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TellZim Reporter
MPANDAWANA – Zanu PF candidate for Ward 34 Gutu Central, Jepson Nemashakwe caused a commotion at Hwiru Primary polling station after he tried to beat some female voters whom he accused of canvassing for the opposition.
TellZim News witnessed Nemashakwe, who is the sitting ward councillor and is trying to retain his council seat, advancing menacingly at a group of women who had just arrived at the polling station.
He started to shout at them saying he knew them and was sure they were campaigning for the opposition.
Other voters quickly intervened in the commotion to defend the women, and police had a difficult time restraining the crowd.
It was only after the arrival of a group of other Zanu PF members that Nemashakwe got restrained but the police did not arrest him.
He then left the polling station in the company of his fellow Zanu PF members. Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula could not be immediately reached for comment.politics

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TellZim Reporter
ZAKA- A man from Zaka North is reported to have died on his way back home from Gumbo Clinic polling station where he had just voted.
A TellZim News citizen journalist in the district reported that the 70 year-old man (name withheld as relatives were yet to be notified) from Mudhambi village, died on his home soon after casting his vote at the Gumbo Clinic tent.
He collapsed and died on the spot and his body was still in the bush by the time of publishing as the police were yet to visit the scene.
Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula could not be reached for comment by the time of publishing.local

Image result for Zec logo pic

TellZim Reporter

ZAKA - Two village heads in Zaka West wards 27 and 28 are said to be contesting to be councillors, a development that has been criticised by opposition candidates who say traditional leaders must not dabble in politics.

Speaking to TellZim News soon after casting his vote at Rudhanda High School, MDC Alliance Zaka West parliamentary candidate, Festus Dumbu expressed his disappointment at Zec's failure to disqualify two Zanu PF aspiring councillors, Ernest Mandava (Ward 27) and Benjamin Chikuni.

"Traditional leaders should be apolitical. We have two village heads, Ernest Mandava and Benjamin Chikuni contesting to be concillors on Zanu PF tickets in Ward 27 and 28. Kefas Magadzire, the village head of Nedowa is also a polling agent.

"We have raised the issue with Zec but they kept on dragging their feet. This has compromised the credibility of this election because the electorate is being intimidated to vote for these village heads and their party," said Dumbu.

Efforts to get comment from Zec district elections officer were fruitless by the time of publishing.politics

TellZim Reporter
There are reports from many polling stations in Masvingo province that some women are 'lending' babies to each other or hiring them for a small fee so that they can be allowed to jump slow-moving queues.
There is a provision allowing nursing mothers be given preferential treatment at polling stations such that they are not required to join the ordinary queues.
TellZim News has, however, gathered that this facility is being abused by some women who are allegedly 'hiring' their friends, relatives and even strangers' babies for this purpose alone.
There was pandemonium at Shakashe Primary School polling station AB this morning when a woman was asked to go out and join the slow-moving ordinary queue following suspicions that she had hired a baby. The baby had cried uncontrollably but the woman failed to calm him down and give him suckle.
At Sally Mugabe Preschool, Gutu Central Ward 34, there were loud complaints from agitated voters who alleged babies were changing hands.
Similar reports were received from Ward 4 Masvingo Urban and Jerera growth point, Zaka Central, where hiring a baby was said to be costing US$5.
At Dikwindi Primary School, Ward 6, a well-known kombi driver faked blindness so that he could be allowed to jump the queue. He was busted by other voters who shouted him away as he was about to get into the polling station.local

         A meandering queue at Runyararo primary School

…mixed up names not in alphabetical order
TellZim Reporter
Many voters at polling stations in Masvingo Urban are being send from pillar to post as their names cannot be easily found in the voters' roll.
The problem is more noticeable at Shakashe Primary School, but also at Rujeko Primary School, where the polling stations are divided into four and three respectively.
At Runyararo Primary polling station, Ward 4 – which is divided into six – many people were recorded as turned away because they had got into the wrong queue.
At these polling stations, many people complained they had been told to join a new queue because their names could not be found in a particular sub-polling station's roll.
"This is my second queue and I have been here since 06:30. I think they want to frustrate us into leaving before voting," said one young woman who claimed to be a first time voter.
Another voter said he was surprised that his polling station was different from his mother's, although they shared the same surname.
"We got into polling station AA and my mother was allowed to vote there, but I was referred to another queue, although we share the same surname," said the voter.
Presiding officers also acknowledged that they were facing enormous problems due to mixed up names.
"We had expected to find the names in alphabetical order but everything is mixed up. It's taking too long to find a voter's name but we are doing our best. We understand the frustration in the queues," said one presiding officer.
At the Rujeko Admin polling station, one voter said it took him a solid three hours to get into the booth.
There was, however, virtually no queue at the Civic Centre at around noon, with 186 having voted in A at 11:58 and 200 in B as at 10:00. There were three assisted voters and 16 turned away voters in A, zero assisted voters and eight turned away voters in B.topnews

…disabled aspiring Cllr speaks on why he didn't join any party

Brighton Chiseva
Aspiring councillor for Masvingo Urban Ward 5, Vengai Kurunzirwa said he decided to contest as an independent because seeking a ticket from any political party entails humiliation and involvement in dirty politics.
Kurunzirwa, who is wheel-chair bound, said many political parties lack empathy for people with disabilities, meaning that he would still have been subjected to the same chaotic processes that marred primary elections.
"Some of us cannot hustle and tussle. If you look at the manner in which the biggest political parties conducted their primary elections, you would see that they are not a good home for people with disabilities. In some instances, there was a lot of pushing and shoving as well as savage fist fights that I would not be able to do," said Kurunzirwa.
He also said many people in political parties see a disabled person seeking a political party ticket as a charity case.
"They look down upon you and think you are just there to beg, and not to offer anything tangible. They do not believe we are capable people who can deliver if given a chance," said Kurunzirwa, who is an accountant by training.
"If a partisan candidate wins, he or she would first seek to serve those from his/her own political party but if – as an independent – I win, I would quickly move to serve the community that elevated me. I would not beholden to anybody and it's only the people who can recall me if they feel I am not doing the job well," he said.politics

