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Darlington Kanyongo

- A Mberengwa man was arraigned before magistrate Shepherd Mjanji facing unlawful entry charges after he broke into Tembani Ndlovu's house and got trapped between burglar bars as he tried to flee.
Believe Mangena (27) pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.
It was the State's case that on July 30 at around 02:00 am, the accused broke into Ndlovu's house in Madhora village under Chief Mataruse.
Mangena successfully squeezed himself through the burglar bars and gained access into the house. As he was squeezing himself through the burglar bars, his trousers got hooked and he decided to remove it.
When he gained access into the house, and before he could put his trousers back on, Mangena pushed the sitting room door which made a quirking sound and alerted Ndlovu who was sleeping in the next room.
Ndlovu woke up to check on the noise and found Mangena without his trousers and he tried to escape through the same window only to be trapped.
Ndlovu screamed and the neighbours rushed to the scene only to find Mangena, who was also screaming for help, stuck on the window.
The police were called to the scene leading to Mangena's arrest.local

Cephas Shava

- A 65 year old Beitbridge man who trapped a hyena and was found in possession of the animal's three legs was recently arrested and arraigned before the Mwenezi Magistrates Court.
Kaison Meke pleaded guilty to the offence and was charged for contravening Section 5 of the Trapping of Animals Control Act Chapter 20:21.
Magistrate Honest Musiiwa sentenced him to 10 months imprisonment of which four months were conditionally suspended.
The remaining six months were set aside on condition he performs 210 hours of community service at Makombe Primary School.
Presented by prosecutor Willard Chasi, the State's case was that sometime in February this year, Meke went to Zimbabwe Bio Energy (ZBE) game section where he set a wire snare.
He caught and killed one male hyena.
Upon discovering some of the hyena's remains, ZBE game scouts traced the footprints which led to Meke's homestead.
Upon arriving and searching at Meke's homestead, the game scouts found Meke in possession of three hyena legs. The value of the killed hyena was put at US$1000. 
A police report was made leading to Meke's arrest.local
Daniel Shumba

Clayton Shereni

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) polling agents are up in arms against party president, Daniel Shumba whom they accuse of failing to pay the allowances owed to them for representing him at various polling stations during the July 30 harmonised elections, TellZim News has learnt.
Some of the affected agents who spoke to TellZim News said Shumba just went stone silent after the announcement of election results, and he avoided them each time they tried to engage him over the matter.
One of the agents who declined to be named for fear of victimisation said Shumba failed to honour his promise to pay them their allowances and has since removed them from the party's WhatsApp group.
"We have tried to confront him over our money but he is ignoring our complaints. He has removed us from the WhatsApp group called UDA Orientation which was created for us agents. He doesn't pick our calls when we try to reach out to him," said the agent.
When contacted for comment, Shumba dismissed the matter saying the people could be bogus, daring them to produce V11 forms to prove that they were genuinely his agents.
"How do you know that they are not fraudsters? Did they show you the V11 forms to prove that they were my agents?  All agents were given those forms. You should not have called me, you should have called the council or parliamentary candidate of their area, not me," said Shumba.
Efforts to get a comment from Fadzai Chaderopa, who was in charge of compiling the list of agents before the elections, were fruitless as her mobile went unanswered. 
Prince Nota who ran for the Masvingo Urban Ward 7 council seat on a UDA ticket, could neither confirm nor deny the allegations saying the money was supposed to be sent to the agents directly.
"The money was supposed to be sent to the agents directly not through me so you can call the president and hear from him," said Nota.
Shumba's party is one of the losing parties that have reportedly failed to pay the polling agents it employed.
Joyce Mujuru's People's Rainbow Coalition (PRC) was recently involved in a dispute with its 87 polling agents in Shamva South constituency after failing to pay them for services rendered.
Linda Masarira of MDC-T (Khupe faction) recently admitted on Twitter that she was in debt after losing the race for the Harare Central parliamentary seat.

Image result for Masvingo water problems pic

Moses Ziyambi

The Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (Murra) has made an urgent High Court application for an order compelling Masvingo City Council to quickly restore water to all areas that have not had the service or have had erratic supplies since Thursday last week.

City of Masvingo had not filed its response by the time of writing but the matter is expected to be heard in the Masvingo High Court on Tuesday.

The application lists Murra and Anoziva Muguti as first and second applicants respectively while Masvingo City Council is listed as the sole respondent. The residents' rights organisation is being represented by Phillip Shumba of Mutendi, Midisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners.

"The Constitutional rights of the Applicants and all those on whose behalf they bring the Application are under imminent threat as a direct result of the actions and inactions of the Respondent. Specifically in that the Respondent threatened and continues to threaten not to supply water to the residents for it is now seven days without a supply of running water to the residents of Masvingo.

"The Respondent has failed to take action for the past seven days to restore water supply to the residents of Masvingo.

"The Applicants aver that the continuation of the above actions and inactions will likely cause irreparable harm to the Applicants and all those they represent and therefore seek an interim Mandatory interdict compelling the Respondent to supply water to the residents," reads part of the application.

On Sunday, August 26, City of Masvingo released a statement, signed by outgoing town clerk Adolf Gusha, attributing faults on its pumping equipment at Bushmead waterworks as the cause for the crisis.

"The City is seized with carrying out repairs to the equipment that has been taken to Harare. While every effort is being made to expedite the repairs, we are unable to give a date when supplies will resume at full capacity," part of the stament reads.

The crisis has sparked fears of a cholera and/or typhoid outbreak similar to that which recently hit news


