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Beatific Gumbwanda
CHIREDZI - Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affair, Josaya Dunira Hungwe has said he has had enough of politics and will retire after the general elections that are expected to be held between July and August this year.
Speaking during the official opening of a 4.1 km tarred road built by Chiredzi Rural District Council (RDC) in Hippo Valley on Tuesday, Hungwe said he just wanted to make sure that President Emmerson Mnangagwa wins the elections before he goes to rest.
"The main issue is that we have to campaign for ED in order for him to win this coming election. Soon after his victory, I will retire from service because there is nothing more I still need on this earth so if he wins, I will retire and leave for heaven.
"People should vote for Mnangagwa because he went to Davos, he deserves another term of office," said Hungwe.
He also urged Zanu PF members who lost in the party's chaos-marred primary elections to accept defeat, unite and win a landslide for Mnangagwa.
He said the outcome of the primaries should just be accepted because the problem could be have been caused by a bigger problem in the system which needs time to be sorted out.
"Elections were reported to have been rigged across the country. Many people were found missing in the voters roll and you don't have to take it personally because it was the system. Those you are blaming might not be the trouble causers," said Hungwe.politics

Image result for Chibuku neshamwari picT

Tiyani Hahlani

All is set for the Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Festival, a tripartite partnership between Delta Beverages, the National Arts Council (NAC) and the Zimbabwe National Traditional Dance Association (ZNTDA).

The festival, which boasts some of the most valuable entertainment franchises on the local arts front, begins on June 02 at Tandarai Bar in Marondera, Mashonaland East.

Several traditional dance groups will compete for the title which was previously won by a Mufakose-based group called Culture Warriors.

On the same day, there will also be another competition in Mashonaland Central at Club Changaz at Cemetry.

Harare province, being the previous year's winner, will be hosting the festival competition on June 09 in Mbare at Pfumojena Beerhall.

In Matabeleland South and West, the event will also be held on June 16 while in Matabeleland South, Gwanda's Manzamnyama Beer garden will be the host.

In Masvingo province, the festival will be held on June 23 at one of the biggest bars in the country; Chigarapasi Beerhall, Chiredzi.

In Manicaland and Bulawayo, the festival will be held on July 07 with Neighborhood Tarven Bar and Phekiwe Beerhall being the respective hosts.

In the Midlands province, the event will take place at Mutamba Caravan Park, Gokwe, on June 23 while Matabeleland North will have its turn in Hwange at Jabulani Social Club.

 The finals will be held in August 4 in Mutare at Manicaland



Precila Takabvirakare

MPANDAWANA - There was drama at Gutu Magistrates' Court recently when a married man was found by his wife just about to exchange wedding vows with his secret lover.
Acting on a tip off that her husband, Dzingai Chagwiza, was going to be at the court to wed a divorcee identified as Precious Dube, Queen Vondo rushed and hid herself near the court waiting for the couple to get inside to take their vows.
When the couple were about to take the wedding vows, Vondo  showed up in court and threw her marriage certificate and her four children's birth certificates at the magistrate, Victor Mahamadi.
The magistrate stopped the wedding and took Chagwiza, Vondo and Dube to a separate room for confirmation of what had been produced in court.
It emerged at the court that Chagwiza had abandoned his wife and four children for about six years and was now staying with Dube in Old Location.
Chagwiza claimed he had divorced Vondo a long time back and had given her a beast as her divorce token (gupuro).
"I gave her a divorce token so that she could freely go back to her parents' home. I do not see any reason why she came here to stop the wedding," said Chagwiza.
However the magistrate cancelled the wedding and ordered Chagwiza to follow the right divorce procedures of cancelling his first marriage before he could register another one.court

