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» » Quality furniture in town through youthful expertise

…how Pagwaungana is shaping his Spider Wild Carpentry dream

Moses Ziyambi

MASVINGO - A young man’s desire to use his carpentry skills to make a living is fast transforming furniture business in the city, with many individuals and some companies now relying on him for top quality furniture.
Tawanda Pagwaungana, who began making furniture back in 2012, used to supply only a few customers but he is now expanding his horizons.
He has since established Spider Wild Carpentry, a company which specialises in the manufacturing of first class furniture for the local market and beyond.
The Spider Wild Carpentry workshop, situated in Hughes Street opposite Agribank, is oftentimes a hive of activity.
The company is capable of doing any kind of work that involves the use of wood.
“We are a small but highly capable company of skilled individuals determined to make a contribution to the development the economy of Masvingo. We pride ourselves in manufacturing unique furniture without compromising on quality standards. We also find pride in our capacity to meet any order from customers who want durable furniture and excellent service,” said Pagwaungana.
The company is also an expert in upholstery, kitchen fittings, strong teak doors, wardrobe fittings, ceiling boards and office furniture.

“As we try to grow in this difficult economy, we have made it a policy to build customer trust and convenience. We do that through the wide variety of work that we do. Let people come and see the sofas we make, let them come and place an order for a bed, a wardrobe or ceilings. Customers are free to describe what they want and we design that exactly to the dot,” said Pagwaungana.
He said a customers can have their own distinctive ceiling designs that can follow whatever imagination they have in mind.
“We have endless designs in mind but most importantly, we allow customers to live their own imaginative fantasies. We design the ceiling and we go and fit it for the customer; all that at reasonable cost,” said Pagwaringira.
He said there were flexible payment terms including a lay-by system which cushions customers who cannot afford to pay for everything all at once.
When TellZim News visited the workshop, it was difficult to take eyes off the elegant leather couches, the rocking chairs and other beautiful pieces of office furniture on display. There were also exclusive couches for hire at weddings and other special events.
There were also car seats undergoing extensive refurbishment, with the tattered cloths being replaced with new shiny material.
On what he thinks government could do to boost SMEs in the country, Pagwaungana said it was critical that small businesses are given exemption from burdensome regulations.
“We have many great ideas. The SMEs sector has great potential to give many people jobs but importing machinery and the materials needed for this work is expensive because there is duty to be paid. Let there be a favourable tax and duty framework to enable us to grow and employ young skilled people who have no jobs,” he said.

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