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Ummm Chamisa spoke like a seasoned and mature politician for the first time since I got to know him; the presentation before the Commission of Inquiry into August 01 killings was terrific! Mapombi is difficult to please but apa Chamisa convinced me that he is mature now. He spoke about dialogue, tolerance, demilitarization of our villages and developing political tolerance in general. That is what we want in our politics – this is the only way we can develop Zimbabwe.
Whether Chamisa is pushing for dialogue so that anowanawo cheuviri what I can safely tell my avid readers is that dialogue yakanakira tese vari kuZanu PF and opposition because the economy will improve. It’s not a secret that ED and his Professor Mthuli have failed the economy. In fact they have proved to some of us vana Mapombi tinoona zvedu zvemberi mberi kuti hapana chinozikanwa apa Mugabe akange nani.
Yes, Mugabe was far much better compared to the Mapanzure guy – at least I like one thing about him; that is; he hardly speak because he knows each time he attempts to open up his mouth he spits venom chaiyo.
Mapombi is very sure ED’s failures have something to do with his name – Dambudzo! Dambudzo means disaster; problems, and indeed this a total disaster upon us. Mwari apa vakazotiseka chaiko, kana iri midzimu yakafuratira because the guys are clueless when it comes to solving the economic crisis bedevelling the country asi wati kungongwarira Coup hakozve!
Dambudzo had the guts to say pay your duty in forex but has no courage to tell Mthuli kuti bond note ngariende. It’s now clear that the Bond Note has failed and it must go! They cannot continue robbing us like this takangotarisa. Now they are able to pay civil servants bonuses on time because they robbed us of our two cents per every transaction above $10.
Mapombi has no doubt that Dambudzo is heartless, compared to Mugabe kamudhara kaye kaiva nane chaizvo. Since I was born I haven’t seen a cruel person like the current government kkkkkk hanzi naChipanga zano ravo chete rasara kutipedza isu varombo because they have failed to decisively deal with poverty. Yes, they are succeeding in their plan because citizens are dying due to lack of access to medication; just a week ago Mapombi lost her grandma who died after failing to get her monthly dosage for diabetes. Pharmacies are demanding US dollars apa Mthuli naED decided to change our US Dollars into something they call RTGS OR Bond Note what what yet I opened and deposited US Dollars into this account. Day light robbery hamunyare makaita seiko chaizvo imi varume imi. So tell me vakadzi venyu or maSmal lHouse enyu anomboti kuddi chaizvo pamunodzokera kumba muchiti mabva kubasa? Kutoti madzokoi vekubasa? Kkkkkkk basa rekuwondonga economy kkkkkkk zvimwe zvinongodawo kushandisa njere veduwe.
Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanzi ini; the truth is Zanu PF has no solution to the current economic crisis. What we need is dialogue between opposition and Zanu PF mind you it’s not about kungoti tisu tiri kutonga. Yes, ndimi muri kutonga but then what? If you can then solve the problems – if you can do it alone then do it now because people have suffered enough.
At first I thought ED had direction but only to find out kuti anotodawo kubatsirwa uyu. Or maybe factional politics is affecting him from fulfilling the promises he made during the elections. It is unfortunate that Zanu PF is already working for 2023 elections though they haven’t fulfilled the promises they made at the just ended elections.   
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch; but before I do tine Dambudzo munyika muno rinotoda muonera pamwe chaiko. Dambudzo has failed the Zimbabweans and ritori dambudzo zveshuwa; we need to unite as a nation and restore our economy. All we need is to have a leader with vision; a leader who walks the talk. A leader we can trust; a leader who can deliver the mandate; a leader asiri dambudziko kuvana veZimbabwe. Mapombi sometimes think Mphoko can do much better if given chance. By the way where is Mphoko these days; I really miss that old man. Mboko imboko!

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