Mapombi will not hesitate to say the truth; the so called war vets are destroying our economy. I now understand why Mugabe and ED have continued to ignore the plight of war vets – they are just empty vessels.
Chiefs are better cared for than war vets; Madzimambo takamapa mota dzakanaka because they are more important and critical than the veterans of liberation struggle. Many war vets are living miserable lives; they are struggling to have decent meals and the reason is very simple – they have no value in the eyes of Zanu PF.
Chiefs command a lot of respect within the Zanu PF rank and file, and as a result, they were given brand new Isuzu twin cabs while vana Chinooneka vedu vachingotikida netsoka. Muchatsikwa nemadzimambo fambirai kure nemugwagwa uko.
Mapombi used to respect war vets so much but the respect has since vanished. Two war vets to blame are Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda who is now nicknamed Mr Ibu by the people of Zimbabwe. Kkkkkkk the name Mr Ibu was driven from a popular Nigerian actor, which many people believe is a gifted comedian.
Firstly, Mutsvangwa lost primary elections before accusing the Zanu PF national political commissar, Dr Englebert Rugeje of being a political novice. Yes, he had the guts of attacking the commissar until he was given the mandate to represent Norton but, again, he lost dismally to an independent candidate, Temba Mliswa.
The reason why Mutsvangwa lost is very simple – he thinks he knows everything because of his Student Campanion-powered English diction. I am sure Mutsvangwa will be irrelevant soon together with Mr Ibu if they do not change the narrative of war vets to inclusive economic development and political tolerance.
Personally, I don't understand Matemadanda – today he is attacking Chamisa, tomorrow is praising him – what kind of a person are you Cde Ibu? Confused war vet who desperately needs to get the attention of ED so that he can get a ministerial post?
One day he was saying Chamisa must be kicked out if MDC is to become a better party saying vana mukoma Doug Mwonzora are far much better leaders, and the next day atopinda muReverse gear hanzi Chamisa should work together with ED because the young politician commands a huge following. Manje toziva zvipi nhai Mr Ibu?
When thinks are not favouring you ndopamunoti Chamisa haana dhiri but kana moda kuti zvikunakirei you say Chamisa ndiye ane yese kkkkkkkk now I understand why Mugabe didn't want to see these comrades.
Mapombi now understand why Mugabe akadira maWar Vets mvura ine unye gore riye when they tried to engage him kkkkkkk hokoyo nemapurisa. With this kind of leadership which sings for its supper no one can bother to respect our liberation war fighters.
And to show the confusion; they are even fighting one of their own – the one they spent over 37 years praising kuti he was the best leader ever, Robert Mugabe. But now they are fighting petty issues like the change of name of Robert Mugabe International Airport to, of course they will say, ED Ngwena Pfee International Airport. Kkkkkk these comrades. Mukati kuchikoro vakatombodarikawo nako? Only God knows!
We want people who can exercise tolerance. They used to attack Mugabe with all sorts of derogatory words, including kumutukira mukadzi wake Dr Gire, but simply because he refused to vote for ED they now want the national airport name changed again. Zvimwe itai muchiti munotamba varume imi kana musina zvekuita handei Gokwe tindochera mbeva.
Attend to bread and butter issues not trivial issues. Is our economy going to tick because they have changed the airport name? kkkkk baba vangu iwe zvakuri kungoverenga mbeva nemarisezve imi – we cannot have a leadership which can stoop that low.
Anyway, we know there are well-respected war vets who are level-headed, not these comedians. But they are the leaders and whatever they do has a bearing on the once respected organisation.
It's almost lunch time let me go zvangu ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch ndizvidyire ndigonwa yemuna Mucheke umu. Yes, I will drink straight from Mucheke River because our city fathers have gone for a week failing to repair some few burst pipes. Kkkkkk ugoona vanhu vacho kusvika nekungwarira kuti ED Pfee, ED Pfee. Itai ED Pfee yenyu iyeyo but we want clean water in the city.
Mapombi is surely going to visit you at the Civic Centre one day mava kujairira guta imi. Ndozokudirai mvura yema Mucheke iyo tema team inodai kunhuwa iyi, kana kuti ndoidira muma office enyu. Or should we start believing that Gusha ndiye waingozvigona and now that he is going tichashaya mvura yakachena forever. Or are these early signs of ED's leadership?  Ndokutonga kwaro here uku nhaimi vanhu?
Probably this is pure sabotage, Mapombi is allowed to think that way. Anyway, some of us we are used to drinking direct from Mucheke River where they dispose sewer imomo but I am only concerned about my brothers and sisters who can still afford decent lives that they may soon suffer from typhoid.
That is why Mapombi always misses people like Mphoko because when situations are like this, when residents go for a week without water, they chip in and donate bottled water kkkkkkkkk. Koi ye ndakahwa kuti haana kudamwawo ku inoguresheni. It's bad. How could ED forget to invite his once fellow VP to his inauguration? Zakaoma hazvo. Mboko imboko!mapombi

Benjaman Taguma Mazarire club struggles to pay players

Clayton Shereni

Masvingo Pirates FC are seeking to reconcile with their former main benefactor, Zanu PF politician and businessman Benjaman Taguma Mazarire, with the club currently struggling to pay players their salaries.
Sources claim that the players had expected to get money from Mazarire who had committed himself to paying their winning bonuses and salaries for the whole of the 2018 season.
Some players who spoke to TellZim News on condition of anonymity said they were failing to make ends meet and would not be able pay their children's school fees this coming term unless there are drastic changes.
"We were told at the beginning of the season that Mazarire was going to pay our salaries but now he has deserted the club. We are struggling to pay rentals and school fees since we are fulltime footballers," said a player.
Contacted for comment, Masvingo Pirates team manager, Isaac Chapura said he could not comment on the issue and referred all questions to club Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Phillip Shumba.
"The way we operate at our club is different from other clubs, I think Mr Shumba can answer that one because I am not fully aware of the contractual obligations of the players," said Chapura.
When contacted for comment, Shumba said the players had not been paid their salaries since Mazarire pulled out some few weeks ago.
"As we all know that the economic environment is not very conducive, we have been having problems paying salaries. The executive has, however, tried to give them their weekly bonuses and we are working tirelessly to make sure our players get their salaries in full," said Shumba.
Contacted for comment, Pirates spokesperson Godfrey Mtimba confirmed the matter saying the club was failing to meet some contractual obligations since the departure of key stakeholders especially Mazarire.
"I can confirm that we are having some challenges with regards to meeting our contractual obligations with players; issues like salaries and allowances for their upkeep. We have experienced some challenges since the departure of some of our executive members and the patron who were playing a critical role in ensuring that the club was financed," said Mtimba
He also expressed optimism concerning the club's re engagement with their ex-patron who also hinted last week that he might come back to bankroll a football team which he however refused to disclose.
"We are optimistic that the patron will make a comeback soon, as he has a strong passion for the beautiful game of football and we applaud him for that," said Mtimba.
Mazarire pulled out of Masvingo Pirates after a controversial political incident when some fans used an MDC Alliance-branded vehicle to travel to Mpandawana for one of the team's matches.
The car belonged to the team's lawyer, Collen Maboke who was the opposition alliance's council candidate for Masvingo Urban Ward 2.
Mazarire was then contesting for the Masvingo Urban parliamentary seat on a Zanu PF ticket; a race he has since lost to the MDC Alliance's candidate, Jacob
Phillip Sibanda