Ass Comm Makedenge

TellZim Reporter
Authorities will strongly oppose bail and seek the fast-tracking the trial of perpetrators of political violence before, during and after the July 30 elections, a senior officer in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Masvingo province has said.
Speaking at a Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)-organised discussion between the police and journalists on Friday, July 27, Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge – who is responsible for police operations in the province – warned against provocation, intimidation, violence and other forms of electoral malpractice.
"As police together with other relevant stakeholders, we are going to speed up the finalisation of cases of politically-motivated violence. In Masvingo, we already have special courts set-up by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) together with the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to deal decisively with political violence without fear or favour," Ass Comm Makedenge said.
He said police will strongly oppose bail for those implicated in political violence as a way of sending a serious message to would-be offenders. Ass Com also called for greater cooperation and understanding between the police and media for the safety of journalists and the wider community this election time.
At another press discussion organised by Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) later in the day, candidates contesting for the Masvingo Urban parliamentary seat hailed local media for giving them fair coverage.
"We appreciate TellZim News, Hevoi FM and Wezhira Community Radio for allotting us space in their programming and covering our campaigns," said Francis Nyakurita, who is standing on a People's Rainbow Coalition (PRC) ticket.
National Patriotic Front (NPF) candidate, Michael Taderera thanked local journalists for what he said were their remarkable objectivity.
"The work you are doing is good. I have received fair coverage right from the day of the nomination court. There is, however, room for improvement so that people can make more informed choices on election day," said Taderera.
The sentiments were echoed by Herbert Chikosi, who represented MDC Alliance candidate; Jacob Nyokanhete, as well as by Sam Chapfundza, who is running as an independent.
Meanwhile, Zanu PF was more visible than any other party today, July 28, with loud yet peaceful campaigning and roadshows around the city.local

The Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) leader, Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru in Masvingo CBD

Bothwell Chabarika
The Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) leader, Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru has made an appeal to Masvingo residents to vote for him in the forthcoming July 30 harmonised elections.
Kasiyamhuru said this after he met with TellZim News reporters in the CBD on Thursday July 26, 2018 when he was touring the city, as part of his campaign.
The ZIPP president promised a number of positive change to the country if people voted for him, pledging to bring development to Masvingo by recognising the city as a tourism hub.
He also promised to prioritise the upgrading of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway, saying Masvingo deserved better than it was currently getting.
"We want to build a Zimbabwe that will be in a position to export rather than to import and we are looking forward to make Masvingo a tourism hub that will be a centre of attraction to people from various areas of the world. We are looking forward to reducing traffic jams in Masvingo by creating better road networks. Masvingo is a special city," said Kasiyamhuru.
The youthful politician promised to put to an end all problems that Zimbabweans are facing at the moment. He mentioned the issue of the economy and the joblessness that he said will be put to an end once he got elected as president.
The 45-year-old opposition leader said he acknowledged the contribution of the older generation in gaining the country independence from white minority colonial rule, but pointed out that the future was now more important than the past.
Kasiyamhuru told TellZim News that he regarded Masvingo as his home since he attended school at Gokomere CPS and secondary news

Tedfed Tizai

Bothwell Chabarika

- Zanu PF aspiring councillor for Ward 12, Tedfed Tizai says his motive for running for public office is to put his ward as well as the entire district on the right trajectory for improved living conditions.
A former police officer, Tizai says if he gets into council, he would push for policies that make life easier for people in the communities.
"I am geared for development and I dream of making Ward 12 a better place to live in. I have a lot of projects and plans and I am looking forward to bring a new style of leadership and representation to this ward. I am receiving positive responses from all villagers so I will repay them by being a listening representative with no political bias on issues that affect the people," said Tizai.
He said he would prioritise road upgrades, building of more dip tanks, building of new clinics and satellite clinics, and better access to clean water for domestic use.
"We also need well-equipped council-run schools as well as small dams to help women and the youth to start income-generating projects. We need to fight corruption in council and in the communities so that nobody is left behind when developmental plans are made and implemented," said Tizai.
The aspiring councillor promised to work for harmony after the elections, as a way of creating communities at peace with themselves, with improved prosperity being the result.
"There is critical need for a bridge across Tokwe River around Chemombe crossing area which links Chivi and Mushandike. People living there have trouble crossing the river to the other side during the rainy season," Tizai said.
Tizai is contesting against Jemetius Muchiro of the Peoples' Rainbow Coalition (PRC) and Gladys Chigova of the MDC Alliance.
The aspiring councillor is tipped to replace the incumbent of over a decade Annacolleta Chihava whom he thrashed in the primary elections.politics

Bothwell Chabarika

The Salvation Army has added its loud voice to ongoing calls for a peaceful pre and post electoral environment this year.
This comes after political leaders and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) made similar pleas as the nation approaches the intensely-contested elections.
As part of its own efforts, the Salvation Army in Masvingo has erected a massive billboard close to Exor fuel station with a message 'Zimbabwe my home, I choose peace'.
A peace video on peace has also been created and posted on YouTube from where some have downloaded and shared it on various other social media platforms. The video can be reached on the link
Addressing mourners at the funeral of devouted church member Samson Muzvanya recently, Salvation Army Masvingo Division divisional commander, Major Luckson Chimbalanga called upon the church faithful and the broader society to work for peace.
Major Chimbalanga said elections will come and go, but people will still remain as neighbours.
"Elections come and go, but we remain neighbours in our communities. We will still need to use the same table to sell our vegetables on the market even if we differ on political standpoints. We will still need one another tomorrow.
"My word to you is, let's maintain peace in the country and let's avoid fighting even though we have differences. We should respect each other by preparing to vote in peace. Go out to vote in peace, celebrate in peace and accept the results peacefully. Zimbabwe is our home," said Major Chimbalanga.