Takanayi Mureyi

…party hunts for replacement in Sunday primaries
…Mayor Fidze, Dereck Charamba favourite
Upenyu Chaota
Masvingo - The hunt for MDC-T Masvingo urban parliamentary seat has reopened after their candidate, who had gone uncontested, Takanayi Mureyi has withdrawn from the race saying he has been reassigned to a much demanding position at national level.
Mureyi told a press conference at the party's provincial headquarters in Rhodene today, May30, that his new assignment will keep him busy in Harare and other regional structures hence the reason to pass the button to others.
"We feel that Zimbabwe has an abundance of talent and expertise which should be deployed where it is most urgently required. After a strenuous two weeks interrogation of this issue I have come to the conclusion that I would save at national level.
"We can still fill the small shoes that I was wearing in Masvingo with other capable and loyal party cadres. The provincial leadership is going to roll into motion the process that will provide for my replacement," said Mureyi.
Pressed to confirm more details over his reassignment, Mureyi said the people will be notified in due course through the proper party channels.
Mureyi also dismissed as black-market-information rumours that he has settled for a senatorial seat shying away competiti on from a financially strong and popular Zanu PF candidate Taguma Benjaman Mazarire.
"It has never been about the money. I will be assisting whoever replaces me and I have taken it upon myself to bring 10 branded cars for every ward in Masvingo urban to drum up support for the candidate and our president Nelson Chamisa.
"I will match dollar for dollar with Mazarire and we are going to come out victorious," said Mureyi.
Provincial chairperson James Gumbi said they are now taking CVs for all aspiring candidates to replace Mureyi and the elections will be conducted this Sunday at the party's provincial headquarters.
Mayor Hubert Fidze, who lost primaries in his ward, is said to be poised to take over from Mureyi owing to his popularity with the people.
Other popular names of interested candidates include Bonface Mazarire, Dereck Charamba and Tongai Matutu.politics, top news

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Clever Taperamoyo

MASVINGO - Opposition Renewal Democrats Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader, Elton Mangoma has won a High Court challenge he mounted against recent utterances by National Council of Chiefs president, Fortune Charumbira declaring that traditional leaders must continue supporting Zanu PF.

Masvingo High Court judge, Justice Garainesu Mawadze declared that the announcements made by Chief Charumbira in his capacity as head of traditional leaders during the National Annual Conference of Chiefs in Bulawayo 2017 and in January this year at an Indaba in Gweru were unconstitutional in terms of Section 281(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

The High Court further banned and prohibited Chief Charumbira and the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs from making further political statements, their involvement or allegiance to Zanu PF on any public forum.

Mangoma was represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) through Matutu and Mureri Legal Practitioners.

The High Court also ordered that campaigning Zanu PF by traditional leaders was unconstitutional and infringement of the applicant who is not to be treated in an unfairly, discriminatory manner on the basis of political affiliation.

The court also ordered the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs to initiate processes towards the establishment of the Integrity and Ethics Committee of Chiefs envisioned in Section 287 of the constitution.

Section 280 of the constitution provides the responsibility of traditional leaders that, among other responsibilities, include performing the cultural, customary and traditional functions.

The ruling follows a similar challenge that was mounted by the Electoral Resource Centre (ERC) in the High Court in Harare.

The court ordered that Charumbira retract his statements and issue an apology via the media in seven days.

The Ministry of Local Government was also ordered to take disciplinary measures against Chief Charumbira.politics



Image result for Dumpsite pic

Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI - Chiredzi Town Council last week decommissioned its dumpsite and cemetery in Marinda Road and across Zava Business Centre to pave way for the pegging and servicing of more than 1000 medium density and commercial stands.

In a full council meeting held last week, council declared that it had been resolved to decommission the sites to pave way for new residential areas.

It was heard that new land was being identified for a new cemetery and dumpsite.

Chiredzi Town Council chairperson, Francis Moyo later told TellZim News that the plan was to develop 1000 residential stands.

"There are two places that we have decommissioned which are the existing cemetery and dumpsite in order to pave way for the pegging and servicing of residential stands. We are going to reclaim the site at a later stage to enable it to decompose and peg commercial stands.

"The whole area can give us more than 1000 residential stands that will be pegged in medium density fashion," said Moyo.

Meanwhile, United Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (UCHIRRA) is trying to bar council from carrying out the latest development, saying it should be left to a new council which will assume office after the elections since the current council is tainted by many corruption scandal.

Chiredzi has been accused of diverting funds collected from home seekers for the servicing of 2 000 stands at Makondo Extension.

Despite each prospective home owner paying US$900, the stands remain not serviced almost nine years later.

An audit team commissioned by former Local Government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere reportedly unearthed serious corruption and mismanagement although the report was never made public.

Councillors and council management were also accused of selling themselves many stands at discounted prices and reselling them to desperate people at inflated prices.local


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MDC-T Warren Park MP, Elias Mudzuri

Shingirai Vambe

HARARE – Some Members of Parliament have demanded that President Emmerson Mnangagwa be called to the House of Assembly to explain why he has failed to fulfil his promise to end the cash shortages in the first 100 days of his assuming office.

