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» » So ED is a liar as well?

The day Mapombi has been waiting for was announced – 30 July 2018 I will cast my vote, for who only young people know. I have to be honest guys, kana muchindivenga ndivengei zvenyu but ndinofira kureva chokwadi; I don't have confidence of voting for anyone above 65 years old. Never!
I will vote for Chamisa and no one else. I don't think our President ED has anything new for the people of Zimbabwe. But let us suppose he has something to offer, Mapombi would encourage him to go and share the notes with Chamisa because we now want young and fresh blood to lead us. More importantly, an 'innocent' leader with no historical baggage of past atrocities!
Mapombi was optimistic that ED would change things for the better but after the failed 100 days to end cash crisis, but guess what, the whole President announced without any shame that he too was ready to join the queues. Kkkkkkkkk vanga vava kutoti ndinodawo kujoina queue instead of kupedza maqueue at the banks. Hameno kuti airevesa here kuti angadawo kutovata pam pavements usiku hose achiitira kubata mutsetse makuseni-seni.
Mapombi has not seen anything worthy talking about since ED's take over from uncle Bob except that he also signed a lot of deals. We must also give him credit for introducing his now world 'famous' scarf which he religiously puts on chero kuchipisa sei. The other notable thing was to license varimi vembanje. But I now hear the licensing process has been stopped. What haapened? Ndofunga zvazvava kurwirana marezinesi acho kumosoro ikoko. Kkk
Anyway, Mapombi used to hear vanhu vachiti mupfana Chamisa anonyanyisa kureva nhema: I met Trump, I met Kagama, or is it Kagame who copied my ICT model and implemented it in his Rwanda. The young fellow also made many 'sexist' statements. But I think ED, too, is a liar – he has been talking of dualisation of roads and construction of new railway lines that would link major cities but since 2015, hapana chati chabuda. Even the Chirundu-Beitbridge highway ichakangodaro and people are dying every day in accidents. Ko $100 million iya hanzi takapiwa neUK kuti ipedze mitasetse yemari. Hanzi we have revitalized NRZ, we have bought new locomotives from South Africa. But are they really new? Are they all compatible with our railway system? If yes, sei tisiri kuona zvitima zvacho zvichifamba?
Uncle Bob officiated at the ground breaking ceremony for the dualisation of the road at Chaka business centre but vakasvika pakungobviswa pasina chaitwa. Now ED is in charge but the best he does is to cancel the tender which had been awarded to Geiger for the dualisation of the road.
But still, he wants people to vote for him yet he cannot do anything chinoonekawo zvacho. Kuswero wawata naKedha but chabuda hapana. ED promised to arrest the criminals that were around uncle Bob but nothing has been done – no one has been arrested. Mapombi heard ED wacho ndiye ava kutozhambawo kuti he is surrounded by criminals who are planning to impeach him soon after elections, in the event that he wins. And then all those lies that we will name, shame and then prosecute those who externalised funds.
Kkkkkk some people are really cowards – kutya impeachment before one is even elected kkkkkkkk haaa zvakaoma shuwa. What if one loses? 
Chete dindingwe rinonakidzwa richakweva rimwe. Vatokanganwa chezuro nehope handiti? Chete chinokanganwa idemo asi sekuru Bob will never forget.
Anyway, Mapombi would like to urge the electorate to go and cast their votes on July 30. It is your right so please go and exercise that right whether intelligently or foolishly. Mapombi doesn't care much about that chakakosha kuti vanhu vaenda nehuwandu hwavo kundovhota. Of course, I will vote for Chamisa and those who are inspired by Mapombi you are free to vote for him as well. Handingakurambidzei kuvhoterawo mutungamiriri akazvinakira kudaro.
Chamisa said he would marry off his 18-year-old sister to ED kana akadyiwa election but inini I can assure you that kana Chamisa akadyiwa ndinoipa vanhu mahara – I mean any men above 18-years-old can come and feast for free! Yes, for free!
One thing I am certain about is that ED will struggle to win in a free, fair and credible electoral process. Over my dead body! Njuga dzinorema idzi vakomana. Don't forget that uncle Bob will soon be attending rallies endorsing Chamisa kkkkkkkk gore rino tichaonera zvedu vana Mapombi of the unknown totem. Ichoooo …Ichoooo …Ichoooo.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, can someone tell ED to walk the talk especially on having free, fair and credible elections. ED must as well leash his boy Mukupe and uncle Hungwe because vanomborasika zvekurevesa. By the way, Hungwe said he would retire soon after elections kkkkkkk really? Why then did he participate in primary elections and win the senatorial ticket for Chivi - Mwenezi? Kkkkk Mapombi really does not understand this guy; if you want to retire then why contest in primary elections.
We are not as stupid as you may think Cde Hungwe – by the way is he really a comrade or a sellout? Whatever but musatamba nepfungwa dzedu handitika. If you wanted to retire you would not have contested in the primary elections.
Mapombi will be watching. Let me go ndindotsvaga zvangu some rotten bananas ndidye while waiting for maputi angu kuti aibve. By the way, pane akambonzwawo here nezvaMphoko? Is there anyone with information about Mphoko's whereabouts? Mapombi is very worried; I have no doubt that Mpnoko and Kasukuwere would make a good combination if they join NPF. Hopefully Mphoko is not still bitter about salary yemwana wake uya medical doctor. But why not just pay his daughter nhai vaChinamasa? Mphoko is very necessary and useful in our politics – we want such kind of people vatinogona kungoshandisa pamadiro so vaingamboti bufu. We can easily use him to fight our on battles zvedu while we take a back seat. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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