Clever Taperamoyo

Masvingo Urban MDC Alliance Ward 4 aspiring councillor, Godfrey Kurauone and his rival from Zanu PF, Tavara Mudukuti will again lock horns for the second time on July 30, having faced off against each other for the first time in 2013.
The two met at Charles Austin Theatre on July 20 for a Tell Zimbabwe-organised public dialogue, with Kurauone seeking to make a point that he was still the right man for the job, while Mudukuti was out to present himself as a suitable alternative.
Kurauone told the audience that no individual councillor can take credit for any development as decisions are made collectively.
"We got into office in 2013 when council did not have a single vehicle as all had been attached following a costly labour dispute. In no time, we put our different political affiliation as councillors aside and cooperated in our efforts to retool. My own efforts in all this are there to see.
"Ours is the only city council which is up to date in terms of employee salaries and we have bagged 23 awards of service delivery.
In my own ward, I was instrumental in the establishment of a carpark that is being operated by the youth, with proceeds helping to sustain their livelihoods. The project was hijacked and made to benefit only Zanu PF-aligned youths, but I said fine, they are still residents of the ward," said Kurauone.
Kurauone said his next priority would be to see maternity wards being added to Runyararo Clinic as well as the building of a secondary school in the ward.
On his part, Tavara Mudukuti emphasised unity of the people across political lines, engaging the youth in planning, creation of temporary employment for the youth, sporting activities for all residents, corporate engagement and consultative leadership as the tenets of good leadership.
"In my community, some young people are abusing drugs because there is no recreation for them, and they are not being given enough space to be successful. There are many areas in which council could help for example by giving them priority when employing even on a part time basis.
"We want to create sporting facilities in the ward, we also want to have a consultative board that includes the residents. We want to engage business people to support the development of the wards. I will also play an oversight role in the development of ward 4," Mudukuti said.politics

Jose Ferreira

Darlington Kanyongo

- Zanu PF Ward 6 Councillor Jose Ferreira recently parted ways with US$400 which he put into the building of a netball pitch where games of a tournament he sponsored last week was held.
Zvishavane ZRP, Zvishavane Prison and Izaya Park netball teams took part in the games that were played on the new pitch in Izaya Park.
Each team walked away with a full netball kit which was donated by the councillor who is campaigning to retain his council seat in the July 30 elections.
ZRP won all their matches against Izaya Park and Prisons, making them the queens of the tournament, and walking away with a US$60 in cash prize.
Prisons got US$40 for finishing on second position, while Izaya Park got US20 for finishing up on third.
Speaking to hundreds of people at the close of the tournament, which was also used for the official handover of the pitch to the Izaya community, Ferreira said the tournament will continue even after the elections
"I am very confident that even after the elections, this tournament will continue. It is my small way of contributing to the development of sports talent in our communities," said Ferreira.
Rosemary Siziba, an Izaya Park player, said she was happy to have a good pitch on which to practice and spend her time.
"I am very happy that now we have a netball pitch right here at our door step. We now have a good place at which to practice and expend our energies," said Siziba.politics

Voter education material in Chipinge

Knowledge Mhlanga

- Many activities pointing to robust voter education are happening in the district, with diverse materials educating the public on the July 30 harmonised elections now a common sight.
The streets and buildings are plastered with campaign posters especially of the two dominant political parties, MDC Alliance and Zanu PF urging the people to vote.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has also deployed personnel that are travelling even in the countryside giving free information on the elections.
They are also handing out fliers with information addressing some of the frequently asked questions regarding the first poll to which is to be held using a biometric voters' roll.
At a funeral service for Batsirai Mlambo Magaisa in Mwazoonei Village, Ward 17, under Chief Musikavanhu last week, Zec agents were given an opportunity to address the gathering and answer some questions.
Some voter education material written in the vernacular Ndau can also now be found everywhere, with the messaging mainly being centred on what is and what is not required on voting day.
Over the past weeks, teachers and other civil servants have been undergoing training so that they will be able to work as the official Zec poling agents.
Social Media platforms such as Facebook pages and WhatsApp are also proving to be important platforms to spread voter education messages.

Garcia Mundondo

Clayton Shereni

Zanu PF Masvingo Ward 1 councillor, Garcia Mundondo, who is seeking re-election, has praised Tell Zimbabwe for helping him understand the extent of the degradation at colonial-era hostels commonly known as 'midhadhadha'.
Beginning in 2015, TellZim reported extensively on the dire situation there using such tools as short videos for social media and news stories.
The hostels were designed to house only a few males but each room is now shelter for a family of up to five members.
The walls, floors and communal toilets were cracked and filthy, with sewer bursts being a common occurrence.
"I would like to applaud TellZim News for opening my eyes to see the urgent need to refurbish those houses. The consistency and objectivity by which the issue was brought to our attention by the publication helped me to push my fellow councillors and management to act," said Mundondo.
Some of the hostels have now been refurbished, with council indicating that plans were there to do work on the rest.
"I am a pastor so I am a listening person who gives everyone an equal chance to air out their views. We have to work together with the media so that we can address problems in our communities as one," said Mundondo.
Ward was for a long time home to former vice president, the late Simon Muzenda during the elementary phases of his entry into nationalism politics.
Mundondo said he was confident of retaining his role in council, adding that the competition posed by the MDC Alliance's Selina Maridza did not worry him.politics

ZNCC outgoing president; Divine Ndhlukula and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga present Salome Mutsinze with the ZNCC business woman of the year award

…Mother Touch schools director Mutsinze named business woman of the year

Shingirai Vambe

- The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) held its 2018 annual general meeting (AGM) in the resort town where several awards in such categories as resilience and competiveness were won.
Many people won awards in their individual capacities, with Mother Touch group of schools proprietor, Salom Mutsinze walking away with the Businesswoman of the Year 2017 title while FMC director, Rangarirai Mavhunga was named Businessman of the Year 2017.
Such companies as Old Mutual, Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) and, Econet, TelOne, DHL, Agribank and Liquid Telecoms were also honoured for doing well in 2017.
TelOne, Liquid Telecom and Econet received awards for best network and data providers while Africa University (AU) was named best university for its solid reputation which has attracted students from many African countries.
Guest of honour at the occasion was Vice President Constantine Chiwenga who praised ZNCC and its members for having faith in the country despite the volatile economic conditions.
"Despite the challenges in our operating environment, it is still possible to succeed. I encourage you to continue with this entrepreneurial spirit and for those businesses that did not receive any award today, we still recognise and appreciate your efforts," Chiwenga said.
Meanwhile, Tamuka Macheka who had been ZNCC vice president, was named new president, taking over from Divine Ndhlukula who has stepped down after serving for a single term.
Macheka is a renowned hotelier who once served as the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) vice president. Oswell Marange, who runs a transport business in the resort town, is the new ZNCC vice president.local