The MPs attacked government for its utter failure to solve the crisis, six months after making promises that the problems will end.

Binga North MP, Dubeko Sibanda asked that President Mnangagwa be called to the house to answer questions on the crisis now that the country is approaching general elections.

"He promised a lot of things including the 100 days which came and passed and as Members of Parliament, we request that the President responds to us before we go for elections," said Sibanda.

He also criticised Mnangagwa of failing to be accountable to parliament just as his predecessor, Robert Mugabe had always done.

This provoked a quick defensive reaction from Zanu PF MPs who claimed Mnangagwa was too busy to come to parliament. Temporary speaker of the house, Rueben Marumahoko also defended Mnangagwa, saying the President could not be forced to come to parliament.

Zanu PF Zvishavane-Ngezi MP, John Holder had asked Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa what mechanism government had put in place to deal with the problem.

The legislator criticised government for ignoring the black market money changers whom he said had caused people to continue sleeping on the pavements queuing for the scarce resource.

"Zimbabwe, with its 66 minerals that are being exported, is paid for those exports in foreign currency, not in bond notes. Yet we say we don't have money in our country, why don't we have cash reserves?" Holder asked.

Chinamasa gave a less than satisfactory response, saying Zimbabwe, just like Kenya, was one of the countries that had done well through RGTSs and other electronic payment methods and was moving towards a cashless economy.

This forced MPs to demand that he prepare a comprehensive written response for presentation to the house.

Chinamasa, however, stood his ground in a manner that some interpreted as a reflection of his usual arrogance.

"It is believed the Reserve bank is delivering bond notes in the streets of Harare in search of US dollars. So the minister should not hide behind his finger; he should prove with facts that RBZ is not involved," said MDC-T Warren Park MP, Elias news


RBZ deputy governor, Dr Jesimeni Chipika

Shingirai Vambe
NYANGA – Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) deputy governor, Dr Jesimeni Chipika has said the central bank can no longer account for the bond notes and coins that are in circulation due to massive hoarding of the surrogate currency.
She was speaking at a winter school programme organised by the Zimbabwe Association of Micro Finance Institutions (Zamfa) last week.
"The RBZ can't account for the bond notes and coins on the market because those doing business are holding onto the money," said Chipika when the issue of shortage of case was raised.
She also blamed the black market for the crisis, saying the illegal practice was depriving the economy of a lifeline by holding onto cash that must otherwise be circulating in formal banking channels.
"The cash crisis is a symptom of lack of foreign exchange in the country. As long as our foreign currency earnings are not big enough to meet the demand, it surfaces as a crisis since we are in a dollarised economy and our exchange earnings should be in foreign currency," Chipika said.
She said the central bank would want to create and nurture an environment which improves the ease of doing business to sustain a positive credit culture in Zimbabwe and take the microfinance business to a higher level.
Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance chairperson, David Chapfika acknowledged the problems that doing business in an economy with no cash present, and encouraged people to continue using digital money.
"Go digital. Even the Minister of Finance has said that is the solution. We are copying from Kenya and we have even surpassed them. We are recognised as number one in trading in a new digital era. Kenya is the number two economy that is running without cash in the market," said Chapfika.
Zamfi chairperson, Patrick Mangwendeza, however, said it was unfortunate that authorities were pushing for a more cashless society as a solution to the problems without reducing the cost of electronic transactions.
"As RBZ tries to engage with financial players in the country, it still fails to regulate the charges. Banks are recording massive profits through cashless transactions and that is abnormal in an economy that is trying to engage new investors," said story

