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May someone please tell Manyanga kuti zizi harina nyanga. That little Masvingo Ward 10 councillor needs help because he lacks intelligence anongove mazinyanga zvawo anoremera musoro webhuru! Mapombi strongly believes that Manyanga was not fully-oriented when he joined Zanu PF or paakazvarirwa muZanu PF as he claimed. By the way, akambogumira grade aniko? Mukati chitupa cheGrade 7 chiripo ipo paya?
Manyanga knows very little but violence and intimidation alone. After threatening to beat up council management mazuva apera iwawa, he thought that was not enough and stormed TellZim News newsroom. Kkkkkk manje makanyeberewa isu nyanga idzodzo tinodzidzura isu vana Mapombi rakacheka nyika kudai.  Remember dziva guru idiva kamwe ukadzoka kepiri unowana ngwena dzasvinura – to be warned is to be forearmed!
We will never be intimidated by a green bomber kkkkkkk masoja chaiwo hatimatye kuzotiwo iwe green bomber zvako kkkkkk zvinoita nhamo so kaa. The real Zanu PF supporters that Mapombi knows don’t behave like Manyanga. Anyway, you can storm our newsroom again and these time inini Mapombi ndinenge ndakatokumirira. Enda kunight school kana usina zvekuita not moving around threatening people. Or you can threaten Bakers Inn employees like you did, but certainly not our newsroom because hapana chaunoita chatisingagone. In fact, it is us who can do other things that you are not capable of doing so tidzikamire!
Anyway, we should not waste time disciplining this not so intelligent councillor who thinks being a councillor is a big achievement. We have more serious issues or crisis to deal with, like praying for VP Chiwenga who is alive but not feeling well.
Of course, if one asks Dead BC they will tell you that VP Chiwenga is alive and well, but if you ask someone like Mapombi who hardly practices self-censorship, she will tell you kuti mukuru warwara. Dead BC kkk kana Mutodi chaiye akatiwo hanzi it’s a dead horse. Ndiyaniwo achiri kushandira dead horse mazuvano? Kkkkk. Anyway, coming back to the good VP, kuri kwedu kumusha madhara ndopaanenge ava kuti tofara kwaedza, therefore, there is really need to pray for our VP.
There are a lot of things that I appreciate from Chiwenga – how he chooses to pronounce certain words and his temperamental behavior is so amazing! It didn’t take him hours to fire all the nurses who went on strike gore riya; he also fired 30 top senior police officers before ED reversed it. This is the kind of a man our VP is. He is a brave man and we should therefore pray for him kuti hutano huite zvakanaka.
But I liked one thing about Cde Kedha; he confessed that he knows that rudhende rwevanhu do not like him and they wish him dead. It’s very true that people don’t like you my VP and if I were you, I would simply resign. My genuine and sisterly advice is endai kumba mundozorora vaChiwenga; makarwa kurwa kwakanaka munaNovember 2017 vana veZimbabwe vakafara but it’s now time for you to rest muchitererera muviri. Mapombi can assure you that by doing so, you would earn a lot of respect from the citizens. Take this advice seriously, please.
By the way, who on earth can go for a national dialogue and engagement meeting with a written speech? Mapombi does not understand ED; chokwadi kutoverenga speech at the so called national dialogue meeting; it proved there was no dialogue but it was just a platform for ED to deliver his prepared speech. The speech was totally empty of any substance!
Dialogue imply people engaging in a mutual manner, therefore, there is no need to prepare a speech because one cannot predict what will be discussed and what other members would say. The platform was only meant for ED to tell the people that he won the elections – something which we all know including Justice Malaba.
Mapombi would like to congratulate the MDC Alliance leader Chamisa for not attending the so called dialogue meeting. It was a dialogue of shame and only those with thick skins attended. Of course the nation is desperate for our leaders to engage but this kind of engagement whereby one comes and reads his speech vanhu vototorana pictures hahahahaha hakuna zvakadaro. I thought it is only the youths who enjoy taking pictures and selfies but chero nemadhara anotodawo wena kkkkkk.
Mapombi never thought people would dress in their best outfits kuenda kundotorwa mapicture kuState House.
Zanu is not yet ready for talks and they are simply buying time because they are expecting miracles to happen in our economy this March. Mapombi can safely tell you that Zanu will only be serious about dialogue from April going forward.
Mapombi urges Chamisa to remain calm; kana vava kuda dialogue vachauya havo. There is no need to go to ED’s office for a dialogue because they will come to a neutral venue when they are serious about dialogue. Uncle Bob chaivo chose Rainbow Towers for a dialogue with Tsvangirai vaona kuti nyika havachaigone iyi.
Kkkkkkkk there is a joke doing the rounds on social media saying Chamisa said he did not attend the national dialogue meeting because he wanted to give chance those who lost presidential elections kuti vambotaurirana hahahahaha.
But ini hangu Mapombi I am failing to understand our army and the police; in fact I no longer have confidence and trust in our security. If civilians can go and steal arms from the armory and get away with it, what more if they are attacked by outsiders?  We know that the armory is heavily-guarded but ukaona vanhuwo zvavo voba zvese hembe nepfuti zvoreva kuti kwabooka.
And the fun thing is vana Nyikayaramba nanaCharity havatonyare wena kutoti takabirwa nemaCivilian and few rogue officers kkkkkkk nyaraiwo kani imi. All along, I had thought age comes with wisdom but ummmm pana Charity naNyikayaramba zvokwadi nyika yaramba zvisina maturo.
Mapombi is always a gentleman ndinofira kureva ini; the current leadership relies more on brute force than kushandisawo njere. Why raping innocent women and children? Why beating up women? Why? Why ED?
Anyway, it’s almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch but let us not forget to pray for Dr Kedha utano hwavo hauna kumira zvakanaka. I know very well that people don’t like him – maybe it’s because of how he chooses to pronounce certain words or he is generally unlikable. But remember chakaona hama hachisekwe.
I remember ED vakamboitirwa national prayer when he willingly ate ice cream in Gwanda so why not having a national prayer for Dr Dhibhiritating? Think about it Cdes! Before I go, any word from Mphoko? The incubators he donated in Bikita during by-elections have indeed empowered the women there. Mboko imboko!

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