Officials during the availing of the US$80 000
Chapungu FC sponsorship deal

Tinaani Nyabereka

- Chapungu FC has received an US$80 000 shot in the arm from mobile operator NetOne which will help steer the team forward and take care of the players' allowances.
Speaking at the handover ceremony, NetOne Chief Executive Officer Lazarus Muchenje said they saw if fit to assist the club financially as it is the biggest in Midlands but going down due to financial constraints.
"We have sponsored Chapungu and Black Rhinos FC to the tune of $80 000 and these funds are meant to cushion the team for the remainder of the season with some funds to be channeled towards the players' bonuses.
"So this is the start of a fruitful journey that as NetOne we believe will see both institutions flourishing," said Muchenje.
The minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Owen Ncube, thanked NetOne for the gesture and commended the company for its partnership with various stakeholders in the community.
"With you today is a company which continues to support and sponsor sports and am deeply humbled by the move done by NetOne to Chapungu FC here in Gweru," said

Clayton Shereni

- Masvingo Pirates have been awarded maximum points by the football mother board Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) after Masvingo United (Una Una) used unregistered players in an explosive derby at Mucheke Stadium a fortnight ago.
The match had to be played since supporters had already paid to see the game.
ZIFA Eastern Region manager Thadeous Machawira confirmed the development saying Pirates had already been awarded three points before the match was played because Masvingo United had only six registered players out of their 18 man squad.
"We only allowed the match to be played because people had got in to watch the game but it was more of a friendly and all the points where given to Pirates.
"Masvingo United only had six registered players in their squad of 18 man," said Machawira.
Dzinochekwa Baba, as Masvingo Pirates is affectionately known, took a two goal lead with goals from Pervington Zimunya who scored from the spot kick 13 minutes into the first half and Tawanda 'Funye' Mulenga's 38th minute superb header.
However Una Una's goalie was rushed to the hospital after he got badly injured while trying to intercept a cross which resulted in Mulenga's goal leaving the coach with no option but to bring his second choice goal minder.
To the surprise of the football fanatics who had come to witness the derby, no one showed up on the touchline to replace the injured goalkeeper forcing the referee of the day to bring action to a halt as Una Una were in search of a possible replacement on their bench.
Una Una could not find a substitute goalkeeper from their bench and they had to rope in someone from the terraces.
Action however resumed and they produced a dramatic comeback in the second half leveling matters to a two all draw thanks to seasoned forward Tichaona Zvandasara and new boy Joseph Zvingo.
Masvingo United has been the centre of controversy in recent weeks which saw the club being deserted by many players for greener pastures and the remaining players training once or twice a week.
In their previous encounter Una Una traveled to Buffaloes FC with only 12 players and they were thrashed 6-1 at Vhengere stadium in

So this Mangudya guy is printing more bond notes so that Zanu PF can have money to sponsor its campaign activities? What is really happening in this country? Can someone tell me kuti zviri kumbofamba seiko nhai veduwe. I saw a lot of teachers with new bond notes claiming that they got them from banks.
Mapombi once told you that we cannot trust this system even Mugabe is not part of it anymore. Chakabaya chikatyokera so shiri ine muririro wayo haiuregere – remember what Gono did during his time as RBZ governor – from BACCOSI to the so-called agricultural mechanization programme. And now we are seeing new bond notes in the streets wotoshaya kuti irikubva kupi mari iyoyi.
Our civil servants and pensioners were sleeping in bank queues vasingaiwane mari iyeyi but now because we are three days before an elections mari yava kuwanika. I am sure people are not cowards anymore.
The wait is over! A new government is indeed coming sak nyika yava kuchizodirwa shuga zvino. Mapombi is always a gentleman zvekuvanza ini handizvigone ndinofira zvangu kureva chokwadi – #EDHasNoMyVote. Handimuvhotere inini hangu because I don't see the difference between him and Mugabe. The Zanu PF system is still the same chakangobva ndiUncle Bob chete but the rest remains the same.
I am in this mess because of Zanu PF so I will never vote for that party; at least I voted for Mugabe in 1980 but iyezvino nadha ndaramba.
Kana mweida kuguta vhoterai ndodha yamakajaira yechidiki iyi – makura imi hamude kuudzirwa.
Mapombi was baffled by reports doing the rounds that Matemadanda claimed that kana Chamisa akahwina todzokera kuhondo hehehehehe seka zvako Mapombi of the unknown totem.
Let me tell you something Cde Matemadanda; some of us are peace loving citizens but please don't stretch our patience too far.  Try it this time and you will live to regret the rest of your life, ndotokupikira namai vangu kudai.
Our leaders are not being stupid when they call for peaceful elections, so who are you Matemadanda wo zvake kuda kutyisidzira vanhu kuti mukavhotera Chamisa toenda kuhondo. Unopenga, unopenga!
Isu vana Mapombi hondo hatiitye zvachose kana uchida unotanga nekuuya kumusika wechiChitima tive makara asionane. Handivhundutsirwe nevanhu vaihwanda mumapako vodzoka voti takarwa hondo ini.
We want peace and we will not tolerate Matemadanda's nonsense. I am calling you to order Matemadanda -  behave or else I will force you to behave. Dai Chamisa wacho akahwina timbooona kuti pfuti yacho unotomboziva kuti inobatiwa sei here. Ukwane haunyare wakaita seiko mudhara iwe?  We don't want violence.
Mapombi is predicting that Chamisa will lead the new government; of course we may go for a run-off but the young man will trounce ED chete. My prayer is that ZEC haina kubatwa nemweya waRegiyoni when they printed the presidential ballot paper because ndipo patingakuvarira ipapo.
What I know is ED will not stand a chance when the election is free and fair. The young boy from Gutu will win.  But the calmness ine Zanu PF makes me suspicious – ukaona bofu richiti ndokurova ziva kuti pane charakatsika chete.
Whether they have rigged already, this time hazvibude. Let us go out in our numbers and vote. There is power in numbers and this is the time for the youths to speak out kuti hatichada hatichachatya.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. But before I go, please make sure that on Monday wamukira kundobata mutsetse at your nearest polling station and be the first to cast your vote. Please carry with you either your national ID or valid passport so that you can vote.
To the youths; elections come once after five years so don't waste this chance to decide your future – don't let someone decide for you. You may no longer be a youth the next time elections are held after these. Also it is very important to know munhu ari kuita kuti ushaye basa, ari kuita kuti ushaye mari yefees, ari kuita kuti utadze kuwana mari yekuti uroore kana kuroorwawo. Ziva munhu akakupa nhamo and deal with that person peacefully on Monday when you cast your vote.
Violence is not the solution to our problems but your vote will surely settle things. Only fools like mudhara uyu wekuGokwe would think violence is the solution. Manje hatichatya!
Is uncle Bob back in the country? He should come back because we want his vote; his plus yaDr Amai umwe anenge atorohwa 2-0 ipapo kkkkkkkkkk. Unopenga! Unopenga! Unopenga kkkkkkk Dr Amai futi mahwani.
And where is Mphoko? I have read stories by our detractors suggesting that Mphoko is looting cash at all Choppies branches what what – don't mind them, they are crazy. People are jealousy so one should not be fazed by such claims. Don't forget to go and vote Cde Mphoko; the young man is counting on your vote.
After being treated so badly and being denied some of your pension benefits, there is no way you can vote for Lacoste mdala wethu; it's time to teach them a good lesson. Mapombi is sure that people like Prof Moyo are already packing their bags and ready to come back home after elections because nyika inenge yadirwa sugar nemfana wechidiki. Mboko imboko!mapombi
Kudzai Munodawafa receives her prizes from Dr Desire Mutize Sibanda during the graduation ceremony

