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Pupurai Togarepi

…preaches tolerance, peace ahead of July 30

TellZim Reporter

The people of Gutu South yearn for capable representation and leadership that can initiate and sustain development, something they are bound to have come July 30, Zanu PF Gutu South parliamentary candidate, Pupurai Togarepi has said.

The Zanu PF youth leader, who is contesting against five other candidates; Eriam Musendekwa (MDC Alliance), Thomas Mudzaniri (NCA), Fanuel Mutero (MDC-T), Brighton Shayanowako (UPZ) and Edward Tome (BAZ) said he wanted to be a leader who will leave a good legacy behind.

"I am not in the race just to win; my winning should be a means to an end, the end being the development and satisfaction of the people of Gutu South. I have identified several areas with unacceptable infrastructural gaps that I want to work tirelessly to fill. There are roads that need attention, there are people with no immediate access to clean water to drink. Those are some of the many areas I want to attend to as a matter of urgency," said Togarepi.

Asked what he would do differently that his past compatriots in Zanu PF have failed to do when they were MPs for the area, Togarepi said he could only ask people to give him a chance and judge him later.

"The people will judge for themselves but my pledge is to work for them with humility. Previous MPs did what they could and failed to do what they could not, I am here to play my own part for the sake of development. I was born in Gutu South, bred in Gutu South and I am rooted in Gutu South. That is my home and I know the problems there and understand what needs to be done," he said.

When asked what his response was to concerns that he would turn his back on unfinished projects started by his predecessor Paul Chimedza to settle old factional grudges, Togarepi promised to be a champion for all positive causes.

"I am guided by the Zanu PF leadership and party manifesto on development. I won't turn my back on anything that is good for the community. Projects that need to be completed will surely be completed in due course.

"I have already liaised with Zesa to make sure that electricity is connected to schools in Ward 28 that remain unconnected to the national grid. It is now a Zesa issue but all the infrastructure is now in place," said Togarepi.

He lamented the defacing of his election posters by what he suspects to be members of opposition parties.

"We are saying let's practice tolerance and let's have peace. The country's leadership is consistently preaching about peace and tolerance as well as free, fair and credible elections. I have lost a lot of resources to people who are tearing off our posters. Besides that, there is little, if any other negative stories to tell in the campaign. I am confident of victory and the environment is conducive," Togarepi said.politics



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