Tiyani Hahlani

– Phillip Sibanda, a Zimbabwean radio presenter at Wythenshawe FM in the United Kingdom (UK), last Saturday arranged a pool tournament aimed at raising funds to help a physically-challenged child in Harare.
Proceeds from the tournament will be channelled towards the purchase of a wheelchair for six-year-old disabled child; Kunashe Gava.
The tournament saw Railton Masvingo hosting Bulawayo-based side, Zimra who won the games and walked away with US$250 and a floating trophy.
The tournament raised US$80 which will be used to buy the much-needed wheel chair in Harare.
In an interview with TellZim News, Sibanda aka Air Marshall Commander, expressed great joy in making a difference in the lives of the less privileged.
"I am happy with the support which we have received from all our donors who participated. They managed to squeeze from the little they have to put smiles on the face of the children who live in this community," said Sibanda.
The tournament also included the speed category in which the contestants competed to finish and pocket all the balls first.
Sibanda urged the diaspora and other people around the country to help children living on the streets as well as people with disabilities.
"I am appealing to anyone who lives in the diaspora, whether you come from Masvingo or Tsholotsho, to look back where you come from and help your community. If you get one child whose school fees you can pay, the better for humanity. These children need it and they definitely need your help," he

Sophia Mavusa
Zimbabwe has not been spared the harm of climate change which has been aggravated by its geographical position in the semi arid belt of Southern Africa and its reliance on rain-fed agriculture and other climate sensitive live hoods options. The live hoods of the people of Zimbabwe depend on vulnerable natural resources and their depletion as a result of climate change will lead to further poverty and set back the country's efforts to achieve sustainable development. The impacts of climate change are likely to stall the country's development, pose a serious risk to food security and adaptive capacity. Access to energy has been shown to be a necessary requirement for socio-economic development however, financing any new fossil fuel project anywhere is unacceptable due to the dangers fossil fuel pose to society and our planet. Zimbabwe has shown great commitment to addressing climate change by ratifying the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. Despite its support for climate change matters the country continues to greatly rely on coal powered thermal stations that emit large amounts of green house gases. Zimbabwe is one of the many countries grappling energy poverty but the country has an opportunity to develop its energy sector using clean renewable energy since it is well endowed with renewable energy resources especially in solar radiation. The country also has vast renewable sources and the hydro potential is mostly on the Zambezi river and on some inland rivers and dams. As a signatory to the Paris Agreement, Zimbabwe has set its Nationally Determined Contribution emission reduction at 33% by the year 2030. The country's Nationally Determined Contribution focuses on most sensitive sectors of the economy that is agriculture and energy the main source of emissions. Its mitigation component mostly focuses on the energy sector because of the extensive energy contribution to the reduction of green house gases in comparison to others sectors. Additionally, it also seeks to build resilience to climate change while ensuring sustainable development in recognition of its climate change vulnerability and national circumstances as well as contributing to the ambitions global goal of limiting temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees. The country's Nationally Determined Contribution stressed renewable energy development as a goal in tackling emissions and developing the national energy grid. Despite its efforts to support climate change issues the  country continues to fund fossil fuels projects for example in June 2018 secured $1.4 billion funding for the expansion of a 600MW Hwange thermal power station drawing on financing from China and other partnership although this is in contradiction with its National Climate Policy whose objective is to create pathways towards a climate resilient and low carbon economy in which the people have sufficient adaptive capacity and continue to develop in harmony with the environment. In order to achieve its emission pledge the government, banks and other financial institutions should stop funding fossil fuels projects because this will exacerbate the impacts of climate change. The country's National Climate Change Response Strategy, National Climate Policy and the Nationally Determined Contribution give the country a clear target to work towards in terms of both adaptation to and mitigation of climate change. Additionally, the Zimbabwe's National Economic Blue Print (ZimAsset) also aims to achieve sustainable development and social equity. Furthermore, the policy acknowledges that the country faces multiple environmental challenges including susceptibility to floods and droughts due to climate change. To divest from fossil fuels Zimbabwe also needs to strengthen its legal frameworks thus the country needs to develop specific climate change legislation. Anchoring the Nationally Determined Contribution in climate change legislation could create a legally binding obligation on government which would improve its accountability visa-vis its citizens and other civil society stakeholders and potentially facilitate compliance and enforcement of its Nationally Determined Contribution. Lessons here can be drawn from countries like Kenya which enacted a Climate Change Act in 2016. Learning from how Kenya's climate change activities including their Nationally Determined Contribution which are now enshrined in a specific climate change legislation Zimbabwe can also do the same. The country needs to be mindful of her development at a time when some financial institutions such as the World Bank have indicated intentions to stop funding fossil fuels by 2019 in a bid to bolster a global shift to clean energy and to help countries meet their emissions reduction pledges made at the 2015 Paris Climate talks, Zimbabwe also needs to divest from funding fossil fuels and use funds from various investors on renewable energy sources in order to put the Paris climate goals which the country pledged in its Nationally Determined Contribution within reach. Funding fossil fuels need to be stopped around the world if the Paris Climate Agreement is to be achieved. With only two years left before the full flagged implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions it is imperative that the country stop funding thermal power stations which have become a major financial drain, emitting a lot of green house gases and invest more in renewable energy
The author is an Environment and Climate Change Specialist.

Godhati Dunira
Upenyu Chaota
MASVINGO—It's almost a week now with dry taps in the city, raising serious health concerns as the majority of residents are relying heavily on borehole water which does not conform to the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards according to the Service Level Benchmarking (SLB) peer review report released in June.
The Town Clerk has since issued a statement on the crisis saying they are working flat out to rectify the problem but no timeline has been given on when normal supply will be restored.
"The City of Masvingo wishes to advise that due to multiple faults on the pumping equipment, the pumping capacity is constrained to half the normal supplies since Thursday night. As a result, water supplies to the city have been low resulting in water shortages in most parts of the city.
"The city is seized with carrying out repairs to the equipment that has been taken to Harare for repairs. While every effort is being made to expedite the repairs, we are unable to give a date when supplies will resume at full capacity," said Gusha in a statement.
City council commission chairperson Godhati Dunira said the pumps are too old and ultimately would need to be replaced so that the problem can be dealt with once and for all.
"There are three pumps at the main water works and at any given time two pumps will be running while the other one will be on standby. Right now two pumps are down and we are pumping with one at 50 percent capacity.
"This means most areas will not receive the water and we urge people to conserve the little water they have while we work on the problem. The pumps are too old and we want to make sure that the council purchases new pumps so that we remedy the problem at once," said Dunira. 
The city council has put in place some relief including sending out water bowsers to the worst affected areas and closing off supplies to low lying areas to allow the available water to reach more areas.
Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (MURRA) spokesperson Godfrey Mtimba said the council has to put their house in order before people start to get sick.
"We have always said the pumps were overwhelmed and new ones should be purchased but our plea fell on deaf ears. Now we are suffering because of their arrogance.
"Four days without running tape water is a serious threat to our health and we are going to take the council head on if they do not rectify the problem. The water from the few available boreholes was deemed unfit for drinking so where do they expect us, in the middle of this poverty, to get safe water for drinking," said Mtimba.local