…as 681 graduate at Masvingo Poly

Clayton Shereni

Masvingo Polytechnic
last Thursday, July 12, held its 26th Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony which saw 681 graduands being conferred with National Certificates, National Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas.
Of the 681 graduands, 358 were male and 323 were females drawn from such departments as Applied Arts, Applied Sciences, Adult and Continuing Education, Commerce and Engineering.
The graduation ceremony was held under the theme, 'Human Capital Development and Industrialisation Through Collaborative Research and Innovation'.
The event was graced by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Dr Desire Mutize Sibanda.
Speaking at the ceremony Sibanda said female engineering students will get incentives and allowances from the government to help them fund their studies so that there will be equal representation of women and men in every sector of the economy.
"We want 50/50 representation in institutions and our aim is to promote women to go into the engineering sector that was traditionally reserved for men. We will therefore give uniforms, allowances, overseas training and bring international speakers to motivate female engineering students," said Dr Sibanda.
He said various measures had been put in place to assist students with loans with at list six banks having been identified to process the loans.
"Modalities have already been worked out by the ministry responsible for Higher and Tertiary Education with financial institutions to avail student loans. I am pleased to note that six banks are already participating in the scheme," said Sibanda.
In his speech, Masvingo Polytechnic principal, Evans Musara encouraged students to further their education after graduating from the institution.
"Once you have graduated, you don't have to stop there. You must continue learning and furthering your skills," said Musara.
A number of students were honoured with individual prizes for being exceptional in their areas of speciality.
Kudzai Munodawafa, who scored 13 distinctions, scooped the principal's best student and most disciplined student prize which came with US$500 dollars in cash and a trophy.
Also in attendance was Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Vice Chancellor; Professor Rungano Zvobgo, Chairman of the Polytechnic Management Advisory Council; Zvapano Munganasa, acting director for Tertiary Education Programmes in the ministry, S.D. Zivanayi and other academic experts from around
Keta Takarangana

Darlington Kanyongo

- Just like any other candidate who is running for the July 30 harmonised polls shows high levels of confidence of victory, MDC Alliance's Zishavane Ngezi Ward 1 aspiring councilor, Keta Takarangana, has vowed to drub all his competitors and secure a seat for his party.
Takarangana said the MDC Alliance brand has earned popular appeal and all the lucid Zimbabweans who care about development should vote for change.
He said Zanu PF has been given a chance and has kept on destroying everything in their path
"The MDC Alliance represents the real change that the people of Zimbabwe have been yearning for over the past years. Zanu PF is not the change we need and on July 30 we are going to vote for change.
"The MDC Alliance is going to win from the local government to the presidency. The people in Ward 1 have spoken and need real change which brings about meaningful development. I am development oriented and I have proven that to my people.
"I will be servant to my people and I will listen to them," said Takarangana.
Takarangana holds a Diploma in Theology and a Bachelor in Accounting.local

… 'we don't want a repeat of the past'

Clever Taperamoyo

- Centre for Gender and Community Development in Zimbabwe (CGCZ) last week gave the people of Bikita a platform to discuss their expectations and fears as the country approaches the July 30 elections.
Held at Bikita Minerals Hall, Bikita West constituency, the forum ran under the theme, 'What are the Youth and Women's Expectations?'
Zanu PF Bikita West parliamentary candidate; Elias Musakwa, MDC-T's Bench Katema and MDC Alliance's Kudakwashe Bhadharai did not turn up despite both of them having promised to be there.
Bhadharai, however, sent Trust Zinyama to be his representative at the meeting where villagers pleaded for security and peace in the elections.
"This area has seen too much violence starting in 2000. People have suffered a lot and we don't want a repeat of that. Let the peace we have now be there even after the elections and rival let political leaders find one another," said one woman.
Another female participant said she prayed that whoever wins led with humility, with the loser accepting the results.
"We just need security in our communities. Those who will win must work to develop our communities without disrespecting competitors. There are many problems we face every day and we cannot afford more problems," she said.
On his part, Zinyama said the MDC Alliance candidate, Bhadharai was also working to ensure that the elections are held in an environment without fear.
"We are for peace and we are looking for votes in a peaceful way. We understand the horrors of violence that people in this area suffered in the past so we hope our colleagues will also continue campaigning for peace," said Zinyama.
Bikita West suffered horrendous political violence in the run-up to the 2001 parliamentary by-elections as well as in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election run-off.local
Lloyd Shunje

- Manicaland provincial magistrate, Tendai Mahwe on Wednesday sentenced a Zimunya-based Mambwere branch Zanu PF youth chairperson to six months imprisonment for assaulting an MDC supporter who had refused to leave a bottle store.
David Kokota Masinji (46) of Mambwere village under Chief Zimunya was found guilty of assault as defined in Section 89(1) (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23 for assaulting Collen Manyiwo (45) of Manzununu village under Chief Zimunya.
Masinji pleaded guilty to the assault charge but said he was acting the way he did in fear that violence would break out since Manyiwo had refused to leave.
Masinji will serve four months in prison after the other two were suspended on condition that he does commit another offence in the next five years.
Appearing for the State, Fletcher Karombe said on June 24 at around 18:45 hrs, Manyiwo was watching soccer at Ngome bottle store when the accused got into the place in the company of a fellow party supporter identified as Amos Makaya.
Makaya instructed the barman to lower the volume of the radio before ordering that all MDC in the place to leave, but Manyiwo remained seated.
The accused charged towards Manyiwo, grabbed his collar and pushed him outside and he fell down. The victim then went home and made a police report the following morning, leading to Masinji's arrest.local
This picture of Zanu PF national political commissar, Rtd Lt Gen Engelbert Rugeje (second from left) sandwiched by Zanu PF and MDC Alliance supporters did the rounds on social media recently, giving hope that things have really changed for the better in the country's political affairs

