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» » Masvingo war vets reject Chinoneka

Clayton Shereni
The stage is set for a bruising fight within the local chapter of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association (ZNLWVA), with the current chairperson, Tendeukai Chinooneka being accused for gross incompetence, TellZim News has learnt.
The developments have paved the way for early elections anytime from now after war vets said they were no longer satisfied with Chinooneka’s capability to serve.
At a meeting held at Roger Howman Training Centre last Saturday, the former freedom fighters made it clear they were fed up by the current chair.
Speaking to this publication after the meeting which was closed from the media, ZNLWVA national political commissar, Francis Nhando confirmed the development saying members had overwhelmingly called for an extra-ordinary elective congress.
The current executive’s term of office only expires next year.
"We were supposed to hold elections in 2019 but our members have demanded an early election. They demanded the right to elect a leader of their choice and we are going to take their issue to the national executive," said Nhando.
When contacted for comment after the meeting, Chinooneka, who is a lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), told TellZim News he acknowledged the developments but said he could not give an exact date when the polls will be held.
"It was just a short meeting and we were deliberating on the issue of the upcoming provincial elections for the war veterans’ leadership but we are not yet certain on the date," said Chinooneka.
TellZim News is reliably informed that the game is, however, not yet over as Chinooneka is ready to fight for his post.
However, some war veterans have since started mobilising each other to rally behind Chiredzi-based war veteran and former soldier, Sapper Faster Gono who is on record for his outspokenness against corruption in both Zanu PF and government.
Gono recently threatened to report corrupt Zanu PF bigwigs to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, claiming he had names of party bigwigs who corruptly awarded sugarcane to themselves, their family members and friends.
Gono also claims he has compiled a dossier against corrupt officials who are masquerading as nationalists in order to strategically grab positions that would allow them to loot State resources.
Although Gono refused to confirm his interests in Chinoonekas job, he said his history of assisting war veterans was well documented.
I am not sure if it is the right time to talk about elections but I can tell you that I qualify to run for any posts. I am the current officer responsible for lands and I have used this post to document people who are corruptI do not hesitate to give you a good example of our MP (Farai) Musikavanhu who together with his close relatives got countless sugarcane farms.
Musikavanhu has 120 hectares, his mother has 60 hectares, his wifes sister has 60 hectares and his son got 400 hectares of sugarcane farms. There are however many families that do not have even one person with a sugarcane farm. Why is it that one family is so lucky to have all those farms while others do not have even one?
I hate corruption and will continue to advocate for a fair distribution of wealth in Masvingo province. War veterans must be respected and they must help government to come up with sound policies. I can promise you that I will name all corrupt Zanu PF officials one by one, said Gono.

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