The fulcrum of this week's Mapombi Adonha edition… kkkkkk I mean the pith of it! Umm Mapombi didn't know that even judges vanogona kutovharwawo nechirungu ini.  Justice Malaba had a difficult time understanding Advocate Thabani Mpofu's fulcrum and pith diction.
Now I understand even if the MDC Alliance loses this case; probably it would be because the judges failed to understand the terminology used by its lawyers. Even Mapombi had a difficult time here at Chitima Market trying to simplify and interpret for my inferior educated friends.
I had to spend the whole day without eating rotten bananas and maputi as I did the interpreting work, ko ndogodiiko madzisahwira angu asina kudzidza. They don't even understand the fulcrum of the whole story. I mean the pith of it hahahahahahaha ndokukuvadzai nevheti mukaita zvekutamba.
Apologies to my avid readers, I'm usually not like this when I write but today ndakatobatwa nemweya waAdvocate Mpofu chaiwo. I don't mean to confuse you as Mpofu did to Chief Justice but kungotiwo that is the jargon I sometimes use. My apologies, please.
Mapombi is not a lawyer by the way, but of course I'm learned, and I can tell you that this case iri pachena iyi. I don't want to preempt but it's the simplest of all. I know the Nerorists want a favourable result, and so do the Pfeerorists. But there is no way the judges can make you all happy comrades; let us all be prepared to accept the judgment.
But did you see ziso ranga richibudiswa naMangwana of Zanu? I was tempted to think that Cde vakarohwa newhisky ini. Apa mazino akasungwa newaya kkkkkkkk zvandombooneswa ini Mapombi ka zvakaoma. Chete chakaona hama hachisekwe hacho.
Mapombi is a gentleman handivanze hangu; I know many of Nelson Chamisa supporters (Nerorists) will accuse me kuti ndatengwa but I'm simply stating facts. Advocate Mpofu was on point but ndangoonawo sekuti evidence ishoma zvangu. Hey, I'm not saying MDC Alliance will lose the case but ndiri kungoti ndaona sekuti evidence ishoma compared to facts.
But Zanu yacho yakatotsvawo futi, at least the judge was helping by asking leading questions. Zanu needs to win this at all costs. By the way did I tell you that Sekuru Hungwe said I'm not going anywhere? Kkkkkk he said Mapombi Adonha anopenga he wants me to retire kuti ndadii tell her I'm not going anywhere. Handiende zvekumhanya!
But the guy is now too old but he insists I'm still fit. Hanzi I was joking zvangu and Mapombi took it serious that I will retire soon after elections.  But I once said this; if Hungwe retires I will go back kwedu kumusha kwaChirimudombo uko and I will stay there for good. Now that he said he is not going anywhere, then I will also remain here eating rotten bananas and maputi angu asina nzungu.
From the look of things tichatomboramba zvedu tichidya maputi and rotten bananas isu vana Mapombi because things might be tight for the next five years. Maiwe zvangu with these Nerorists zvondoita sendicharohwa; I'm just saying from the way things are proceeding at our ConCourt chete.
But I'm beginning to think lawyers enjoy confusing people with these terms; Nero said if the judgment is not in our favour we will unleash the forces of peace and make this country ungovernable. Mapombi is still wondering what kind of these peaceful forces the opposition will unleash – I would want to believe these will be peaceful protests and demonstrations. Because we say no to violence. Mhirizhonga hatidi.
But if they are going to unleash forces of peace then no problem. That will be only after the judgement.
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndinokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch izvi zvana fulcrum and pith handingazvikwanisa. If Malaba just said okay for the sake of moving forward what more iniwo zvangu Mapombi wakadzidza kuMasvingo Mashava uko ndingazvinzwisisa.
Before I go, is it difficult to have an inclusive government? Is it painful to have a government of national unity? Kana zvisingarwadze ko kuzviita zvingadii? People are suffering ladies and gentlemen and this winner take all mentality must stop.
We want leaders who at least have people near their hearts; because I know there is no way a politician can have people at heart, never kuti zvadii.
Mapombi can't wait to hear from uncle Bob; im sure mukoma Jealousy Mawarire will organise a presser soon. Of late I liked uncle Bob zvangu because vava kuzvitaura zvandaingotaurawo when he was still ruining this country.
Now that he is talking the same language with the majority of Zimbabweans, we pardoned him and he is now one of us. Ko inga Bhaibheri rinoti regereranai pakutadza kwenyu.
But nhai mukoma Jealousy isn't it possible to also have Mphoko at Mugabe press conferences? I miss that tall old man – he was an inspiration to many women. Donating chicks and incubators to women across the country is one thing Mphoko will be surely remembered for. Mboko imboko!mapombi
Magama Express band

Bothwell Chabarika

New Gutu-based sungura band, Magama Express, on Saturday gave a polished act which saw them winning first position in the Chibuku Road to Fame provincials held at Farai Beerhall in Masvingo.
The festivals are hosted annually by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) in partnership with Delta Beverages as the sponsor.
Magama Express is made up of five members who did not disappoint during their appearance in front of the big audience, earning themselves a US$500 cash prize.
An Afro Jazz group from Mashava, Destiny, took second position after putting up a remarkable performance of its own and walked away with US$300.
Another sungura outfit, Orchestra Kururama took third position and walked away with US$200.
NACZ provincial arts manager, Helen Mudefi told TellZim News that she was confident that the winning group will make it in the national competitions that will be held in Harare come September.
She said she was happy with the many bands and members of the public who showed interest in the musical competitions.
"I am glad we managed to secure a good number of participants for this competition and I am also confident that the winners are going to make it at the nationals. The groups that participated came from Mashava, Bikita, Gutu and Masvingo districts.
"I am pleased by the level of talent that was shown here and I am confident that local groups have a bright future in the industry. In the past, we have had such groups as Zano Rangu Sounds, Chuka Trinity, Woodpeckers and Tears of Africa making us proud and we hope the trend will continue" said Mudefi.
Last year's winners, Black Omolo attended the event as guests, and they gave a scintillating performance in between the intervals.
Zanu PF youths last week marched through Mpandawana to celebrate the party and its presidential election candidate's disputed victory in the July 30 elections