TellZim Reporter

Zanu PF national political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje this week embarked on a peace campaign in Masvingo province.
Rugeje addressed rallies in Gutu, Bikita, Zaka and Masvingo districts emphasising the need for maintaining peace during the election period.
Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Bikita West constituency Ward 19, Rugeje pleaded for unity among party supporters.
"I know some of you liked (Beauty) Chabaya (Current Member of Parliament for Bikita West), while others wanted Elias Musakwa.
These two had huge followings during the primary elections but the majority chose Musakwa. I therefore plead with all of you to support Musakwa and President Mnangagwa," said Rugeje.
Rugeje, who comes from the same ward, said the country would only prosper if observers declared the elections to be free and fair.
"Don't be violent, allow the opposition to campaign peacefully because once the election is condemned by the international observers, we will not see any meaningful development in this country.
"Let us be kind to the observers when they come here, give them the information they request," he added.
If Mnangagwa wins the July 30 election, Rugeje said, the government would prioritise road rehabilitation programmes in the district. He said there was need to improve roads linking Buhera, Bikita and Gutu districts.
Speaking to TellZim News at the side-lines of the rally, Musakwa said his victory was certain.
"I am sure that victory is certain. I am going to win this election. I promise to improve health and education facilities in the constituency," said Musakwa.politics
MDC Alliance supporters gathered at Sakubva Stadium

Shingirai Vambe

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa's final tour of Manicaland in preparation for the elections has left an impressive mark on the people who look up to the youthful opposition politician as only one capable of redeeming their hopes for change.
Accompanying Chamisa were top alliance officials like Happyson Chidziva, Douglas Mwonzora, Tendai Biti, MDC-T Manicaland provincial chairperson; David Chimhini and national women' assembly leader; Lynnette Karenyi.
The campaign began in Chipinge; Gaza Stadium and proceeded to Chimanimani West; Nedziwe business centre where Chamisa showered the alliance's parliamentary candidate for the constituency, Cannan Matiashe, with praise.
He also commissioned a full- equipped ambulance donated to the constituency by Matiashe.
"As Zanu PF continues to buy its own vehicles using State funds, few individuals like Matiashe have a heart for the people. The new government is going to bring new things as expected by the people of Zimbabwe," Chamisa said.
Matiashe told the crowd some Zanu PF youths were moving around singing threateningly; indicating that the horrors of political violence of the past would return if the ruling party is defeated.
On July 13, the MDC Alliance team went to Mutasa Central and Mutasa East where the message of electoral victory was repeated.
While addressing the gathering, Karenyi said even though Zanu PF was employing every trick in the book, people were no longer afraid, as evidenced by the huge turnout at each of the alliance's rallies.
In his own address, Mwonzora said Zanu PF was always trying to sabotage the MDC Alliance campaign by distributing agricultural inputs wherever they organised rallies.
At the Sakubva Stadium star rally in Mutare on July, 14 the turnout was massive, with the venue filled-up by excited supporters.
It was in Sakubva Stadium that Chamisa repeated his pledge to be a responsible leader and not to be a power-crazed ruler like deposed former president, Robert Mugabe.
He also repeated his wish to rename the country to Great Zimbabwe as well as rename the provinces so that they no longer carried any ethnic connotations.
He attacked the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for what he called was blatant bias and mismanagement of the country's electoral process.
"Zec is helping Zanu PF to rig the elections, but we will not allow that. We are going to defend our vote," Chamisa said.
Chamisa closed his Manicaland tour with a massive rally at Vengere Stadium in Rusape on July 24, where he pronounced his support for MDC Alliance Makoni Central parliamentary candidate, David Tekeshe.
"Following a meeting between Zec and political parties, Zec has maintained its course of refusing to be transparent," Chamisa said.
Chamisa closed his last leg of the Manicaland campaign with a prayer; asking for divine intervention to ensure free, fair, credible and non-violent news

Tinaani Nyabereka

– A reveler at Mbizo Inn Night Club was recently stabbed to death by a fellow patron who accused the man of snatching his girlfriend.
Midlands police spokesperson, Inspector Ethel Mukwende appealed to members of the public to desist from violence and seek police advice when there is a misunderstanding.
Though the suspect was still on the run by the time of writing, details gathered by TellZim News are that Alex Katambarare (22) of Mbizo Township, Kwekwe, was enjoying a drink with friend at the nightclub.
He then went outside where he met an unidentified woman with whom he began to talk, and this displeased the assailant who complained that Katambare was taking his girlfriend.
Eyewitness and Katambarare's friend, Takawira Chaitezvi said the assailant, whom he identified only as Kelvin, slapped Katambarare in the face, accusing him of snatching his girlfriend.
Katambare tried to flee but was pursued by Kelvin and his friends who then tripped him to the ground and continuously stabbed him with a knife all over his body.
The woman at the centre of the dispute reportedly fled when she noticed that there was serious trouble.local
Brighton Chiseva

– The case of two Mutonhori High School 'A' level pupils who attacked a teacher for seizing their cell phones has taken a new twist after the teacher reported the pupils to the police for assault, TellZim News has learnt.
Amon Munodzana clashed with the pupils (names withheld for professional reasons) earlier this month after they demanded that he returns the cell phones that he had seized from where they were on charge in the school library.
The pupils attacked him, pulling his private parts after he refused to release the phones. The teacher had refused to release the phones before the pupils had served their punishment.
The matter was reported to the district education office and the pupils were reprimanded and send back to school.
It has, however, been learnt that the Public Service Commission later intervened on behalf of Munodzana, recommending the suspension of the pupils and 'forcing' the teacher to report the matter to the police.
When contacted for comment, Munodzana confirmed the new development saying the case was due to be heard before the courts of law.
"I reported the matter and the pupils were picked up by the police. They were later released and are back at school. The matter will be heard in court but I don't know the date yet," said Munodzana.local