Caroline Gumbo
ZVISHAVANE - Kennias Mnyamani Moyo (69) was recently installed new Chief Wedza at an event officiated by the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Owen Ncube.
The inauguration ceremony was held at Rusvinge Primary school grounds where Moyo did his primary education.
The 69-year-old Moyo, of the Mdonga family, was appointed by President Emmerson Mnanagwa and was selected in accordance with the Wedza-Masukume traditions and customs.
He succeed Phillip Hlati Tumbudzuku of the Zibanayi house who died on October 11, 2014.
The collateral succession custom rotates the chieftaincy among the Musiwedzingo, Zibanayi and Mdonga royal families by order of seniority of family members.
Moyo was born on the April 19, 1949 and did his primary education at Rusvinge Primary school up to standard three.
He then started working as casual labourer at the National Railways of Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesian Railways) and Kadoma Patchway Farms before resorting to full time subsistence farming at his homestead.
Moyo is married to Lucia Mudhonga and they have eight children and nineteen grandchildren.
Oral tradition says the Wedza chieftainship, of the Masukume people, originated from Swaziland.
It is said the Masukume people failed to cross the Zambezi River and decided to settle in the Wedza area in Mashonaland Central before moving to Shawasha in Masvingo.
Thereafter, they were invited by King Lobegula of the Ndebele to settle at Mpopoti in present day Matabeleland South before migrating to Ture YaWedza Mountain which became their stranglehold which they have held to this day.local 

TellZim Reporter
Junior Driving School, the biggest driving school in Masvingo province, has moved a step further by introducing both oral and practical truck driving lessons, with the first group of learners scheduled to start lessons mid next month.
Junior School Driving director, Noah Marima said the introduction of truck driving lessons was a response to the need to bring the service closer home so that clients could get all services at one place.
"We saw if fit to bring this service closer to home because we are growing. There was no driving school offering such lessons in the southern region and most people had to go to Harare for truck lessons. The idea is to give our clients a wholesome package and save them the trouble of running around looking for such a service after getting their licences with us," said Marima.
Marima said after completing the two-week course, learners are conferred with certificates, adding that lessons were open for anybody who holds a class 1 or 2 driver's licence.
"We will teach our leaners such skills as splitting gears as well as safe and off-hooking as well as car behaviour. Afterwards, they are conferred with certificates and I can safely say all the necessary procedures have been completed.
"Anyone with a class 1 or 2 driver's licence can do the course regardless of when you acquired the licence. The service is there to give people who wish to drive large vehicles the real practical experience," said Marima.
He also said people will be enrolled in groups and a number of people have already registered, with the first group scheduled to start lessons on June 15.
The driving school provides learners who stay out of Masvingo town with accommodation for the entire period of the

Moses Ziyambi
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has made clear its commitment to the growth of tourism in Zimbabwe through its support for a number of projects implemented in partnership with government.
In 2016, JICA trained many people to work at the Chesvingo - Karanga Cultural Village which the agency had just fully refurbished after many years of neglect.
The training – focused on food preparation, basic accounting, tour guiding and marketing – imparted skills needed for the day to day running of the cultural village; a centre for the preservation of traditional cultural practices of the Karanga people.
Elsewhere, JICA is also supporting three similar sites namely Tengenenge Arts and Craft Centre in Mashonaland Central province, Bulawayo Township Tourism and Gairezi Ecotourism in Manicaland province.
The kind of support being given include product development, development of new discovery trails, improvement of facilities and marketing through packaging of tourism products.
The places are now attracting substantial numbers of both domestic and foreign tourists, sustaining many livelihoods as a result.
Last week, JICA was back in Masvingo, this time for the launch of the National Tourism Master Plan, Community Based Tourism Enterprise (CBTE) Manual and Handbook.
The documents, developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry with close technical cooperation from JICA, will help to further market such places as the Chesvingo - Karanga Cultural Village.
The launch was graced by many dignitaries including Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who was guest of honour, Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister; Prisca Mupfumira, permanent secretary in the ministry; Dr Sithokozile Chitepo and officials from the African Development Bank (AfDB).
"This technical cooperation project was initiated upon the request of the Government of Zimbabwe for bilateral assistance from the Government of Japan to set up, promote and support CBTEs for the benefit of local livelihoods in Zimbabwe as well as produce a Master Plan.
"This Master Plan was to ensure the sustainable development of the CBTEs and enhance the capacities of tourism related organisations on promotion and development of CBTs.

"The project team from JICA worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry and was housed at the Ministry offices for two years from June 2015 to June 2017," said JICA resident representative, Shumon Yoshiara in his speech at the event.
On his part, VP Chiwenga praised JICA for its critical role in the development of the masterplan, manual and handbook; saying the document was vital for the achievement of set objectives.
"I have no doubt that these important documents will go a long way in attracting both local and international investors and tourists. The launch of these policy documents should not just be just a talk show but should signify a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our tourism business in sync with the country's development mantra, Zimbabwe is Open for Business," said