Precila Takabvirakare

- Hundreds of Zanu PF youths together with their provincial leaders this week held a solidarity march around the growth point celebrating President Emmerson Mngangagwa's disputed presidential election victory.
It was the first celebration to be done in Mpandawana, with the youths saying many other celebratory marches will be done across the province soon after the inauguration of the President-elect.
They said they were not bothered by MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa's Constitutional Court application challenging Mnangagwa's victory, adding that they were confident they will win the case.
Zanu PF Masvingo provincial youth chairperson, Brian Munyoro said they decided to have the marches in celebration of the party and its presidential election candidate's victory.
"We have decided to have similar celebrations in all the districts around Masvingo province so that we can send a signal to the whole country that Zanu PF has won and the issue of going to the courts is null and void. We want to prove that we are the actual people who voted and we made our choices clear.
"We want to show those who are challenging our president's victory that here are the people who voted for him and we are going to do that as we march peacefully in our numbers," Munyoro said.
He said the youth were looking forward to the country moving forward smoothly and peacefully under the leadership of Mnangagwa.local

Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda hands over a certificate to one of the awards recipients

Shingirai Vambe

- Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Francis Mudenda recently handed over certificates, laptops and cash to 98 employees who have worked for parliament for the past 10 to 25 years.
Mudenda told those who attended the event, which was held on August 09, that the dedication of the long serving employees was immeasurable.
"As I stressed during last year's event, no service barometer can decipher the depth and degree of the selfless services these officers have rendered to parliament. The question that may be asked is how these officers managed to serve this long? The answer lies in some distinctive character traits, such traits that include loyalty to one's institution, self-motivation, discipline, tenacity and dedication to duty," Mudenda said,
Main sponsors of the awards were the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) and fibre optic services provider, Liquid Telecom.
Those who served for 25 years received certificates and laptops donated by Liquid Telecom, with six more laptops being donated to parliament.
Potraz director general, Dr Gift Machengeta told the award recipients that his organisation was happy to be involved in the rewarding of remarkable service.
"As a regulatory authority, we are happy to partner with Parliament of Zimbabwe in honouring its long serving employees," said Dr Machengeta.
Liquid Telecom managing director, Wellington Makamure said his company was proud to partner parliament in honouring its long serving members of staff.
"As Liquid Telecom, we rise in terms of our mandate given by Potraz by also lifting you. The donation is a challenge to you, that you can do more in your research. We need to continue working together through team work," said Makamure.
Clerk of Parliament, Kennedy Chokuda was among the long servers and he also received his award.
David Zimunhu, who works for the human resources department, received the worker of the year 2017 award.
The occasion was graced by many dignitaries including President of the Senate, Edna Madzongwe.

Precila Takabvirakare

Barbra Njondaya (42), a former teacher at Muchekayaora Primary School under Chief Munyikwa, was recently asked to pay a fine of $300 or face six months imprisonment for indecently assaulting her then workmate's 12-year-old son.
Njondaya appeared before magistrate Victor Mahamadi being charged for contravening Section 67 (1) (b) (1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) Chapter 9:23.
It was the State's case that on June 18, 2017 Njondaya called the boy from where he was and when he came, she grabbed his hand, dragged him into the house and locked the door while holding a knife.
She further dragged the boy into her bedroom and forcibly put him on the bed and started to cares his upper body and kissed him several times on his mouth.
Njondaya threatened to kill the boy with a knife if he told anyone about the incident before opening the door to let him go.
The child then reported the matter to her mother who accompanied him to the police to make a report, leading to Njondaya's arrest.
She has since lost her job as a teacher.local

Hazvinei Musaandaka with Shepherd Dhliwayo and Pentrodhe Gwenzi in the studio.

Stephen Ephraem

Two enterprising Checheche High School pupils have released a four-track ZimDancehall album named 'Simbi yebasa' which contains songs like Ngavatendwe, Ahuwe and Vanobatsira.
The teenage sensation of Pentrodhe Gwenzi (13) and Shepherd Dhliwayo (14) is under the management of Hazvinei Musaandaka, who is an English teacher at their school and also a talented mbira player.
The album was produced by Marlon T and was funded by legislator the recently re-elected Chipinge South Member of Parliament (MP) Enock Porusingazi.
According to Musaandaka, the reason for taking the two teenagers into the studio was to help them get exposed to the recording studios.
"The two boys have been signed by sungura ace Alick Macheso at his Alema Studios. They shall be recorded any time from now so we saw it fit to expose them to recording studios before their major project is undertaken by Macheso," said Musaandaka.
The teacher revealed that Macheso shall feature in the album.
"Macheso shall feature in one song called Genesis. It is an honour for these teenagers to collaborate with a refined musician in the mold of Macheso. I hope the duo shall reap the benefits of their workmanship and ambition.
"When raw talent is discovered, I urge all people involved to promote it and shape youngsters so that they can cultivate their potential and reap the rewards. So far we are synchronising education and arts for the two pupils. I would like to thank the school administration for the support they are giving the artist duo," said Musaandaka.