Cephas Shava

- Patients at Neshuro District Hospital have pleaded with Mwenezi East Member of Parliament (MP) Joosbi Omar to help them get better meals, saying the food they were getting was very bad.
Omar made a visit to the hospital recently and listed to sad stories of the same unappetising meals being served to patients every day.
"It's either sadza or rice with poorly prepared beans or cabbage every day. Now these are people who are not in good health, meaning their appetite is low. They need properly prepared meals for them to eat," said one bedridden elderly woman.
Others pleaded with Omar to source milk for them, saying that would make a better alternative to cabbage and beans.
"It would be better if we are served sadza and sour milk. Patients would find such a meal more appetising than what they are getting now," said another female patient.
Omar later told TellZim News he will donate two beasts to the hospital so that they could be slaughtered and the meat served to patients.
"I pledge to give two cattle to this important hospital. A good diet is important in the recovery of patients. Some of them are lying there and getting worse because they are cannot take the food that is served there," said Omar.
Last year, the legislator helped repair the hospital's two ambulances that had broken

Precila Takabvirakare

- Zanu PF's Gutu district youth chairperson, Tapiwa Sivaya, recently appeared before Gutu magistrate, Victor Mahamadi facing charges of tearing down MDC-Alliance campaign posters.
He was charged for contravening with Section 152(1) of the Electoral Act Chapter 2:13 "Unlawfully removing a campaign poster".
Sivaya was remanded to July 26 for trial.
State facts as presented by Samuel Magobeya are that on July 5 this year at around 17:00 hrs, Enerst Mandingo was travelling from Gonye business bentre to Gutu  in company of Lloyd Mufudze and Tafunga Mangombe.
Along the way, they saw Sivaya tearing the MDC Alliance campaign posters which were displayed on a tree by the road side.
Mandingo then approached Sivaya and asked why he was tearing down the posters but he denied saying he was only displaying Zanu PF campaign posters on the same tree but on a different branch.
Mandingo picked up the torn pieces and reported the matter to the police leading to Sivaya's arrest.local
Minister  of  Higher and Tertiary education Amon Murwira and  Minister of State for Midlands during the official launch of the science teacher programme at Mkoba Teachers College

Tinaani Nyabereka

– Mkoba Teachers College recently launched the science teacher programme under the government pre requisite programme of training science teachers for national development.
 In his welcome remarks at the official launch, Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Owen Ncube, said the programme will go a long way providing science teachers from marginalised areas like Gokwe and Mberengwa among others.
"I am glad to say the programme will help in the areas such as Gokwe and Mberengwa as they will benefit and get science teachers.
"So to the aspiring science teachers I say grab this opportunity because fortune knocks once at your door," said Ncube.
He emphasized the need to have scientists who are guided by strategy to transform the economy and propagate effect development.
"In order for us to fulfil the vision of achieving the middle income economy by 2030 in Zimbabwe, we need to have scientists who are guided by strategy to transform the economy.
"While the programme will be launched here, it will also be conducted at Masvingo Teachers College and Joshua Nquabuko Polytechnic. As Midlands we feel honoured to be chosen as the launch pad of this innovative programme," said

Cephas Shava

- A self-proclaimed Zion Christian Church (ZCC) St Enginas Moria prophet was recently convicted by Chief Neshuro's Court after for engaging in an adulterous affair with a married woman.
The woman had gone to the prophet to seek healing, TellZim News was told.
Stephen Mapendere from Mapendere village, who is widely known as Nyajena, was fined four cattle and US$300 in cash for bedding one Madzibaba Endbin's wife.
Although repeated efforts to get the side of the story from Chief Neshuro yielded nothing as his mobile phone was not reachable, reliable sources confirmed the matter.
"Without the knowledge of her husband, Madzibaba Endbin's wife visited Nyajena supposedly for prayer healing. At the court, she claimed that they engaged in a consensual sexual act after Nyajena insisted that there was something that needed to be administered into her private parts," said a source.
Other sources also told TellZim News that after receiving a tipoff, Madzibaba Endbin pounced on the two lovebirds and caught them red-handed at Nyajena's homestead.local
Pastor Cover Mugwadhi

…people with disabilities condemn upcoming poll
Tiyani Hahlani
People with disabilities in Masvingo have already dismissed the July 30 elections as not free and fair, saying the government's failure to print a Braille ballot paper made the poll discriminatory.
Speaking during a Tell Zimbabwe-organised public dialogue meeting held at Charles Austin Theatre for candidates with special needs on July 24, outspoken disability activist, Pastor Cover Mugwadhi said they will condemn the poll results regardless of who wins.
"We have already ruled the elections not free and fair. Even if our own candidates win, that lack of freeness and fairness will still remain. Look at how government, for example, obstinately refused to print Braille ballot papers for the visually-handicapped voters. That is grossly unfair because it perpetuates our dependence on others while in the ballot booth," said Mugwadhi, who is partially blind himself.
He condemned the High Court's recent decision to reserve judgement in a case by which blind barrister, Abraham Mateta had sought for an order compelling the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to print ballots in Braille.
"The courts reserved judgement as a delaying tactic knowing fully well that the elections were fast approaching. That means visually-impaired voters will depend on the honesty of those who accompany them into the ballot booth to implement their choices.
"We strongly doubt that ZEC even knows the number of people with disabilities per every polling station and the nature of disabilities they have. How can such an election be fair?"
"Right now there are claims that the ballot paper that will be used is chemically designed to migrate the ink to a certain candidate as a way of rigging. Such a scenario is not possible with a Braille ballot because the mark would be imprinted there in a way that is not at all easy, if not possible, to change," said Mugwadhi.
He said the disability lobby had prepared a letter that will be delivered to the Southern Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU) with regards to the conduct of the news
Sengerai Manyanga

