soon announce that they have created 5 000 jobs claiming vakapinza manurse basa.
Yes, our learned VP Chiwenga. Are you forgetting that he has a doctorate – Mapombi will not care whether akanyorerwa or akanyora ega what is important is that we call him Dr Constantino Nyikadzino Guvheya Chiwenga. Period.
Izvo zvana Professor Jonathan Moyo zvekuti hee wakanyorerwa hee this and that we don't care, he is our Dr VP. Even the decision to fire nurses protesting for better working conditions and remunerations cannot be done by someone asina doctorate. Never. Those kind of decisions are for the doctors (PhD) kkkkkkk seka zvako Mapombi of the unknown totem.
Anyway, with that level of emotions, Mapombi might find herself behind bars – kunongonzi mubatei muvharire atongerwe life in jail. But that lawlessness must stop. It must stop Doctor.
Now to the primary elections slated for Sunday, chokwadi pachakamwa imbwa apa pakaipa. Ndaona vamwe vachirara nebhutsu mugumbeze ini. Honestly, some candidates will go to bed wearing their shoes. Some will passout, vamwe ndovachafa neBP. Mapombi has realized that the levels of confidence by many candidates is just too much. It's just too much.
Even those who have been declared missing in their constituencies are confident of winning another term kkkkkk don't take people for granted. Mapombi is much interested with Chiredzi constituencies where alleged G40 guys are facing off with Lacoste die hards. Mapombi can safely tell you that big names are going to be humiliated. Very big names I tell you. Just watch the space!
But people like Western Ezra are they serious? I mean this self-styled war vet who single-handedly attempted to grab Panyanda lodge. If I were him I would have contested for a ward not the whole Masvingo West constituency. A ward would have been far much better – not an urban ward but a rural one.
Even if Mapombi is to contest against Western Ezra, I bet with the last drop of my blood ndaimudya zvekuti aizvisungirira kana kunwa poison. Akawana five, I mean 5 votes anenge arwa semvumba chaiyo.
But Mapombi is not happy by the elimination of Mudzikisi; that was a well calculated move to give Marapira advantage in Masvingo North. Marapira is not liked by many people in Masvingo North if truth is to be told but akagadzirirwa penalty kuti angogohwesa hake gedhe risina keeper. If he wasn't afraid of Mudzikisi then they should have allowed him to contest.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch but for those who were imposed zivai kuti tichasangana pageneral election tinongoita bhora musango. Kkkkkk Mapombi heard uncle Bob vari kutozokanda CV panomination court vakamirira NPF. Kkkkk kamudhara kaye mahwani hakagute kutonga kakaita seiko?
Mapombi expects Mphoko to join uncle Bob soon. Women should get ready for chicks and incubators donations from Mphoko soon. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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