The roof of Hanyani's hut smoulders on after a suspected arson attack recently

Courage Dutiro

- A house belonging to Daniel Hanyana, a Chimanimani MDC Alliance supporter, was recently reduced to ashes after an unknown person allegedly set it on fire for political reasons, TellZim News has learnt.
When contacted for comment, Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said he was out of office and had not seen the report when he left.
The suspected arson attack happened in Chimanimani West Ward 5, Nemutenzi Village under Chief Mutambara.
The incident, which happened on Sunday, August 12, has left many local people in shock and afraid as they suspect foul play with political motives.
Norman Hanyana, who is brother to Daniel, said the suspected arson attack happened at around 15:00 hrs when no one was at home.
"The case was reported to Nyanyadzi police station. It was fortunate that nobody was at home when the house was burnt. It is reasonable to suspect that whoever was behind the attack wanted people dead," said a source.
Another source said footprints of the suspected arsonist were traced behind the hut moving towards a nearby hill.
Other sources said prior to the alleged arson attack, a group of Zanu PF youths had been moving around threatening to burn down the houses of all people linked to the opposition MDC Alliance.
Recently-elected Zanu PF Chimanimani West Ward 5, Ruben Mujee confirmed the incident but could not provide a detailed comment.
"Yes it is true that there is a house that was burnt. I was told about that issue today by the village head," said Mujee.
He added that another house was burnt on July 30, the day when people went to vote in the harmonised elections.
Ropafadzo Makumire

Beatific Gumbwanda

- Recently-elected Ward 3 Cllr, Ropafadzo Makumire has thrown his hat in the ring as the jostling for the vacant post of town chair intensifies.
Chiredzi town has eight wards that are evenly divided between the ruling Zanu PF and the opposition, with MDC Alliance holding three of them.
Makumire told TellZim News he got what it takes to provide good leadership in council and to put the town on course to attain municipal status by year 2023.
The 25-year-old Makumire has an Honours Degree in Rural and Urban Planning from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and he says he is working on his thesis for his Master's in Urban Design.
"I have vast knowledge of local governance and if given the opportunity to be the leader of all elected officials in council, the town's fortunes will definitely change for good. I am an independent councillor, meaning I am not beholden to any political party and my decision will therefore not be informed by partisan motives.
"Efficient service delivery has for long been compromised by too much partisan interference in the work of councillors and council management. It is my wish that we act differently this time around so that whatever decisions we take are taken for their merit," said Makumire.
He said he would work to increase residential, commercial and industrial development as well as to improve service delivery and fight corruption so as to meet the minimum requirements for municipal status.
Meanwhile other Zanu PF councillors like Obert Ngwenya (Ward 2) and Liberty Macharaga (Ward 4), who had been regarded as front runners for the post, seem to have withdrawn from the race most probably due to pressure from their political party which is believed to be favouring somebody else.
"Being a leader is a big sacrifice for the people you serve. Yes, there might be pressure but being a leader means how to deal with every situation for the best interests of the people you serve," said Macharaga.
MDC Alliance's Gibson Hwende (Ward 1) seems to also have withdrawn his bid and has said he will only seek an advisory role to help whoever gets elected.
"I will just take an advisory role as a senior councillor because as for now, I have no interests in that post," he said.
Makumire would need the MDC Alliance's three votes, his own vote plus at least one from the four Zanu PF councillors to be town chair.local

Francis Moyo

Beatific Gumbwanda

- The persons appointed to run the affairs of Chiredzi Town Council pending the swearing in of new councillors have been criticised for landing their posts not on the basis of merit but due to patronage networks.
The interim Chiredzi commission has Ronald Ndava, who earlier this year lost the Chiredzi North Zanu PF primaries to Roy Bhila, and outgoing town chairperson Francis Moyo who lost to Farai Musikavanhu in Chiredzi West.
Both Bhila and Musikavanhu went on to win the seats in the July 30 harmonised elections.
It is, however, by Zanu PF's intricate patronage system that Ndava and Moyo find themselves calling the shots at the local authority albeit on a provisional basis.
Both men have previously served as chairpersons of the council, and critics say their record in terms of service delivery is dismal.
During his time as chairperson, Ndava was accused of sabotaging a deal proposed by Tongaat Hulett which would have seen the sugar company partnering council in road maintenance projects.
Moyo is accused of colluding with former Minister of Local Government Public Works and National Housing, Savior Kasukuwere to ignore calls by residents to make public a forensic audit of the council's dealings.
Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (CHIRRA) chairperson, Jonathan Muusha said by bringing the two men back into council, current Local Government minister July Moyo had shown complete disregard for the sentiments of residents.
"How could he bring people with such a poor record back into council? There were many choices at his disposal. We are convinced they were appointed to console them for their loss in the Zanu PF primaries and to make sure they stay dedicated to the party.
"We feel the minister should instead have appointed the district administrator to run the affairs of council while we wait for the incoming elected officials. Nothing can be expected from those two because they failed to deliver during their time as councillors," said Muusha.
United Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (UCHIRRA) secretary general, Bernard Dhachi said the Local Government should have learnt from history that such arrangements were often conduits of corruption and self-aggrandisement.
"Appointing people who are not serving in any other public office is not a wise thing you want to do because such people are complete outsiders. They exploit whatever little time they have to cut out nice deals for themselves at the expense of residents. That has happened in the past so why should it happen again?
"In our case, it is even more outrageous because Francis Moyo, who is the outgoing chairperson with a blemished record, has been retained as a commissioner," said Dhachi.
All commissioners appointed to run the affairs of all councils in the province have strong links to Zanu PF, with many of them having lost in the party's chaotic primary elections held in April and May.local
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Shingirai Vambe

- Zimbabweans in all provinces recently honoured their fallen heroes and celebrated their armed forces on, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa presiding over the main events in Harare.
The Harare events were attended by thousands of people although they were noticeably fewer than in the previous years when it was Robert Mugabe in charge.
At the National Heroes' Acre, Mnangagwa avoided making comments on the MDC Alliance's ConCourt challenge against his disputed presidential election victory, choosing instead to call upon all citizens to put their differences aside and build the country.
"The new dispensation has opened the country's democratic and economic space and demonstrated that Zimbabwe's democracy has matured. This, however, should never be abused, let's bury our political difference and focus on rebuilding a prosperous Zimbabwe as one family," Mnangagwa said.
The Defence Force Day celebrations were held at the National Sports Stadium, but the event, like any other in the past, did not feature leaders of the opposition who have always complained that such important national events were being abused by Zanu PF to push a partisan agenda.
In his own statement, Chamisa castigated ruling politicians for weakening and dividing the country's defence forces for their own selfish ends.
"Under our new government, the overcharging goal of our military will always be to disrupt, dismantle, defeat and prevent anyone from building capacity to threaten Zimbabweans," he said.
He went further to say at no point should the military be weakened, balkanised and divided into units under the control of self-serving politicians with 'warlord' mentalities.
The army staged a coup last year to save Mnangagwa who had just been fired from his vice presidency position by Mugabe.
On August 01 this year, some two day after the elections, at least six people were shot dead by the army during demonstrations against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)'s alleged delay in announcing presidential election news