Clayton Shereni
Two aspiring Masvingo Urban councillors from two rival political parties yesterday agreed that there was need for young people to play a bigger role in leadership of the country.
At a public dialogue meeting organised by Tell Zimbabwe at Charles Austin Theatre on Monday, July 23, Zanu PF's Ward 10's Sengerai Manyanga and MDC Alliance's Collen Maboke of Ward 2 seemed to converge on the popular view that it is now time for the youth to lead.
In his presentation, the youthful Manyanga exuded confidence, saying he had already won the election because his main opponent, Margaret Chakabuda, posed no significant competition as she was old enough to be his grandmother, therefore, should be given time to rest.
"Considering the work I have done for the people of Ward 10 with that of my contender Mbuya Chakabuda – whom I know is around the same age with my grandmother – I think I am the best candidate; she should do farming. I know Mbuya Chakabuda will vote for me in this election," said Manyanga.
He went on to highlight his achievements in the ward; such work as installing unlimited free Wi-Fi at Zimuto Camp which he said will be available for the next six months.
He also promised to work for improved access to public transport services in such places as Clipsham, Morningside all places beyond Shakashe River to the east of the city.
"There is less public transport there than anywhere else and people there walk long distances. We need an affordable secondary school between Eastvale and Morningside and we also need a business centre in Morningside," said Manyanga.
On his part Maboke said he was happy that there were people in Zanu PF who understood the logic of leadership renewal through the mainstreaming of the youth into decision making.
"I am also a youth, and I am energetic. I have the capability and I am contesting against Sekuru Kubiku who uses a walking stick. I understand he is of the same age group with my father. It is good that Manyanga and I agree that young people should lead," said Maboke.
Many people regard Matthew Kubiku of Zanu PF as Maboke's main competitor in Ward 2.
The generational consensus mantra is being championed mainly by the MDC Alliance as a way of selling their presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa (40) as a better leader than Zanu PF's Emmerson Mnangagwa (75).politics

Jacob Ngarivhume

TellZim Reporter

- MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa was in the district on Sunday July 16, where he is said to have endorsed the candidature of Boniface Mudzingwa for the Bikita East parliamentary seat at the expense of one of the alliance principals and Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader, Jacob Ngarivhume.
MDC Alliance Masvingo provincial chairperson, James Gumbi confirmed the developments, saying Chamisa declared 'the preferred' candidate during the visit.
"Yes it's true. The president was here yesterday (Sunday) to find out the preferences of the people on the ground and he declared Mudzingwa as candidate," said Gumbi.
Asked if everybody was OK with the decision given the dissent from the TZ quarters, Gumbi said Chamisa's decision was final and anybody who chose to go against it would pay the political price.
"They would be lucky to get even 50 votes if they choose to go against the decision. It's all about what the voters want. In Masvingo South, president Chamisa declared Justin Makota as the candidate," said Gumbi.
TZ officials, however, dismissed claims that Chamisa had declared Mudzingwa as candidate for Bikita East, claiming Ngarivhume was still in the race.
"Our leader, Mr. Jacob Ngarivhume is still the alliance's rightful parliamentary candidate for Bikita East and we are on the ground campaigning for him. Chamisa did not endorse Mudzingwa," said TZ youth provincial youth leader, Clayson Chimbidzikai.
He acknowledged, however, that all was not well for the alliance in the constituency, saying the matter ought to be resolved urgently.
"There are serious disagreements there because of people who do not want to accept an orderly way of doing things. There are also similar problems in Masvingo South but we maintain Mr. Justin Makota is the rightful MDC Alliance candidate there. Our president is currently in Bikita but we expect him to travel to Harare for an audience with other principals," said Chimbidzikai.
In Masvingo South, Lovemore Matongo of MDC-T Chamisa faction successfully filed to contest for the seat which had, from the very beginning, been allocated to TZ which in turn fielded Makota as the candidate.politics
Mudzikisi says his people will vote for Mnangagwa

Upenyu Chaota

The July 30 harmonised polls have broken records in many facets and for the first time there is an unprecedented number of independent candidates who were disgruntled by the way the Zanu PF and MDC-T primaries were conducted.
Both Zanu PF and MDC-T have threatened their former members who filed for nomination as independent candidates with expulsions and have refused to be associated with such members.
The independent candidates have however remained steadfast in their quest but still refuse to cut umbilical codes with their mother parties.
Masvingo North's independent candidate, Pascal Mudzikisi is mobilising people to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa as their presidential candidate.
Mudzikisi, a businessman and chattered accountant, was not given a chance to contest during the chaotic Zanu PF primary elections with claims suggesting that his CV was thrown out by his bitter rival and Zanu PF's Masvingo North candidate Davison Marapira.
Mudzikisi claims that Marapira engineered his premature exclusion from the Zanu PF primaries and he decided to file as an independent candidate.
Addressing his rally at Maraire Shopping Centre in Zimuto, Mudzikisi narrated how he has been cheated and elbowed out of the race and claimed that Zanu PF has once again been hijacked by novices.
"I am not an independent by choice but because you the people pushed me. Your support for me has been overwhelming and I did not want to disappoint you.
"There are people who are privatising Zanu PF and elbowing out genuine members because of their greed and we say no to that. We will fight for what is rightfully ours and we will win.
"Yes I am an independent but that does not matter because I still believe in my President Mnangagwa. He is our candidate and we are going to vote for him," said Mudzikisi amid wild cheers from hundreds of his supporters wearing Zanu PF regalia.
Mudzikisi said it is time that the people of Masvingo North voted for one of their own to see meaningful development not what has been done over the past years by Marapira.
"Marapira is not our own. He is from Zaka and we want to send him packing. He is so arrogant and is impossible to talk to. He is too smart and thinks of himself as more superior than the people who voted him into office.
"Masvingo North will never be a colony of Zaka. I joined this party long back when it was still Zanu so these novices who think they have the power to personalise the party will get burnt," said Mudzikisi.
He claimed that Marapira was sending spies to his rallies and intimidating people from coming but that would not deter him.
There was a black Ford Ranger parked at Mudzikisi rally which was said to have been send by Marapira to on a reconnaissance mission.
"He sends his people to intimidate us but gone are the days. This is the new dispensation and we will not be intimidated.
"We are going to run vibrant projects and our people are going to be empowered," said Mudzikisi.
Marapira, however, rubbished Mudzikisi claims saying he is a bitter man waiting for a rude awakening come July 30.
"I did not throw Mudzikisi's CV out. I don't have a reason to do that because to me he is a nonentity and far from offering a real challenge.
"He is seeing ghosts of me wherever he goes and that is called fear. The people of Masvingo North are not stupid and will not be sold a dummy. People want tangible development and not someone who just talks and cannot walk the talk. I will not insult him and the people will speak come July 30. My work on the ground will speak for me.
"I have no reason to spy on him and I don't even know the car he wants to give to me. My cars are orange so he has to point fingers elsewhere. I believe in peaceful campaigns and no one will be forced to do what they do not like," said Marapira.
A total of eight candidates are running for the Masvingo North seat but the real contest seems to be between Zanu PF's Marapira, MDC Alliance's Progress Masocha and Mudzikisi.politics