Shingirai Vambe

- Many people in the south-eastern district of Chipinge are living in fear after many reported incidences of politically motivated violence, it has been learnt.
All the incidences of violence and intimidation of recent days were perpetrated allegedly by members and supporters of Zanu PF against members and supporters of the opposition MDC Alliance; real or perceived.
MDC Alliance won two out of the five parliamentary seats for Chipinge district; Chipinge West (Sibonile Nyamudeza) and Chipinge East (Mathias Mlambo). Before the elections, the party only held Musikavanhu constituency, which it however lost to Zanu PF this time around.
Zanu PF also won Chipinge South and Chipinge Central.
Elsewhere, a member of the opposition coalition reportedly had his house razed down by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Bikita South. However, no confirmation could be obtained on this incident by the time of going to print.
In Chipinge Central Ward 8, cases of intimidation and violence are reportedly on the rise, with members of the ruling Zanu PF party said to be moving from one house to another either beating or threatening those perceived to be sympathetic to the opposition.
Arnold Chipezano, who works at a farm as a tractor driver, said he was being threatened by ruling party supporters who accused him of being an MDC Alliance supporter.
"At work and in the residential compound, I am being threatened with unspecified action. They warned me to pack my bags and leave, but I don't have anywhere to go. Besides, how would I earn a living if I just leave my job?
"They are saying they are only waiting for the MDC Alliance's court application against the election results to be decided after which they will deal with me," he said.
In Ward 4, many opposition members and supporters have reportedly fled the country to Mozambique fearing reprisals.
Many people said despite some foreign observer groups claiming they deployed teams across the country, Chipinge seemed left out, thereby contributing to what they considered to be disproportionate incidents of violence as compared to what is happening in the rest of the country.
Another opposition supporter who preferred not to be named said there was a known Zanu PF members who was openly intimidating opposition supporters.
"You report him to the police and he is picked up, but he would be back the following day. He was once arrested for tearing down Chamisa' poster but nothing happened to him," he said.
However, a nurse at Junction Gate Clinic in Ward 8 said she had not treated any injuries from the alleged political violence cases.
The Human Rights NGO Forum has released its '2018 Post-Election Violence Monitoring Report', a documentation of alleged cases of politically-motivated violence perpetrated against the opposition after the July 30 elections.
Government has however trashed the report, with presidential press secretary George Charamba saying the report was designed to dupe the 'gullible' donor community.
"It is not about the state of human rights, in the country as it is for donor funding. In short, if blood is not produced on the streets, it must be produced on paper," Charamba was quoted by State media as saying.local

Tariro Bwerinofa

Clever Taperamoyo

The Zimbabwe National Youth Service Graduates Association (ZNYSGA) last week lashed out at 'unwarranted attacks' on the country's institutions of governance by various faith-based organisations.
In a strongly-worded statement released by its national public relations officer, Tariro Bwerinofa, ZNYSGA attacks the church groups for being insincere in their work.
"The Zimbabwe National Youth Service Graduates Association would like to express its deep concern over the unwarranted attack on our institutions of governance by the so called Ecumenical Church groups and the so called Civil Society of Zimbabwe on their released statement on Thursday 16th of August 2018," the statement reads.
Various ecumenical groups recently released a statement demanding judiciary independence in the MDC Alliance's Constitutional Court application against President Emmerson Mnangagwa's presidential election victory.
Addressing members of the media at Media Centre in Harare, delegates from the Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), United Citizens Alliance, War Veterans Peace Initiative Forum (WVPIF) and Zimbabwe Prayer Network (ZPN) blamed Zec chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba for provoking the post-election instability that saw the killing of civilians by soldiers in Harare, saying she was arrogant and unaccommodating to very pertinent concerns.
However, ZNYSGA labelled the church groups as agents of darkness that purport to be agents of light.
"As patriotic members of our society we are forced to issue this statement after realising that we are surrounded by these dubious organisations who dwell in pretence by siding and praising hooliganism. They seem not to see the spirit of unity, peace and progress which was and is being inculcated by the leadership of President Mnangagwa. They seem to enjoy the perpetuation of negativity by their barbarian sectorial membership in our society who are the supporters of the opposition," the statement reads.
The group also made a veiled attack on the MDC Alliance, saying it was the only party that was stoking tensions in the country when everybody else was preaching peace and unity.
"Zimbabweans on the period starting 1st of July 2018 were afforded an opportunity to exercise their right to choose the leadership which they so wish to guide them for the next five years be it a councillor, MP up to the President. The environment was very conducive and afforded everyone an opportunity to exercise his or her right in a peaceful manner. During this period, we witnessed only one party which was so arrogant and was propagating hate speech and violence throughout the campaign. This party was never condemned by these so called pretenders who today appear to be preaching the voice of reason," the statement further reads.
The statement also calls for peace, saying people of the country had suffered enough they could not afford to be divided further.
"As Zimbabweans we appreciate a culture of tolerance, respect, selflessness, over and above party affiliations," it reads.local
Norbert Pithias Tshetu

TellZim Reporter

AB Communications has appointed Norbert Pithias Tshetu as the area manager in charge of Hevoi FM; overseeing all operations under the business unit.
Before his latest appointment, Tshetu was a key accounts manager based at ZiFM Stereo, another AB Communications subsidiary.
He was responsible for managing and overseeing non-corporate accounts and portfolios, for both direct and agency clients, with a mandate of developing and maintaining customer relations with key clients under the portfolio.
Tshetu was also responsible for creating customised solutions for clients with the goal of shifting advertising budgets to the entity so as to increase shareholder value.
He played a pivotal role in creating and managing non-traditional radio initiatives to enhance operational efficiency.
A product of the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and the British College of Professional Management, Tshetu brings a wealth of experience to the Masvingo-based radio station, having previously worked for many companies including Alpha Media Holdings; publishers of the NewsDay, The Standard and The Zimbabwe Independent as a classifieds supervisor as well as a sales and marketing executive.
He also holds a National Certificate in Print Finishing and Converting from Harare Polytechnic.local

Clayton Shereni

A man who resides in Rujeko C, Masvingo was last week sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted of impregnating a 14-year-old girl with whom he had a sexual relationship with in May 2018.
Thulani Kuvarega (26), of 19551 Kukadzi St, Rujeko C, who plied his trade at PetromoExor service station as a forex dealer and money changer, proposed love to the juvenile sometime in March this year.
Appearing before magistrate Peter Madiba the man was facing charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor.
It was the State's case that the two had sexual intercourse from a period extending from May 04, 2018 to May 24.
However the unlawful relationship surfaced when the minor eloped to the residence of the accused and they started staying together.
The mother of the complainant went searching for her child after she had not shown up at their place of residence in Morningside for a couple of days.
The complainant was later found at the Kuvarega's and her mother took her to Rujeko Police Station to file a report.
A medical examination was done on the minor and the results showed that the complainant was already pregnant.
Kuvarega pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to two years in prison of which six months were suspended on condition that he will not commit a similar offence in the next five years.
Edmund Mapope represented the State.
It is illegal to have a sexual relationship with a girl who is below the age of 16 years.local

…new dispol for ZRP Zvishavane-Mberengwa district

Patience Muzhingi

- A farewell party for outgoing Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer commanding Zvishavane - Mberengwa policing district, Chief Superintendent Edward Ncube was last week Friday held in honour of the senior officer who has been transferred to Plumtree.
After in the Zvishavane - Mberengwa district for three years, Ncube has now been moved and has been succeeded by Albert Ncube from Gokwe.
Speaking at the farewell party, Ncube said he enjoyed his stay in Zvishavane though it was not all rosy in the course of duty.
"In the year 2015 we recorded 17 percent reduction in crime, in 2016 a 10 percent reduction and in 2017, we recorded a reduction of 9 percent," he said.
Local traditional leaders; chiefs Mafala, Masunda and Ngungumbani were present at the party as well as new Members of Parliament (MPs) for Zvishavane-Runde and Zvishavane-Ngezi constituencies Cuthbert  Mpame and Dumizeni Mahwite respectively.
On behalf of all chiefs in Zvishavane district, Chief Ngungumbani praised Ncube for reducing the so called 'mabhemba' crimes; bloody machete feuds among artisanal gold miners over mining space and lucrative gold claims.
"You have been doing good Ncube, we praise you for that. There have been cases of mabhemba but I want to thank you that such cases have now dropped," said Chief Ngungumbani.
Other speakers also praised Ncube for what they said was his proven track record as a capable leader in crime fighting efforts, adding they hoped his replacement will be equally good and will be able to effectively carry forward the work that Ncube had put in motion to make the district safer.
Speaking to TellZim News later on, Mimosa Mine managing director, Peter Mutombeni also praised Ncube for working well with the mining sector and striving for the security of all businesses.
"We have worked well with him all this time and we will always remember his enormous contributions to the safety and security of our communities and our businesses. We wish him greater success at his next station," said news

Hungwe greets people at the Masvingo Provincial Heroes' Acre in Hillside

Brighton Chiseva

The Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Josaya Hungwe told the people who gathered at the Provincial Heroes Acre for the Heroes' Day celebrations on Monday that government was committed to devolution of power.
Chapter 14, Section 264, of the country's constitution calls for the devolvement of governmental powers and responsibilities as a way of – among many other objectives – giving powers to communities to manage their own affairs and further their own development.
Delivering the President's speech, Hungwe said there would soon no longer be any need for locals to go to Harare for everything they needed.
"Hakuchina Harare, Harare yava kuno kuMasvingo, yava kuBulawayo nekune mamwe ma provinces (there is no more Harare, Harare is now in Masvingo, Bulawayo and other provinces)."
"Directors in Harare used to go on leave and instruct their subordinates not to touch some forms which needed their approval, thereby making processes unnecessarily long," said Hungwe.
He urged people who had proposals with pending approvals in Harare not to lose hope and not to throw them away as they will soon be able to process them locally.
"Keep your proposals; whatever they are for. Soon they will be processed here through the devolution of power being proposed by the President," said Hungwe.
On the following day, Hungwe officiated the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day (ZDF) celebrations at Mucheke Stadium.
At the event, he read the presidential speech and thanked the armed forces for helping with construction expertise at schools and other public institutions.
Both events were attended by members of the Joint Operation Command (JOC), traditional leaders and other dignitaries.
The 4 Infantry Brigade band and the Mutimurefu Prison Traditional Dance Group provided entertainment at both functions, while thrilling military displays and mock battles were also staged.local

Gweru Urban MP Brian Dube addresses councillors, members of civic society organisations and residents

Tinaani Nyabereka /
Siyabonga Sayi

City of Gweru City is on an all-war against vendors whom its blames for the spreading typhoid epidemic which had by Tuesdays killed eight people since the outbreak was declared on August 06.
Town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza addressed vendors in the mayor's parlour where she warned that council would use force if vendors failed to leave the streets by Monday.
"In light of the outbreak, measures have to be taken to clear the streets. Vendors are to go to designated selling places. We find it befitting to reduce litter and dirt in our city and stop the selling of food by unlicensed people so as to curb the spread of typhoid," said Gwatipedza.
He words were followed by running battles on the streets on Tuesday, with joint Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and municipal police patrols being attacked by angry vendors in town.
Nyaradzo Matindike a vendor who does her business on the pavements said the designated places were worse because they did not have properly functioning toilets.
"Going there will not curb typhoid. It will put us out of business and at even a greater risk because those places do not have proper toilets and running water. No person will come and buy vegetables in those areas," she said.
Newly-elected Member of Parliament for Gweru Urban, Brian Dube, while addressing incoming councillors and civic society organisation on Tuesday, strongly condemned council for what he said was its violence against vendors.
"I would like to make this clear as we start working together. The violence that I witnessed being done against vendors on Monday is uncalled for. Council has to treat vendors with respect, and respect their property.
"If vendors were to stage a demonstration against what was done to them by council, let me tell you councillors, I will be among them raising a placard No one left his rural home and came to the city to be a vendor. They are vendors because industries are closed," said Dube.
On Tuesday, the cumulative total typhoid cases was reported to be at 1 506, with the first case having been reported on July 20.

Brighton Chiseva

– In an unprecedented incident that left the community here tongue tied, a cattle herder took his own life by hanging himself to a tree after his employer had allegedly delayed to give him his salary.
Tinashe Nhamo's lifeless body was found hanging on a tree at the Manyewe homestead in Changa Village under chief Nyajena on Tuesday.
Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula could not confirm the incident saying she was yet to receive the report.
However, sources privy to the incident said the boy had been drinking beer with his employer's son but had a heated argument with his employer when he got home accusing him of not paying him in time.
"He was drinking beer in the evening but they had a quarrel with his employer whom he accused of failing to pay him in time.
"The argument died down and everyone went to sleep but the unfortunate happened," said a sources who refused to be named.
It is believed that the employer, Manyewe, woke up the following morning and made a trip to Masvingo only to called back after people had discovered the body of Nhamo.local